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Title Author Year Word count Freq. Norm.
A Brief Description of Orkney, Zetland, Pightland-Firth & Caithness Brand, Reverend John 1701 31,917
Acrostic Poem Written for Elizabeth Buchanan Anonymous 1860 142
Advertisement No. 45 Woodburn, David 1769 111
An Account of the Behaviour of Mrs M'Kinnon Anonymous 1823 1,075
An Account of the Kingdom of Thibet Stewart, Mr John 1777 6,441
An Account of the Life and Transactions of Mary M'Kinnon Anonymous 1823 998
An Essay on the Scoto-English Dialect Collin, Zacharias 1862 35,322
A New Revelation Doyle, Arthur Conan 1918 20,284
An Inverness Lawyer and His Sons, 1796-1878 Anderson, Isabel Harriet 1900 54,692
Annals of a Publishing House: William Blackwood and His Sons: Their Magazine and Friends Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant 1897 174,684
A North Briton Extraordinary Smollet, Tobias George 1765 3,178
Answers in the David Woodburn case Dalrymple, Sir David;
Inglis, Charles
1769 6,137
Answer to the Reasons of Protest and Dissent, Taken on 9 May, To be Inserted in the Minutes of the University Meeting, 10 Jun 1769 Anonymous 1769 1,776
A Penny-Worth of Wit Anonymous 1800 1,671
Arrangement with the Western Infirmary For Students to be Given Instruction in the Septic Ward Brough, Robert 1936 141
A Sermon, Preached Before the Reverend, the Presbytery of Aberdeen, In the Church of New-Machar, 16 February 1737 Bisset, Reverend John 1737 10,874
A Sermon Preached on the Occasion of the Death of the Late Rev. Dr. Small, Of the Ministers of Stirling MacFarlan, Reverend Patrick 1825 7,656
A True Relation of the Death of Sir Andrew Barton, Pirate and Rover Anonymous 1700 1,802
Autobiographical Account by James Hall Nasmyth Nasmyth, James 1850 19,376
Bards of Galloway Harper, Malcolm 1889 61,921
Betty Bell, Mr John Joy 1927 47,064
Bill of Suspension Hepburne, R 1716 1,053
Blackwood's Magazine, Vol. 46, No. 289 Anonymous 1839 13,923
Bond of Indenture Between Henry Ewing and Patrick Ewing Ewing, Henry;
Ewing, Patrick
1761 924
Certificate from Charles Inglis, Clerk of Bills, that Lord Hailes has Rejected David Woodburn's Request For a Bill of Suspension Inglis, Charles 1769 100
Committee Notes, Regarding the Charge Against Mr Robison, Lecturer in Chemistry Anonymous 1769 285
Complaint from James Stewart, Dancing Master, about Edward Kennedy, Student Anonymous 1765 766
Contract of Marriage between Archibald Campbell and Helen Wallace Anonymous 1732 1,235
Copy Opinion of Lord Hailes in the Bill of Suspension, David Woodburn of University of Glasgow, Appointed to be Shown to the Parties Dalrymple, Sir David 1769 461
Critical Inquiry into the Scottish Language With the View of Illustrating the Rise and Progress of Civilization in Scotland Michel, Francisque Xavier 1882 117,820
David Elginbrod Macdonald, George 1871 173,827
David Livingstone's Incomplete Manuscript of His Post-Script to the Preface of a 'Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambezi and its Tributaries' Livingstone, David 1866 811
David Livingston's Zambezi Manuscript Livingstone, David 1864 20,394
Diary of the Reverend John Mill, Minister of the Parishes of Dunrossness Sandwick and Cunningsburg in Shetland, 1740-1803 Mill, Rev. John 1889 98,811
Divine Agency Necessary to the Propogation of Christianity: A Sermon Duncanson, Andrew 1796 11,416
Document Concerning the Controversy Between Faculty and Regius Professors Couper, John 1840 837
Draft of Advertisement, No. 45 Woodburn, David 1768 159
Draft of Petition Stating Reasons of Protest and Dissent in Connection with Sentence Passed upon David Woodburn at the University Meeting on 9 May Wight, Dr William 1769 234
Dr Reid's Questions to the Committee Reid, Thomas 1780 316
Edinburgh Review, No. 1 Anonymous 1755 50,646
Essay on the Composition and Writing of the Antients Geddes, James 1748 73,839
Essay on the Principles of Translation Tytler, Alexander Fraser 1791 33,239
Excerpt from Objections for George Miller, Regarding Ministers' Stipends Anonymous 1876 597
Execution of Mrs M'Kinnon, Who was Executed at Edinburgh Anonymous 1823 723
Extract from Minutes, Concerning the Misconduct of the Russian Student, Simon Desnitzkoy Anonymous 1769 393
Extracts from Hand-Book for Scotland: Contents Anonymous 1868 1,762
Extracts from Handbook for Scotland: Edinburgh Anonymous 1868 2,370
Extract 'The Declarations in Mr Woodburn's Affair Classed as they Relate to the Different Articles'. Anonymous 1769 781
Extract 'To be Inserted in the Minutes of the University Meeting Minutes, 20 Apr 1769' Anderson, Professor John 1769 209
General View of The Temple of Kalabshe Roberts, David 1837 140

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