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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 24, recording 1: making cakes

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Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1125 Right. Ready to bake cakes then?
F1126 Eh?
F1125 Ready to bake cakes wi Mum?
F1126 Uh! //Right.//
F1125 //Right.// //[inaudible]//
F1126 //It's it's one for Granny and one for me.//
F1125 Right.
F1126 Simpsons doughnuts. //[inaudible]//
F1125 //[inaudible]// //Want to come [inaudible].//
F1126 //Eh eh oh.//
F1125 Mm!
F1126 Cookies.
F1125 Right.
F1126 Cookies
F1125 And the oven. Now, what are we going to do, eh?
F1126 [laugh]
F1125 We need a egg. You got a egg? Egg?
F1126 The egg goes in there.
F1125 Egg, egg, egg. We've got an egg.
F1126 Oh yum yum yum!
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 [banging noise]
F1125 Oh no no no no, nae break it yet, darlin. We break it in a bowl, don't we? Got to break it into the bowl. That's what we've tae dae, isn't it?
F1126 I break it in the bowl.
F1125 Break it into the bowl, right. Right what have I tae dae first? [tut] Okay.
F1126 Cake.
F1125 In a bowl.
F1126 In a bowl.
F1125 We need a electric hand whisk, have we got an electric hand whisk? Mm. //I don't know.//
F1126 //It's in there!// That's crumbs, that's crumbs. [inaudible] [shaking sugar?]
F1125 Let's see, clever. //Mm.//
F1126 //There crumbs in there.// And, okay.
F1125 I canna find it. [inaudible]
F1126 Here we, here we go, all done. //Yes. [child noise]//
F1125 //Right, I'll see if I can find a bowl.//
F1126 That. Oh.
F1125 That one'll do. Right, fitt have we got to put in here, do you want to sit up on this chair here?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Sit up here.
F1126 [?]Sit on[/?] my microphone. //[laugh]//
F1125 //Sit doon then.// That's it.
F1126 [laugh]
F1125 Right we put muffin mix, that's the icing. //Muffin mix.//
F1126 //Mm there's the ic-.// Ooh icing, that's ic-! //Yummy yummy.//
F1125 //In the bowl.// It's all gonna get put in.
F1126 It's crumbs It's crumbs.
F1125 What else have we to put in?
F1126 Crumbs.
F1125 No, they go in last. [tut] //Egg.//
F1126 //Ehm.// Egg.
F1125 Egg. [sound of egg tapping bowl] Egg. And milk. //How much milk?//
F1126 //It's in it, in the milk.// Eh?
F1125 How much milk?
F1126 [tut] //Mil-//
F1125 //Four tablespoons//
F1126 Four tablespoons.
F1125 Four tablespoons of milk. Okely dokely. One, two, three, four. Three.
F1126 Put the egg in here? Put the crumbs here again? [?]Yeah[/?]. //Here you go! Mm!//
F1125 //Right, need a whisk.//
F1126 Right, I'll put the crumbs in there and yeah a- and e- eggs ah! And I'll [inaudible].
F1125 I canna find the electric whisk. We'll just have to use this ain. [whisking] Now, come up on the seat and help Mummy dae this. Keep going.
F1126 It's you, look. [whisking]
F1125 Need a help? //With the whisking? Right, round and round, here we go.//
F1126 //Aye. [laugh]//
F1125 Keep it hard. Whisk it hard.
F1126 [whisking] //[laugh]//
F1125 //What you doing, eh?//
F1126 I'm doing, I'm just, I'm doing it hard.
F1125 You do it then.
F1126 Any [inaudible] in the box? //Here.//
F1125 //Is that it ready?//
F1126 Nope. This is not ready.
F1125 Let me see. That's fine, right, will Mummy help you? Right, ready? //Hold on tight.//
F1126 //Okay.// Okay.
F1125 Go!
F1126 [whisking]
F1125 Is it fun?
F1126 Yes. Right, have a go myself. //Whisk it myself.//
F1125 //You whisk it then and then Mummy will hae to pour it into the cases.//
F1126 [dog barks] Is that my one? [dog barks] Oh is it? [dog barks]
F1125 Keep going.
F1126 I'm coming!
F1125 That's the way.
F1126 [dog barks] That's the way. That's the way!
F1125 That's the way, right. I think they're needin to go into the cases noo. //Well th- that has to go in here//
F1126 //No, I want to do it.//
F1125 Then it has to go into the oven to cook. Right. Oh no no no no no no. That was nearly, but you dinna use the whisk darlin. You want a taste? //Taste? Nope.//
F1126 //No, no.// //I don't want to taste.//
F1125 //Oh!// Fine. //A taste?//
F1126 //I don't, no.//
F1125 Right.
F1126 Oh dear!
F1125 Are you goin to put the whisk into the dishwasher for Mum? //Alright, but I've got to put it in here.//
F1126 //No I want it. [sob]// //[sob]//
F1125 //Got to put the mixture into the cases for them to rise to mak them cook.// //Are you going to put that in the dishwasher for me?//
F1126 //[sob]// No! No yet! [inaudible] [sob] [sob] //[sob]//
F1125 //Hey, look.// //This is what you dae, watch Mummy, this is fitt you dae, look.//
F1126 //[sob]// [sob] //Mmhm.//
F1125 //There, look, see?// This is fitt we dae, aren't we? Put them in here.
F1126 Uh-huh have you, //I help you.//
F1125 //Haud on then, move this ain a minute.//
F1126 Huh. [laugh] //[laugh] Okay.//
F1125 //Right, haud onto the spoon wi Mum.// //Ready? And in this one.//
F1126 //[laugh]// //[laugh] [sniff]//
F1125 //Shake shake shake. Oh I need a bittie mair in this ain, I think, eh?// //Ah!//
F1126 //I need that one.//
F1125 No that's too big. //Right, here you go, are you ready to help Mum, put the spoon in.//
F1126 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1125 //One, two, three,// and //shaky shaky shake. Oh.//
F1126 //Eh.// Eh. Eh. [laugh] //Here you go!//
F1125 //Oh dear.// Oh dear, wait a minutie. That ain's gone all lopsided, isn't it?
F1126 Eh, I help you, //Oh, it's all over the table.//
F1125 //Haud on then.// Well, will I get a sponge and you can wipe it for me.
F1126 Aye!
F1125 Will I get a sponge?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Okay, I'll get the sponge. You can wipe it for me.
F1126 Ehm.
F1125 [running water] Here ye go. Wipe that bit for me. I've made a mess of it.
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Oh! Clever.
F1126 I can wash the table. I do this way. I'm washing the table.
F1125 Are you washing the table?
F1126 I like messy.
F1125 Are you goin to have a cake when they're all ready?
F1126 I am. //Put in the,//
F1125 //Oh it's all dripping.//
F1126 erm put it in the milk? C- in the cakes.
F1125 In the cakes.
F1126 Oh, are they burning a bit?
F1125 That's okay, darlin. //That's okay.//
F1126 //I do- mm.// Mm. I clean that bit now? //Oh.//
F1125 //Oh// Do you think they'll be good when they're finished? //Mm?//
F1126 //Here you go, there you go, [inaudible] I cleaned it!// [?]I've been getting here[/?].
F1125 Are you gaun tae lick the spoon? That's it, you help Mum. Right, we'll turn the bowl roon a bit. //There we go.//
F1126 //Okay.// //Okay.//
F1125 //Right, haud the spoon, you need tae haud the spoon.// Right, here you go.
F1126 [laugh] Shake shake.
F1125 Shaky shake.
F1126 Okay. //I held the -poon like you.//
F1125 //Aye.// //Shaky shake!//
F1126 //Shaky shaky shaky shaky, there we go!// //Eh.//
F1125 //I'll turn the tray roon again.// //Right, we need this one here, look.//
F1126 //Eh eh.//
F1125 This one. Ready? //Shake shake shake shake shake shake, need a bittie more in that one.//
F1126 //[laugh]//
F1125 Shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky. Oops I've made a mess again.
F1126 I clean that bit now.
F1125 Shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shake. //Oh.//
F1126 //Here you go.// I cleaned a bit.
F1125 Shaky shaky shaky shaky.
F1126 I cleaned that bit!
F1125 Oh, you gie Mum a spoon then. Just finish those two off here, look. [scraping] Here we go. Oh I think they're b- gonna be really tasty.
F1126 Mm. Oh, erm, you've made a mess again.
F1125 Again? //Oh no.//
F1126 //Aye.// //I ca-//
F1125 //Oh deary me, I'm makkin a mess the day//
F1126 aye, and that bit.
F1125 That's it. That's okay, darlin, it doesna maitter if it's on there.
F1126 Here you go. [inhale]
F1125 Now, we've got to wait for the oven to heat now, haven't we, //to put them in?//
F1126 //Aye.// Aye. Nae a, nae a cakes. Nae a cakes.
F1125 See when that, what we've to wait for, see this red lightie? //For it to go out.//
F1126 //Aye.//
F1125 Now you can put them in, they won't take long to do. [water running]
F1126 Hmm. And then mak [inaudible].
F1125 Now.
F1126 And put it in, here you go! And ehm close it. And. Ah!
F1125 Oh you're clever you, are you makkin, are you wiping the batter wi [inaudible].
F1126 Aye. I was bein a mess.
F1125 Clever girl. //Well done.//
F1126 //Erm.//
F1125 Now. What have we to dae after that? Right.
F1126 Hmm.
F1125 We have to put them in the oven to cook for fourteen minutes.
F1126 And.
F1125 See they come oot like that, look, they come oot like that. And then we dae the icing, //and and we put the sprinkles on the top.//
F1126 //And dae the icing then.// And sprinkles on the top of what, that bit?
F1125 Here you wantin to look at the picture?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Oh look, fa's this?
F1126 Let's see!
F1125 Who's that then?
F1126 Rockit, Rockit!
F1125 Is that Rockit?
F1126 Rockit! And Ribble! I clean that bit.
F1125 Will I go and put mair water on your sponge?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Aye? //Right.//
F1126 //[exhale]//
F1125 [running water]
F1126 Put it on my -ponge! //[child noise]//
F1125 //Here you go.//
F1126 [?]Thank[/?].
F1125 Come on, cooker. Won't be long.
F1126 I'm cleaning that bit.
F1125 Oh you're clever.
F1126 Will you get some water on my -ponge? I'm cleaning. I'm cleaning all the table.
F1125 You're clever. [?]While[/?] waiting for the cakes to go in, isn't it?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Clear up the mess that Mam made?
F1126 Are my cakes in there? It's cause, [tut] cakes! Number four and number six and number ehm, number seven. Number seven, number four and number six.
F1125 That's right. //We'll have to keep one cake for Dad, haven't we?//
F1126 //[inaudible]// And get me a //cake.//
F1125 //Taste.// //Who else have we got to keep a cake for?//
F1126 //Mm!// //Me.//
F1125 //[CENSORED: forename]?//
F1126 Yes! I'm cleaning the table first.
F1125 Okay.
F1126 I want that cook.
F1125 Oh, oven's nearly heated.
F1126 [exhale] I'll have a look at the box.
F1125 Okay.
F1126 Oh aye!
F1125 What kind of cakes are they?
F1126 Hmm. [?]Gaga[/?]. //[?]Gag-[/?].//
F1125 //What kind of cakes is it?//
F1126 [?]Gaga[/?].
F1125 Fitt?
F1126 Me.
F1125 Fimbles?
F1126 Fimbles. [inaudible] ee. This is what you do. You put it on there and pull it again. The oven's heat?
F1125 That's right.
F1126 And you put the cakes in the oven there. //Cause then it, ehm can cook.//
F1125 //Aye.// So they cook so they rise up. Like that, that is fitt they'll be like when they're finished, hopefully.
F1126 Ooh, erm put it in there! Er, yep.
F1125 We need a plate, so we can put them on, to cool down on a plate.
F1126 Okay, a plate.
F1125 Plate, put it there.
F1126 This one? //[laugh]//
F1125 //[exhale]//
F1126 Mm. I want to clean the table. Like a rainbow. //I'm [?]being a rainbow[/?].//
F1125 //Oh, right.//
F1126 [inaudible] a rainbow. [inaudible] bein a rainbow. //Mm.//
F1125 //Cakes going in.//
F1126 [inhale] Thank you!
F1125 You're welcome, sweetheart. Now,
F1126 Ah.
F1125 Put the timer on for fourteen minutes.
F1126 Timing on.
F1125 Now. Mummy'll wash this bowl. We need this bowl for icing.
F1126 Okay, and I wash that table.
F1125 [inaudible] in a minute.
F1126 No.
F1125 [inaudible]
F1126 I get that pans, I get that pans. You get more water, me? You get more water me?
F1125 Ah, okay, in a minute.
F1126 Okay.
F1125 Wait till I clean the bowl. //You want more water on your sponge?//
F1126 //Here.// Aye.
F1125 That's it. There we go. What do you say?
F1126 Thank you.
F1125 Thank you. Put the milk back in the fridge. We dinna need it all. //Bless you!//
F1126 //[sneeze]// Thank you. Is it my one? And I want to clean the table.
F1125 You gonna clean the table? Oh, you're clever. Oh that's clever.
F1126 Mm. The crumbs are mine. It's my crumbs.
F1125 Right, I'll need to dry this bowl.
F1126 Put warm water on here. An there. You've got it, and put it on the table. I got all the crumbs in the table.
F1125 You're clever.
F1126 [inaudible] crumbs. Here you go and and all finished! Like a rainbow. I'm drawin a rainbow. //I'm drawin a rainbow.//
F1125 //[inaudible]// Oh dear, [inaudible] pickle.
F1126 Is it pickled onion? [exhale] //[exhale]//
F1125 //I hope they work, [CENSORED: familiar form of forename].//
F1126 Eh? I'm lookin tae that sponge, is it a little sponge? Eh, a little sponge? Is that a little sponge?
F1125 Fitt you saying?
F1126 Is that my little sponge?
F1125 Your sponge?
F1126 Aye. [inaudible]
F1125 Sprinkles for on the top, isn't it?
F1126 Aye, sprinkles on the top o there. I got m-, you got more water?
F1125 More water again?
F1126 Aye. Cause the crumbs, the crumbs in the -ponge. //[squeal]//
F1125 //Here you are.//
F1126 Put that crumbs. There. Shake shake it in the crumbs in the -ponge. [shaking something] Shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky.
F1125 See how they're doing?
F1126 Here I go and. //[child noises]//
F1125 //[?]There aren't any. It's working.[/?]//
F1126 Here you then, shaky shaky again. Want some mair crumbs?
F1125 Right, fitt does it say to do?
F1126 [shaking something] Shaky shaky shaky shake. I'm shaking the crumbs over in the -ponge. //Over//
F1125 //Are you?//
F1126 over the -ponge. //Is that my drink?//
F1125 //[inaudible]// No. For doing the icing.
F1126 Eh?
F1125 Right. Mummy'll put this into the bowl. What colour do you think it'll go?
F1126 That way.
F1125 Fitt colour will it turn? Oh the scissors.
F1126 Scissors.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Yeah, you [?]will[/?].
F1125 Put this in here. Oh. Ooh.
F1126 Is that the sugar?
F1125 Icing. It says it's green icing. Right, let me see. //One teaspoon of warm water.//
F1126 //Ooh!// Mm yum yum! Mm. [laugh]
F1125 Right, watch.
F1126 [?]This one[/?]. I help you, I help you.
F1125 In it goes, right?
F1126 Water? //I help you.//
F1125 //Fitt colour's it going noo?// //Eh?//
F1126 //Red.//
F1125 Then you pour water, see fitt happens.
F1126 I do it.
F1125 Right, you haud Mum's hand. Want to get it aa.
F1126 [laugh] //[inaudible].//
F1125 //We need a wee bittie more water.// This bits here, look. See.
F1126 Is it all finished? Oh, mak it all good.
F1125 What colour's that?
F1126 I don't know.
F1125 You don't know.
F1126 I don't. Which colour's that?
F1125 [mixing icing] Let's see. Oh. A minute. [inaudible] bittie.
F1126 Here. I'll hold your hand. Which colour's that?
F1125 Fitt colour's that?
F1126 I don't know.
F1125 You don't know. Is it green?
F1126 Ye- yes. //[?]Blue[/?]?//
F1125 //Green.// [tapping spoon on bowl]
F1126 A mair bittie water? Mair bittie water again?
F1125 No more water. Do you want a d-, that's warm, darlin. It's warm water. Do you want a drinkie?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 You have it then.
F1126 Okay. [inhale] Oh water!
F1125 Still a bittie runny. [inaudible].
F1126 [?]Put the-[/?] Put the water in here. And put it in here. Here we go, I'll put it here. [thirty seconds of background noise] It's a big chute. It's a big chute.
F1125 Mm.
F1126 [inaudible]. //There.//
F1125 //Come on.// I think we need a bittie water in. [inaudible].
F1126 [?]Put it in the bin there[/?]. Like erm like a like a chute.
F1125 Oh?
F1126 At [CENSORED: forename]'s party. And, I'm makkin [CENSORED: forename]'s party.
F1125 Are ye?
F1126 Aye. Like a big chute, like a big slide chute.
F1125 Like a big slide chute?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Oh well.
F1126 Mummy, you like a [inaudible]. Here we go, [CENSORED: forename]'s party. I'm makkin [CENSORED: forename]'s party. Could be round here. Take that out.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Here we go.
F1125 Here we go. //How long have we got? Oh, nae long now till they come oot.//
F1126 //Er, here we go!// Here we go. [CENSORED: forename]'s party. And they turned up, er whee, in the [?]doodahs[/?]. [?]Doodahs[/?] was in [CENSORED: forename]'s party. Look! It's [inaudible] [?]doodahs[/?].
F1125 Is that right?
F1126 Aye, here go [?]doodahs[/?], in they go.
F1125 We'll maybe get Tweenies one the next time, will we?
F1126 Eh?
F1125 We'll get Tweenies one the next time? Cakes.
F1126 Aye! Hmm.
F1125 Oh yummy.
F1126 And didn't get Fimbles cakes.
F1125 Wow.
F1126 Bittie more. [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1125 [inaudible], darlin. Oh, it's come off your trousers.
F1126 Where? Oh, look at my
F1125 That's it back on. Okay? Now. //I dinna need a whisk after all.//
F1126 //[?]I look[/?]// //Is i-?//
F1125 //Smell, do you smell them?//
F1126 Aye! It's cookin.
F1125 Oh, [CENSORED: familiar form of forename], that's them!
F1126 [?]Them[/?].
F1125 Want to see?
F1126 Uh-huh. I want to see.
F1125 Look!
F1126 Oh! Mm, it's cooking! Is that better?
F1125 Now, I'd better do this, but you can't do this bit, cause this bit's hot. Put them onto the plate to cool down. And then we can put the icing on.
F1126 Is that nae hot?
F1125 It is hot. //That'll be awful hot.//
F1126 //That's nae.//
F1125 Mummy cannae get the tray out. Oops. Oh.
F1126 Here, [inaudible]. [inaudible]
F1125 They smell nice. Do they smell nice?
F1126 Aye. Is there one for me?
F1125 One for you.
F1126 One for me! Is there one for me yet?
F1125 Right, we've just got to wait for them to cool down and then we can put the icing on, and the sprinkles.
F1126 And the sprinkles?
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 I'm gonna [inaudible] my -ponge. Then I'm cleaning the table like that with water.
F1125 Uh-huh.
F1126 Like water cleaning the table. Like that bit.
F1125 That's right. [?]I've cleaned up it[/?] and put scissors away.
F1126 Erm, nearly ready. Nearly ready.
F1125 Nearly ready.
F1126 Yes. Nearly ready. Bit o water. Here you go! There it is here.
F1125 Oh.
F1126 That's where, I got to here.
F1125 Awful hot.
F1126 Awful hot.
F1125 Awful hot.
F1126 This is
F1125 Cool down, and then put the icing on. Then they'll be good. You can have one.
F1126 [inhale] Oh, I can have mine.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Would they just cool down on my supper?
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 [inaudible] [?]I can dae it[/?]. Like a holey.
F1125 Can you find Rockit and Bessie and Ribble? Where's Rockit? That Rockit?
F1126 Yes!
F1125 Who's Bessie? Is that Bessie?
F1126 Nope. //Yea-.//
F1125 //Is that Bessie?//
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Who's that?
F1126 Ribble.
F1125 Ribble. And who's that there?
F1126 Ehm. Who's that?
F1125 I don't know.
F1126 I don't know.
F1125 Is that nae Roly Mole?
F1126 That's Roly Mole.
F1125 Roly Mole?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 And who's this on the front?
F1126 Fimble.
F1125 What's his name?
F1126 Fimble.
F1125 Who's that?
F1126 Holly.
F1125 And who's that?
F1126 Big Ben.
F1125 Way! Clever! //[inaudible].//
F1126 //Put them more.// [child noise] And Roly Mole is here! Put them in there.
F1125 [inaudible].
F1126 [inhale] Yes! Roly Mole's here! [child noise] Look at him! And Bessie. Look! Look at ehm, Bessie!
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Look, look what I found in there. Look at Bessie!
F1125 Yay!
F1126 [inhale] Right. Fold it up!
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 And put in more crumbs. Erm. //Erm, do.//
F1125 //How many have we got?//
F1126 I'm nae finished yet! Wait a minute, I'm nae finished yet.
F1125 Thirteen cakes.
F1126 Eh?
F1125 Thirteen cakes.
F1126 Eh?
F1125 Thirteen.
F1126 No! No, nae thirteen.
F1125 What then?
F1126 Fourteen! //It's fourteen cakes!//
F1125 //Fourteen? No.//
F1126 I think fourteen. [shaking jar of sprinkles] Putting that in the box?
F1125 You're going to put it in the box? That goes on top of the icing.
F1126 Eh?
F1125 Goes on top of the icing.
F1126 What? Oops,ow! You open it? Open it.
F1125 No, canna open it yet, got to put this on cakes first. You can put the sprinkles on.
F1126 Eh?
F1125 You can put the sprinkles on the cakes when the icing's on.
F1126 Okay.
F1125 [?]When they're cool.[/?] Leave it in there. Mm, they smell nice! Mummy's wantin a cake.
F1126 Och, I smell it!
F1125 Smell?
F1126 Ooh! Yum, yum! //Hey.//
F1125 //Yum yum!//
F1126 Ooh! What's that? Purple?
F1125 Green!
F1126 No, purple! It's purple! [laugh]
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Put that ic-. One bittie there, crumbs //in there.//
F1125 //Watch you dinna fall.//
F1126 That ice. That green ice. A bittie green ice [?]take over[/?]. //Right!//
F1125 //Where does that go?//
F1126 Mm?
F1125 Where does that icing go?
F1126 Mm mm, whit?
F1125 [?]Manage it all[/?] to go on here?
F1126 Ehm, nope.
F1125 There is, look! On the picture.
F1126 [exhale]
F1125 See?
F1126 [exhale] Mair ice. Crumbs. Like the like that crumbs are //put there,//
F1125 //Sprinkles.//
F1126 then cause I sprinkle.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 I put it in there and sprinkle, the shapes on here. Okay. [pours on sprinkles] [laugh]
F1125 It maks a noise, doesn't it?
F1126 Aye! [laugh] Aye, it's my crumbs! [laugh] [laugh]
F1125 Right!
F1126 Where the crumbs?
F1125 Think Mam could put on the icing?
F1126 Aye! Ehm I'm I'm putting more o the sprinkles on the icing.
F1125 You keep aa that sprinkles, okay? Dinna lose them. Right, watch this.
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Watching?
F1126 Okay. I give you [inaudible].
F1125 You hold the bowl for me.
F1126 Okay. [exhale] They go down? [inaudible] Put it in the biscuit? Here. And put in there.
F1125 Oh yeah. A fine job this.
F1126 Here you go! And bittie more! A bittie more crumbs.
F1125 Ooh! Could I have the spoon, please? Thank you! Where's the sprinkles?
F1126 I don't know. //In the in the box.//
F1125 //Woops-a-daisy!//
F1126 In the box.
F1125 In the box. They've got to go on here.
F1126 Oops! Got it! I've got the sprin- sprinkles. [sneeze] //[sneeze]//
F1125 //Bless you!// I think my icing might have been a bittie runny.
F1126 I'm gaun to open the boxie and put it in the box. Ehm. Putted that there and then here. [inaudible] little bittie here. Like a little bittie here. Then a heap. [pours on sprinkles] Here we go.
F1125 I think it was still, the cakes are still too hot. It's running. //Woops-a-daisy!//
F1126 //I I have a look.// I have a look. Mm!
F1125 Think the cakes must have been still too hot, look. [inaudible]
F1126 [exhale] It's yummy!
F1125 Is it yummy?
F1126 Mmhm. It's tasty!
F1125 Tasty?
F1126 Aye!
F1125 Aye.
F1126 That my dinner! That's my dinner. Is that my dinner?
F1125 Your dinner?
F1126 Aye. [?]I want to, I can't go down?[/?] //[laugh]//
F1125 //What a mess!//
F1126 Haven't you got enough on that? //That's m- that's my dinner.//
F1125 //Aye.// Sprinkles have to go on.
F1126 Oh! Open it!
F1125 I'm done! I'm finished with icing. Dearie me. Oh oh!
F1126 Put them all cleaned.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Are my sprinkles all cleaned? Okay.
F1125 Right. //[humming]//
F1126 //Oh, wash the window.// I wash the window. I wash the window. I wash the window.
F1125 Wash the window?
F1126 Aye. Where's Fimbles? Here we go! [?]Wee suppie[/?], there's my Fimbles! [?]A little little bit[/?]. Open my water.
F1125 Hmm.
F1126 Eh? Whit? Whit?
F1125 Wait a minute.
F1126 You're nae finished the ite-, ice?
F1125 Don't think they're very nice, but
F1126 It's nice! Have you seen the -poon?
F1125 Are they good?
F1126 It's tasty!
F1125 Tasty?
F1126 Mmhm. Mm. [cough] [?]Is it tasty aa over my face[/?]?
F1125 Your facie's okay darling.
F1126 Aa ower my face.
F1125 Whoa, you great [inaudible]. //Spread it out a bit, will we?//
F1126 //[exhale]// Here you go.
F1125 Think Daddy'll say, "Oh, Mam! You did your icing wrong again!" You think that's what he'll say?
F1126 No!
F1125 They dinna look like fitt it is on the p- the box.
F1126 No. Nae Daddy look at the box, it's my Fimbles!
F1125 Ye gonna leave one for Dad?
F1126 No.
F1125 I think you should! Cause Daddy bought them. You've gotta leave one for Daddy.
F1126 I don't want to, Daddy's, Daddy's like them.
F1125 Ah, but gotta leave one for Daddy.
F1126 No, leave one for Granny.
F1125 We'll leave one for Granny, but you have to leave one for Daddy as well.
F1126 No. It's my Fimbles! //It's my Fimbles!//
F1125 //Right!// Get a little plate for you, to put your sprink- sprinkles on. Now. This is how we dae it. //Sprinkles on here.//
F1126 //Oh.// Mmhm.
F1125 Oh are they gaun to come oot of there, if they're aa stuck? Right. You take a handfu-, watch Mummy. Do this, right?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 And right. On the cake. This one. Just drop them on. That's a girl! Sticking to your fingers?
F1126 Aye. [inaudible] one?
F1125 This one! It's okay darling, I'll wash yer hands aifter ye're finished. This one. Put some on this one. That's it! Right. Oh, want Mammy to do it? Is your hands all wet?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Is that fitt it is?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Want Mummy to do it? //Haud on!//
F1126 //No, I//
F1125 We'll dry yer hand then. Will we dry your hand? That'd be a lot better, wouldn't it?
F1126 Dry that hand. Dry that hand.
F1125 Dry your hands, cause then maybe they winna stick to your hands. //We dry them?//
F1126 //Mm.//
F1125 Now. Oh! In atween your fingers. Right. Try now. Right.
F1126 Okay!
F1125 This one! This one. Drop them on, that's a girl! Okay. Shake your hand on the, put your hand over the plate. Mammy'll get them off, look. There we go. Ooh, they're sticking to Mammy's fingers noo. Eh? Right, this one.
F1126 [exhale] This one!
F1125 Handful of sprinkles. That's a girl! Put them on the cake. Just drop them on. That's a girl! Wipe away, that's it. Wipe that bitties off. Okay! //Just go like this, look, you just need to pick them up and drop them on the cake.//
F1126 //That one's, my,//
F1125 Drop them on the cake.
F1126 Drop them on the cake!
F1125 Right, wait, here we go! That's that ones ready. //Right.//
F1126 //And that ones.//
F1125 Drop them on! That's a girl! Oh! Gone on the floor? Right, this one. //Mummy do this one? Aye.//
F1126 //Aye, aye then.//
F1125 Right, oh! That one's got too much on it now, hasn't it? Right. This one. Well done! Oh! I think ye've got icing aa ower your fingers noo, have ye?
F1126 I got on the table.
F1125 That's okay, darling. Jist don't need to, you don't need to touch the cake to put the sprinkles on. Right, this one. We'll put them like that. There we go, is that better?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Okay? This bit. Oh, a bittie more on this one. Bittie more on this one! Watch the plate doesna fall. Oh, but you're clever at this, aren't ye? Put some m- put some more on that one?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 That's it. Okay. Two more to go. Oh, they're gaun aa ower the floor. [inaudible]
F1126 Oh! Na-.
F1125 Put some, a bittie more on this one. Right. Now on the middle one. Move this ain will I? On that one. Mmhm. Bittie more on this one. Will we put some more on this ains? Let me see. Put some more on this ain here.
F1126 I have this one.
F1125 This one? That one's nae got a lot of sprinkles on it. Well done, and what about this one? Oh, is the plate gonna fall, darling. That's a girl!
F1126 That's my ice.
F1125 Is it on your fingers again?
F1126 That's my hands all cleaned.
F1125 Keep going then. More sprinkles on. More on that one. There's nae a lot on that one.
F1126 [?]And this one last.[/?]
F1125 Mm?
F1126 I have this one.
F1125 Okay.
F1126 [inaudible]
F1125 Bit of, you finished with the sprinkles then?
F1126 No!
F1125 Mm. Sprinkles taste good. Well done!
F1126 Gaun aa ower the floor. We don't hae enough sprinkles.
F1125 Right, is it aboot finished noo?
F1126 Nope!
F1125 Still putting prink- sprinkles on?
F1126 Aye. Sprinkles on here. And this one.
F1125 That one's got a lot of sprinkles on it.
F1126 Aye! This one nae gaun to have sprinkles on it. Hae lots of sprinkles here and
F1125 I don't think we need any more sprinkles! //You want to try a cake?//
F1126 //I got more.// Yes.
F1125 Try one? //Right.//
F1126 //Eat.//
F1125 Right, we dinna need them. Gaun to put them in there. Which one would you like?
F1126 [tut] That one, thank you.
F1125 Nae the hale plate! Which cake would you like off the plate? Eh? Seeing as you made them.
F1126 No, I don't want. //Okay.//
F1125 //Do you want one with lots of sprinkles on it?//
F1126 Yes.
F1125 This one?
F1126 Nope. This one there. //That one.//
F1125 //That one.// Mummy's gaun to have one, you gaun to have one?
F1126 Ehm. I have this one.
F1125 Right. You got to take the paper off, remember. See this paper here?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 Take this paper off. See sprinkles will still come off, but it's okay, see bits of it havena stuck to the icing. Now, you can tell Mummy if they're good. Now. Now. Are they good?
F1126 Mm. //You have one.//
F1125 //Am I to have one?//
F1126 Mmhm. //You want that one?//
F1125 //Will I try one?// //Oh.//
F1126 //You wan-.//
F1125 I think I'll have this one.
F1126 Aye.
F1125 They good?
F1126 Aye!
F1125 Are they really good?
F1126 Mmhm. The sprinkles come off.
F1125 The sprinkles come off. No, you dinna put the cake in the bucket, darling! Oh!
F1126 Oh mmhm.
F1125 Aren't they good?
F1126 They're good. My little bit sprinkles.
F1125 Mm.
F1126 Mine there, and there, and there.
F1125 Oh! That's a job well done, [CENSORED: familiar form of forename]. They are very good! Aren't they?
F1126 Aye! It's nae dark. It's nae dark.
F1125 It's getting dark though.
F1126 Getting dark?
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 We need to go anyway. I go to the shop anyway. Go to the shop there.
F1125 Better put clingfilm roon this ains here. Clingfilm roon this ains, eh? //Nae gan to, nae gan to eat aa them, are ye?//
F1126 //No nae this ains.// //I ge-.//
F1125 //You'll get a sair belly if you eat too much of them.// Eh?
F1126 That's my ain. You can have one too.
F1125 I'll have another one?
F1126 You have //you have that one.//
F1125 //[sneeze]// This one?
F1126 Aye. There you go.
F1125 Oops-a-daisy! Catch it.
F1126 Eh? Eh? Sprinkles coming off. There isn't no ice.
F1125 Oh, that's [inaudible].
F1126 There isn't no ice.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 That's good! That good cakes?
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Cakes. Ooh! It's good. My cakes is green. Is my cakes green? //Look!//
F1125 //Is my cakes green? Uh-huh.//
F1126 Cakes green. //Look! Green!//
F1125 //Mmhm.// //Oops-a-daisy!//
F1126 //Oops-a-. [cough]// I [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1125 //You're sitting on your feet, that's what it is. Is that better?//
F1126 [laugh] Ha! That's better. Oh! [raspberry] [laugh] That's me, I put on the seat. //[raspberry]//
F1125 //Did you put all the sprinkles on the floor?//
F1126 Aye! Pick it up and put it in the bucket.
F1125 We'll do it tomorrow.
F1126 Okay. I reach it. I canna reach it! Is there any this way? We get it. [child noise] Put that down there. That's mine. It's my cake.
F1125 Is that your cake?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 You can take one up the stairs with you, and we'll cover fitt left on this plate. Which one are you takin upstairs wi you?
F1126 [tut] That one. //You need to take apple.//
F1125 //And// //You want this one up the stairs wi you?//
F1126 //I-.// //Yes.//
F1125 //Right.//
F1126 Eh.
F1125 And we'll cover this too.
F1126 Oh! That's my plate!
F1125 Aye, but you've got two! You canna eat them all. You'll get a sair belly if you eat them all by yourself. //Cover it up.//
F1126 //Cover it all up and//
F1125 So nae beasties get in. Oops!
F1126 Going [inaudible] //[child noises]//
F1125 //Now, we'll have to bake again, won't we?// //We'll get more cakes and bake again.//
F1126 //Aye.// Aye. //Tweenies!//
F1125 //Tweenies ones the next time?//
F1126 Aye. They're better than this Fimble ones. I think the Fimbles [inaudible] stairs. Eat it up there, up the stairs.
F1125 You want to go up the stairs wi your cake?
F1126 Aye, and get up there, a plates.
F1125 Come on then.
F1126 Get upstairs a plates.
F1125 You nae need a plate. //Want your little plate?//
F1126 //I want my plate up the stairs.// Aye.
F1125 To put your cake on?
F1126 Aye! And put my little cake on!
F1125 Here ye go. Okay?
F1126 Aye.
F1125 [inaudible]
F1126 Here we go. I take my plate along wi me.
F1125 Aye.
F1126 It's dark in here! Eh. It's dark in here! //It's dark in//
F1125 //Okay, off you go.//
F1126 I'm coming up. Oh. Mm. I do have have to [inaudible]. Cartoons on! Cartoons on?
F1125 No, cartoons are finished, darling. We'll put the fire on. After aa that baking we really need a seat.
F1126 Need a seat. //Cold.//
F1125 //Are we tired after baking?//
F1126 Aye.

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