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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 22, recording 1: painting

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Audio transcription

F1124 I want to paint, Mam.
F1123 You want to paint?
F1124 Uh-huh.
F1123 What are we gonna paint?
F1124 Pictures.
F1123 Pictures of what, you think?
F1124 Pictures beach.
F1123 Picture of a beach?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 Right, come on then, we'll get your erm paper, as well, where's your paper at?
F1124 On, on him's box.
F1123 On which box?
F1124 On Cleo's box. A bit. And if I get a piece of paper, is it.
F1123 Oh right! No, I've probably got more here though.
F1124 Sorry, Mam.
F1123 It's okay. //You've got there.//
F1124 //I want purple.//
F1123 Take some purple for painting today?
F1124 Uh-huh.
F1123 Right, there you go.
F1124 Here, thank you Mum. I didn't need, I didn't need my painting apron.
F1123 Here's your paint. //It's okay, you won't need it. Cause that's an ol-.//
F1124 //My painting apron, [?]I don't know where my paint[/?]//
F1123 You don't need your painting apron, cause that's just an old t-shirt, and it doesn't matter aboot that one. You just need your painting apron when you've got on, ehm, new t-shirt. You know that's why Mummy doesn't like your new t-shirts getting messed, does she?
F1124 No.
F1123 Oh, we've not had this out for a while, have we? When was the last time we had wir pain- your paint out, can ye remember?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 When?
F1124 When I, Mum! //[cough]//
F1123 //Fitt? Ye stuck?// //That's it.//
F1124 //[cough]// [cough]
F1123 That's it.
F1124 All messy.
F1123 Aye, but it'll be okay, I'll just get you a paintbrush, just hold on, cause they're not in the box.
F1124 I got one!
F1123 Where?
F1124 On my table.
F1123 Where is it at then? Cause I can't find it.
F1124 On my table.
F1123 Alright. Tell you what, here's another one here. [inaudible].
F1124 See?
F1123 Here's the other one. //You get some water, you,//
F1124 //On your hand.//
F1123 you pop that up [inaudible], I'll get the water. [running water] //Right, here we go.//
F1124 //I got one.// Here you go, a paintbrush.
F1123 Which colour you using first?
F1124 Just wash them all out first.
F1123 Right, I'll wash them, okay?
F1124 Okay.
F1123 Anyway, I'll wash them, and then you can do some painting. Don't put your fingers in it though, [CENSORED: forename]. Cause you'll be a mucky pup.
F1124 Remember, remember that one there, Mam. That one's all messy as well.
F1123 Ah, but I'll do the lighter colour first. Cause if you do the blues and the green an-, first, then when you put your paintbrush into the white and the yellow, they'll go all messy.
F1124 Some are //some are black.//
F1123 //Aye, that's black, so I'll leave the black one till very last, we'll// clean it very, very last. Have you got your paintbrush ready then?
F1124 Uh-huh.
F1123 Cause it's nearly time to paint!
F1124 Mum!
F1123 Uh-huh?
F1124 Look at Cleo doing. [?]Him been licking himself up[/?], Mum.
F1123 You know why he was licking himself?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 T- well, I told ye. You remember? Why do pussycats lick themselves?
F1124 Tell me.
F1123 That's how they get
F1124 Clean.
F1123 Cleaned. That's right. Okay. //What you want to paint?//
F1124 //You're no washing your paintbrush out.//
F1123 Okay. I'll maybe paint a picture as well then. Fitt colour? Wow! I thought you was gaun to do a beach, you told me?
F1124 Gie us a help, Mam.
F1123 Right, look, I'll do a beach on my one. Ehm. //[inaudible].//
F1124 //[inaudible] a help me do my one.// No, has to wait till my turn! //No Mum! [sob]//
F1123 //Okay, okay! Sorry, sorry, sorry!//
F1124 [whimper]
F1123 Right, what's that you've drawn, is that a deckchair or something? //Right, you take some yellow.//
F1124 //No, you help me do my picture.// //I pick that one.//
F1123 //Do- get some yellow.// It's okay, cause that must be deckchairs, is it?
F1124 No, I want to help //do my paint-.//
F1123 //Do you want a new bit of paper?//
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 Right, and we'll, you wanting to draw a beach?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 Paint a beach, rather.
F1124 That one!
F1123 You wanting my one? Right. Okay, so we need some more yellow, and colour all this bit in yellow. //Cause that's the beach.//
F1124 //No, Mum!//
F1123 What do you want to do then?
F1124 Red.
F1123 Red?
F1124 Uh-huh.
F1123 Okay. Here you go then.
F1124 I'm making some dots.
F1123 Okay, here's some red. Was you painting when you were at [CENSORED: forename]'s yesterday?
F1124 Mmhm. This'll help me do my beach.
F1123 Cor! Wow! That's like a fire.
F1124 No, it's not a good one!
F1123 Right, well, right, just stop and wait and be patient, and we'll try. Right. Listen! If you want to do a beach, you need the colour of the sea. Okay? So, what colour's the sea? Mm?
F1124 I want black!
F1123 You want black? Well, that's not the sea then. You drawin a night-time picture? Draw some night-time. //And then we'll draw some//
F1124 //[?]You's a[/?] help me, Mam.//
F1123 Okay.
F1124 Help me.
F1123 And once it's dry we can put on a star and moon. Remember? That's like you did at Sunday school, wasn't it?
F1124 [?]I want it more[/?], just a wee bit.
F1123 Oh! Look!
F1124 That's scarier.
F1123 This is really black, isn't it?
F1124 Mmhm. Like that colour.
F1123 Urgh!
F1124 That one's not disgusting, Mum.
F1123 Is it not? You hold the paper then? And I'll do your sky for you.
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 Right. Do you want to do some blue on it? Mix a wee bit o blue in? //At the edge.//
F1124 //Black.//
F1123 Look! //Aye, but I'll put in, ehm,//
F1124 //It's gone black.//
F1123 water and it'll clean it, look.
F1124 I want some, please Mam.
F1123 You want to paint it?
F1124 [?]Look[/?].
F1123 You mixing up the colours? Right, what colour now?
F1124 Just wash it out Mam. Just been washing it out.
F1123 What colour you want now? Yellow?
F1124 Just got some on my [inaudible] little //[inaudible].//
F1123 //Oh look!// There must be a wee bit o blue there. You see what colour it's made?
F1124 Uh-huh. I better wash it out.
F1123 I'll do it, I'll do it, cause I think that's why, cause I think you put mucky paint in it. Eh, mucky water in it, sorry. Right, here ye go.
F1124 Thank you.
F1123 You're mixing all the colours up, you monkey. Fitt's that you've done?
F1124 Sky.
F1123 Sky?
F1124 I just wash it out, this. It's all washed out.
F1123 What colour next? Black again? How about some nice red? How about some nice, bright red colour?
F1124 Mam.
F1123 Oh! I'm gonna sneeze! [sneeze] [sneeze] //Excuse me!//
F1124 //Is this// [inaudible]
F1123 Excuse me! Right, what are ye gonna paint red?
F1124 Sky.
F1123 A red sky? You got all different colours in your sky, haven't ye?
F1124 Got to wash it out first. Wash.
F1123 Tell me what colour next, then. Keep your fingers out [inaudible] stop ye painting. Green?
F1124 Mm. Mmhm, please. Please Mum.
F1123 Right, where are ye gonna put the green at? Not in the sky as well. Here ye go. [sniff] Urgh! //Time is it?//
F1124 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1123 //Half-past one.//
F1124 [laugh]
F1123 Right, once you've finished this painting, we've got a couple of jobs to do, cause we've still got, we've got that clothes to put upstairs and put away. And then we're gonna, ehm go over to the D.E. and get those new trainers that you liked. Remember I was gonna buy them last week, but they didn't have your size?
F1124 You're mixing it all green.
F1123 No, I'm trying to clean it. The water's all mucky. That's okay, cause it's quite a nice green colour, isn't it? //Be-, a green beach.//
F1124 //Now, our beach is spoiled.// //Look at my beach! It's all spoiled!//
F1123 //Leave it till it's dried.// Right, one more picture.
F1124 I'm going to finish this one up.
F1123 Why? But I thought you didn't want to? Why don't we take that other paintbrush, see if it's cleaner? See if we can get nice yellow for the beach, cause it's a bit green, I know. But it's not spoiled, it's okay. Sometimes the sand is a bit mucky. It's definitely mucky now, cause you jist put your fingers in it wi black paint. Right, come on then. Here you go.
F1124 Thank you.
F1123 Oh oh oh! Look! That's like a bit of sunshine in your sky now.
F1124 Now it's the sun.
F1123 Stop mixing up colours, [CENSORED: forename].
F1124 I'm sorry, can you go and wash it out?
F1123 Right. You wanting anything red then? Do you want me to draw a big loveheart on this other bit of paper for ye?
F1124 No.
F1123 No? I thought you liked, right, is it okay if I paint on this other bit then?
F1124 Fitt? No. Uh-huh, Mum. No! On here! Up there, Mum! No, Mum! I want a little one! [panting] //[whimper]//
F1123 //Right, watch this, this can be, you can draw your paper, and I'll draw my paper.// //Oh oh oh! No, no, no!//
F1124 //[tapping noise]//
F1123 No, no! Right, that's the paint away! //Right, well you've been warned, there's paint everywhere, so that's it. Look! Look at Mum's t-shirt.//
F1124 //No! No!//
F1123 Look at your t-shirt! //Look at my new t-shirt!//
F1124 //Mum, I want to paint, Mum!//
F1123 No way!
F1124 Mmhm. I'll paint good, Mum.
F1123 Well, you've ruined your chances cause it's everywhere. I'll have to try and see if I can clean up this first. I think it's coming off.
F1124 [inaudible] good.
F1123 [CENSORED: forename], there is paint everywhere!
F1124 I want my one the same colour //as this.//
F1123 //Right, one last chance, if you do- ever do that again// then there won't be paint out again for painting. Okay? Ye hear me?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 Right, what ye drawing this time?
F1124 A big cloud.
F1123 A big what?
F1124 Cloud.
F1123 Cloud? I think you're just making a [inaudible].
F1124 That's, Mam. Can you help?
F1123 [sniff] Can you what? What was you asking me?
F1124 Tell me.
F1123 I don't know, you were asking me something? What was you asking?
F1124 Don't know. Mum, let's do this picture. That one's not finished.
F1123 It's not finished? Right, what else do you want to put in it then?
F1124 You to come up beside me. [inaudible] jam tart [inaudible].
F1123 It's not a jam tart! It's a heart. Is it bonny?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 Can I do some other colours then?
F1124 Aye, I, hey, I want black.
F1123 Well, you get your paintbrush then.
F1124 No, cause my one's all pink.
F1123 I'll do some spots on mine. Now you be very careful now.
F1124 Okay, I've got black. Mum, just wash out. I got black. Mam, that's my, that's my, listen. My one is finished.
F1123 Is that your one finished?
F1124 Uh, I do that one.
F1123 You gonna do that one?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 Right, what colour was that shoes that you liked in D.E., that we were gonna buy?
F1124 Pink.
F1123 The Barbie ones?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 I quite liked the the white Barbie ones, actually.
F1124 Ma-, you're mixing up black.
F1123 I I'm nae, I trying to see if I can get, ehm, a purpley colour. If you mix blue and green and
F1124 Yellow.
F1123 red, I think, maybe, bittie, oh no! Do you ken fitt I'm making?
F1124 Uh-huh.
F1123 Ah!
F1124 [?]Sotter[/?]. //[?]I wash that out[/?].//
F1123 //[laugh] Ye're right there.// Right, you leave it, you you just go and paint. Mam'll clean it up, Mam's made a right mess, hivn't she?
F1124 I-.
F1123 Oh oh oh oh no! You watch! Cause you keep putting paint all over me. Wanting green? There's lots of green on that brush. Right, what do you think o that?
F1124 Nice and fresh.
F1123 Nice and?
F1124 Fresh.
F1123 Fresh. What does this say Mam's writing inside the heart now?
F1124 [?]This heart to Mummy and Dad and me[/?].
F1123 What does that say?
F1124 Is that Mummy and me and me.
F1123 It says [CENSORED: beginning of forename]? [CENSORED: beginning of forename] what? What's your name?
F1124 [CENSORED: forename], that name.
F1123 Don't make a mess now! [CENSORED: forename], what?
F1124 I'm making a bunch o flowers.
F1123 A bunch o flowers?
F1124 Mmhm, to make a big, my one's being that colour. It's green. //Isn't this [inaudible].//
F1123 //Yeah?//
F1124 How it is, that's what like make this, Mam.
F1123 [cough] [sniff] Okay, that's night, that's good. You gonna do nice different coloured flowers up at the top? Is that all the stalks? And the leaves?
F1124 I want to use some black this time.
F1123 You don't get black flowers.
F1124 No, it's a couple on here. Just like this this I want green, this, I want black on here, Mam.
F1123 Right.
F1124 Cause it, this is this all that dark green bits get all washed up in that water there.
F1123 Don't rub your eyes, Tootie. Eh, red? You're not having more black, cause black just makes a mess o your pictures.
F1124 That.
F1123 White.
F1124 Mmhm. //It's all black.//
F1123 //Oh!// //I thought you'd cleaned the brush.//
F1124 //Oh dear.//
F1123 You must not have. It's okay, we'll give it a good scrub, look. Did you put paint in your eye just now? Is that what that was? Told you not to rub it. I thought you rubbed it. You better?
F1124 Mam, you need to give me my white //back.//
F1123 //There ye go.//
F1124 Thank you. There, cause just cause there's that [?]patch holey there.[/?]
F1123 Okay.
F1124 Just to save that holey there. //The holey there.//
F1123 //How are you getting on now?//
F1124 Holey there.
F1123 [sniff]
F1124 Bittie where it, that bit's got
F1123 Do you know what I still never did? //Still never made your bed today.//
F1124 //Mmhm.//
F1123 I was goin to do it this morning, afore we went to Asda's, and I forgot. //Still havnae, still never made your bed. So once you've done this, and we'll go to take all that clothes and that upstairs,//
F1124 //Cleo Mam.//
F1123 we could make your bed. Will you help me? Will you help me? //[CENSORED: forename], you listening?//
F1124 //I just paint that bit.// //This-.//
F1123 //[CENSORED: forename], are you listening? Will you help me make your bed?//
F1124 Mm. Stay and watch Cleo.
F1123 You'll stay and watch Cleo? Aye, but he'll be okay.
F1124 He can never, gonna come upstairs.
F1123 He better not!
F1124 Yes Mum.
F1123 Have you had enough painting now?
F1124 No.
F1123 No? You want to do one more picture then? One more. Right, and do you know what the rules is?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 What rules Mam said?
F1124 Tell me.
F1123 No black paint on this picture. Okay?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 You can do yellow. Do you want Mum to help you do some yellow?
F1124 Mmhm.
F1123 Tell me where to put it at then.
F1124 I'll just get my socks off. Cause I'm better with my socks off, when I'm painting, you can take off your socks. //[inaudible]//
F1123 //Eh?//
F1124 So I don't get messy. [inaudible]
F1123 Who told you that?
F1124 I got them off so I don't get messy.
F1123 Who told you you've to take off your socks when you're painting?
F1124 [CENSORED: forename].
F1123 [CENSORED: forename]? Who's [CENSORED: forename]?
F1124 Mam. //Look at me.//
F1123 //Who- who's [CENSORED: forename]?// [CENSORED: forename] is your? Cousin, yes. He's just a little cousin though, isn't he? Right, here's some nice bright red. I love painting wi red. What about you? What's your favourite painting colour?
F1124 Red.
F1123 It's nice and bright, isn't it? Look. [sucks air through teeth] It's like nail varnish. Lipstick. [sniff] //Fitt's that, fitt's that you've painted?//
F1124 //Wash it in water.// In the water.
F1123 Fitt's that you're painting this time?
F1124 I want white.
F1123 You want white? Aye, I know, but I'm asking, what is it you're painting this time?
F1124 A [inaudible] in there. Mam!
F1123 Mmhm?
F1124 Fitt you doing? [cough] [cough]
F1123 Right. Urgh! //That's like a peachy colour, isn't it?//
F1124 //Fitt?//
F1123 Cause I think you've mixed some o the yellow and some o the red into that white, so it's like going all peachy.
F1124 [laugh] The white gone all peachy! I see that.
F1123 And that bit's like lemon. That bit's like the lemony colours. //Right, if I if I put some white into the green, it'll be like light green.//
F1124 //I've seen that [inaudible].// Mam, I be put it there.
F1123 Urgh! Don't know what colour that is.
F1124 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1123 //That's digusting, that.//
F1124 [laugh]
F1123 It's just vulgar!
F1124 [laugh] [laugh] Does you seen a picture like that afore?
F1123 No, I've never seen a picture like that afore. Never ever ever.
F1124 Watch this again. [laugh] This is like very good, Mammy! This wasn't [inaudible], get my own top. [laugh] //[laugh] Make peachy kind of colour!//
F1123 //That's just a mess.// Peachy kind of colour?
F1124 Uh-huh.
F1123 That's not, that's just a mess now. That's cause you've mixed all that different colours just in there together.
F1124 Mummy, want some more colours.
F1123 Right, this is the last time, okay? //Gie you some blue.//
F1124 //Mummy, it's the last time putting that one// there, cause that one's just in there. Mum?
F1123 Gie you blue, cause that's the last eh, the only colour you haven't got on that page. Oh! [CENSORED: forename], that's just a, I don't know what it is. This just looks like mud now.
F1124 Just like mud? [laugh] No, it's not!
F1123 It is. Right, that's the end I think.
F1124 That one there. //This one here.//
F1123 //I said that was the very last one!// Keep that one for something else, right. Don't! Don't, don't, don't, don't.
F1124 No, I was just gied it here, by hand. Look at that!
F1123 Well, we'll leave it, cause that's just [inaudible], right, leave them all there and I'll get wipes. Okay? And you can come and help while the paintings are drying. You can come and help me take all this clothes up the stairs. And we'll make your bed and that, and then once we've done that, it'll be time to get //ready.//
F1124 //I want to get sprinkles on them.//
F1123 I-. Oh? Like [CENSORED: forename] did?
F1124 Uh-huh.
F1123 I ain't got any sprinkles, [CENSORED: forename].
F1124 Here.
F1123 I hinna got any.
F1124 Fitt for?
F1123 I don't know. We used to have, I think we had at Christmas time. Aye, like glitter. And then we used it I think to make cards or pictures, or something, I don't have any now.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 22, recording 1: painting


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