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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 17, recording 1: looking out of the window

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Audio transcription

F1109 Awa an tell Mum fitt you see oot the window then.
M1110 I can see a [inaudible]. I can see a [inaudible] out there. You've got a pocket. No.
F1109 Okay, are you having a look? I ha-, have I got a pocket? Fitt div you see oot the windae the day [CENSORED: forename]?
M1110 [exhale]
F1109 You see the garden?
M1110 I see my garden out there.
F1109 Wow, and fitt's aa in the garden?
M1110 It's my flowers.
F1109 Flowers.
M1110 Ca- can you see the [inaudible]?
F1109 Can I see any? Fitt's the co- fitt's the colour o the flowers? Fitt colours are they?
M1110 Mam! Come back!
F1109 Mum's nae awa, Mum's here. [cough] Come and tell me aa the colour o the flowers oot the windaes.
M1110 Mammy.
F1109 Cause we're nae oot today, are we?
M1110 No.
F1109 It's a bit dull.
M1110 [?]You put it in[/?] [inaudible]
F1109 Dinna touch though, darling, dinna touch your mic. Settle doon. Can you see wee fite flooers?
M1110 I see green flowers out there, Mam.
F1109 Green flowers. //That would be leaf- leaves.//
M1110 //And red.// What's this, Mam? What's this over here Mam?
F1109 Oh, that's a plastic bag, carrier bag, that's blown into the gairden.
M1110 What's that over here, Mam? [inaudible]
F1109 Stones in the rockery.
M1110 What's this, Mam? What's this over here, Mam? [inaudible] No.
F1109 Like a wee Christmas bush.
M1110 Pull it up a little bits, Mam!
F1109 Pull it up a little bit. Take up, take up the blind. Wait an Mam'll pull it up at this side. Okay? [lifting blind] Oh, and we'll see better noo! Okay, let's hae a look out and see fitt we see.
M1110 [sniff]
F1109 You tell Mam.
M1110 Mm, I see green flowers out in the muckies.
F1109 [?]Green[/?] flowers.
M1110 Green flowers in the mucky, Mam.
F1109 Mm. //In the mucky, green flowers in the muck.//
M1110 //Ca- can y-.// Yes.
F1109 Ah.
M1110 I have to scoop it up with the knife, and scoop it into the digger, Mam.
F1109 Oh! You're gaun to scoop it up wi a knife and put it into the digger.
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Oh. Is there weeds in the garden?
M1110 I have tae pick them up.
F1109 To pick up the weeds, that's right.
M1110 I have tae pick up a weeds!
F1109 We'll soon be going back into the garden to do our weeding, won't we?
M1110 That's mine. That's my wire.
F1109 You see that? That's your wire. Maybe we should pop that in your pocket and you can just forget about it. //Fitt about that little white flowers?//
M1110 //Mm.//
F1109 Fitt are they called?
M1110 Mm. Ah! This van is white.
F1109 That van away past is white, that's right, that's a plumber's van.
M1110 That's a plums.
F1109 Mmhm. //Does it look like P.C. Plum?//
M1110 //Looks like P- looks like P.C. Plum's, Mam.//
F1109 Has he got a white van?
M1110 No.
F1109 No.
M1110 It's got a white bike.
F1109 Oh, he's got a white bike.
M1110 It's got a white house.
F1109 Oops, and a white house.
M1110 He's got a house.
F1109 Mm.
M1110 Put it right up to here, Mum.
F1109 Och, I think that's far enough, aye. What's, now, look at that bush, it's got like fruit on it [CENSORED: forename]. See them? They're falling off now. Into the ground. What colour are they? [car horn beeps] Can you tell Mam fitt colour? Oh that was a toot toot. Was somebody tooting the horn of their car?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Oh! I wonder who it was.
M1110 It was Dad. //No.//
F1109 //Was it Dad? No.// We'll pop this in your pocket?
M1110 I pop this intae my pocket, and watch the flowers. //I-//
F1109 //Tell me the other, aye, tell me the other colours of the flowers then.// Not much flowers because it's winter time, isn't it? In the summer time there's loads o flowers oot here.
M1110 [?]Way doon tae here[/?].
F1109 This ones are gaun to be reid, look, is that reid flowers coming out on this one? At's
M1110 The stanes is wet, the stanes is, the stanes is, //Mam.//
F1109 //It's dainty.// //Is it?//
M1110 //No.// It's stanes is. //It's//
F1109 //Oh// //Dangerous.//
M1110 //stanes is.//
F1109 Oh, it's a dangerous plant.
M1110 No!
F1109 Oh!
M1110 It's stanes is.
F1109 [?]Dainsis[/?], I'm nae sure about that ain. //Oh, daisies?//
M1110 //Tell me Mam!//
F1109 It's daisies ye're saying, maybe? //There's pansies.//
M1110 //It's// //stanes is.//
F1109 //Can you see the pansies?//
M1110 It's it's stanes is wet, Mum, the stanes is wet, Mum, the stanes is wet.
F1109 The stanes is wet? //Ah!//
M1110 //Yes, Mum!//
F1109 The stanes is wet. Aye, they're a little wet. There's big stanes, isn't there? In the the rockery bit. That's big stanes.
M1110 Is there little stanes, Mam?
F1109 Mm.
M1110 Is there little stanes over to here, Mam?
F1109 Oh, there's little stanes over tae there, aye.
M1110 Tae here. Tae here, aside my house.
F1109 Aside your house there's little stanes, that's right.
M1110 Bi- //big st-.//
F1109 //That's the big stanes.//
M1110 Big stanes. [?]There, and the back[/?].
F1109 Mmhm.
M1110 [?]At the back![/?]
F1109 What aboot the gates? Fitt colour's the gates?
M1110 White!
F1109 White. Has [CENSORED: forename] across the road got gates?
M1110 [CENSORED: forename]. //That's white van over here!//
F1109 //Oh, there's the fite van, aye.// Somebody's busy. //Daein a job.//
M1110 //Somebody's busy, intae my car.//
F1109 Mm.
M1110 It's my blue car, Mam. //What el-?//
F1109 //That's that blue car, that's right, up the drive.//
M1110 What else?
F1109 What else can you see? What's that up [CENSORED: forename]'s drive?
M1110 No. It's the garage, is white, Mam?
F1109 Oh, it's a garage.
M1110 What else is white? //Tell me Mam!//
F1109 //What's that, what's that next to the garage?//
M1110 It's b- it's a piece of wood //over here.//
F1109 //Piece of wood.// //Oh, at's a, aye, that's in [CENSORED: forename]'s.//
M1110 //Whose house?//
F1109 What aboot this one, next door? Fitt's that? Do you know what that i- fitt that is?
M1110 That's over here, Mam?
F1109 That's right.
M1110 That's, that's over here, Mam. //Ov-//
F1109 //And fitt colour's that?//
M1110 over here!
F1109 Aye. //Fitt colour,//
M1110 //Over here, Mam.// //Over here, Mam!//
F1109 //fitt colour's that?// //Fitt colour's that garage door?//
M1110 //Over here, Mam!// //Over to here, Mam.//
F1109 //[inaudible]// Aye. Fitt colour's that garage door then?
M1110 That ain's brown.
F1109 It's brown, it's broon. Now, fitt aboot the, what's that? Do you know what that is? It's not a car. And it's nae a lorry. Would you go yer holidays in that?
M1110 I sees, I seed, I see the brown door.
F1109 You see the brown door? Now look up aside the brown door, this side o it.
M1110 This side.
F1109 Fitt's that? Is that the girls' ca- caravan?
M1110 No.
F1109 I think it is. It's white. //It's a big caravan.//
M1110 //It's big caravan, Mam!//
F1109 And they go awa their holidays, divn't they?
M1110 Go awa their holidays.
F1109 Awa their holidays in the //caravan.//
M1110 //Mam, Mam, Mam!// Mam, Mam, Mam!
F1109 Pop this bit back on.
M1110 Mam, Mam, Mam.
F1109 And fix this, come on I'll click it for ye, darling. //[inaudible]//
M1110 //What's a click it?//
F1109 It's in yer way. Okay? We're nae wanting that to be in yer road. //Now.//
M1110 //Okay.//
F1109 Well, that's been a nice, that's been a look in the garden. Ye see the trees across the road? //They've nae leaves, have they?//
M1110 //I-.// //Eh.//
F1109 //Nae leaves on them.// The trees are bare just now, //eh?//
M1110 //Mam s-.// //Mamma.//
F1109 //Is the van going away?//
M1110 Van going to, [inaudible]. //Goes [inaudible]//
F1109 //Van.//
M1110 Goes and away to their holidays, cause the parcels and a red box, [inaudible].
F1109 Uh-huh.
M1110 Mam.
F1109 Going away their holidays, cause the parcels is
M1110 Way over to this side.
F1109 Oh, the parcels is going away over to this side now?
M1110 This side!
F1109 Ah! //There.//
M1110 //It's away over to this side.//
F1109 Away over that side. Fitt aboot the reefs. What colour's the reefs o the houses?
M1110 What's this door called over here, //over to here, Mam?//
F1109 //That's orange, isn't it? That's an orange roof.//
M1110 What's this? What's this, on top?
F1109 It's a window. And a chimney. //Big chimney.//
M1110 //What's a big chimney, Mam?//
F1109 Aye, it's a big chimney, and it's a window in the roof. //Who's in the//
M1110 //It's a red chimney.// //That's a wee chimney.//
F1109 //And then, that's a wee chimney, that's right.// Fitt co- colour's that house next door, colour's its roof? //Is it brown?//
M1110 //You [inaudible] to here,// //Mam.//
F1109 //Is it brown this one up there?//
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Mmhm. And I see another colour over here. Look over the road at that one.
M1110 Over tae this sides, Mam.
F1109 No, ower to this side. //Look!//
M1110 //Ower tae this side.//
F1109 Can you see it standing out? Can you see a colour that's different to orange and brown?
M1110 Blue, Mam. It's something is blue, Mam.
F1109 Well, it's nae quite blue that, oh, it's the the railings, the gate's blue and the railings is blue. But what colour's the roof? Can ye tell Mam fitt colour the reef is?
M1110 Eh, I think it's brown!
F1109 No, it's the one next door that's brown, but what colour's the one with the blue? //Fitt colour's them with,//
M1110 //What about the bricks on top?//
F1109 Oh the bricks, fitt colour are they then?
M1110 Uh, it's no bricks today.
F1109 No bricks today. That's pink bricks. And grey bi- bricks. And that house over there, I think it's, it's kinda blue, but it's green. Look! It's a shade o green that roof, [CENSORED: forename]. Mm?
M1110 I think it's white. You puts yours into your pocket.
F1109 Okay, I'll try. //That's,//
M1110 //Yours wi-.//
F1109 that's my mic, that's my tape machine. My mini-disc recorder gaun into my pocket noo.
M1110 It's mine. //It's,//
F1109 //So is yours, that's good, that's a safe place to have them.//
M1110 that's a safe place. I keep them in here for [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1109 //Oh! Here's a car.// Fitt colour's that car?
M1110 It's red.
F1109 Red. It's reid, aye.
M1110 Ha. [?]And it it's this car.[/?] It's blue, Mam.
F1109 Oh it's a blue car, is it? Up there.
M1110 It's a red car.
F1109 A white car.
M1110 This o- over here. I have to wipe this up with my //vest.//
F1109 //Oh!// nae wi yer vest, ye'll need to get a duster. Let's go and get a duster to dae that.
M1110 Let's go an //get.//
F1109 //I think I'll// have tae clean this window, eh?
M1110 I have tae cl- use this duster.
F1109 [inaudible]
M1110 I have to clean this.
F1109 Oh, well done! //That's it, dinna-.//
M1110 //I have tae dae, I I I have to do this bit.//
F1109 Clean that bit wi the duster, that's a, oh, that's a clever boy. Think I'll get a clootie, will I? I'll get a clootie and we'll wipe this window an aa. We've been looking oot, but we've made it aa finger-marked.
M1110 I'm cleaning up now. [exhale]
F1109 You managing? Are you doing dusty high and dusty low, like erm, Balamory? Is that Josie Jump? Oh, you don't touch that though. Only Mams do that. Okay? Don't touch that.
M1110 Way up to here.
F1109 Okay, you stand back fae them. Right? Now.
M1110 Stand back! //I//
F1109 //Stand back!//
M1110 cleaned it!
F1109 Oh that's the one for the sh- window sill then. You dae that, and Ma- Mam'll dae the window //glass.//
M1110 //I dae the window glass!//
F1109 Will I dae the glass? Oh! Colour's that car? //It's orange.//
M1110 //It's orange.// Can I clean this peerie bit?
F1109 Yes, you can clean it. //Okay, well I'll do the sill,//
M1110 //[?]You have it now[/?].//
F1109 you do the glass. Oh dear. Well, we'll dae it, we'll we'll have it clean, will we? Before we're finished we'll manage to clean it. That's a boy.
M1110 I'm finished!
F1109 That's a real big help that! Oh, I don't think ye're finished yet. Let me see. //Can you do that side of the window sill then?//
M1110 //I'm cleanin this.//
F1109 And I'll do the glass wi that cloot.
M1110 If I don't, if I don't use that ain then.
F1109 Mmhm.
M1110 If I, got this one.
F1109 Now. Oh! Here's another van. Fitt colour's this van? //Ooh!//
M1110 //It's brown.//
F1109 It's nae brown. //Try again.//
M1110 //It's// black.
F1109 It's nearly black, it's very dark blue. Awfy dark blue. //Mm.//
M1110 //Awfy dark.// //It's mi-//
F1109 //It's the deepest navy I've seen fur a file.// //How're we doing here? Can you see the?//
M1110 //it's mi-// it's mine!
F1109 Here ye are then. Right, can ye see these marks disappearing? Like magic. //That's it.//
M1110 //I'm doing this very well,// //Ma.//
F1109 //You're// daein it very well, that's good. What a helper you are! //You're an excellent,//
M1110 //I clean this crumbs.// //I cleaned//
F1109 //what an excellent helper.//
M1110 all this crumbs up.
F1109 Cleaned all that crumbs up. //Now.//
M1110 //I cleaned this.//
F1109 I think we'll dae the blinds while we're here, will we? //Ah.//
M1110 //Yes.//
F1109 There's the fingerprints! There they are. //Well, haud on,//
M1110 //I do the blinds.//
F1109 Mam'll let the blinds doon. Haud on, Mam'll let the blinds doon, so that it's easier, okay? //Now only, no, only Mam lets blinds up and down.//
M1110 //I set the blinds doon.//
F1109 You don't touch them. [blinds coming down] Okay? //Stand back.//
M1110 //I// do up.
F1109 Stand back. //Stand back.//
M1110 //I do up.// //Stand back!//
F1109 //Stand back.// That's a boy. //There we are, now.//
M1110 //I do the blinds.//
F1109 Ah, but we need this one for the blinds! //I'm do-.//
M1110 //I'm th-// //I'm doing this.//
F1109 //Right, you do it.// Right. That's even better.
M1110 Tickle tickle blinds!
F1109 Tickle tickle blinds! //Close them one way, and then close them the other way.//
M1110 //Tickle, tickl-.//
F1109 Okay?
M1110 I'm finished, Mam.
F1109 Oh, that was a very quick doo-dah o the blinds, will we try again? Do a little more?
M1110 I do a little mo-.
F1109 Here we go dusty high! Here we go dusty low!
M1110 I do do high bits.
F1109 You manage to do the high bits? That's better! That's more like it! Oh, that a clever loon.
M1110 I'm doing do, I do, I'm doing the high bit.
F1109 You're daein the high bits?
M1110 I'm doing this up high. I gots this up high.
F1109 Will I turn them round? I'll turn them round so you can do the other side. Okay? That's them turned, that's them turned roond. Well. //That's it! Now, see if you can do that side.//
M1110 //That's it!//
F1109 Do this middle bit. Never saw ye daeing that bit, [CENSORED: forename]. Oh! We're nae stuck, are we? No. //Okay, you manage it again? Try again.//
M1110 //No.//
F1109 Oh no, that doesna come oot, darlin. //That's nae one of those ones.//
M1110 //That's// //sticker.//
F1109 //Oops-a-daisy.// //No, no, dinna, leave it up here, that's it.//
M1110 //Leave it up there.// //Hae aa the dust.//
F1109 //Okay.// Here ye go! Well done! What a duster! //You're a smashing help.//
M1110 //I pull it up now.// I can't reach.
F1109 No, no, it doesna go up, just goes open noo. Wait an I'll open. [?]Are ye daeing this[/?]? Helping Mam oot? [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]? //Is that better noo?//
M1110 //No, I can't reach.//
F1109 Now.
M1110 I can't reach to it.
F1109 Come on an hel-, let's dae the back windae noo. Okay? //Okay, let's dae your room.//
M1110 //Let's dae the back windae noo.// //Ah!//
F1109 //Want to take through your? Aye, take your dusters, okay, take that.// //Okay, got your [inaudible].//
M1110 //I take this, all my dusters.//
F1109 Right, off we go!
M1110 That's that's colour green, that's colours pink, that's colour green, that's colour yellow!
F1109 Well done! That's colours green, pink, green and yellow.
M1110 Do my windows.
F1109 Dae yer windows.
M1110 [inaudible] Pull up my blinds! //Mam.//
F1109 //Okay, we'll// pull up your blinds. Now.
M1110 Now, I'm cleaning the mark off.
F1109 Cleaning the, through to the back windae noo. //This is your room at the back.//
M1110 //No.// //This is my room.//
F1109 //Can you// tell Mam fitt ye see oot o yer windae.
M1110 Mm, I see trees!
F1109 Trees! Ye've a lot o trees at the back, haven't ye?
M1110 I see my chute's to here. //And this out's to here.//
F1109 //Mmhm.// //Oh.//
M1110 //[?]And this is there down my bed.[/?]//
F1109 And that yer chute, ye've got your chute tae here, and that's yer lorry tae there, and yer bed.
M1110 That's mine. That's mine.
F1109 That's yer lorry, aye. That's yours.
M1110 I sit tae here, and watch me.
F1109 Oh, sit tae here, and watch you, on your lorry, okay.
M1110 Watching me, driving the van, until we pass they roads, until we pass tae Granny [CENSORED: surname]'s.
F1109 Oh! Ye're gan away in a lorry, to drive it, oot past the road, and doon to Granda [CENSORED: surname]'s?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Oh.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 17, recording 1: looking out of the window


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