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Éstas que fueron pompa y alegría

Author(s): Tom Hubbard

Copyright holder(s): Tom Hubbard


Thae that were aa decorement an delicht,
Waukenin radiant at the dawin-oor:
By gloamin, they sall pitifullie cour
Intil the airms o the bare an bieldless nicht.
This mell o colours, prood abune the hicht,
Watergaw straiked wi gowd, snaw, blude, atour:
This yit sall faa a wairnin, fell an dour.
In but ae day, hou muckle pruives its micht!
The roses o the mornin blumed fae the mud,
Blumed but ti sink back doun, an tyne their flouers:
Their craidle an their lair lay in a bud.
Sae fowk hae fund o their fortouns, nocht endures;
In but ae day, they were born, then speirited;
Fir the hunneryears that passed, were anerlie oors.

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Éstas que fueron pompa y alegría


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