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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 32 - 16.02.82

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Eng. Dept.
16 Feb.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Sorry to be a bit later in writing again, but as usual I've had a busy weekend. Having classes on both Mondays and Tuesdays tends to pile things up. However, as this week's free gift I enclose some more pictures I've had duplicated and developed: one of me doing my famous "Rocky III" impersonation on the famous Philly Art Museum steps, and the other of me doing my famous Polaris missile impersonation (or Michelin man?) about to launch myself out of the snows of Fredericton in January. You can see how deep the snowdrifts are - I'm actually standing on the sidewalk with the road over one bank to the right, and folks' gardens over another bank to the left. The little thing you just see attached to my zip is the personal thermometer the [CENSORED: surname] gave me.

Last week I had some free time from assignments to start on my first term paper, and I finished the first draft of that this weekend, so I'm well on schedule for Carole arriving. I've received a letter and postcard from Berlin, where she was visiting. She's by now been into East Berlin, but on the long bus journey from Tübingen, they passed through E. Germany and she wrote that it was desolate. Part of the autobahn can be cut off and used as an airport runway, and tank depots line the road. Cheap, off-white, plastic cars that the people use keep breaking down and are abandoned by the side of the road. The trip's sponsored by the DAAD and apparently the students are being treated like dignitaries. She'll be skiing in Switzerland now and is hoping to go to Paris in March before coming home. Stranded here in the wilderness, you begin to realise how close everything in Europe is to everything else!

I've found a place for Carole to stay when she's here - Hugh, one of the guys in the Maggie with a single room, is going home to New Zealand for a month in March-April, so he says she's welcome to use his room. So that will be ideal.

Thank Alison for checking with the Records Office for me, please. I got a "Progress-so-far-on-your-application" letter from the AUC last night and they've received the Glasgow Uni. transcript - and I know the last few bits and pieces from UNB have been sent off. So all there is to do now is sit tight and cross my fingers...

I had another, very quick, bash at skating last week, up at the Aitken Centre where the Curling championships will be held. I was only on the ice for about 20 mins - because I was late in arriving - hardly enough time to get my balance on the borrowed skates. Ah well, I might go again.

I went on Friday evening to see "The War Games" at the Film Soc. I'd seen it before in my first year in Glasgow but this 1966 banned BBC "documentary" about the effects of nuclear war in England was even more harrowing the second time. It's a disturbing film.

I'm afraid I don't have your most recent letters by me just now, so I can't answer any questions that might be in them. I'm fine and healthy and happy - I only wish occasionally that this blasted snow would melt. A novelty's a novelty but after 2 months of the stuff .... with 2 more months of the stuff to go!!

Ah well, take care of yourselves and don't be working too hard.

[CENSORED: forename]

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