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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 52 - 11.08.82

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The Maggie
11 Aug '82

Dear Mum, Dad, & Al,

Just the quickest of notes before I dash up the hill to say I received and banked the money - for which relief, much thanks. Life is kind of hectic with the last footerings-about with the "magnum opus", but I hope to sit my oral defence on Aug 25th, which means I'll arrive home on Aug. 29th (Sunday). Helen [CENSORED: surname] has offered to drive me to Halifax, and I'll be flying into Prestwick by Air Canada. This is not final, and depends on everything going smoothly from now on. I'll keep you in touch.

I've been laid low by some kind of virus for the past few days - I feel dizzy, and have been sleeping a lot, and running a slight fever. However, I've felt better yesterday, and today I'm about back to normal. Fortunately, most of the pressure is off me now, and the responsibilities lie in the hands of the typist and readers. I'll have odd things - - like proof-reading - - to do sporadically. I may not make it to PEI next week if the typist takes her time, which is sad.

Anyway, I should be seeing you very soon. Early Sept. at the very latest, and I probably will be home late Aug. I don't need to book the flight far in advance because I'm going to have to pay full fare (single). The travel agent isn't as accommodating as Morag!

I'll be in touch soon,

[CENSORED: forename]

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