Document 1489

Like a Visitor

Author(s): Sheila Templeton

Copyright holder(s): Sheila Templeton


Your room's tidy.
You've left it
downie smoothed,
pillow sitting up
like a plump visitor.

I'm glad of this damp towel
crumpling a corner.

'Okay to have a bath,' you said.

Okay was you
sprawling careless limbs,
sloth draped
over the settee.
A cornflake mountain
drowned in milk.
Locust stripped fridge,
Dead Head Comics,
flicking T.V. channels,
driving me daft.
Not hearing
until I squatted down
into your eyeballs.

'What's that you're sayin' Mum ?'

I'm saying

That time you slammed
a fist into thin wall,
and you... wet newspaper,
chalky plaster mixed
in a jam jar,
tongue sticking out
in concentration,
covering the hole,

'Calm down Mother. It's FINE!'

Has left a space,
an empty place.
My hand finds it,
every time I climb
these stairs.

A bumpy, gritty patch,
unpainted and never
sanded smooth.

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