Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“Many stories about Greenock”

Entry for 08/06/1825

Wednesday 8th June the wind rather against us but the weather fine; we see occasionally some vessels at a distance. Thursday 9th June. The wind still against us and the weather beautiful, all the Cabin passengers on deck, male & female went on deck about 12 oClock at night & remained there for sometime with Mr. Black the 2d. Mate during his watch; Mr. Black and I have many stories about Greenock. I will now give a plan & description of the Cabin table. Those lines marked “puddings” are canvas bags stuffed tight with corn & pease, about the size of a sausage, & tied at each end of the table, to prevent the dishes rolling off. Between the sides of the Cabin & the table, are fixed stakes that reach from the floor to the roof of the cabin, and fastened to these stakes are long pieces of canvas that reach from end to end, about 1/2 a foot broad, so that where we sit at table the canvas is about the small or middle of the back, & prevents us from tumbling off the stools. There is also suspend from the roof of the Cabin, a rack for holding wine & water decanters tumblers glasses &ea & prevents them from being broken.