Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“I heard it singing in some of the cabins”

Entry for 10/06/1825

Friday 10th June. The wind still against us from S. W. we have been on a long tack for some days. The weather is beautiful and the ship making little motion. Soon after breakfast I discovered a swallow following the ship, & endeavouring to light about the deck. Dudgeon showed to be on deck reading & after flying about for a short time, it lighted on the book that he was reading & set for a second or two; Mr. Ryrie who was lying at the stern, with his legs elevated on the deck, also received a visit from the swallow, by lighting on his knee; it afterwards was caught by the Steward during the time of dinner, in the passage leading to the cabin, & let go; and I heard it singing in some of the cabins, long after dinner, It was supposed to have wandered from the rest, as it was very much fatigued, & appeared quite exhausted. This would almost suit Measures to fill up a paragraph in this paper. In the afternoon about sunset, we perceived a large ship, a long way from us.