Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“I often dream about home”

Entry for 07/06/1825

Tuesday 7th June. The weather very beautiful with a fresh breeze all the Cabin passengers on deck also Mrs. & Miss Ryrie who now breakfast & dine with us; when she came near to us we made her a signal & perceived her to be a danish vessel (Schoooner). I perceived from the almanack the Largs fair would be held on the first Tuesday in June, I recollected of being there last year, & wondered if any of our family were there. Dudgeon was on deck but could not come to dinner. Capt. Crear is a very exemplary man. He takes the Cabin boys into his room on Sunday nights after tea & causes them read. I suppose Mr. Newton would set sail for Naples till midsummer. I often dream about home & the family also Mr. Likly. I very often look for a steam boat as Newton may come this way.