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Conversation 24: Three women chatting in a garden centre

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Audio transcription

F606 So what would you buy if you had a big garden?
F890 Small things and let them grow,
F606 Yeah [laugh]
F889 Well I've just done mines //Christian.//
F890 //so that it'll be cheaper.//
F889 Ah an I've covered it wi stones
F606 Yeah.
F889 an a big rock an itwis eh, it wis quite expensive, but at the same time that's it done forever.
F606 mmhm
F889 I'm so pleased wi it I keep lookin at it an think, "Oh that's lovely, that's lovely!" //[laugh]//
F890 //[laugh]//
F606 So have you got no plants at all //in it?//
F889 //Eh// just shrubs, just shrubs, but I canna look after plants neither, it's gotta be just be something that lasts forever and
F890 Yeah.
F889 looks after itself.
F606 mmhm
F889 I like to see them but I'm no one for that neither, aw the flowers, I like the shrubs
F890 Mm an it's quite simple, if anything's withered //cut it off.//
F889 //Cut it off// //[inaudible]//
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 Cut it off if it's withered, eh?
F890 Yeah.
F889 Aye, I like tae see it //but I din-,//
F890 //Yeah.//
F889 I'm no a garden person,
F606 mmhm
F889 I just keep, my grandson always cut the grass but well he's workin noo so he's no got the time tae dae that
F606 No.
F889 so I've got aw, it's aw stones but it's, I'm fair pleased wi it, //it's lovely.//
F606 //mmhm// So did you get someone in to do it? //[cough]//
F890 //Yeah.//
F889 //Aye, somebody came an done it, aye.//
F606 mmhm
F889 It's the, it's the stones that's the expense,
F606 Yeah.
F890 //Tell Christian what it cost.//
F889 //well it's quite a big a-// It cost me nine hundred pound tae get it done.
F606 Gosh.
F889 That was a lot but the students' money paid for that eh, ye know I take the students eh?
F606 uh-huh
F889 Aye, //[inaudible]//
F890 //An that's a lot.//
F606 //uh-huh//
F889 //Oh it's a lot, aye,// //that's it done for good.//
F890 //but at least it's eh life, aye.//
F606 //mm//
F889 //Cause see the man next door?//
F890 Yeah.
F889 He was in his garden yesterday cuttin the grass,
F890 Yes.
F889 an he said that, he says, "I'll turn my back an it'll have grown again". //It's//
F606 //mmhm//
F890 //Yes.//
F606 //yeah.//
F889 //true though eh cause I would// //I'd, it does, it,//
F890 //Especially// at this time of year, grass
F889 Aye.
F890 grows quickly, //yeah,//
F606 //mm//
F889 //Cause he has it aw nice an neat// //an then when you look back oot ye think, "My God, what a mess, he's needin to go an cut his grass",//
F890 //yeah, I know, I know.// //[laugh]//
F889 //he's maybe just done it a week or two weeks// //before that!//
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 Which is annoyin eh? //So I dinnae have//
F606 //That's wha-//
F889 tae bother aboot that
F606 No.
F889 [inaudible] [inaudible], an the wee, we've got a wee one up the stairs, she's two //so Isobel she's been//
F606 //mmhm//
F889 throwin aw the stones on the road! //I was so annoyed,//
F890 //Oh!//
F889 I drove up to the door one-, an I thought, "Oh, for heaven's sake, what's aw they white things?", there's a kind o creamy colour stone, they're different colours o stones //but they were aw on the road//
F606 //uh-huh//
F889 ah so wee rascal that she is,
F890 [inaudible]
F889 but here w- we've got a sorta community person that comes round the doors checkin //so did//
F606 //mm//
F889 they no go tae the mother's door an told them aboot this wee one, she's only two, bein on the pavement //an they//
F606 //mmhm//
F889 complained an aboot the stones an that, but they were concerned aboot her bein oot that gate. Well I took aw the fence doo- we took the fence doon, Jamie put the new fence up there at the weekend //but I mean//
F606 //mmhm//
F890 But it's not for you
F889 No!
F890 to
F889 to, tae watch her, //no.//
F890 //protect.//
F889 But you're always frightened in case something happens to her //eh.//
F606 //uh-huh//
F890 //Because she lived// in the top, it's up to the people on the top floor
F889 Aye.
F606 //uh-huh//
F890 //who live up there.//
F889 I used to leave the door open, Christian, an I used to go home fae Isobel's an she would be in the house an she'd been in the bedroom puttin music an everything on!
F606 mmhm?
F889 Two!
F606 Really? //Yeah.//
F889 //You know what I mean?// Oh she's smart, she's smart as anything, but that's, I mean her mother shouldna allow that.
F606 No, she shouldn't be wandering around on her //own at the age of two! Especially in this world, I mean,//
F890 //No, two years of age, no.//
F889 //No.// She's got two, she's got another one, she's, she's got another three girls, one fifteen, one eight an one six I think, an there's another one due in six weeks
F606 Kiddin?
F889 so that'll be a treat for everybody!
F606 //Yeah [laugh]//
F890 //[laugh]// //[inaudible]//
F606 //She won't have much time to// //run after a two-year-old then.//
F890 //[inaudible]//
F889 //No!// //No and she goes oot to work!//
F890 //cryin its head off.//
F889 No she's, I think she's got another three weeks to work an then she finishes up.
F606 mmhm
F889 mmhm
F606 So is she hoping it's a boy this time? [laugh]
F889 Well aye, I hope so, aye,
F606 Yeah.
F889 well that's four girls she's got, //so she'll//
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 be hopin for a boy, eh? an I was speakin to the man next door in his garden yesterday so he says, "Oh we're havin an addition in October", I thought, "Heavens, there's gonna be nothin but prams roon aboot here",
F606 Aye.
F889 so, but there's, they've got two boys, Isobel, an they're gonnae have another boy //so that's three boys.//
F606 //And they know that?//
F889 They know aye, they told, he says, //"We're havin another boy", aye, three boys.//
F890 //It's a boy [inaudible]//
F606 Yeah.
F890 Must be very disappointing.
F889 Aye. //Yeah.//
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 Aye when it gets to three an four ye think, "Oh we're wantin a wee change", //eh?//
F890 //Yes//
F606 You would wouldn't you, //yeah,//
F889 //Aye// //but once//
F606 //uh-huh.//
F890 //yeah//
F889 they're here ye cannae put them back, that's it.
F606 No.
F890 //Ye just have to//
F889 //Well ye wouldnae want tae put them back,// //aye//
F890 //accept them.// //[laugh]//
F606 //mm, yeah.//
F889 //[laugh]//
F606 Well in some ways it's easier with the clothes an everything //if they're all the same, yeah.//
F890 //Yes it is, yes I quite agree with you.//
F889 //Oh aye, oh aye, uh-huh, oh aye,// //mmhm//
F890 //I've// got a first grandaughter and she's two months old. //She was//
F889 //She's gorgeous, aye.//
F890 born prematurely, because, ye know, eh, Jackie was in the hospital having other //tests//
F889 //uh-huh//
F890 an the doctors were worried about the eh heartbeat of the baby, //so//
F606 //mm//
F890 right away they did a c-, this eh caesarean
F606 //mmhm//
F889 //uh-huh//
F890 and the baby was only four pounds.
F606 //mm//
F889 //uh-huh//
F890 But I went in to see her one day and, you know, when I realised that years ago before they had incubators she could have died,
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 //Aye.// //I know, I know.//
F606 //mm//
F890 //[inaudible]// but she's now, there were lots of babies smaller //but//
F606 //mmhm//
F889 //uh-huh//
F890 she's now two months old, and eh eight pounds.
F606 uh-huh?
F890 I could, she's up at [inaudible] nearly every //afternoon [laugh]//
F889 //Is she?// Does James take her up?
F890 Yes.
F606 Is this James's baby?
F890 //James,//
F889 //uh-huh//
F606 //ah//
F890 //he's got a// partner, she, they're not married, Jackie, she's an awful nice girl, //I'm very fond of her.//
F889 //Aye, she's nice// //uh-huh, she's lovely.//
F606 //uh-huh//
F890 And fortunately they got a council house in Callander. You wouldn't know it's, they're sort of like cottages, //stone cottages,//
F606 //Yeah//
F889 //uh-huh//
F890 whether they were built for agricultural workers I don't know,
F889 uh-huh
F890 but eh there was one man in this house, and he was on drugs, and had kicked in every door, every door,
F606 uh-huh?
F890 and hadn't done a thing in the house,
F889 Mmhm
F890 and two young couples turned it down
F606 //mm//
F889 //mmhm//
F890 whether they hadn't the know-how to put it in //order//
F889 //mmhm//
F890 I don't know.
F606 mm //So was it a real mess?//
F890 //So they've been lucky// James and Jackie, lucky //to get this,//
F889 //Oh aye.// //mmhm//
F890 //hou-, this ehm// //house.//
F889 //mmhm//
F606 Yeah.
F890 An that's it and Jam-, it's eh a named house //it's,//
F889 //mmhm//
F890 the, it's really like a a sort of, eh, an old-fashioned village or something.
F606 mmhm?
F889 It's lovely, upstairs an downstairs, oh //it's lovely.//
F890 //Yeah.// //Yes//
F606 //mm//
F889 //We saw it// //eh Isobel, at first when they'd just got it, eh?//
F890 //yeah, yeah.// //and it had to have everything//
F606 //[inaudible]//
F889 //[inaudible]//
F890 done to it, eh, it was all decorator //and//
F889 //uh-huh//
F890 painter //[inaudible] yeah and//
F889 //An then we went back to see when it was done, it was beautiful,// //it was lovely,//
F606 //mmhm//
F890 //carpets// everything.
F889 it was lovely.
F890 James laid tiles in the kitchen and papered the kitchen [laugh] //and it's//
F606 //mm//
F889 //uh-huh//
F890 very attractive //really is.//
F889 //oh it's lovely.// //nice an homely//
F606 //mm//
F890 //[inaudible]//
F889 //It was r-// really lucky to get that wee //house eh//
F890 //Yeah,// //oh they were very lucky//
F889 //It's beautiful.// Oh aye.
F890 but in a year's time they can buy it.
F606 mmhm
F890 Well on the whole I really don't approve of selling council houses. This was the Conservatives who started it and they're still boasting about it, //but//
F889 //uh-huh//
F890 what about the next generation
F606 //mmhm//
F889 //Aye.//
F890 coming along, they won't have houses //for them.//
F889 //No.// //mm//
F606 //No.//
F890 //This is happening already.//
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 //Aye it is uh-huh.//
F890 But James has got a bathroom upstairs and James really would need to have a loo downstairs,
F889 mmhm
F890 and eh the only way they can get it is by buying it
F889 Aye //mmhm//
F606 //Yeah//
F890 //which I think they will eventually.//
F606 //Yeah//
F889 //But it's lovely// and they're right at the end and they've //got a back and front gardens,//
F890 //Yes it's very// //attractive,//
F606 //Aye//
F889 //so it's nice.//
F606 nice for a baby.
F890 //very nice, yeah.//
F889 //Oh aye, it's lovely,// an it's actually in a cul-de-sac //eh? Uh-huh//
F606 //mmhm//
F890 //Yes, it is, uh-huh// you would hardly know it was there. //I wouldn't know it was there,//
F889 //No, it's nice.//
F890 never seen it.
F606 So what's the baby called?
F890 Rebecca. //I'm thankful//
F606 //Oh that's nice.// //[laugh]//
F890 //it's not a name I hate like Sharon or something,//
F889 //[laugh]// //mmhm//
F606 //uh-huh//
F890 //but you know,// but I like Rebecca.
F606 Yeah.
F890 And this Jackie is, she's one of four girls, I think she was a twin
F606 mm
F890 so they were the last I think, and one two, two girls and thentwin girls,
F606 mmhm
F890 so it's all dau-, all sisters //she's got//
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 mmhm
F890 and eh she, she's a very very nice //girl [inaudible].//
F606 //mmhm//
F889 //Very, sensible.// //mmhm, mmhm//
F890 //Bright, very// she's been, she's with a hotel group and eh she's been setting up computers all over the country,
F889 uh-huh
F890 Scotland mainly so she's quite, you know, able.
F606 Yeah.
F889 An Rebecca's got two mothers wi James an Jackie, //cause James is absolutely wonderful!//
F890 //Yeah oh he's go- oh// //James is//
F606 //Really?//
F889 //Yeah.//
F890 abso-, I [inaudible] if anything happened to that child //he would//
F889 //Oh my God, aye.//
F890 break his heart, //because really he just,//
F889 //Oh aye.// //[inaudible]//
F890 //like a mother.// And they've [inaudible] Rebecca was in this eh
F889 Incubator.
F890 incubator and he was able to you know, she was all wired up but they were able to //get in and change her nappy.//
F889 //Aye, put their hands in, aye.//
F890 But James an Jackie fed //her//
F889 //Uh-huh//
F890 so they've got her home quite early.
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 //He does, he can dae everything!// //We were//
F606 //mmhm?//
F890 //I know!// //He's marvellous!//
F889 //standin at the back door and he says,// "Eh could you shut the door please because we don't want the baby gettin a draught", cause //he was changin her nappy,//
F890 //I know!// //[laugh]//
F889 //[laugh]// //He's just like, eh does everything//
F890 //[inaudible]// //he's amazing isn't he?//
F606 //uh-huh?//
F889 //eh? Aye// He's really good.Yeah. //uh-huh//
F606 //That's quite nice, that makes you a great-granny.//
F890 //[inaudible]// //Great//
F889 //Aye!//
F890 granny, somebody said, "How do you like being a g-?", I said, "I just feel old."
F606 //mmhm//
F889 //[laugh]// //No, it keeps you//
F890 //[laugh]// //I am old! [laugh]//
F889 //young, uh-huh.//
F606 Well you're upsides with Jessie now [laugh].
F890 Yes! That's right [laugh] //Yes//
F889 //mmhm//
F606 //mm//
F890 //but James is// thirty-three and Jackie is thirty-three,
F606 mm
F890 so they're not teenagers; //they know what they're doing.//
F606 //No, they know what they, yeah, yeah, yeah.//
F889 //No but that's a nice age, aye.//
F606 How's Christine feel about it? //Is she//
F890 //um// well I phoned her yesterday, I think James has been up there every afternoon with Rebecca //and James//
F889 //[laugh]//
F890 looked in the window, he was telling me one day he was outside and Johnny his father was kneeling, looking at the baby one side and Christine was kneeling down looking at //the baby on the other side,//
F889 //[laugh]//
F890 and the baby was sleeping. //And//
F889 //Ah right.//
F890 James, "Oh, if she wakes up she'll think, 'It's a couple of gorillas //looking at me'" [laugh]//
F606 //eh//
F889 //[laugh] ah dear!// //Aye.//
F606 //Yeah.//
F890 //He's really quite funny.//
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 //Aye he's, he's full o nonsense him, eh?// //mm//
F606 //mm//
F890 //Yes.//
F606 Good!
F890 But she's so tiny I'd be terrified to, even to hold her.
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 //Ah but you, you we-, haven't got your pictures oot yet// //ehm, aye you did, I've ta-, aye.//
F890 //I think I held her once that was all, yeah.// //Yes, yes, yes.//
F606 //mmhm//
F889 //I've took your pictures wi her so I hope they turn oot.// And we had the, the, oh did ye get the pictures, eh, did you send the pictures Isobel? //Christia-, oh right!//
F890 //I haven't, I've still got them cause I'm going to write a letter// to Jessie,
F606 ah //oh yeah!//
F890 //taken at your birthday.//
F889 //Party.// //We've got aw the pictures, they're good though eh?//
F606 //Aye.//
F890 //Yeah.// //They are but it was a very dull day, wasn't it?//
F889 //[inaudible] youse are good and you an Frances [inaudible]// //uh-huh//
F606 //Yes it was.//
F890 //It wasn't a good// //day for photography.//
F889 //uh-huh//
F606 //No it was a bit gray an//
F890 //Yes.// //Yeah it was very//
F606 //when we got out it started raining, didn't it?// //Yeah.//
F890 //[inaudible], yes//
F889 //mmhm But the pictures are good, I think there's maybe two that's kind of// //blank because they were taken fae facing the window; you've to face the other way//
F890 //yes, yeah, yeah.// //Yeah.//
F606 //Yeah.//
F889 //but there's, they're good// //ones o you an Frances an.//
F890 //Yeah.// Yes. There's a, been meaning to write to Jessie //so I just put off//
F889 //Oh right so, aye,// //uh-huh, uh-huh//
F890 //sending until I'm writing a letter.//
F889 mmhm, the time goes in that quick eh?
F606 I know, yeah.
F890 So she'll be very pleased when she //gets them.//
F889 //mmhm//
F606 Well I'm going up there in //two weeks,//
F890 //Oh you're going in two weeks//
F606 so I could see them then if you send them.
F890 //oh uh-huh//
F889 //[inaudible]//
F890 they'll be sent long before that, //[inaudible]//
F606 //Will you, yeah [laugh] mm//
F889 //uh-huh yeah// Cause your birthday must have been April or something eh?
F606 Yeah, it was the beginning of April.
F889 Oh right yeah.
F606 Yeah, it was a nice occasion, //yeah.//
F889 //It was lovely, it was lovely.//
F606 When you got there. //[laugh]//
F890 //yeah, when we got there, oh what a panic//
F889 //Oh I know! An that [inaudible]//
F890 [inaudible] knew the road so well //all the way,//
F606 //mm//
F890 um because I've //I've gone so many times and I should have turned//
F889 //Uh-huh and the thing is [cough]// //[inaudible]//
F890 //right for Balloch.// //I knew where [inaudible]//
F889 //uh-huh// //Aye.//
F890 //an I went// on and we were lost! //and of course [inaudible]//
F889 //We were go-, we were goin intae Glasgow!//
F606 mmhm
F890 and we s-, actually stopped a, there was a girl on horseback [inaudible] Joyce got a [inaudible] a kick from that horse.
F889 It was the only person I could ask //was the girl on the horse.//
F890 //Yeah.//
F606 Did you ask her? //Yeah.//
F889 //Aye, yeah,// she wasna very helpful mind you, eh, she just sent us back tae where tae
F890 "Oh", she says, "You'll have to go back to //Drymen"//
F889 //Aye.// that was far too far.
F890 Yes of course it was, //an I knew//
F889 //Aye.//
F890 where roughly, //I knew//
F889 //Aye.//
F890 we should be away over to //the left.//
F889 //An the thing is Isobel,// //see when//
F890 //So we did// //get there eventually,//
F889 //that was// //exactly the same road up past, the [inaudible] there//
F890 //yes, yes.// //That's right, yeah//
F889 //so we, we shoulda went up that road// //but we didnae we went to the Glasgow road//
F890 //yeah, yeah//
F889 but, but the, when I went up the road, remember you said, "Turn to the right", so there's a sign for Balloch, so you turn that, that's the road you went to Dunoon, so we went right past where we went to see //Christian, right past it eh?//
F606 //mmhm//
F890 //Yeah, yes.// Yeah, //yes, uh-huh, yes that's right//
F889 //That was the road cos you went right in to Balloch and then turned right again to go tae Dunoon.// //uh-huh I said that, I says, "This is the road we should've ca-", cause I recognised it on the way back.//
F606 //mmhm//
F890 //yeah, that's right, yeah, yes, yeah.// And then you go on Loch Lomond side, right up,
F889 uh-huh
F890 and then eventually the road goes left to Dunoon, //right to Inverary.//
F889 //Oh right.// Oh that's what I meant to ask you, what's, remember you said the Rest and Be Thankful is the Rest and Be Thankful over the hills, Isobel?
F890 Car- yes, //but I can't remember,//
F889 //Over the hills?// //Aye//
F890 //no, just exact or// //where it is, yeah.//
F889 //I was tryin to remember// what that, but I thought, "I wonder where it is, the Rest And Be Thankful?", I knew it was //over there somewhere. Is it? Oh right but it's a beautiful, beautiful drive//
F890 //Well it's over there somewhere [laugh] not sure.//
F606 uh-huh //mm//
F890 //It's lovely countryside.//
F889 //Aye, mmhm.// We'll go one day to Botanic Gardens.
F890 Yes, that'll be //nice.//
F606 //What in Glasgow or// //Edinburgh? In Dunoon?//
F889 //No, in Dunoon.// //Oh it's lovely.//
F890 //Why, you see the Drymen one// is a, is really part of Edinburgh //Botanic Gardens.//
F889 //mmhm// //mmhm//
F606 //yeah//
F890 //They are in charge of it.//
F889 Aye it's lov-, it's no near as big but it is lovely
F890 It's not as big,
F889 No.
F890 but it's had a lot of, when we had a hurricane some years ago, it went right across toward Dunoon,
F606 uh-huh
F890 towards Dunoon, and Benmore Gardens had a lot of trees
F889 uh-huh
F890 blown down.
F606 Oh I remember that, //yeah.//
F890 //Remember that? Yes.//
F889 //Aye.// //So why is it called Benmore then?//
F890 //Yeah.// //Well I don't//
F889 //Is that a wee village that's near there?//
F890 know, I think it's been an estate an,
F606 //mm//
F889 //Oh aye, Benmore, it was called// //Benmore, aye.//
F890 //Yeah, I think so.//
F889 How do you say the name, Isobel? S.T.R.A.C.H.U.R.? What is that?
F890 eh, S.
F889 S.T.R.A.C.H.U.R.
F890 Strachur.
F889 Strachur? Oh right //Strachur.//
F890 //Strachur.//
F606 //mm//
F889 //I, I saw it but I thought, "Wonder how you say that?"// //That was just//
F606 //Where's that?//
F890 //Strachur.// //Yes, Strachur.//
F889 //af-, that's just before you go intae Dunoon eh? Near it, quite near it, aye.// //uh-huh//
F606 //mmhm//
F890 //Yes.// uh-huh
F606 Right, thank you.

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Father's place of birth Leith
Father's region of birth Midlothian
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area midLoth
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's place of birth Edinburgh
Mother's region of birth Midlothian
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area midLoth
Mother's country of birth Scotland


Language Speak Read Write Understand Circumstances
English Yes Yes Yes Yes All
Scots No Yes No Yes Work


Participant details

Participant id 889
Gender Female
Decade of birth 1940
Age left school 15
Upbringing/religious beliefs Protestantism
Occupation Carer, Housewife
Place of birth Alva
Region of birth Clackmannan
Birthplace CSD dialect area Clcm
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Stirling
Region of residence Stirling
Residence CSD dialect area Stlg
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Power station worker
Father's place of birth Alva
Father's region of birth Clackmannan
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Clcm
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation School cleaner
Mother's place of birth Alva
Mother's region of birth Clackmannan
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Clcm
Mother's country of birth Scotland


Language Speak Read Write Understand Circumstances
English Yes Yes Yes Yes at work, at home
Scots Yes No No Yes at work, at home


Participant details

Participant id 890
Gender Female
Decade of birth 1920
Educational attainment College
Age left school 16
Upbringing/religious beliefs Protestantism
Occupation Housewife
Place of birth Stirling
Region of birth Stirling
Birthplace CSD dialect area Stlg
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Bridge of Allan
Region of residence Stirling
Residence CSD dialect area Stlg
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Clerk
Father's place of birth Liverpool
Father's country of birth England
Mother's occupation Book shop assistant
Mother's place of birth Tillicoultry
Mother's region of birth Stirling
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Stlg
Mother's country of birth Scotland


Language Speak Read Write Understand Circumstances
English Yes Yes Yes Yes At home
Scots No No No Yes At home