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Letter from Frances Gardner 01 - 09/08/89

Author(s): Frances Gardner

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Wed. 9th August.

My dear Sheena,

It was lovely to have an excuse for a chat on the Telephone on Saturday - and then we got your letter on Monday so now feel we are well up to date with the news. I hope the house / flat hunting is going well. There would probably be more of a community feeling around the Osborne Village area and a house or condominium apartment would suit you. I expect the apartments would be less anonymous and impersonal than the huge rented block you are in and you would probably find congenial neighbours. However, we will hear further from you. Are you alright money wise?

I hope the new office is now in order and that you are settling in to your new committments. Perhaps they are not quite so new just "official" now - you've probably been doing most of the work already. I was surprised to read that it was "Annabelle's last day" - has she left, or just gone off on holiday, or just moved to another department? You will miss working with her but hopefully your new colleague Beryl will prove as friendly and compatible!

Dad and I go to visit John & Barbara next Thursday, 17th Aug, for two weeks. Dad is really looking forward to it now and making all sorts of plans for taking Alex out in a rowing boat (!) and looking for crabs in the rock pools, etc. I just hope we will both be able to stand up to the heat.

I hope you enjoyed 'Cats'. Was it a proffessional touring company eg. the same company who performed in Toronto? or was it just a co-incidence that it was on in both cities? Also the Folk Festival should be fun. Did you wear your kilt? Too hot perhaps. Though I remember someone trying to insist that the woollen kilts worn by the Scottish soldiers in the desert kept out the heat!! Wishful thinking I imagine.

Well, no more now.

Lots of love

Mum xxx

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