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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 08, recording 1: painting and playing with Barbie dolls

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1117 What are you doing? You're painting?
F1118 Mmhm.
F1117 What are you painting, do you think?
F1118 Yeah.
F1117 Are you doing a nice job? //You like yellow. How about doing a bit of red? You usually like red, don't you?//
F1118 //Ca- I can't.// This is pink.
F1117 Is that pink?
F1118 Yeah.
F1117 What's your favourite colour?
F1118 Pink.
F1117 Pink? Pink to make the boys wink!
F1118 No!
F1117 No? I think that
F1118 [laugh]
F1117 [inaudible]
F1118 [laugh] A baby! //[inaudible]//
F1117 //Is it a baby?//
F1118 I can't get it. I can't get it.
F1117 You can't get it? //Well try again, I'm goin to do green.//
F1118 //I can't get the paint.// [?]Green Percy[/?].
F1117 Percy?
F1118 Yeah, green for Percy's. I like Percy's number. This one.
F1117 That's right, that's Percy's number. That's number?
F1118 Five.
F1117 No, it's number?
F1118 Six.
F1117 That's right. Will we do a green sheep?
F1118 Yeah.
F1117 Is that nice? What does the sheep say?
F1118 Erm, baa!
F1117 No.
F1118 Yes!
F1117 Does it?
F1118 Yeah. Baa! Baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.
F1117 Do you know a song about a sheep? //Do you know Baa Baa Black Sheep?//
F1118 //Fitt?// Mmhm. Bla bla bla, bla bla bla.
F1117 No, baa baa. //Baa baa black sheep,//
F1118 //Baa baa baa, baa baa baa.// //[singing]//
F1117 //have you any?//
F1118 Wool. //Yes Sir, [singing]//
F1117 //Yes, Sir, three bags? Full.// One for the? //Master.//
F1118 //Baby.//
F1117 And one for the? Dame. And one for the little boy who lives down the?
F1118 Hole.
F1117 Nae the hole, the lane! What about red?
F1118 Red. That's pink!
F1117 Is that pink? No, it's red. That's pink.
F1118 Pink!
F1117 That's red. Who's red? Who's the same colour as red?
F1118 Erm you!
F1117 Yes, I've got on a red top. What have you got on? You've got on a black top for painting, haven't you?
F1118 Yes. I can't [inaudible] this jumper. //Aye.//
F1117 //Well, put on some paint onto your paintbrush.//
F1118 Pink.
F1117 Pink, the same as me? Red. A wee suppie water.
F1118 Aye, that's mines.
F1117 That's a red bunny rabbit balloon. Fitt aboot doing Baby Bop's, or [tut] BJ's bike?
F1118 Yeah, BJ's bike.
F1117 BJ's bike. Eh?
F1118 I can't [inaudible] it.
F1117 What would you like for your dinner?
F1118 Nothing.
F1117 Nothing? I thought we could have some Tucs and cheese. And maybe some grapes and then a strawberry. A cheese string?
F1118 No.
F1117 No? //I thought you liked cheese strings.//
F1118 //[sniff]// No!
F1117 What do you like then?
F1118 Dinner!
F1117 [laugh] Now you want dinner. What would you like for your dinner?
F1118 Erm cheese.
F1117 Cheese string?
F1118 No. This is, I like that paints.
F1117 You like that one? That's a right pot of paint that one, isn't it?
F1118 Yes, a pot of paint.
F1117 [inaudible] paint.
F1118 Do you want a pink?
F1117 Do you want to do that boxes o presents? //Parcels?//
F1118 //No.// [inaudible] drawing.
F1117 Will I paint this one then? You paint that Baby Bop and I'll paint Barbie. I'll get the yellow brush and you get the //the green brush.//
F1118 //Green brush!// //[inaudible]//
F1117 //This is [inaudible].//
F1118 [inaudible]
F1117 What about doin her blue bike then?
F1118 A blue bike.
F1117 Baa baa black sheep, //have you any?//
F1118 //[singing]// [?]Wool[/?]. Yes, Sir, yes, Sir, have a little.
F1117 Three bags?
F1118 Three bags full.
F1117 Mmhm. One for the?
F1118 Little one.
F1117 One for the master and one for the? //Dame.//
F1118 //I-.//
F1117 And one for the little boy who lives down the?
F1118 I don't know.
F1117 Lane.
F1118 Lane.
F1117 And then we've got, half a pound of tuppenny rice, half a pound of treacle, that's the way the money goes,
F1118 Pop goes the weasel!
F1117 That's right, pop goes the weasel.
F1118 Pop goes the weasel. Ba- Barney's bad, [inaudible]. And Baby Bop's all ready.
F1117 Is Baby Bop all ready?
F1118 He's doin [inaudible].
F1117 And then we've got, fitt other ain do you ken? Ring a ring o
F1118 Roses. Pocket full o
F1117 Posies.
F1118 Atishoo, atishoo, all fell down.
F1117 All fell down?
F1118 I'm pai-, it's Barbie in too.
F1117 Is Barbie in there as well? Oh my.
F1118 I paint this one, I paint this //one.//
F1117 //You paint that one// and I'll paint this one then. Fa was sleepin wi you at the weekend?
F1118 Erm, I don't know.
F1117 Who was sleepin in your bed?
F1118 I don't know.
F1117 [inaudible]
F1118 Mm mm. [CENSORED: forename].
F1117 Uh-huh. Cousin [CENSORED: forename].
F1118 And [CENSORED: forename]!
F1117 Well [CENSORED: forename] wasnae sleeping. But [CENSORED: forename] was. Did [CENSORED: forename] gie you your breakfast?
F1118 No. //Yes.//
F1117 //[inaudible]// //Uh-huh.//
F1118 //It was in my bed.// And she got your breakfast!
F1117 She did, she gave me my breakfast in bed for Mother's Day, didn't she?
F1118 Yes, and I made you a Mother's Day card.
F1117 You made me a nice card, didn't you?
F1118 [inaudible] something.
F1117 Fitt?
F1118 [inaudible] paint.
F1117 Mm?
F1118 This.
F1117 Mm you paint that then.
F1118 I can't.
F1117 Why no?
F1118 Cause all black.
F1117 All what? Well put on your paint on your brush and then you'll be able to paint it. Canna paint it if there's no paint on your brush.
F1118 Oh!
F1117 You was playin wi
F1118 [CENSORED: forename].
F1117 [CENSORED: forename], weren't you?
F1118 Yeah.
F1117 You like [CENSORED: forename], don't you?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Fa do you like the best? You were playin wi [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] the last time as well, wasn't you?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Do you like playin wi the big girls?
F1118 Yes, cause I'm a big girl.
F1117 Eh? I thought you were a baby. //You tell me you're a baby.//
F1118 //I-// [inaudible] me a girl.
F1117 [?]You and me[/?] a girl.
F1118 Cause I'm a big girl.
F1117 Are you?
F1118 Yes, cause I'm a big girl.
F1117 Are you a big girl? Mm. That's nice to know. So you're no a baby any mair?
F1118 Yes, I'm a baby.
F1117 Oh you are a baby?
F1118 Oh!
F1117 Go and get it. You are a baby?
F1118 I'm not a baby.
F1117 [inaudible]
F1118 [sniff]
F1117 And fitt's you-? So you're nae a ba-, you are a baby, but you're also a big girl? //You're tired, that's what your problem is, Missy, Grumpy-Pops.//
F1118 //[child noises]//
F1117 [inhale] You makkin a mess o my blue paint? Eh? Are you messin up my blue paint, Missy the Minx? Are you Minnie the Minx?
F1118 No.
F1117 Nae Minnie the Minx, Minnie the Mouse.
F1118 I'm not Minnie the Mouse. //[exhale]//
F1117 //That's a yucky red.// //That's better.//
F1118 //[sniff] [laugh]//
F1117 Bleugh! You're just makkin yucks, aren't you?
F1118 [laugh] I got lots of ones. [laugh] [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1117 //Fitt you doin?//
F1118 I drawed that there, I- I'm the winner!
F1117 Are you the winner?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Oh dear me. Well done, if you're the winner.
F1118 You are not a winner. //Th-.//
F1117 //Am I not?//
F1118 You're not the winner, Mum. //Ah!//
F1117 //[inaudible]// [inaudible] Papa comin home?
F1118 Mmhm.
F1117 Dad.
F1118 Yes, Dad.
F1117 Dad, you like calling him Dad. What does [CENSORED: forename] call him?
F1118 Erm Papa.
F1117 Mmhm. //Why's he-.//
F1118 //But//
F1117 But what?
F1118 But he's but she's a da- but she's a dad.
F1117 She's a dad?
F1118 Huh.
F1117 He's a dad.
F1118 But, I'm not a dad.
F1117 No, you're a baby.
F1118 [inaudible]
F1117 I thought you were a big girl?
F1118 [panting]
F1117 Are you nae a big girl?
F1118 Yes, no I'm not, I'm a baby! Ha ha ha. I'm a baby, a baby.
F1117 You like singing, don't you?
F1118 Yeah.
F1117 We'll maybe go wi Auntie [CENSORED: forename] this afternoon and see aboot getting you into your dance classes, will we?
F1118 Yes, that'll be an idea.
F1117 Is that a good idea?
F1118 Sh! Aa done! Aa done.
F1117 Fitt kind o dancing would you like to do?
F1118 Erm a ballet dance.
F1117 A ballet dance?
F1118 Yeah. I'm aa done.
F1117 You'd like to be ballet dancer?
F1118 Yes, I'm aa, [exhale].
F1117 Fitt kind o ballet dancing? //Look,//
F1118 //I mean ballet dance.//
F1117 what do you think?
F1118 You're not the winner!
F1117 Am I not the winner? //Why not?//
F1118 //Erm no, you've just finished.//
F1117 Are you finished? Right, will I mak some dinner?
F1118 Mmhm.
F1117 What would you like for your dinner? Some grapes? //[inaudible]//
F1118 //No.// No.
F1117 Cheese string?
F1118 No.
F1117 Fitt then?
F1118 [exhale]
F1117 Tell me fitt you'd like.
F1118 Erm dinner!
F1117 Aye but what for dinner? //I can mak ye a sandwich.//
F1118 //Mm.// No.
F1117 Cheese sandwich?
F1118 No.
F1117 A ham sandwich?
F1118 No.
F1117 A beef sandwich?
F1118 No. //[exhale]//
F1117 //Fitt then?// //Pancakes wi butter?//
F1118 //Erm.// No.
F1117 I've got pancakes. //[inaudible]//
F1118 //Yes.//
F1117 Nana maks pancakes and butter. Or do you want Tucs and cheese sauce? //Cheese sauce, cheese sauce, cheese.//
F1118 //Mm.// I like ch-, I don't like cheese sauce.
F1117 You dinna like cheese sauce? Remember you had a baked tattie in Granny's, didn't you?
F1118 Yeah.
F1117 Dinna play wi that though. Dinna play wi that, darlin. Will I put awa all the paper, paint just now then?
F1118 Mm I think so.
F1117 You wantin to keep painting? You want to paint the one I was doing then?
F1118 Erm yes!
F1117 You paint that one, while I mak the dinner. I'll just check your machinie's still workin. And do you, do you like it when you've just got Mum to yourself? Eh? Can I get a kiss? [kiss] You're special. Cause you are?
F1118 Special!
F1117 Special! Everyone is?
F1118 Special!
F1117 Who sings that?
F1118 Erm, I don't know.
F1117 Barney. //Does Barney sing it, or is it Baby Bop?//
F1118 //Yeah.// Mm not Baby Bop.
F1117 Not Baby Bop?
F1118 It's Barney.
F1117 Is it just Barney, or is Baby Bop, or the bairnies? Fa are the bairnies in the TV, [inaudible] Barney?
F1118 I don't know.
F1117 There's Tina. And?
F1118 Michael.
F1117 Michael, and?
F1118 Amy.
F1117 Aye, and?
F1118 I don't know.
F1117 Have a think. Tina and Amy and Michael and? Is there one called John?
F1118 No.
F1117 Is there one called David?
F1118 No.
F1117 What about some chicken soup? Would you like some chicken soup?
F1118 Erm yes, chicken soup.
F1117 Fitt else did I offer you?
F1118 I want chicken soup!
F1117 Ah but fitt else did I offer? I offered you something else just now an aa.
F1118 Erm. //Some//
F1117 //Pancakes.// //You want some pancakes?//
F1118 //mm.// No, I not like pancakes.
F1117 Aye, I've made you pancakes, look. Same as what Nana was making.
F1118 I don't I don't like that.
F1117 You dinna like that? //Do you just want pa-, er chicken soup?//
F1118 //No.// Is there chicken soup?
F1117 I've got chicken s- I have got chicken soup for you. Cause you are?
F1118 Special!
F1117 Special, special.
F1118 [child noises] //Everyone is special, special, special!//
F1117 //[inaudible]//
F1118 Oh. //All done! [inaudible]//
F1117 //Auntie [CENSORED: forename], Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s gonna take us ower to the// shops this afternoon. //Do you want to come to the shop with Auntie [CENSORED: forename] and me?//
F1118 //Yes.// Yes, [inaudible]. Yes, ha ha ha! [singing] //[singing]//
F1117 //Will that be a good idea?// Fitt dae you want to do noo? Now leave that, dinna touch it. Do you want to go and get a Barbie? Leave that noo, no, leave that.
F1118 [sob]
F1117 [?]It's your telephone[/?] microphone, it's okay. //Right, here's your Barbie, look.//
F1118 //[panting]// [panting]
F1117 Will we go and get the other Barbie? Hey! Dinna be nasty or I'll put aa, I'll put aa the Barbies back to [CENSORED: forename].
F1118 Me.
F1117 Eh?
F1118 Me!
F1117 Come on then and I'll take you through. I'll sort oot the Barbies. Are you hungry?
F1118 [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1117 //Eh? Farr we goin? Into the toy room?// Farr's her other boot then? Must be somewhere. It's there. Will I put them on to her? She's got aafa wibbly wobbly legs, hasn't she? //Wibbly wobbles.//
F1118 //Yes, it all go wobbly, yes.// //That's mines.//
F1117 //Mmhm.//
F1118 Mines.
F1117 She's got big feet, //hasn't she?//
F1118 //That's mines, Mum.//
F1117 Fitt ain do you like the best? The prettiest one? What one's the pretty one? That's your one, aye. Will I put this buits on her? Oh my goodness, one,
F1118 Two.
F1117 and two.
F1118 Two.
F1117 Here. Now, is she ready to play baseball?
F1118 Yeah, //but//
F1117 //She needs a baseball ball, a ball.//
F1118 I canna see a ball.
F1117 You canna see a ball?
F1118 No.
F1117 She's got magnetic clips on her hands, so why's she's got a magnetic clip [inaudible], a magnetic ball. I like this one, look! This Barbie's got er, a nice dress on.
F1118 What's this?
F1117 That's another dress o some kind. Look, this one's got curly hair. I think [CENSORED: forename]'s been putting her hair in a piggietail. What do you think? Oh she's in her glasses.
F1118 This one?
F1117 Aye.
F1118 This is what?
F1117 What a mess o hair! I think they need a brush.
F1118 Fitt kind o brush?
F1117 A hairbrush.
F1118 I can't see it.
F1117 [CENSORED: forename] obviously doesnae like daein their their hair cause she doesnae take their hair oot their piggietails.
F1118 Fitt?
F1117 [?]What fitt?[/?]
F1118 Look, this [inaudible] hair. But I put this.
F1117 That one's got a boot missing.
F1118 Yes. I know!
F1117 Fitt?
F1118 I play this.
F1117 Oh aye, you like that, don't you? Fairy.
F1118 Yes, fairy.
F1117 Do you know how it works?
F1118 Yes. But I canna.
F1117 You canna. You know how it works but you canna. Here, look. [laugh] Wind it up properly. Right. Pop her in. //Right, you watching? You pull it quick.//
F1118 //Uh-huh.//
F1117 Oh! //[laugh] Fell doon the other side, didn't she, the fairy?//
F1118 //Oh. [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1117 //You like fairies, don't you?//
F1118 Now let me see what's in this box.
F1117 What's in the box?
F1118 Mm. //Boots.//
F1117 //Right, this one's for her hair.//
F1118 Hey look, socks for her, socks for her.
F1117 Socks, watch you dinna drop aa the rest o the shoes oot the box then. Or we'll be in a aafa curfuffle.
F1118 Look, socks! Socks for her.
F1117 [sneeze]
F1118 Socks, //socks//
F1117 //[sneeze]// //Alright.//
F1118 //for her.//
F1117 For her, well put them on her eh?
F1118 I canna.
F1117 How can you no?
F1118 Cause //ma [inaudible] look at this one!//
F1117 //[inaudible]// She has on her dungarees.
F1118 Yes.
F1117 She's needing a top underneath her dungarees, I think. Any brushes in there for them?
F1118 Erm yes.
F1117 Is there? Here's one. Is that another one? Fitt's that?
F1118 I don't know.
F1117 [?]Another there aye[/?].
F1118 And wash her hair.
F1117 Whaur's your brushes for your horses' hair? Do they have to stay in your bedroom?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 I've got a doggy, look, and a teddy bear for ain o them. And a hat, and a doll. Groovy! What is it? I think we should put aa this thingies into one. This would be handy for taking on holiday for your hairclips, won't it? //Cause when we go on holiday we'll need to take your necklace and your hairclips and your shoes, and your, you got a necklace to go on holiday? We'll take your necklace on holiday as well?//
F1118 //[exhale]// Mmhm.
F1117 Okay.
F1118 Oh, it's broken.
F1117 Fitt's broken? That's too, that shoes are too little, that's for Shelly. That's for a little girl's shoes, is it, eh? //Are these hers? Oh no,//
F1118 //I dinna ken.//
F1117 she's in her shoes. Her shoes?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Could be her shoes, aye. Oh me, Barbie's hair's a right mess, this ain. Look, it's all fallin out.
F1118 No. This is a baby, cause she's got [inaudible] clothes.
F1117 [inaudible] nae claes on.
F1118 Why she's put them off. //[inaudible]//
F1117 //Maybe her mummy took them off.//
F1118 Maybe not.
F1117 Did they not?
F1118 Where, where's that home? Where's that home, Mum?
F1117 Where's that fitt?
F1118 Home.
F1117 Where's that home?
F1118 I canna find it. There's a potty, there's a potty, Mum.
F1117 [laugh] Is the baby going to sit on the potty? Remember you sat on a potty?
F1118 Fitt?
F1117 What's that?
F1118 I don't know. [inaudible] them!
F1117 When you go to school [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename]'s goin to be Who's aa goin to be in your class then? [CENSORED: forename]'s goin to be in your class.
F1118 [CENSORED: forename]'s goin to be in my class.
F1117 There's goin to be lots of girls and bairnies in your class. //[CENSORED: forename]//
F1118 //Yes.//
F1117 is goin to be in your class. [CENSORED: forename]'s nae goin to be in your class though. [CENSORED: forename]'s goin to be the year older than you.
F1118 Yes.
F1117 But she'll still be your friend. Will she? Will she? Oh. [inaudible] Hey! Stop shu-, chuckin things.
F1118 Here's [inaudible].
F1117 Oh that's furry. Is that furry?
F1118 No it's [?]beautiful[/?]. Here here a dolly.
F1117 There a cushion. [singing] [inaudible] holiday. //[inaudible] What a mess!//
F1118 //Oh, I fall down.// Fallin down.
F1117 What's this that's come out?
F1118 I don't know.
F1117 It's aa her hair. //Is that all Barbie's hair?//
F1118 //[sniff]// //I need to brush her hair.//
F1117 //Oh my goodness!// Are you going to brush her hair? Well it's a l-. Her hair's aa messy as well, you can brush her hair. My goodness.
F1118 Look, she's all beautiful.
F1117 She's beautiful, isn't she?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 You goin to put some shoes onto her?
F1118 But there's no shoes.
F1117 Here's the other shoes, look.
F1118 [sniff]
F1117 Find a pair o shoes in there. [inaudible] pink to match her outfit. Mm?
F1118 I got the pink shoes.
F1117 Oh, they've got sticky bits on the bottom. What about this ones? //Pink sandals. One, two, there we go.//
F1118 //[sniff]// //Pick this boots.//
F1117 //That's it.// Naebody's got as pretty boots as you've got though.
F1118 No.
F1117 What have you got? Hey, you're goin to get some of [CENSORED: forename]'s shorts and t-shirts for goin on holiday.
F1118 Yes.
F1117 That be nice.
F1118 Yes. Oh! What's this? //What?//
F1117 //Fitt's that? I think that's the baby's dummy.//
F1118 And where's that baby, Mum?
F1117 Is that the baby's dinky? //Farr did you, you threw the baby, so where did you threw her?//
F1118 //[inaudible]//
F1117 Farr did you threw the baby?
F1118 Over here.
F1117 Here! Oh no.
F1118 I don't know.
F1117 Farr did you chuck the baby tae?
F1118 Dinna [inaudible].
F1117 Is she behind you? You're nae sittin on her, no.
F1118 I found Pudsey.
F1117 Pudsey.
F1118 Pudsey.
F1117 Well look. Here's the oh! //Oh shoot!//
F1118 //Mum?//
F1117 It's alright. Here's a pram. So farr's the baby?
F1118 There is a baby.
F1117 That's Pudsey. Now, her hair's better now as well, isn't it?
F1118 Look.
F1117 They need bobbles for their hair. Her hair'll never brush, cause she's got. What one do you like the best?
F1118 I like this one.
F1117 You like that one the best?
F1118 [inaudible] [?]Look, an[/?] brush it please.
F1117 Mmhm. There you go. Is that nice now?
F1118 Oh look.
F1117 Her hair's fallen oot. What about? What's this, is this, that's [inaudible].
F1118 Yes, that's [inaudible].
F1117 She needs mair claes. Where are aa the tops? Auntie S-, [CENSORED: forename]'s a bit skin-tight wi her tops and her claes, isn't she?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 She's got pretty hair. She's in her dungarees. She's in her dungarees. This is Mary-Kate. Or Ashley, one of the two. And she's pretty. Let's sort this one's hair. //[whistle]//
F1118 //Look, [inaudible].//
F1117 [whistle] Sit them there. Right, and farr's the? Oh my goodness, I'll never brush her hair. Can you manage to brush her hair? Oh! Her hair's all static, look. It's sticking up. Right, that's her hair. I'll sit her doon. Dinna think we'll get her hair done, will we?
F1118 No.
F1117 It's too thick and bushy. She's got one funky earring, and one missing, right? And the next one?
F1118 This one.
F1117 Ne-, there's a baby. [laugh] //That baby's too big for the [raspberry].//
F1118 //[laugh]//
F1117 Is it?
F1118 Too sm-. Hey! This baby aa fits.
F1117 That baby fit? Is that better?
F1118 Think this one fits, this one fits. Said this one fits.
F1117 That one fits, that's a dolly. Unless it's her dolly. Is it this girlie's dolly?
F1118 [child noises] Yes!
F1117 Fitt do you think her name is?
F1118 I don't know.
F1117 You don't know? Would you like to know?
F1118 She's name's [CENSORED: forename].
F1117 That's your name. //Do you like the name [CENSORED: forename]?//
F1118 //Yes.// Yes.
F1117 Shall we give them all the name [CENSORED: forename]?
F1118 [CENSORED: forename].
F1117 [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename], and [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]. You're sittin on Pudsey. Right, the next one. We'll sit her, this is your one, isn't it?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 She's got nice hair.
F1118 [laugh] Mum, look.
F1117 [laugh] Fitt you doin?
F1118 [inaudible] He's got sandals.
F1117 Has he got sandals? She'll be like you fann you go on holiday.
F1118 Look, a baby one. //[inaudible]//
F1117 //[inaudible]// Her hair's stickin up already. I dinna think [CENSORED: forename]'s looking after her, is she? Is she? [inaudible] Dinna pull it over noo. //Do you think [CENSORED: forename]//
F1118 //Tidy up!//
F1117 Tidy up? I was goin to see which one's the prettiest. Which one's the prettiest?
F1118 Ah!
F1117 Fitt you dae?
F1118 [sob]
F1117 Fitt you dae? Did you bang your finger?
F1118 [sob]
F1117 Let me see. Will I kiss it better? //[kiss]//
F1118 //[sob]//
F1117 Is your nose runnin again, Missy?
F1118 [exhale] //[sob]//
F1117 //You've pulled your hair. What did you do to your hair?// Dinna pull that noo. Fitt one's the prettiest then?
F1118 Erm I don't know. This one!
F1117 Do you like that one the best?
F1118 This one's got pink, //nope.//
F1117 //She's got purple. This one's got short, dark hair.//
F1118 It's two Barbies.
F1117 Two Barbies?
F1118 One, oh [inaudible].
F1117 She's got nice hair. She's got hair like [CENSORED: forename]'s. Short, dark hair, look. She got hair like [CENSORED: forename]'s? Wi a fringe. //One, how many is there?//
F1118 //One, two,// three, four, five.
F1117 Six.
F1118 Seven, eight, nine.
F1117 Well done! //Socks in there and their boots in there.//
F1118 //Oh!//
F1117 There a handbag for one o them, look.
F1118 That's not a handbag.
F1117 Fitt is it then?
F1118 It's a
F1117 Rucksack?
F1118 No.
F1117 A backpack?
F1118 No.
F1117 Wow! Whose horse is this?
F1118 Erm [inaudible].
F1117 [?]This cold[/?].
F1118 Yes. Now she's going in the [inaudible].
F1117 She's going in the [inaudible]. Oh, she's perfect.
F1118 What?
F1117 Is she perfect for [inaudible]?
F1118 Aw.
F1117 Haud him up then. I don't think the baby can go on the horse.
F1118 I think so.
F1117 I don't think so. He'll fall off. You was on [CENSORED: forename] yesterday, was you?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 What was your horsie called? [CENSORED: forename] was called?
F1118 I don't know.
F1117 Bramble.
F1118 Bramble.
F1117 Bramble was being Romb- the hor-, [CENSORED: forename] was being Bramble the horse.
F1118 Yes.
F1117 And you you was on his back?
F1118 Uh-huh. Horse is too, too [inaudible].
F1117 Eh?
F1118 But, horse is too
F1117 Horse is too what?
F1118 Horse is too [inaudible] and I have to tidy up.
F1117 You have to tidy up?
F1118 Hey, this was not on here.
F1117 Does that one nae go in there? Ah but that's the new hoose for all your Barbies.
F1118 Yes.
F1117 You put all your Barbies in your hoose. It's nice to have a bo- er a [tut] a bag wi them. //[inaudible].//
F1118 //Mum, I [inaudible].//
F1117 Fitt?
F1118 It's a, it's
F1117 You want me to?
F1118 dolphin!
F1117 Eh?
F1118 Look.
F1117 Ooh, a dolphin, aye. [inaudible] will see them on holiday.
F1118 Splash!
F1117 We'll see the dolphins on holiday?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 We'll see the big sharks. //And//
F1118 //Yes!//
F1117 we'll see the penguins, like Pingu.
F1118 Ping ping ping ping ping, [inaudible] up!
F1117 [singing] Do you like Pingu or Pinga the best?
F1118 Pingu's na the best.
F1117 Who's the best?
F1118 Oh.
F1117 Who's the best? I'm the best! Who's the best?
F1118 Me and you the best.
F1117 Is me and you the best? Course we are, my dear. Dinna knock the book now, dinna be coorse.
F1118 [laugh]
F1117 Stop being funny. [CENSORED: forename] wouldna dae that. Neither does [CENSORED: forename]. And neither does [CENSORED: forename]. Oi! [inaudible] lady.
F1118 It's empty, it's empty.
F1117 Ah it's empty? Well I think, I think we'll just take it to [CENSORED: forename] or [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] [inaudible].
F1118 [CENSORED: forename]
F1117 Are you staying at home?
F1118 No, I'm coming.
F1117 No, you're nae comin, if you goin to be bad. Hey, you will fall. That box is going to fall.
F1118 [panting]
F1117 Look at aa this crisps on the, stand up! Turn roond. //Look at aa that crisps on the floor.//
F1118 //[sniff]// Ah! //[inaudible]//
F1117 //Fitt you ah-ing at?//
F1118 [exhale] [inaudible] once upon a time. [inaudible].
F1117 Fitt's your favourite video?
F1118 Mm, let me think.
F1117 I think it is Pinocchio?
F1118 No.
F1117 Sleeping Beauty?
F1118 No.
F1117 You havena got Sleeping Beauty. Snow White?
F1118 Nope!
F1117 Cinderella?
F1118 Nope.
F1117 Well you tell me. Which one's your favourite?
F1118 [laugh] Fireman Sam!
F1117 It's nae Fireman Sam!
F1118 Yes it is.
F1117 And fann have you liked Fireman Sam? //Stop throwing.//
F1118 //Ah.// Hm.
F1117 Don't "hm" me.
F1118 Hm.
F1117 That's a nice baggie as well, isn't it?
F1118 Mm.
F1117 Are we goin to go and get wir dinner?
F1118 [child noises]
F1117 Now, is that aa your Barbies back into the box? And your fairy? [inaudible] she's roond there. [whistling] Fitt tune's that?
F1118 Hat.
F1117 Oh! Is that a hat? //[inaudible] hat as well?//
F1118 //Yes.//
F1117 Hey, Missy, stop throwin. Fa's hat's this then?
F1118 Erm a baby's.
F1117 Baby's, right. We'll put that over there, and I'll put that //there.//
F1118 //Oh look!// A [inaudible].
F1117 Over here, and fitt's that?
F1118 Erm I'll put this here, this way, whee!
F1117 There's a Barbie book, [inaudible]. Right, come on, we shall go and get something to eat.
F1118 No! //[laugh]//
F1117 //I've got, who've I got?// //[inaudible] hair bobbles in here.//
F1118 //[laugh]// [child noises]
F1117 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1118 //Oh!//
F1117 [inaudible] lay the table, [inaudible]. [CENSORED: forename]! [CENSORED: forename]! Wanna put your hair bobbles into thae box for me?
F1118 Okay. //Here.//
F1117 //Now,// you goin to count them aa, count them. //And take that bit oot and put them all in there.//
F1118 //Yes.//
F1117 [?]A bit bigger[/?].
F1118 Yes. //One,//
F1117 //[?]Will they aa fit in there?[/?]// You have to hold onto it when you're doing it. You tell me the colours o them.
F1118 Pink,
F1117 Pink and purple, blue, aye.
F1118 Oh it's fell down.
F1117 Has it fallen down? London Bridge is?
F1118 Falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down, [inaudible]. [panting]
F1117 Did you did you have a lot of pieces at the toddlers? [inaudible], did you? You?
F1118 Look!
F1117 Is that a doll? //[inaudible] No nae yet, you've still got that one.//
F1118 //Look.//
F1117 Wow! You've got lots o them. //You've got blue ones and pink ones and white ones and yellow ones.//
F1118 //Why?// Oh look!
F1117 That's a right bright pink hair bobble that one, isn't it?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 That used to be [CENSORED: forename]'s hairclip when she was a baby.
F1118 I've fixed that enough.
F1117 Well [inaudible].
F1118 Is that enough?
F1117 Nearly. London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down, my fair?
F1118 Lady!
F1117 Hey hey! Right, wow! Is that a nice box or what? That's better, isn't it?
F1118 [singing]
F1117 Lou Lou
F1118 [?]Skip[/?] to my Lou.
F1117 Lou Lou
F1118 [?]Skip to my Lou[/?].
F1117 Lou //Lou.//
F1118 //[?]Skip to my Lou[/?].//
F1117 Skip to my Lou my?
F1118 Darling.
F1117 Cow's in the?
F1118 [inaudible]
F1117 Moo moo.
F1118 Lou Lou.
F1117 [laugh] Cow in the? Are you shaking that box about, [inaudible]? Right, well Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s goin to come over at half-past one.
F1118 Yeah!
F1117 And will we go to hers for tea or will we come home for //tea?//
F1118 //Oh [inaudible].// I smell it. //[sniff]//
F1117 //You smell the chicken soup. It's cooling doon. There's some apple juice or orange juice wi you-//
F1118 Apple juice!
F1117 Pardon?
F1118 Apple juice!
F1117 Pardon?
F1118 Apple juice!
F1117 What?
F1118 Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please. [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1117 //Do you want some er// right, //do you want some Tucs wi your//
F1118 //[singing]//
F1117 chicken soup?
F1118 No.
F1117 No? [inaudible] isn't it? I'll need a [inaudible] cook. I think we'll put it off while we're, we're er eating wir dinner.

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