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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 48 - 11.07.82

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The Maggie
8 July 82

Dear Mum, Dad & Al,

Phew! Today summer hit Fredericton and temperatures soared into the 30's. Humid too, but after last winter I don't care - - I deserve it! Unfortunately I'm in the library most of the time, sweltering, but tonight I walked down by the river and watched the fireflies flashing in the long grass. Pretty - - but I was almost eaten to death by mosquitoes! This is "bug" season, and boy, are they ugly...

I spent the weekend-plus finishing off Ch2 of the thesis, so I'm beginning to feel that I'm heading into the final stretch. I think they're bound to accept it: it must be the most utterly boring thesis ever attempted. I spent most of today with my head stuck in a dictionary, and tomorrow will be the same.

But life is not all hard work: I have considerable time to socialise and relax. I'm still going (occasionally) to the weight room. More often to Tim Horton's doughnut (or rather "donut") shop (open all night), or the Dairy Queen ice cream parlour. Last week I dragged Julian and Ann to "Bambi," which they had never seen. It was great - - Thumper went down very well.

And last Saturday Julian and I were invited out, with Julian's flatmate, Richard, for a meal with a very strange Anglican vicar who, because of a blood-sugar problem, gets drunk on red wine very, very quickly, and who ended up sliding down the bannisters and crashing into the front door! The meal, however, was excellent - - soup, venison, veg.'s, strawberry creamcake - - and the wine was good. Moreoever, the house was full of antiques from Sotheby's - - antique china, silverware, sofa, grandfather clock, and an Allan Ramsay portrait worth $9000... The vicar was definitely nine parts crazy though.

This week a Maritimes Writers Workshop is on at UNB, so the place is full of penpushing crazies. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing in this racket - - but not for much longer, I suppose. I've been to some public readings.

Thanks for the Snoopy card and news, Al. I look forward to hearing (at last) from the Red Davis. And thanks very much for the tapes - - nostalgia! The Skids album is good.

Ah well - - 1am: must hit the sack. It's hot and muggy tonight but I was burning the midnight electricity last night, so I'm fairly tired. July already though! - - summer may be hot here, but it doesn't last long!! I'll be in touch soon,

[CENSORED: forename]

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