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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 01, recording 2: jigsaws, drawing and baking

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1121 Look, who's that there?
F1122 Mm. Small bear.
F1121 And who's that one there? //Who's that?//
F1122 //Baby ps-// p- small bear. //Ba- baby bear.//
F1121 //So, is// small bear and baby bear not got any arms? //Did you forget?//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 You goin to draw in the arms? Look. Like this. And what else is missing? What have you got? What's this here? //Ears.//
F1122 //The ears.// I can't see [inaudible].
F1121 Well, they need ears to hear with as well, don't they? Like that? //[laugh]//
F1122 //But baby bear and small bear haven't got//
F1121 Oh dear me. [phone rings] Oh well. What about, look, they've got pillows, we've nae drawn any pillows, //have we?//
F1122 //[inaudible]// draw the pillows. //[inaudible]//
F1121 //What colour?//
F1122 Er, erm grey.
F1121 Grey pillows?
F1122 Aye, grey.
F1121 Okay, so, what kind of shape are they? They're
F1122 They're they're rectangle.
F1121 Rectangle pillows. Like that?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 That looks really good.
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 So Mammy's got to write this bit here, for your teachers. So, "the book I chose was called"? What was it called?
F1122 Called "Mr Bear's New Baby".
F1121 "Mr Bear's New Baby". And you have got to tell me what was the best part of the book.
F1122 Erm, when they snuggled up.
F1121 When the bears snuggled up together. Well, I think your teachers'll like that drawing. That's really good, well done. What about if we draw a picture for [CENSORED: forename]? And [CENSORED: forename]? //Do you think you'll be able to do that?//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 Uh-huh.
F1122 Can you go and get paper?
F1121 Okay. How many pieces o paper do you think you'll need?
F1122 Two?
F1121 Just two, or do you want to do one for Granny as well?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 And who else?
F1122 Erm, [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]? And who else? Who else?
F1122 Erm, [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename] as well. Is that plenty? Right then. You sit in your chair.
F1122 That's a lot of paper we have to draw.
F1121 Okay, right. Who's this one for?
F1122 Erm, [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], so what are you gonna draw on [CENSORED: forename]'s picture?
F1122 Erm this pen, I think she'll love pink.
F1121 What?
F1122 I think she'll love pink.
F1121 Love pink, okay. So what pink thing are you gonna draw? That's, you've picked up the wrong one. //[laugh]//
F1122 //Mm.//
F1121 There you go. Right. What's that you're drawin?
F1122 [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 You're drawin [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 That's a funny eye. [laugh] And do a, like a wee circle. See, I think [CENSORED: forename]'s got blue eyes. Like this. That's better, isn't it? [mobile phone rings] That's good. Oh she's got long legs, hasn't she? //Has she not//
F1122 //[?]That[/?].//
F1121 got any arms?
F1122 Arms coming up!
F1121 Wow! Just one? Two! And what colour's [CENSORED: forename]'s hair?
F1122 Erm, I don't know.
F1121 You don't know?
F1122 What colour is eh, what colour, what colour?
F1121 I think she's got brown hair.
F1122 Brown hair. //Brown!//
F1121 //Can you find the brown?//
F1122 Coming up.
F1121 There we go.
F1122 Brown.
F1121 Brown hair. Wow! Oh that looks like [CENSORED: forename]. That's really good. Wow! And what about if we draw [CENSORED: forename] beside her?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Could you do that?
F1122 Aye. [?]Sort of[/?].
F1121 Are you trying?
F1122 I'm going to do
F1121 What's that?
F1122 Er, [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], wow!
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 Cause [CENSORED: forename]'s, she's only little, isn't she?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Look Mummy!
F1121 Has she got brown hair as //well?//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 Wow!
F1122 Can we draw another one? Can we draw another one, Mum?
F1121 What else? You could put something pretty on that. You could put some grass and flowers, cause you can do that.
F1122 [?]Okay[/?]. Green [inaudible].
F1121 Green for grass.
F1122 How about every [inaudible]
F1121 What?
F1122 [?]Do this[/?].
F1121 Oh that's good. That's M for [CENSORED: forename], well done. That's very good. Clever. Is that that one finished? Mmhm.
F1122 And we're gonna send it to [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 Send it to [CENSORED: forename]. Okay. Right, who's next?
F1122 Erm, [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename], right. What are we gonna draw for [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 Celtic.
F1121 What?
F1122 Celtic.
F1121 Celtic?
F1122 Aye, [CENSORED: forename] loves Celtic.
F1121 [laugh] //That's, that's a football//
F1122 //[CENSORED: forename] loves Celtic.//
F1121 team that, [CENSORED: forename]. //So you could draw a football.//
F1122 //[inaudible]// //Mm, no.//
F1121 //Could you?//
F1122 I think I need red. I'm gonna need red.
F1121 You goin to use red, are you? You hold your pen a bittie better, look that's it, //just like that.//
F1122 //I'm gonna draw// [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] //at the park.//
F1121 //[CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename], okay.// Okay, let me see. Can you hold it, can you hold it just a bittie like that? That's the way, good girl. Now. Who's this one?
F1122 [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 Eh?
F1122 [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Mm. Okay. Finished.
F1121 And who's this now?
F1122 [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename]. That's a funny shape head, is it?
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 [laugh] Look!
F1121 Wow!
F1122 [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 Ha- have [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] not got any arms?
F1122 Yes.
F1121 That's it.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 What about drawing the sky as well? You could put a sun up in the sky.
F1122 Okay.
F1121 What colour would we need for that?
F1122 Erm blue.
F1121 Blue for the sky.
F1122 Blue, blue, blue.
F1121 There you go.
F1122 We're gonna send this to [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 Okay. Oh that's good, [CENSORED: forename]. Wow! What else are you puttin on the picture?
F1122 Mm, a sun.
F1121 So what colour will you need for that?
F1122 Yellow.
F1121 Yellow sun. Okay. Can you draw that? You could pop it up in this corner here.
F1122 This corner?
F1121 Mmhm. See, you're putting the yellow pen onto the blue, and what colour does that make if you mix yellow and blue?
F1122 It makes green.
F1121 It makes green, that's right. Very good. But I dinna think that looks like [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 Uh-huh.
F1121 They don't have hair.
F1122 [laugh] [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 What?
F1122 [CENSORED: forename] need hair. [CENSORED: forename] needs hair.
F1121 Mmhm, he needs hair, so what colour of hair?
F1122 What about this colour?
F1121 What's that?
F1122 Dark
F1121 [exhale]
F1122 Black.
F1121 I think [CENSORED: forename]'s got blond hair.
F1122 No he hasn't.
F1121 Aye he has.
F1122 No he hasn't.
F1121 He's not got black hair.
F1122 [?]No, you just going over[/?] that hair. That's his hair. That's his hair.
F1121 Okay, what aboot [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 You draw [CENSORED: forename]'s hair.
F1121 Right, I think, would he have green hair?
F1122 No.
F1121 Red?
F1122 No.
F1121 Blue?
F1122 No.
F1121 Purple?
F1122 No. No. No.
F1121 I think he's got brown.
F1122 Look, he- here's the brown.
F1121 Does that look like him?
F1122 [laugh] No! That's quite a funny
F1121 That's quite a funny picture. //Right,//
F1122 //I think.//
F1121 I think erm [tut] we could draw some shapes on this picture as well. If I draw a shape, will you tell me what it's called?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Okay, right, do you know what this ain's called?
F1122 A triangle!
F1121 Very good. Erm, right what's that one called?
F1122 A circle.
F1121 A circle. Right, and what's this next one?
F1122 A square.
F1121 Well done. Mm, this one? //Rectangle, very good.//
F1122 //A rectangle.// Can I do the shapes now?
F1121 Okay, if you draw a shape and then I'll guess what it is.
F1122 [?]This[/?].
F1121 A circle.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Very good. Two circles.
F1122 That's my [inaudible] making a snowman.
F1121 Oh you're making a snowman. Okay. //Right.//
F1122 //Eyes for my snowman.//
F1121 Very good. Do you know what that shape is there?
F1122 That's a triangle. It's a kite!
F1121 It's a kite shape. I don't think you'll be able to guess this one. Wait till we see. Do you think
F1122 A loveheart.
F1121 A loveheart.
F1122 A shape.
F1121 Erm, I'm trying to think of other shapes. What other ones could I draw?
F1122 Erm a oval.
F1121 A oval shape. That's an oval shape. Oh look, I've thought of something else.
F1122 A square.
F1121 What's that one?
F1122 Erm oh a arch.
F1121 An arch, that's really //good.//
F1122 //I know another shape.// How about a dog?
F1121 A what?
F1122 Erm, how about the shape of a babywipe?
F1121 [laugh] Shape of a babywipe, well let me see the shape o them. I think it's a square?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Do you think so?
F1122 Look, look, you go over and under.
F1121 Mm, that's really clever.
F1122 Over, under, over, under.
F1121 Who learnt you to do that?
F1122 I don't know.
F1121 You don't know? So, you tell me these shapes again. What one's that?
F1122 A triangle, a square, a circle, a rectangle. A a rectangle.
F1121 No, what's that one? A?
F1122 Erm, I don't know.
F1121 A kite.
F1122 Kite, yeah.
F1121 What's that one?
F1122 A loveheart. A oval.
F1121 Very good, that was really clever. So aa that shapes is on [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s picture. So we could send that too, could we?
F1122 Mum, erm I think I'll go, I've had enough of, I want to bake noo.
F1121 Well, we've got to sort out the baking in a wee whilie, so fitt aboot if we dae a jigsaw, cause we //we havenae done one today.//
F1122 //Aye, can we take off// //[?]cause[/?].//
F1121 //Noo, just leave that one just// //now.//
F1122 //Why?// //Don't want.//
F1121 //I think, can I choose a jigsaw first?//
F1122 I can choose.
F1121 Are you picking or am- or will I?
F1122 I.
F1121 My shot?
F1122 My sh- //Mum, it fell off!//
F1121 //Right, you choose one. Okay.// Right you choose one.
F1122 [?]Twinkle, twinkle, little star[/?], //[inaudible]//
F1121 //What one's that?//
F1122 Tweenies, tweenies.
F1121 The Tweenies. Who's your favourite Tweenie?
F1122 Fizz.
F1121 Fizz, okay, will I empty it out?
F1122 W- can I Fizz?
F1121 You can make Fizz. Right, if you turn aa the pieces over like this, okay? //Can you do that?//
F1122 //[cough]// Aye.
F1121 Mmhm. So is it the big one or the little one we're doin?
F1122 Erm, big one.
F1121 The big one. Here's aa the other pieces.
F1122 Well Fizz's head head.
F1121 What you saying?
F1122 Fizz's head. Fizz's head.
F1121 So you, oh well done! That's good, [CENSORED: forename], so what piece goes next?
F1122 Milo.
F1121 Milo. Look there's the picture on the box, so we could copy that, you see? Right, wait till we //find. Would it be this piece here?//
F1122 //[cough]// Mmhm.
F1121 Well done. What's colour's Milo? Hm?
F1122 Blue. Purple.
F1121 He's got a purple face and a blue jacket. Well done, that's good. Well done. //Who's next to Milo?//
F1122 //Here.// Here.
F1121 Mm, that's good. Who's that? Who do you think's gonna be next? //Eh?//
F1122 //Let's see, let's see.//
F1121 Let's see. Can you find a piece, the next piece?
F1122 [inaudible] think, be this [inaudible].
F1121 Is that it?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Well done, very good. Who's next to Bella?
F1122 Jake.
F1121 Jake. He's funny him, isn't he?
F1122 [?]Can[/?] we need their clothes, we need their jumpers.
F1121 Need their jumpers. So whose jumper's that?
F1122 That's Bella's.
F1121 That's Bella's. Very good. //Oh Milo's nae got on his jumper.//
F1122 //Hm.// Hm?
F1121 Where's his jumper at?
F1122 This is the rest of Jake's.
F1121 That's the rest of Jake, well done.
F1122 Goes in the middle.
F1121 Does that go in the middle?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Okay. You managing? Two pieces left.
F1122 I'll do, I'll do this bit, I'll do this bit.
F1121 That's right, very good. One piece. Yey, well done! You did it all by yourself!
F1122 Can we not do the little one, cause I can't do the little //one.//
F1121 //Well we'll leave the little one.// So, can I pick a jigsaw this time? Right, I think //I'm gonna choose//
F1122 //Mum!//
F1121 Winnie the Pooh.
F1122 Winnie the Pooh.
F1121 Dae ye like that one?
F1122 Mum, I like I like Winnie the Pooh Candyland.
F1121 Winnie the Pooh Candyland, oh. I think you're good at doin this one.
F1122 We do it together.
F1121 We do. We're really good, aren't we? So what do you do first? You turn aa the pieces over, okay?
F1122 Hurray! oh pennies, pennies.
F1121 Right, are you turning all these pieces over, [CENSORED: forename]? [CENSORED: forename], look, here we go. Right, can you help Mummy?
F1122 Mmhm. Aye.
F1121 Okay. Do you think you're going to be able to do this one yourself again?
F1122 Mm yeah.
F1121 Can I help you?
F1122 Mmhm. Got this.
F1121 What's that bittie?
F1122 Piglet, [cough] Piglet.
F1121 Piglet. //Wow!//
F1122 //Let me see it.//
F1121 Can we see? Can we get that bittie together? //Well done.//
F1122 //His ears,// //his ears, we need//
F1121 //Where's his ears at then? Let's have a look.//
F1122 Ears, ears, ears, ears.
F1121 The ears, that's right. What colour's his ears?
F1122 Pink.
F1121 Pink ears, wow!
F1122 Mum, can you take off my [inaudible] //Mm.//
F1121 //It's ok-, okay, we'll just pop it to the side here.//
F1122 I don't want to, //the video, I don't want the video on.//
F1121 //It's okay, no you've to leave, just leave that on just for five minutes.//
F1122 Don't want. //And do some baking?//
F1121 //Right, if we, we'll dae this jigsaw and then we'll,// uh-huh, you've to help me sort oot the baking. We'll do this jigsaw first and then we'll, you can help Mummy, okay?
F1122 I'm going to [?]say this[/?].
F1121 What are you going to do?
F1122 This. This side.
F1121 I don't think that goes there, does it?
F1122 Mm, this bit. //Whee!//
F1121 //You hae a lookie// on this picture here. Who's next to Piglet? Pooh Bear, right. So we've got to be looking for Pooh Bear's feet.
F1122 I'm gonna look for Pooh Bear's feet.
F1121 Are you gonna look? I think this bittie goes //here, do you think?//
F1122 //Aye, aye.//
F1121 That's right.
F1122 I got one of his feet.
F1121 Oh well done, that's //right [inaudible].//
F1122 //Go there!// Er. [inaudible] where is where is the //[?]here is a fe-[/?] feet.//
F1121 //[inaudible]// Okay, if you turn aa the pieces over, that'll be easier, you see? See all that there?
F1122 Look.
F1121 Very good. You're doin well. That's upside down. [laugh]
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 Can you manage?
F1122 Aye, aye. Aye. I wanted to //I want//
F1121 //Wanted what, okay?//
F1122 I wanted to go go and bake after after the meeting.
F1121 O- okay, we're going doon in a wee whilie to set up. We'll finish doin this ain, cause this is a really //good one.//
F1122 //[laugh]// //Mum,//
F1121 //Erm,//
F1122 I want to bake.
F1121 You want to bake? Right, we'll finish this jigsaw, and you can sort oot the baking. I'll gie you the baking to sort oot into the plates. //Is that okay?//
F1122 //Can I//
F1121 Will you dae that for Mum?
F1122 Can I make the chocolate? Can you can you can you Mummy, take off my socks. [child noise] Mummy,
F1121 What, [CENSORED: forename], what are you doin now?
F1122 [inaudible]
F1121 That's dirty, we'll we'll do that later, okay? Right come on then. You're nae finishing your jigsaw.
F1122 This bit go here?
F1121 No, I don't //think so.//
F1122 //This// bit go here?
F1121 N- er no. I think it will maybe go up here or somewhere. Look. You see? Look at that. I've managed to do a piece. //Well done.//
F1122 //Mum,// Mummy, Mummy.
F1121 What?
F1122 Erm this go here? //Yes.//
F1121 //Mm.// No, that doesnae go there. //You're close.//
F1122 //[inaudible]// Here?
F1121 If you find Tigger's head. Can you see it?
F1122 Mm. [laugh]
F1121 No, you've broke it! [laugh]
F1122 Mum, I want, I just want to do my baking noo.
F1121 Right, okay, we'll have to tidy up this jigsaws first then. //Okay?//
F1122 //Can we// do our baking?
F1121 Okay, if if you tidy up the jigsaws //first.//
F1122 //Can you help me?//
F1121 Okay. Have you got the right box to put it in?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Are you sure?
F1122 Aye. //Dum-dummy-dum-dum, dum-dum-dummy.//
F1121 //Right. And the Winnie the Pooh box.//
F1122 Dum-dum-dum-dum! Mummy!
F1121 What?
F1122 Tidy up //time.//
F1121 //Tidy up time?// What do you do at tidy up time //in the playgroup? Do you help//
F1122 //We tidy up.//
F1121 Mrs [CENSORED: surname]?
F1122 Aye, I tidy up.
F1121 You never tidy up at home, do you?
F1122 You help me.
F1121 Right. Put that in the box. That's a girl. Right. Come on we'll hae a lookie in the fridge to see if your biscuits have set that you made //yesterday.//
F1122 //Oh aye,// Our fudge biscuits.
F1121 Okay.
F1122 They're in here. //F-.//
F1121 //Are you sure?// They're not there!
F1122 Somebody has taken them.
F1121 What?
F1122 Somebody has taken them.
F1121 Oh no! Has moosies been in in the night?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 What do you think?
F1122 I think we'll have to bake some more.
F1121 Dae ye think so?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Look what I've found.
F1122 I wonder who put them in there.
F1121 Who do you think?
F1122 I think somebody put them in there.
F1121 Right, I need you to wash your hands first, okay?
F1122 I'm gonna bake some m- bake some Smartie cakes.
F1121 Well I'm goin to get you to put the biscuits onto plates for me.
F1122 Can we?
F1121 And it'll be really cute plates that I'm gonna give you.
F1122 Mummy can- can't we bake?
F1121 Well we'll bake in a wee whilie.
F1122 [?]Can we[/?] //bake?//
F1121 //I've got something you've gonna like.// So can you wash your hands first?
F1122 Uh-huh.
F1121 Put on some soap.
F1122 Mummy, I want to
F1121 What would you like?
F1122 I wanted to I wanted to bake //right now.//
F1121 //[exhale]// Right we'll bake i-, okay.
F1122 And can we get, can you pull my chair over //to the coo-//
F1121 //Over to where?// //Beside the cooker?//
F1122 //the cooker.// Aye, cause I'm gonna, we're gonna cook some, we're gonna cook some, we're gonna cook cakes.
F1121 Cakes, what kind o cakes?
F1122 Erm, I think, erm marshmallow cakes, with Smarties on the top.
F1121 But we've no got any marshmallows left.
F1122 Aw.
F1121 What about chocolate crispies?
F1122 Mm. Mm, no, I think [CENSORED: forename]'s birthday cake.
F1121 Erm, I think [CENSORED: forename]'s mummy will be making her cake, [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 Mummy, I wanted to make
F1121 What would you like, //well look,//
F1122 //cake.//
F1121 I'm gonna pass this down to you.
F1122 Mum, what are we passing these down to?
F1121 Because I'm going to get you to put some biscuits on these plates.
F1122 I'll just put them on the table.
F1121 Okay, but you'll have to tidy up your pens first.
F1122 Oh are we just going to put the plates on the table?
F1121 Mmhm. //[inaudible]//
F1122 //Can I do the Tweenie ones?//
F1121 Aye, you can do the Tweenie ones.
F1122 And you do the the the the plastic ones.
F1121 Right, okay. So what do you want to put on your plates? Cause this'll be for the playgroup open day tomorrow.
F1122 Mum, these are plain ones.
F1121 So do you think people's gonna buy your biscuits you've made?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Do you think so?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Right. That's a Tweenies one for you.
F1122 I'm gonna eat this ain.
F1121 Are you?
F1122 I'm gonna have this ain?
F1121 Do you just want to keep that one for yourself?
F1122 Aye. I'm going to have this ain. I'm goin to eat a biscuit on this ain.
F1121 Oh, what kind o biscuit?
F1122 A biscuit. Mm.
F1121 Do you want to put them on it? What's that? Eh?
F1122 Somebody been putting them on here and melt them.
F1121 Mm. Well you go up at the table, that's a girl. So what are you gonna put on your plate?
F1122 Choc- what's this?
F1121 That's truffles.
F1122 Truffles.
F1121 Do you want to taste one?
F1122 No, I just want I just want, how about if we put crispies on the plates? //Look.//
F1121 //Okay.// One, two. Is that all they're getting? One each?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Right, it //looks//
F1122 //Mum,//
F1121 good.
F1122 but how about this?
F1121 I think they're stuck, are they? Maybe we could get your sweeties round about it?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Will I get the sweetie box?
F1122 [?]Right[/?] all the sweeties //on the plate.//
F1121 //All the sweeties?// Mm.
F1122 We can get Smarties on the plates too.
F1121 I don't think we have any Smarties left.
F1122 Mmhm, Smarties.
F1121 What do you think? Have a look.
F1122 Mm. There is these.
F1121 What's that?
F1122 They're Winnie the Pooh chocolates.
F1121 Ah.
F1122 Don't know what we're gonna [inaudible] for customers.
F1121 Mm, well, do you want to, will we take through your till and we could pre- pretend it's a shoppie?
F1122 [inaudible]
F1121 And I could pretend to buy them. Would you like to do that? Will we play shoppies? //What//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 do you think?
F1122 Money. Money inside. [inaudible] the key. We need the key.
F1121 Right.
F1122 Are you ma-, are you ready for me? Mm, I need in this chair, I need on this chair.
F1121 You need on that chair. Right, hold on a second. Dinna touch that, [CENSORED: forename]. Okay.
F1122 Okay.
F1121 Right.
F1122 Mum, just wait a second, I'll pull the chair in. //Can you pull my chair in?//
F1121 //Can you manage?//
F1122 Can you pull my chair in?
F1121 Yes, I can pull it in. Do you want your till there?
F1122 Uh-huh.
F1121 Okay. Right. Here's my messages. Are you ready to use your scanner?
F1122 Uh-huh.
F1121 Are you ready for me?
F1122 Mm, not yet.
F1121 Not yet? Okay.
F1122 Ready. //What would you like today?//
F1121 //Right,// can I have a chocolate crispie,
F1122 Yes.
F1121 and could I get a packet of Milky Bar Buttons.
F1122 Okay.
F1121 Okay, you'll have to put it through your till. And could I have a necklace as well, //please.//
F1122 //Erm,// Oh. [inaudible] Dum-dum-dum-dum-dum okay.
F1121 Okay, that's that's a nice one. I'll have that.
F1122 I want a necklace.
F1121 Okay. Well I'll just have the watch then. Okay, can you put that through your till? Okay, right that's everything I want today.
F1122 Thank you.
F1121 How much do I I owe you?
F1122 Okay. There it is.
F1121 Thank you very much. So is this my messages?
F1122 Er.
F1121 Do you not want me to pay you?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Right, how much have I to pay you?
F1122 Erm, thirty. Thirty. //Thirty.//
F1121 //How much?//
F1122 Thirty cause you've got one, two, three.
F1121 Okay, how much is that?
F1122 Three. Three. Cause you've got //these money.//
F1121 //Right,// how much do I, am I due?
F1122 Pay.
F1121 How much?
F1122 Give me the change back to me.
F1121 But how much is my messages?
F1122 Erm one, two, three.
F1121 A pound?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Okay, there you go Mrs. And what do you say? You go "Next please!"
F1122 Next please!
F1121 Can I get a shot being the shop assistant //then?//
F1122 //Mmhm.// //Mm.//
F1121 //It's okay. You can still sit there.// Right [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname], what would you like today?
F1122 I like a crispie and one of these
F1121 What is it?
F1122 I like a crispie and these and a a badge.
F1121 And a badge, erm okay. Do you want it in the Tweenies plate?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Right. Would you like anything else?
F1122 Mm, no.
F1121 Okay, you're due me one pound fifty, please.
F1122 [?]Ting[/?].
F1121 One pound fifty. Thank you very much. There's your shopping.
F1122 [laugh] [laugh] Your turn.
F1121 My turn.
F1122 My turn to be the the sh- my turn be the [?]shoppie lady[/?].
F1121 Be the shoppie lady. Right, can I get two apples please?
F1122 Oh, I haven't got any apples. [inaudible]
F1121 What kind of shop's this if you've not got any apples?
F1122 I need the ap- I need the apple.
F1121 But you're the shop lady. You're supposed to sell it to me.
F1122 I want the apple.
F1121 And how much is that?
F1122 Okay. This apple is six.
F1121 Six what? //Si- six pence?//
F1122 //Si-// mmhm, six pence.
F1121 That's very cheap.
F1122 Here yo- is your money.
F1121 Thank you very much. It's no a very good shop. You didn't give me a bag. Thank you.
F1122 Erm, Mummy, [sniff], [sniff].
F1121 Now that's dirty.
F1122 Aw!
F1121 There you go. There's your watch. What time is it?
F1122 Mum, it's not got any hands.
F1121 How?
F1122 I just, it's for you to sook.
F1121 I don't want to sook it.
F1122 Ah! Sook it! [inaudible]
F1121 Oh well. Are you finished playing shoppies then? //Okay.//
F1122 //[sucking sweet]// I want to bake noo.
F1121 Well I thought you was, we was going to go doon to help Mrs- Mrs [CENSORED: surname] and Mrs [CENSORED: surname].
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 So we'll just have to wait till Granny comes up, will we?
F1122 Mmhm. To look after [CENSORED: forename]. //[sucking a sweet]//
F1121 //Look after [CENSORED: forename], okay.// //How does that sound?//
F1122 //[sucking a sweet] Erm fine.//
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], what are you doin?
F1122 Sookin my
F1121 Right, we're going to tidy up. You going to help Mummy tidy up?
F1122 Mum, I want to [?]use[/?]. Where is our customers?
F1121 Well, it wasn't a very good shop. //So you've not got any customers.//
F1122 //But I've got// I want Granny coming and [CENSORED: forename].
F1121 But you've not got much things to buy in your shoppie.
F1122 But I've got these.
F1121 What are they?
F1122 They're crispies.
F1121 But I don't like them.
F1122 Why do you don't like crispies?
F1121 Cause I just don't like them.
F1122 Why?
F1121 Because I don't like chocolate. Do you?
F1122 Aye. Chocolate crispies are nice.
F1121 Mm. Have you got any crisps in your shop?
F1122 Mmhm oh, [?]by[/?] the cupboard. I can't reach that the cupboard. //I can't reach that the cupboard.//
F1121 //[laugh] You canna reach// the cupboard, oh well that's okay then. So what do you want to do now? Do you want to tidy up the shoppie?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 I've got an idea. What aboot if we go and tidy oot your toybox?
F1122 Aye and play with a- all my toys in the toybox.
F1121 Right, hold on a second. Can you manage off that chair?
F1122 Mmhm. Can we go erm, Mum t-, is is it alright if we take off these?
F1121 Hold on. Just keep it on for just five minutes, okay?
F1122 Oh. //Okay.//
F1121 //Ehm, what about if// we tidy away some toys. Maybe you're a bit big for some of that cuddly toys now.
F1122 Oh, but I love them.
F1121 Well we could maybe gie the baby ones to [CENSORED: forename], how does that //sound?//
F1122 //Aye,// share the toys.
F1121 Share the toys, okay. Here's [CENSORED: forename] coming, I think, [CENSORED: forename], at the door.
F1122 Is it, is it [CENSORED: forename] here to come over to my house and play?
F1121 I think so, if you come through here and just wait two minutes for me, would you?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 I think this is [CENSORED: forename] coming now. Is it her? Do you think?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Can you hear her?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 No?
F1122 Mmhm, I think we have to go and see at the door.
F1121 Okay, right, just listen then.
F1122 Okay. //We'll have to go. [doorbell rings] Ding dong! [CENSORED: forename].//
F1121 //[inaudible] door? That's a girl.//

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 01, recording 2: jigsaws, drawing and baking


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

Audio footage information

Year of recording 2004
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 37
Size (mb) 144

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Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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Recording venue Participants' house
Geographic location of speech Buckie

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Place of birth Buckie
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Father's place of birth Portsoy
Father's region of birth Aberdeen
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Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Offshore technician
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Mother's region of birth Moray
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
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