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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 14 - 23.10.81

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The Maggie
23rd Oct.

Dear Maw & Paw,

Thanks for your letters - sorry that I haven't had time to reply before now. I've been kept fairly busy, mainly by my first batch of grammar exercises, which I had to correct and hand back for today. Prof. [CENSORED: surname] was fairly pleased with them and I'm getting more on Monday. In a week or so I'll start handing the exercises back to the class myself, and I'll discuss errors. That should be fun and games.

Otherwise not a terrible lot has happened since I last wrote. I applied for and received my American visa, so it's all systems go for Christmas. Only two months off now - it's hard to believe. Time is shooting by.

Mark, my room-mate, has been acting strangely lately. After the Engineers' Lady Godiva fiasco last week, it's been the Foresters' turn to be silly. Mark was up and out at 2 o'clock this morning painting green Paul Bunyan feet all over campus. Paul Bunyan is a legendary 20-foot logger of Canada's dark past who is famed for going through forests like a combine harvester. He is the Foresters' mascot, and a bunch of them were painting the huge footsteps last night to publicise the Woodsman's Competition tomorrow. So Paul Bunyan walked again last night - until stopped by 2 squad cars and half a dozen campus police!! Mark got back around 4am. He's up at 6.30am tomorrow again to do his lumberjack bit in the competition.

I misread the [CENSORED: surname]'s letter - it's not actually 3000 miles to Philadelphia, altho' it's a fair haul.

I hope the 25th anniversary of the kirk went well and that you gave Bill [CENSORED: surname] & Iain [CENSORED: surname] and families my regards. You were taking a bit of a chance, Dad, getting Nick [CENSORED: surname] even to take a reading. You'll deserve your "retreat". Are you taking your hat with you?

I hope you both enjoyed your weekend at Aunt Anne's. I haven't been in touch with Anne yet at all.

Thanks for sending me the photos of Drew's wedding. I'll write to him soon. He does look terribly young.

I've received 3 letters from Carole in the past 3 days, but she still hasn't mentioned anything about the Sadat assasination. Either she hasn't heard yet - which is unlikely, but possible considering she was studying for her German exam - or she's waiting to see how things develop. From what I've read, the situation in Egypt is still unstable, but Mubarak seems a strong enough leader to get things back under control. I've been talking to a student here from Alexandria who believe it won't take long at all for things to calm down. But I'm keeping my eye on the state of affairs.

I see Scotland's made the World Cup again. Jock Stein for Prime Minister! Is Ted Heath really trying to make a comeback? Will the SDP take Croydon? Will Maggie T. last the year out? I read more U.K. current affairs than I did at home! Mainly from outdated copies of the Times and the Observer - Canadian papers just don't seem real somehow.

What's the local radio station like? Interesting or "hame-knitted"? Maybe you'll switch on some time and hear Nicky [CENSORED: surname] as resident D.J!

Well, I'd really better get to bed. Mark's snoring across the room. I don't envy Ali her tutor - Mr [CENSORED: surname] is rather useless to be honest: one of the worst lecturers there. She's got enough ability to see her through 1st year by herself, though, and at this stage the tutor isn't too important.

I hope you enjoyed entertaining the massed [CENSORED: surname]s, and that the house-painting is at last finished. It's becoming more like the Forth Rd Bridge - you won't have stopped till it's time to start again! I'm afraid my presents haven't arrived yet - they should come next week. Take care, regards to all,

[CENSORED: forename]

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