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d gaet haum

Author(s): Mark R Smith

Copyright holder(s): Mark R Smith


dir fifteen pownd on d meetr,
an wir no eevn wun
tae d Nesbister jungshn yit.
i hauk i d ers paukit
u me breeks.
twintee pownd left.

d soond u d tyres,
on yun nyoo chips
dt d coonsil pat upu d rod,
flees up itae d car.
Small Talk ran oot
a whiil

“no. a peerie bit ferdir yit.”
i tell d dryvir,
whin he slows doon
at d sooth whiteness raud.

i sit
back itae d saet
an try
t maak
drunken een
dir focus.


d muinlyt is lyin
on tap u d loch.
hits sheeny, lik dir sumeen
pauleesht up d waatir.
reeflekshins o staars.
piktirs o d hill appear in dis spontaneous mirror.
d soond u d tyres
is fer awey
iz i look oot.

doon d hill
d cloods tumble.
faan oot u d sky
lik beauteefl lumps u oo.
dae creep t d eidge u d loch,
lik i mind doain
years ago,
a bairn creepin t d syd o dis saam loch
t test d tempratur
afore riskin a sweem.

oot ower d waatir
d cloods flaut.
dir no a buil on d fis uda loch.
we taak n aij t dryv by.
i windir if d dyvir
iz seen d saam iz me.
liklee no.
he’ll liklee be waatchin d raud,
tinkin aboot whit iz nixt fair myt be.
ur mibee aboot maakin fir haum
eftir hees slippit me aff.

d runkl o lows stauns
undr d wheels
iz we dryv up wir raud.

“Eighteen pounds please.”

i gee him d twintee

“hits aa ryt.
keep d cheinj.”

yun munee ll be gaun afore laang,
i tink
iz i waatch him draa awaa:
pittn twaard
d electric
d fuel
d waatir
d shoes fur d bairns mibee.
but dat peerie meenit
dryvn by d loch
i kerree we me

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