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Biggam Collection Letter: 07

Author(s): Madge Taylor Law

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam



6 March 1983

Dear Joan

I meant to write before this to thank you for the cheque you sent but time just seems to fly. I didn't cash it, because I think you probably need it more than I do. While I am still working we manage fine, but I am keeping it for a souvenir. It has a nice Thistle on it. How the time goes so quick I just don't know. Did you all manage to get to the wedding all right. I will ring Chrissie one of these nights to ask her how it all went. I had a little chat to Norrie on the phone at Christmas. They all seem to be well and Malcolm's wife has had a daughter. I rang John but he wasn't in. Doll seems to be fine. I rang Rutherglen but there was no answer. I haven't tried ringing since then.

I had a card from Mrs Biggart in Galston she is getting on in years now but she still asks after you. Her sight is getting very poor but she still writes very well.

Robert was made redundant but got a job on the Underground London Transport its terrible shift work, but he says its better than nothing. Norman is still at work so far. John is still in his job and I in mine. We are all well and hope this finds you and Arthur well too.

Love from Madge & John

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