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Corbie Herd

Author(s): Iain W D Forde

Copyright holder(s): Iain W D Forde


Thon derk horss mynds naethin fur'z.
Sei hou he pits on swashie mollops,
Strunts lik a tirrand on Elbae,
Pleys skiffers wi seidcorn,
Bairges throu the tounser siemaws,
Cok o the causie, a cawin John Wayne,

Whitlik hes he ti craw about?
We pey the taxts, et the breid
At dryves the plew
An muives the seistem.
He maits anerlie on drappit nirls
Afoir thai rax the buird.

A roupin burd o paradyss
Wuid nivver here o aqual richts,
We ir bot supponed ti skair
The swatch o twa shankitrie.
Whae wuid be a tattie-bogil
Wi him aroun?

Yit a thole him in craw-widdies,
Bikkerin crouse i the trie-craps
Or plashin i blak waffs
On a rype straim o bere,
Or whan lik a kinch o mirk win
Thai tether a pyot day-sett.

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Corbie Herd


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