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Biggam Collection Letter: 20

Author(s): Madge Taylor Law

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14 February 1994

Dear Joan,

Just a note to let you know that I'm getting back to normal quiet quickly. I've had all the treatment I needed and I'm glad its all over. I will be getting an appointment in about 4 weeks time and they will probably be looking at me from time to time for a while. I'm feeling a lot stronger now. I haven't been going round to 'phone because the weather's been very cold so I thought I'd write a note instead.

I hope your arthritis isn't getting worse in this cold weather. You will have to wear all the winter woollies you can get on. Try taking some cod-liver oil capsuls, some people say they help. I've written a note to Chrissie to let her know how I'm keeping. I hope you enjoyed yourself there at the New Year. We went to Bobbie and Normans on New Year's day. Bobbie made a steak-pie for dinner. We came back home quite early because I was tired. I'm a lot stronger now.

Thomas will be going to a new school at the end of the summer this year. Time marches on. The youngest is at school now too. He told me a joke he learned at school and it goes like this. "A little boy went shopping with his Mum & Dad and kept saying that he needed a "wee" (that's "pee" in Scots.) In the end his Dad says all right go behind that bush. He runs behind the bush and he shouts "wee". I can't wait to hear the next joke.

Well I hope this cold weather means we'll get a good summer. I planted a lot of daffodil bulbs before I went into hospital and now they are shooting up I'm looking forward to seeing them flower. The woman who lives next door to Bobbie knocked my door and handed me a bunch of daffodils to cheer me up. She has never spoken to me before so I appreciated her kindness. Yesterday another woman who hasn't spoken before handed me a load of magazines as she'd heard I wasn't well. I've had a visit from 2 of the women I'm friendly with and the craft-class I go to gave me a planted up pot of, I think they are primroses and daffodils. So the people here are very kind-hearted.

Robert is still fighting the battle of the flab. He seems to put weight on so easily. Its his 39th birthday tomorrow and he says he's trying to forget it. He still keeps himself busy with his union work.

Well thats all I can say for now. I hope this finds you well. Cheerio for noo.

Love from Madge & John

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