Document 214

Cuddie Douk, Eyl O Arran

Author(s): Iain W D Forde

Copyright holder(s): Iain W D Forde


A cog a pace insett
Atween rin an mounth,
A daysett lik a pent-buist
Wadgit at deleirit wattir-bowes,
Gowks chiffer seignals

Peitchin ae bettir nor Morse,
Maws ruggin draigons o thairsells,
A clenkit boyart
Tethert an howdin griement
Ti a pactioun o waffs,

A foir-schortent tanker
A branderin o owerlops,
Hailie Inch lik a blak
Mobie Dick schorin
Ti rowe ower in its sleip

An droun aw mankeind,
Polaris ablo-sie boit
Myndin its ain fell beisines,
Luimin mirk an malagrugous
Lik a weird's day ein.

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Cuddie Douk, Eyl O Arran


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Method of composition Handwritten
Year of composition 2002
Title of original (if translation) Cuddy Dook, Isle of Arran
Author of original (if translation) Stanley Roger Green
Language of original (if translation) English
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Forenames Iain
Initials W D
Surname Forde
Gender Male
Decade of birth 1930
Educational attainment College
Age left school 17
Upbringing/religious beliefs Protestantism
Occupation Retired Architect
Place of birth Edinburgh
Region of birth Midlothian
Birthplace CSD dialect area midLoth
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Edinburgh
Region of residence Edinburgh
Residence CSD dialect area midLoth
Country of residence Scotland
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Father's place of birth Edinburgh
Father's region of birth Midlothian
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area midLoth
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Teacher
Mother's place of birth Edinburgh
Mother's region of birth Midlothian
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area midLoth
Mother's country of birth Scotland


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