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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 08, recording 2: making chocolate crispie cakes and filling party bags

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Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1117 Now, what are we goin away to do?
F1118 I-. Making!
F1117 Making what?
F1118 Making cakes.
F1117 Making cakes. And what do we need?
F1118 Pancakes!
F1117 Well I don't, I d-, I canna mak pancakes, but I'll tell you fitt we can mak. Chocolate crispies!
F1118 Yeah! Like the boys.
F1117 Like the boys, and Nana? Nana mak chocolate crispies for you? I think she did, didn't she?
F1118 It's not for me. Chocolate crispies are, I think she did.
F1117 I think she did, aye. Right, did you help her bake the last time?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Yes?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Right, what we need is erm
F1118 [?]Well don't[/?] bake them like Na- Nana.
F1117 Bake like Nana?
F1118 Yes. Just like Nana //does.//
F1117 //Right,// what we need is a glass bowl.
F1118 Glass bowl. //I can manage that, see?//
F1117 //Can you get it?// Better pull your, oh look, your telescope's doon there. You'd better pull your seat over. //Dinna play wi your cable, please.//
F1118 //I c-.// Come on cable. I said come on cable. Get down here cable.
F1117 This one should work. No, that one's too big. We need the littler pan.
F1118 This little pan. What do you, what do you see?
F1117 Is this one goin to work? //That's better.//
F1118 //[?]I saw them before[/?].// //That's better.//
F1117 //Now, put// some water in it.
F1118 Yes. Not too hard, Mum. //Not too big .//
F1117 //Eh?// //Now,//
F1118 //Not too [?]pointy[/?].//
F1117 we need to keep that on so that the water gets hot hot hot, so just po- dinna touch the pan.
F1118 Is that hot?
F1117 It will get hot, aye. Fitt else did you do the day then? Was you playin wi [CENSORED: forename]? Dinna put your hand on it.
F1118 It's too hot!
F1117 Aye, it gets hot. Dinna put your hand on it. Was you playin wi [CENSORED: forename] the day? //Mm?//
F1118 //That's [?]good[/?].//
F1117 Too much water in there.
F1118 Too much water there.
F1117 Silly Mum.
F1118 Silly Mum.
F1117 Try that.
F1118 Try that.
F1117 There's far too much water.
F1118 [inaudible] water. [laugh] You maded it too big.
F1117 Now, we need to melt some
F1118 [laugh] Melt some //with//
F1117 //chocolate.//
F1118 chocolate crispies!
F1117 That's what [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] was doin.
F1118 Yes, chocolate crispies. [inaudible] put it on. Is this hot? No.
F1117 It will get hot, aye. Dinna touch it. [inaudible] It will get hot so don't touch it, please! //See it bubbling? Mmhm.//
F1118 //Oh, Mum, I can see the red// burning. //[inaudible] that's going dead hot.//
F1117 //[breaking chocolate]// //Bang//
F1118 //[inaudible]//
F1117 bang bang //bang.//
F1118 //Bang bang bang bang bang.// Bang bang bang bang bang.
F1117 Now, we'll break up the chocolate.
F1118 Yes, break up the chocolate. It's makin bubbles. It's makin bubbles. Makin bubbles, Mum. It's making bubbles.
F1117 Making bubbles?
F1118 Yes, look. Look! Come here.
F1117 Aye, I see it. Right, you //you put the chocolates in.//
F1118 //I wanna dae one.// Me [CENSORED: forename].
F1117 You [CENSORED: forename], aye you [CENSORED: forename], me Mum. Right, put them aa in there.
F1118 One, two, three, //four.//
F1117 //What did Dad give you for your dinner?//
F1118 Erm, nothing. //I didn't get my dinner.//
F1117 //Nothing?// You didn't get your dinner. //Are you sure?//
F1118 //Mm.// No, I just ate my dinner. I just ate my dinner at breakfast. //[inaudible].//
F1117 //You just ate your dinner for fitt?//
F1118 Breakfast.
F1117 For breakfast? //That's terrible.//
F1118 //Yes.// Breakfast dinner.
F1117 Breakfast dinner?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 That's no use.
F1118 But I have to-.
F1117 Is that them aa?
F1118 Yes. No, that's it. That's it all!
F1117 Right, now, I'll put the paper into the bucket.
F1118 [slurp] I like chocolate!
F1117 You like chocolate, div ye?
F1118 I don't like that chocolate. I don't like that chocolate, Mum.
F1117 How no?
F1118 I like Papa's chocolate. //[slurp]//
F1117 //[laugh] Aye, you like Dairy Milk chocolate.//
F1118 I like Dairy Milk chocolate. I like that for des- puttin puttin that on in the butter.
F1117 It's nae butter, it's Dairylea. //Dairylea cheese.//
F1118 //Dairylea.// Dairylea cheese. Cow cheese!
F1117 Do you like Dairylea cheese?
F1118 It's cow's cheese.
F1117 Cow's cheese, aye, that kind of cheese, that's right, aye. //Right, you wanna pop that away?//
F1118 //[laugh] [inaudible].// Yes, put it away.
F1117 Put it in the cupboard. //And then with your telescope, you can look at the chocolate.//
F1118 //[inaudible] [slurp]// That was it, I seen it!
F1117 Can you see it?
F1118 I can!
F1117 That's good.
F1118 You can see one and two. [?]Too much[/?], and Mum mixin up.
F1117 Right. //[inaudible].//
F1118 //Mix it up, Mum.//
F1117 [inaudible]. Is it melting?
F1118 No.
F1117 No?
F1118 It's just just, it's melting!
F1117 Is it melting?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Right, well I suppose we better mix it gently.
F1118 Okay.
F1117 I'll put on my apron.
F1118 It's [inaudible] chocolate and [inaudible].
F1117 Aye, just be gentle wi it though. I'll put on my apron. Dinna jump on the top!
F1118 It's lovely.
F1117 Lovely.
F1118 It's lovely when we eat pancakes.
F1117 Lovely when we eat pancakes?
F1118 Yeah. Munch munch munch munch munch munch. Munch munch munch munch. //Munch munch munch munch.//
F1117 //Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk,// and said goodbye to the?
F1118 It's
F1117 [?]Ma[/?] was countin all the pennies the day.
F1118 Yes.
F1117 And you was makin money there, was you?
F1118 Yes, you hear me at the work.
F1117 I heard you at your work, I did hear you. Madam wee madam. Now, we can either mak Rice Krispies or Fr- chocolate Frosties.
F1118 Can we s-? I want your breakfast for this. Your breakfast, Mum. I want your breakfast for it.
F1117 No, I've to mix that in wi the chocolates. Now, remember we needed the tray.
F1118 Yes.
F1117 And the c-, the paper cups.
F1118 It's getting all lumpy, it's getting all lumpy!
F1117 No it shouldna be getting lumpy, [inaudible] hot enough then, is it?
F1118 I think we needs that. I think we needs this. I think we needs breakfast.
F1117 [inaudible] what we've got. There's nae [?]paper cakes[/?]. Cupcakes?
F1118 Cupcakes! //It's still a bittie water.//
F1117 //[inaudible]// Have you nae had dinner at all?
F1118 Nope.
F1117 That's terrible. Your Dad nae gave you dinner
F1118 Nope.
F1117 while Mum was working? //Mind the melted chocolate.//
F1118 //I'm making numbers.// I'm just makin numbers for it. [inaudible] [snort]
F1117 Be gentle wi it, nae [inaudible] with it. So was you playin wi [CENSORED: forename].
F1118 No, I was playin wi [CENSORED: forename]. I seen them!
F1117 Atween smackin [CENSORED: forename]? //Why did you smack her?//
F1118 //Yes.// I didn't smack her.
F1117 Why did you hit her on her back?
F1118 Cause I didna want her in my hoose.
F1117 Eh?
F1118 I didna want her in my hoose.
F1117 Why no?
F1118 Cause I didn't like her //in my hoose.//
F1117 //But you was playin with her.//
F1118 I didn't. I was playing with [CENSORED: forename] on my bed, and she didna want to play with, she didna //want to play with//
F1117 //I ken but that isna very nice, when you're// playing with the girls, you've all to play together. //Right, we'll take that off the heat.//
F1118 //O- [exhale]//
F1117 Right. //Right, if I push this in.//
F1118 //I wanna dae it.// Yes. I put it out, I put the sp- //spoon out.//
F1117 //There we go.//
F1118 Now mix it up!
F1117 Just be gentle.
F1118 It needs to be all chocolatey.
F1117 Mmhm.
F1118 Needin to be all chocolatey.
F1117 Yes.
F1118 You like yours breakfast.
F1117 I like my breakfast? //Do I like my breakfast?//
F1118 //Yes.// What breakfast you have?
F1117 Fitt did I have this morning? I had Alpen and muesli. All-Bran and muesli. But I don't think you like All-Bran and muesli. Dinna bash it, just dae it gently.
F1118 Mash mash mash, gently.
F1117 Just do it gently. Mix them all up so that the chocolate's all over them.
F1118 It's getting all lumpy!
F1117 It's nae all lumpy. [inaudible] fridge. Will I gie you a helping hand and then we'll put in some more. Oh there's lots o chocolate in here.
F1118 Uh-huh. Mm! Chocolatey!
F1117 Right, [?]so you are[/?].
F1118 A little bittie for me.
F1117 What a fine smell.
F1118 What a fine smell. That's [inaudible], put your hand like this.
F1117 That's right. And watch you don't burn yourself. Would you like to be a cook?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Fitt would you cook?
F1118 Erm bread and butter and chicken soup. //[inaudible].//
F1117 //[laugh]// Bread and butter for your chicken soup, would you?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 That was nice.
F1118 And nice pancakes. //And make patty-cakes.//
F1117 //Uh-huh.// And fitt about for your
F1118 Somebody's at the door.
F1117 No, it's just me makkin a noise. [cough]
F1118 It's done now.
F1117 How are you doing? Can I see how you've been getting on, see if we need any more?
F1118 Anything more.
F1117 Hold on. Let me see. Oh there's lots o chocolate at the bottom o this. Only thing is, is the tub, is the jar big enough?
F1118 Yes. I wanna put that in it!
F1117 No. //Will you help Mum//
F1118 //No me me me me!//
F1117 pour it in, eh? Right, try that then.
F1118 Try that. Will you help me, Mummy?
F1117 Mmhm. That's it. Can you get down? Cause all the chocolate sinks to the bottom.
F1118 Let's mix it down. //[inaudible] me.//
F1117 //See all the chocolate doon the bottom.// Oh you're doin a good job.
F1118 There's chocolate doon the bottom.
F1117 Chocolate down the water?
F1118 Yes. Just put it down the bottom, Mum. Just put the chocolate down the bottom.
F1117 [laugh] Was there a- anybody else into the house this morning. I think [CENSORED: forename] was in, was he?
F1118 Yes. [inaudible].
F1117 Fitt did you say there?
F1118 It's all lumpy!
F1117 Ah, it's supposed to be all lumpy.
F1118 Okay. I need a more bit o it.
F1117 Let me see. How are you gettin on there? Chocolate, oh watch, you're dripping it.
F1118 [exhale] I want more.
F1117 Haud on, haud on, let's mak some room then. A wee sippie mair then. In there. Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
F1118 That's a little bittie.
F1117 Right, try that then. Then we'll need a spoon to put them into the cupcakes.
F1118 Yes. //I want I want that//
F1117 //Mix them in, eh? Oh we're no ready yet.//
F1118 I want that one, I want, just that one spoon. The one wi Thomas on the back. //There Thomas.//
F1117 //No, I think we'll need a bigger ain than Thomas's.//
F1118 [inaudible] Thomas. Oh, I need a bigger spoon! I don't see. I don't have a bigger spoon!
F1117 Okay. //[inaudible]//
F1118 //I did I did// bigger bigger bigger.
F1117 Mmhm. //On you go then, [inaudible].//
F1118 //Bigger, bigger, bi-.//
F1117 You're aa excited, ain't ye? Dinna half get excited, haud on! //Haud on. I'll dae this//
F1118 //Can I dae it?//
F1117 last bit and then you can help put them into the cupcakes, okay?
F1118 Okay. That was the bittie. I'll put that bittie on here.
F1117 No, you can eat that one.
F1118 It's mashed down now.
F1117 Aye, it's mashed doon noo.
F1118 Look!
F1117 I was away seeing [CENSORED: forename].
F1118 What [CENSORED: forename]?
F1117 My [CENSORED: forename].
F1118 And my [CENSORED: forename] too.
F1117 Mmhm, your [CENSORED: forename] too. [CENSORED: forename]'s going to get a baby.
F1118 What is it?
F1117 Well they don't know yet, until it comes. //Right, I think that's aa the chocolate mixed in.//
F1118 //How does th- [inaudible]?// //[inaudible] little bittie.//
F1117 //No, hold on, right, noo we've to move over to the table.//
F1118 That's the table!
F1117 Mmhm move over there.
F1118 I need a little bittie crunchy for my spoon.
F1117 Hold on, till we go over to the table.
F1118 Okay. //[slurp]//
F1117 //Well move your sheet then.//
F1118 Okay. Move my sheet.
F1117 Can you manage?
F1118 [yelp] Yes. Now Mum.
F1117 Now, we need two spoonies, a big one and a little one.
F1118 [inaudible]
F1117 And this is what you do.
F1118 This! //[inaudible]//
F1117 //Now hold on, cause this plate's hot.// //Now, the plate's hot.//
F1118 //Okay.//
F1117 So take the spoon. Right, watch Mum and then you can do it. The big spoon.
F1118 Look.
F1117 And pour it in.
F1118 I wanna dae it now!
F1117 Aye, you can dae it now. Just take a wee sippie at a time, and pour it in. //You managing?//
F1118 //[inaudible]// Mummy, I'm daein a good job, Mum.
F1117 Very good. [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1118 //I think we're having// There was a [?]brilliant[/?] bouncy castle, Mum!
F1117 Eh?
F1118 There was [?]a brilliant[/?] bouncy castle.
F1117 [?]A bee in[/?] the bouncy castle?
F1118 There was a bouncy ca-. There was a b-, [inaudible] bouncy castle, Mum.
F1117 Mmhm. You managing?
F1118 Yes. Daein a good job.
F1117 Good. And you're nae makkin a mess.
F1118 I'm daein a good job, Mum.
F1117 Oh goody goody gumdrops.
F1118 Goody goody gumdrops, [inaudible]. [inaudible] I'm makin a mess. //[inaudible] mess, Mum.//
F1117 //[inaudible]// I'll come to the rescue. That's okay.
F1118 I have get a mess, Mum. [inaudible] a mess?
F1117 Oh, you're doin a good job.
F1118 Put it on the wrong order.
F1117 Ah, but you've to mind and get it into th-. Is that you trumping?
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Oh you foul brute.
F1118 It's dripping.
F1117 Aye, it's dripping. Just take a wee sippie at a time.
F1118 Okay.
F1117 [throat] Oh, smelly trumps!
F1118 It's not smelly for me!
F1117 [laugh] It is! Can you nae smell it?
F1118 Nope.
F1117 Pooey.
F1118 I dinna smell it.
F1117 Aye, stinky-winky.
F1118 This needs a [inaudible] bittie bit. Oh, this one's fellen down.
F1117 That's okay.
F1118 I just [inaudible]. I can't reach it there.
F1117 Take your spoon oot. Take your spoon oot.
F1118 Take it out. Put it in. Careful Mum, this is my one.
F1117 [laugh]
F1118 I'm mashin it down. That's mine. //[laugh]//
F1117 //[inaudible] big one.// What?
F1118 Did it.
F1117 You did it, //[inaudible].//
F1118 //Chocolate.//
F1117 Right, what aboot if we //turn the tray roond.//
F1118 //I need a little bittie more.//
F1117 No, that's enough on that one. Dinna squash it! Right. Right, we'll turn the tray round.
F1118 I'll do this bitties, that one fell down. [singing]
F1117 No, just keep it on the tray.
F1118 No, cause I can't reach it.
F1117 Has Dad been watchin sport aa day? Football?
F1118 Mmhm. Then put it in the big spoon.
F1117 Was Granny over?
F1118 Nope.
F1117 No?
F1118 I was over [CENSORED: forename]'s house.
F1117 Oh right, okay.
F1118 And [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] was there.
F1117 Uh-huh.
F1118 Yeah. [inaudible]
F1117 Right, that's a good one, that one. Put that one in there and get another cupcake. [sniff] Oh.
F1118 I put them all in. I'm just holding them for a minute.
F1117 No, put it on the table, cause it'll fall and then it'll fall on your trousers.
F1118 Okay.
F1117 And you dinna want to mak this trousers a mess.
F1118 You made your trousers a mess, Mum.
F1117 My trousers are a mess, aye. I'll have to get them washed the night. Gosh, what a good job you're making. Now, that's that one in.
F1118 Mine. [inaudible]
F1117 Aye, it's cause you're flattening it doon. Try that one then.
F1118 That's er that's a little bittie.
F1117 Now, dinna take too much cause then it spills.
F1118 I need a [?]bittie[/?].
F1117 Eh? You foul brute! [laugh] You're nae supposed to eat it off of the spoon. Just put it in the cupcakes.
F1118 They're not cupcakes! They're cups cake. Cup cake. Cup cake Mum.
F1117 Cupcake, is it?
F1118 Yeah, not cupcake! It's cup cake. I just want a little lick.
F1117 You just want a little lick.
F1118 Mm. Very crunchy. Very crunchy, Mum. And have a [inaudible] sandwich.
F1117 Have a [inaudible] sandwich? Look, you're dripping. Watch them noo. Look, you're dropping them. Look, it's on the seat.
F1118 Oh yeah. //Where? Jus-.//
F1117 //There, look, on the side of the seat.//
F1118 Where?
F1117 There.
F1118 [slurp]
F1117 Tell me, fitt's aa the songs you're goin to sing at nursery? I think Miss [CENSORED: surname] likes singing songs.
F1118 I think she like "I love you, //you love me,//
F1117 //[laugh]//
F1118 we're a happy family." Is that a good ain?
F1117 Mmhm.
F1118 Okay. I'll sing that one for Miss [CENSORED: surname].
F1117 And fitt aboot Mrs [CENSORED: surname].
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Are you goin to sing to her as well? //No, [CENSORED: forename].//
F1118 //I ne-.// //I need a little lick.//
F1117 //[laugh]//
F1118 Please Mummy.
F1117 A little lick.
F1118 Mm.
F1117 Is that good?
F1118 Mmhm. [inaudible] put it in [inaudible].
F1117 Eh? Ah, mm you did well.
F1118 Put it in. A bit.
F1117 Mmhm. No, I think that's the last one.
F1118 I think that's the last ain.
F1117 The last one, yep, put doon your cupcake, put it on the table.
F1118 Look Mum.
F1117 And get them all in. Watch, dinna move it! Dinna move it, let go!
F1118 [inaudible]
F1117 Right, you can scrape the bowl then. You can eat fitt's left in the bowl. Okay? Mm.
F1118 [inaudible] nae milk. [inaudible] nae milk.
F1117 [inaudible], no. We didna hae enough to mak them aa. Now, we'll let them set. You can eat fitt's in the
F1118 Mm.
F1117 Mm. Is that good?
F1118 Mmhm.
F1117 That's the best bit, isn't it?
F1118 Mmhm.
F1117 Suppin up fitt's nae eaten. Mm mm mm! Now. Oh me. [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]. [licks lips] Oh! Look at aa the bits on the table.
F1118 [inaudible] eat them. I put them in my mouth. [inhale] [exhale]
F1117 Mm. //Yum yum yum.//
F1118 //Mm.// Yum yum yum.
F1117 Chocolate in my tum.
F1118 Chocolate in my tum. [laugh]
F1117 Is that good?
F1118 Mmhm. [inaudible] that ain.
F1117 Look, you've still got bitties in here, look. Mm.
F1118 Mm. Ha ha! I got a chocolate bittie!
F1117 [laugh] You're a monkey, ain't you?
F1118 Mmhm.
F1117 [CENSORED: forename] would like to ch- to eat that.
F1118 Uh-huh. [CENSORED: forename]'ll be eat that when she's a big boy.
F1117 Is that the last one?
F1118 Mmhm.
F1117 Now, and I'll wipe the table.
F1118 [inaudible] [panting]
F1117 Right, you can lick the rest o the bowlie.
F1118 [exhale]
F1117 Okay? Did [CENSORED: forename] did [CENSORED: forename] take you and [CENSORED: forename] there the day?
F1118 Nope.
F1117 No?
F1118 Mm mm. And he was at his Granny's.
F1117 Was he at his Granny's?
F1118 Ooh! [inaudible] [sucking air through teeth] Lick it, Mummy! Mm.
F1117 [inaudible]
F1118 Licking it.
F1117 Have you licked the bowl?
F1118 Uh. Come and see, Mummy.
F1117 [inaudible] It's all over your nose. Now, come here. It's all over your head and over your chin and over your nose. //Now you've to wash it. Oh okay. Sorry!//
F1118 //Oh! Ah! Ah! Over my head, [inaudible].//
F1117 It's okay. Right, now we've to wash it. Put your spoon in it.
F1118 [inaudible] Where's the pancakes?
F1117 I n- I canna mak pancakes. Erm.
F1118 [squeal]
F1117 Right. Fitt next?
F1118 I like crispies.
F1117 Mak up party bags.
F1118 Party bag! What ha- what, make party bags?
F1117 Right.
F1118 Party bags.
F1117 Fitt we'll aa hae to do is take all the stuff into the toy-, er the living room.
F1118 Yes.
F1117 Right, come wi me then.
F1118 Okay. Come on bag.
F1117 Aye, come on [CENSORED: forename].
F1118 Come on bag, too. See, come on bag.
F1117 Right, we'll shift the table. //I'll just check your machine's still workin.//
F1118 //Yes.//
F1117 And you havenae knocked it aff of onything. Aye, it's still working, right.
F1118 It's in my back pocket.
F1117 Right, fitt we need to do is, put it doon your back. That's all right, right, check Mum's, make sure that's still on. //Right, right.//
F1118 //Yes.//
F1117 Go in the bag for the food and the crisps and the sweeties.
F1118 I put it like this, Mum, //this, put it like this.//
F1117 //[inaudible] Aye. Right, dinna touch it, dinna tap it.// //Carry that into the living room for me.//
F1118 //Okay.// //Okay. Oh, it's really big.//
F1117 //Okay?// Okay?
F1118 [exhale] Like this Mum? Beside the window, Mum? Beside the window?
F1117 Eh?
F1118 Beside the window?
F1117 Aye, that's fine.
F1118 Okay?
F1117 Take them aa through. One at a time.
F1118 Okay. One at a time. [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1117 Take them through, right through.
F1118 Okay. Like this?
F1117 Right, and there's one more still to come.
F1118 Two.
F1117 Through, one more still to come, take it through. No, there's another one at the door.
F1118 Okay. [inaudible] at the door.
F1117 Go and get them. There's another bag at the door.
F1118 A bag at the door.
F1117 In here.
F1118 Ah!
F1117 Nae in there, through //here.//
F1118 //[exhale]// [inhale] I [inaudible] party bag. It's a par-. Mum, I just [inaudible], Mum.
F1117 Right, okay. //Right.//
F1118 //Put them on here.//
F1117 Now. //Now we need pr-, this is all the toys.//
F1118 //This is toys!// Yes, for babies, for the babies.
F1117 No, that's for the party bags. Right, we ne- we need to find the party bags.
F1118 Yes. I I I need the sweets [inaudible].
F1117 The sweets are goin into the party bags.
F1118 Okay. //The sweets d-.//
F1117 //Right, have you brought through the other bag?// No?
F1118 But I can't see it.
F1117 Through beside the garage.
F1118 Okay. I done it.
F1117 Thank you. Right.
F1118 Now I have to sit down.
F1117 Right. //Now, [inaudible].//
F1118 //What's this? What's this?//
F1117 That's what's going into the party bags.
F1118 Okay. Where's the party bag?
F1117 And there's a bag o these going into each party bag.
F1118 What's this? What's that for?
F1117 And we've to blow up the balloons.
F1118 Okay. Blow up the balloons. //Ah oh.//
F1117 //And a cake. Right.//
F1118 A big //big pile.//
F1117 //[laugh]// A big pile. Right.
F1118 Erm. //Erm.//
F1117 //Here's some party bags.//
F1118 Erm [inaudible] whistle. [blows whistle] [inhale] [blows whistle]
F1117 Oh we'll keep some balloons.
F1118 [blows whistle] And let's keep the party bags. //[blows whistle]//
F1117 //[inaudible]//
F1118 [blows whistle] [inhale] [blows whistle]
F1117 Is that aa the part- no, there must be mair party bags, please, I need party bags. Oh here we go. Another two.
F1118 [blowing] //[blows whistle]//
F1117 //What have I got?// Four eights is thirty-two.
F1118 There are lots.
F1117 Right, now.
F1118 It's my balloons. //It's my birthday.//
F1117 //[inaudible]// What we need is a bag o crisps.
F1118 Okay. //Here.//
F1117 //No, these ones.//
F1118 Okay.
F1117 [inaudible] go in here, plenty bags. Right.
F1118 Party bags.
F1117 And we need a balloon.
F1118 Uh-huh.
F1117 A balloon for each party bag, //a bag o crisps,//
F1118 //Yeah.//
F1117 a sweetie,
F1118 I don't like that kind o crisps.
F1117 Ah but it's nae for you.
F1118 Who's it for?
F1117 This is for goin oot to the bairnies at the party. Now, that's for going into the party bags.

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Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2004
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