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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 10, recording 3: washing up and colouring in

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1089 So, what are we gaun tae dae the day? Mummy's gaun tae dae the dishes.
M1090 Where's? My juice is empty. //Oh.//
F1089 //Your juice is empty, aye but you'll get some more later on.//
M1090 Oh I want more.
F1089 Eh?
M1090 I want more.
F1089 Do you want more?
M1090 Can I this ain?
F1089 [water running] Oh fitt's that ye got?
M1090 It is blackcurrant. //What's this?//
F1089 //It's fitt?// That's apple and blackcurrant.
M1090 Apple and blackcurrant?
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 Who put it in there?
F1089 I think Mummy it in there, why?
M1090 Huh but I dinna like that ain.
F1089 You dinna like it?
M1090 What's that ain? What's that ain? What's what's that ain? What's that ain?
F1089 [tut] //This ain's apple!//
M1090 //What's,// can I have apple? //Yeah.//
F1089 //You wanting apple juice, are ye?//
M1090 I didna like blackcurrant. //Ow!//
F1089 //And fitt are ye sayin?//
M1090 Please? That juice is blackcurrant. Blackcurrant.
F1089 Fitt?
M1090 Black-. Aah. I want apple!
F1089 Hey! I want doesna get in this house.
M1090 I want doesna get in this house. S-. Hey. Pepper.
F1089 Fitt do you say?
M1090 Is it all done? //Please.//
F1089 //Oh dinna be sniffin that. It'll mak you sneeze.//
M1090 Are you going to sneeze?
F1089 No.
M1090 What if you did sneeze? //Wh- what if you did sneeze?//
F1089 //Fitt?// Then I would hav-, you would have to say bless you.
M1090 [inhale]
F1089 Wouldn't ye?
M1090 Then you would say bless you.
F1089 You would say bless you?
M1090 No you would say bless you.
F1089 No, if I sneeze you say bless you. Is that right?
M1090 Mm. //An I will say bless you.//
F1089 //Mmhm?// //Mm.//
M1090 //Then.//
F1089 You'll say bless you?
M1090 [exhale] Where's the salt? //Is that the salt?//
F1089 //Eh?// That's pepper.
M1090 Pepper? //What if,//
F1089 //Mmhm.// //[inaudible]//
M1090 //what if it was salt!// What if it was salt?
F1089 I think it's salt, but pepper, Mummy likes pepper in her soup.
M1090 What if it was salt?
F1089 Fitt?
M1090 What if it was salt? //Uh-huh.//
F1089 //Fitt if it was salt?// What does that mean?
M1090 You will get a sore tummy. //Yes!//
F1089 //You would get a sore tummy if it was salt? Would ye?//
M1090 It's yuck! I switch this off?
F1089 No it's fine. Gonnae come off the table please.
M1090 Can you help to get down!
F1089 Come here till I check you. Come here, come here, come here! [velcro?] Just dandy! Are you just dandy?
M1090 No I'm not.
F1089 What are you then? //[laugh]//
M1090 //You're dandy!// //You're dandy.//
F1089 //[laugh]// Oi!
M1090 [laugh] //Heh!//
F1089 //No, nae dae that.// //[laugh]//
M1090 //You and me!// Me! [laugh]
F1089 Look at the rain! It's bucketin doon.
M1090 Bucketin doon, let me see on ma chair.
F1089 You gaun tae climb up in your chair?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 You want to dae that when Mummy's daein the dishes?
M1090 Mmhm. I can't see down there. Oh. We can't go outside. //It's lots of rain.//
F1089 //Eh?// //Lots of rain?//
M1090 //We can't,// yeah we can go in the car. [?]That's[/?]. Hey!
F1089 You want to do some colouring?
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 [banging noise] Wait till Mummy wipes the table then. Sit doon!
M1090 I can't get it. I got it! //Mmhm mm.//
F1089 //Right wait, just wait a minute.// //[rustling noise]//
M1090 //Mm.//
F1089 One thing at a time eh?
M1090 Heh! //[child noise]//
F1089 //Sit doon cause that's aa dirty.//
M1090 [child noise] //[child noise]//
F1089 //No dinna need that.// //Thought you was gonnae dae some colouring?//
M1090 //[child noise]// Uh-huh. But that's mine. [inaudible] [child noise] Oh I want to kick [?]in the leader[/?].
F1089 You're fitt?
M1090 Eh you. Now I'll kick this. //[slurp]//
F1089 //Dinna kick, that's nae nice.//
M1090 Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! [inhale] Oh! Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! Mmhm. [inhale] //Oh!//
F1089 //[raspberry]// [raspberry]
M1090 [raspberry]
F1089 Uncle [CENSORED: forename]'s coming.
M1090 Why?
F1089 He's gonna put your pictures up in the living room.
M1090 Mm. Why's he gonna put the pictures up?
F1089 Because Mummy wants the pictures up in the living room.
M1090 [inaudible] [child noise] [child noise] //[exhale]//
F1089 //Farr ye gaun?// Thought you was gaun tae dae some colourin?
M1090 I was just playing with the door.
F1089 You're fitt?
M1090 I'm playin with the door. //Yeah.//
F1089 //Playing wi the door? Why are you playing wi the door?//
M1090 [inhale] Well, I can't open it now. You only pull this handle, then it opens. Da-dah! [door banging] Now it shuts! And this. What's this colour?
F1089 Fitt colour?
M1090 What's this colour? //Mm.//
F1089 //Er yellow.//
M1090 Mmhm. Mm. Mm. Mm. Now. What's this colour?
F1089 Brown.
M1090 Mm. Ora-. Wh-wh- what's on what's on the T-? [television noise]
F1089 Farr you goin?
M1090 [television noise] //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //Come on through here and dae some colouring.//
M1090 I did. //The table he-. Mmhm.//
F1089 //Will I get your colouring book?// //Wait till we see.//
M1090 //Mmhm.// Out! I'm not going to draw out that. I'm not gonna draw that. That's a [inaudible].
F1089 No I'll tell you it, come on we'll, we'll go and hae a look for a colouring book up the stair.
M1090 Remember! Don't sneak on me.
F1089 Don't what?
M1090 Remember? [inaudible] Don't sneak on me! [blowing]
F1089 [inaudible] the day?
M1090 [child noise] Huh. //[inhale] I look like I need.//
F1089 //Fitt aboot this one?// //Super giant colouring book.//
M1090 //Mm yeah.// Yes.
F1089 You gaun to draw me, colour me some pictues?
M1090 Yes.
F1089 See what else we've got up here.
M1090 Can I have some pencils?
F1089 Magic pictures as well, look.
M1090 Wow! He's colouring in my pi-. //Mmhm//
F1089 //Will Mummy help ye?// Right, come on an we'll go doon to the kitchen table and //we'll dae it there.//
M1090 //No! I want to do this ain!//
F1089 Fitt ain?
M1090 Uh this ain, the bo- oh the boat.
F1089 Oh the boat? Okay, that's nae problem.
M1090 I need to get that one //there.//
F1089 //Are ye gonna carry it?//
M1090 Yes.
F1089 That's a good boy.
M1090 I'll be careful.
F1089 You'll be ca- careful?
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 Right watch you dinna fall.
M1090 I need some penc-.
F1089 Oh oh wait a minute.
M1090 I need to colour in the doggie.
F1089 You need to colour in the doggie dae ye?
M1090 Mmhm. Yeah. [exhale]
F1089 Right, you're okay.
M1090 Oh.
F1089 Dinna go off!
M1090 Not.
F1089 That's it.
M1090 I want to sit in this chair.
F1089 In that, but I think you'd be better in your one because it's higher up.
M1090 But this ain is that ain, [?]that ain that ain[/?].
F1089 Eh?
M1090 But that ain [?]that ain[/?]. [inhale] [exhale]
F1089 And see this ain, this is a magic ain, look.
M1090 A magic, magic? //I'll do the, I'll do the magic//
F1089 //Okay?// //Do you want tae dae any of the magic ains?//
M1090 //ain.// //Yeah.//
F1089 //Will Mummy gie you a// a coin and ye can rub it off. Sit doon now.
M1090 Okay. Will you give me a coin? Will ye? //Woah.//
F1089 //Right sit doon, wait a min- sit doon.// Sit doon! Oh! Watch yer knees.
M1090 I didna want that on.
F1089 Right dinna touch it now.
M1090 On. //[inaudible]//
F1089 //You alright?// Okay? Right, wait a minute I'm gonna gie you //right I'm gonna gie you,//
M1090 //I want this off.//
F1089 no I'm gonna gie you a penny.
M1090 Penny [?]to leap off[/?].
F1089 Haud on a minute. So Mummy can find it.
M1090 Did you fou-?
F1089 Right, this one. Right, see what you've got tae do?
M1090 [coin scratching paper]
F1089 Maybe we'll use a a round one, will we?
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 No, I have nae got a smaller one, right, here you go.
M1090 Mm.
F1089 Use it. Rub it on the flat bittie, look.
M1090 Okay. [coin scratching paper]
F1089 That's it! //Not on the,//
M1090 //[coin scratching paper]//
F1089 on the flat bit, let me gie you a round one I think.
M1090 [coin scratching paper]
F1089 Try this one. Try this one, look. Oh look, there's a picture comin up!
M1090 [scratching noise] //I've.//
F1089 //Keep going!// You've got, you've got tae get the hale picture oot, haven't ye?
M1090 Oh hold it the other way.
F1089 Well, use this hand cause this is your better hand.
M1090 Mm. //Does that make it rub away?//
F1089 //Aye,// no it g- it makes it come out. Look. [coin scratches paper] //See?//
M1090 //Will,// will it disappear it? //Can I//
F1089 //[inhale] Aw you don't know what this is.//
M1090 [scratching noise]
F1089 Look, use this hand, let's see. //Right hold it there like that.//
M1090 //Mm.// Why does appear like that? [scratching noise]
F1089 Right, can you see what's coming up?
M1090 [sniff] //Mmhm.//
F1089 //Do you know what it is?//
M1090 Mm mm. Ehm.
F1089 No? I think that might be a little baby elephant.
M1090 Mmhm. //Mm.//
F1089 //Fitt do you think?//
M1090 [scratching noise] //Mmhm mm.//
F1089 //Fitt do you think it is?//
M1090 Two elephants.
F1089 Two elephants? //Oh he's got, what's that?//
M1090 //A two elephants!// [laugh] A elephant. //Mmhm.//
F1089 //The elephant's trunk?//
M1090 [scratching noise] //Mm.//
F1089 //You carry on up here, look.//
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 Use this hand please. Not so hard. Up here maybe?
M1090 [scratching noise] Mm.
F1089 Oh it's an aafa day, isn't it? No, nae up there. Round there I think.
M1090 [scratching noise]
F1089 Fitt is that on the top o there?
M1090 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1089 //Fitt's that?//
M1090 Will you help me?
F1089 Uh-huh.
M1090 [scratching noise]
F1089 Fitt on earth's that?
M1090 [scratching noise] [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1089 //Oh it's a wee mannie! [laugh]// //[laugh]//
M1090 //[laugh] No, it's a elephant!//
F1089 I thought it was a strange beastie!
M1090 [scratching noise] //[laugh]//
F1089 //Eh did you think it was a strange beastie?//
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 There's your picture, look.
M1090 [laugh] Now I want to do this ain.
F1089 A mannie and a elephant.
M1090 Now I want to do this ain. You do that and I'll colour in this. [inhale] Look at my one that. //Will you give me the penny? I I want the penny.//
F1089 //You've got a colour in this, right, wait till Mummy gets your,// wait and I'll get your crayons.
M1090 Mmhm. [laugh]
F1089 Oh oh that bag's broken. [rustling noise] //Right, here's your crayons.//
M1090 //My-//
F1089 Right what colour are you gonna do? Are you gonna do the birdie?
M1090 Mm.
F1089 Fitt colour are you gonna do the birdie? Yellow? That's a good colour for a birdie. Now you keep it in, //and you colour,//
M1090 //Will you help me?//
F1089 aye.
M1090 I will do it.
F1089 Keep it in the lines.
M1090 Okay. Must keep it in the line. Keep it in the line. //Uh-huh.//
F1089 //Are you keeping it in the lines?//
M1090 Oh. Mum.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 [scribbling noise] Now for the sea. Now for the feet.
F1089 Fitt you seeing now?
M1090 Oh! [laugh] Hmm. Doing it.
F1089 That's it, but hold your pen, hold your crayon this way, look. //Like that.//
M1090 //[inhale]//
F1089 And then you can
M1090 [scribbling noise]
F1089 rub in the birdie like that, see?
M1090 Oh you've [inaudible] [scratching noise] I coloured it in!
F1089 Aye, you did aye, but do, do up this bittie a wee bittie.
M1090 [scratching noise] Now I do the boat. Where's the boat colour in?
F1089 What colour are you gonna do now? What colour are you gaun tae do the boat?
M1090 Mm. [scratching noise] Blue.
F1089 Eh?
M1090 Blue. //Blue.//
F1089 //Blue? That's good.//
M1090 Am I doing the boat?
F1089 Eh?
M1090 Am I doing the boat?
F1089 You daein the boat?
M1090 I'm doing that boat! //Uh.//
F1089 //Uh-huh.//
M1090 Mm I'm going to do this. Is that better? Is that better?
F1089 That's very good, oh that's very good.
M1090 [rustling noise]
F1089 Colour it all in though. Rub hard. See like this, let's show you. Nae like that, like this. Mummy take a wee shottie for you? And you hold it like this, right.
M1090 Mm eh. [scribbling noise] Hmm.
F1089 Let's see. //Now rub it!//
M1090 //Okay then.// //[laugh] Okay.//
F1089 //Colour the whole thing in!// That's it.
M1090 [laugh] Is that it?
F1089 That's clever.
M1090 Mm. Was that clever? I'm going so much fast. //Mmhm.//
F1089 //You're going fast are you?// [sound of water running] Are you gaun to do the boat, the other boat a different colour now?
M1090 Mm now I'm going to do orange! //Now I'm going to do green.//
F1089 //Orange?//
M1090 Is this green?
F1089 That's green, aye.
M1090 I'll do green. I'll do it green.
F1089 [sound of water running]
M1090 Oh ah. Nope.
F1089 [cough] Dinna do it on your hand.
M1090 Oh no.
F1089 Oh is that bit //coming off, is it?//
M1090 //Yeah.// //Aye it is.//
F1089 //We'll just take it off then, look.// //That be better?//
M1090 //Oh.// Oh.
F1089 Will I help ye?
M1090 [scribbling noise] Mm. This sky is green.
F1089 The sky isna green! //Fitt colour's the sky?//
M1090 //I wan-,// erm white. //It's no,//
F1089 //The clouds are white, aren't they?//
M1090 ehm there's no white. //There's no white.//
F1089 //Oh I don't think we've got white.//
M1090 No. [Huh] is that better?
F1089 That's good, that's aafa good.
M1090 [scribbling noise] [laugh] [scribbling noise] What's so funny?
F1089 Fitt's funny?
M1090 Hmm. [laugh] The cou- the clouds are funny! [laugh] //Uh-huh.//
F1089 //You picked a nice picture, didn't you?//
M1090 Now I'll do the dog green. I want to do the dog green. [scribbling noise] I'm doin the dog green. I want to do the dog green.
F1089 Now [CENSORED: forename]. Farr have you ever seen a green dog? What about a brown dog?
M1090 Maybe a green dog at [?]cos[/?]. I sawed a green dog on the [?]monster radiator[/?]
F1089 You saw a green dog fitt?
M1090 Mm. Well I wanted a green dog. So.
F1089 Well, you have a green dog then.
M1090 Okay. [scribbling noise] And draw him. [scribbling noise] [laugh] Is that better?
F1089 Aye that's aafa good.
M1090 [scribbling noise]
F1089 At least it's nae scribbles like it usually is.
M1090 Is it not scribbles?
F1089 No it's much better.
M1090 I will show [CENSORED: forename] it.
F1089 I think Mrs [CENSORED: surname]'s going to be impressed with you, eh?
M1090 Mmhm. Not with [CENSORED: forename]. Cause he's being serious. [laugh] [laugh] Look at the colour of the boat! Look at the colour of the boat. They're all dirty.
F1089 [CENSORED: forename]'s pencils for his homework, isn't it?
M1090 Mmhm. [humming] [scribbling noise]
F1089 [yawn]
M1090 [scribbling noise] [exhale] [exhale] I'm [inaudible] it. Oh no.
F1089 Fitt's oh no? //Mmhm.//
M1090 //Look on the window.// //It's a flood.//
F1089 //I know, it's raining it's nae fine, eh?// //It's a flood, is it?//
M1090 //Mmhm.// I'm colouring! Mm. This'll be green. Do it nice. Do it nice. Hey! Is that perfect?
F1089 That is absolutely gorgeous.
M1090 No that's,
F1089 But you can do another colour though, can't you?
M1090 [inhale] [inaudible] this. Maybe //this colour!//
F1089 //Have you got the red?// Oh now there's, what that's? //That's a nice flower.//
M1090 //Mm I'm mak- I'm making this green.//
F1089 Well the leafs are green on a flower, aren't they?
M1090 Mm mmhm. They go- they be green.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 And the grass be green.
F1089 And the grass is green, aye.
M1090 Whoa! Mm [?]see[/?]. [panting] //[laugh]//
F1089 //Fill it all in!// Fill it all in so that ye ye, that it all looks green.
M1090 I'll do, is that nice?
F1089 Can we have another colour, please?
M1090 This gonna be a green.
F1089 Can we have a red?
M1090 Mm. Yeah. [?]The doggy[/?], I'm gonna do it. Oh, I'll keep this ain out cause it's broke. [scribbling noise]
F1089 [singing]
M1090 Now the cat can be green.
F1089 That's nae green. //Fitt colour's that?//
M1090 //Hey!//
F1089 Is that coming off an aa? Here you go then.
M1090 Oh no.
F1089 In fact that looks better, doesn't it? Well we'll just //take them all off?//
M1090 //[child noise]// //No.//
F1089 //If they'll come.// //[inaudible]//
M1090 //Okay.// I'll just push them. Maybe, ah he pushed them. Oh oh.
F1089 That's the yellow ain dane look. //Will I do the brown one?//
M1090 //Mm mmhm.// [laugh] Two!
F1089 Three, you count.
M1090 Three. Three, three, three.
F1089 You didna do a red one. What colour's that one?
M1090 Brown.
F1089 Brown, mmhm.
M1090 Put it here hmm. Huh. [scribbling noise] No. Be green. Be be. This can be this colour, can't it? I've taken blue off.
F1089 Eh?
M1090 I've taken blue off. What's that colour?
F1089 That's a a dark blue.
M1090 Dark blue?
F1089 Mmhm. And fitt colour's this ain that Mammy's got?
M1090 Mm, orange.
F1089 Orange, aye. //[inaudible]//
M1090 //And two!//
F1089 It's one of your favourite colours, is it?
M1090 Mmhm. And I like green too.
F1089 You like green?
M1090 I like all the colours.
F1089 What's [CENSORED: forename]'s favourite colour?
M1090 [rustling noise] Can make it, it's magic on this bit. //Watch this.//
F1089 //Is it magic? Oh, you canna dae.// Oh yeah.
M1090 Here it comes out of this bit. And it makes the, whoa, it's making the puddle. It's making the puddle pud-, what's it making? What's this colour? Whoa! What have you done? What's that colour? What's that colour? What's that colour? What's oh no. What's that colour? Can I help? Can I help? I'll I-, can I help? [inhale] Can I can I [inaudible] do it. I'll get this bit off. Ta-dah!
F1089 Thank you.
M1090 And I hold it on here! I'll, you can, I'll push it.
F1089 Right.
M1090 I will push it.
F1089 It winna push I dinna think.
M1090 It will. //Mmhm.//
F1089 //Are you gaun tae pick it off, are ye?// Will I help you? That's it! Well done! //[laugh] Are you chuffed?//
M1090 //[laugh]// I'm just clever. //I'm I'm putting them on a line.//
F1089 //You are just clever.// Mmhm. All in a line. Right, this is Mummy's favourite colour.
M1090 I want to put it back on, //[inaudible]//
F1089 //Mmhm.//
M1090 We're still missing. Now let's put it, Can I have the blue?
F1089 Eh? Well, I'll do the trees green then, will I?
M1090 Mmhm. Are they green?
F1089 Well the tree leaves is green, aren't they?
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 And the tree trunks is brown.
M1090 Okay, yes brown, yes brown. I'll do it. See? I'm colouring. Is that better? Is that better?
F1089 Uh-huh aye. Can I hae a shot of the brown one?
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 I'll do the tree trunk brown, see?
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 Like that.
M1090 Blue. Blue. Try this. I maked it, it's there too.
F1089 Is it?
M1090 Mmhm now. [inaudible]
F1089 I think that's a tree behind that //house.//
M1090 //Mm mm hmm.// Mmhm. This can be orange.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 That's not orange. It's making it. [scribbling noise] //Just look at the colour!//
F1089 //I think you're good at this, eh?//
M1090 Just look at the colour! Oh.
F1089 Mm okay.
M1090 [inaudible] But I didna want it on.
F1089 It's alright, it's nae on, it's just sitting there.
M1090 I di- I didna want it on. Let's keep it there.
F1089 Right, okay.
M1090 But what's? //Okay.//
F1089 //Now dinna touch it now, okay?//
M1090 I will do. [inhale] [exhale] [scribbling noise] [inaudible] Do you know all the colours?
F1089 Eh?
M1090 Do you know all the colours?
F1089 Yes.
M1090 The [inaudible] shoes. And shoes. And shoes. [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1089 //Fitt does this say?//
M1090 [?]I want the[/?], the baby girl is going [?]shoes![/?] //[?]Or he was going shoes[/?]//
F1089 //Fitt does that say?// //[CENSORED: forename spelt out].//
M1090 //[inaudible]// [sneeze]
F1089 Bless your cotton socks! //You say excuse me.//
M1090 //[sigh]// Excuse me.
F1089 I think you've got a tickly nose.
M1090 [exhale] I like numbers. [scratching noise] //Is that numbers?//
F1089 //[cough]// Eh?
M1090 Is that numbers?
F1089 Fitt numbers? No that's just scribbles.
M1090 That's C. That's C. It's C. Colour the [inaudible] in.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 Because we haven't got white. Oh no. [child noise] [clapping noise] Oh oh! [slurp]
F1089 It's okay, we'll clean him later. We have tae go for [CENSORED: forename] shortly, don't we?
M1090 That, that sounds [?]as in text[/?]
F1089 Uh-huh.
M1090 Uh-huh, you do this colouring and I'll //I'll watch [inaudible].//
F1089 //No no no no no, you canna dae that.// You have tae finish this picture first. I I think I would like an orange pussycat.
M1090 And I'll like, I will like [inaudible] tail. //[?]What about a tail[/?]?//
F1089 //The the pussycat's?// //Pussycats like to lick all their fur and everything, don't they?//
M1090 //Yeah.// What if they eat their tail?
F1089 Do you remember Scratchy? Scratchy used to lick her tail and everything, didn't she?
M1090 Yeah, did I saw lick her tail?
F1089 Yes.
M1090 Was that bad?
F1089 No, cause that's how sh- that's how she cleaned herself, wasn't it?
M1090 Did he eat it? //That would be//
F1089 //Eh?//
M1090 that's a big ain! Ah! //[laugh]//
F1089 //It is, aye.//
M1090 That's a helicopter, that's a helicopter, //thing. Mmhm//
F1089 //Is it?// //[?]Come on, we'll need to put this in the bucket[/?].//
M1090 //But where's// my helicopter?
F1089 It went in the bucket, remember?
M1090 Why?
F1089 Cause you broke it.
M1090 No. Did I broke all the pieces?
F1089 You broke the, you broke, broke the eh propellers off o it, didn't ye? The ro-ro- rotor blades?
M1090 The rotor blade. I brake it all. [scribbling noise]

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 10, recording 3: washing up and colouring in


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

Audio footage information

Year of recording 2003
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 34
Size (mb) 129

Audio footage series/collection information

Part of series
Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

Audio setting

Recording venue Participants' house
Geographic location of speech Buckie

Audio relationship between recorder/interviewer and speakers

Speakers knew each other Yes

Audio speaker relationships

Family members or other close relationship

Audio transcription information

Transcriber id 689
Year of transcription 2007
Year material recorded 2003
Word count 3176

Audio type

General description Dialogue while going about daily life


Participant details

Participant id 1089
Gender Female
Decade of birth 1970
Educational attainment College
Age left school 15
Occupation Shop Assistant
Place of birth Buckie
Region of birth Moray
Birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Buckie
Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Fisherman
Father's place of birth Findochty
Father's region of birth Moray
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Cook
Mother's place of birth Wester Manbeen
Mother's region of birth Moray
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Mother's country of birth Scotland


Participant details

Participant id 1090
Gender Male
Decade of birth 2000
Occupation schoolchild
Place of birth Elgin
Region of birth Moray
Birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Buckie
Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Postman
Father's place of birth Aberdeen
Father's region of birth Aberdeen
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Shop assistant
Mother's place of birth Buckie
Mother's region of birth Moray
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Mother's country of birth Scotland