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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 03, recording 2: Play-Doh

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1113 Right, [CENSORED: forename].
F1114 Take it off.
F1113 What are you doin?
F1114 Right, I need the rolli-
F1113 Do you want your Play-Doh?
F1114 It's [?]having[/?] the Play-Doh.
F1113 Oops. Right, in the
F1114 Big circle.
F1113 We'll get it oot the tub.
F1114 Out the tub.
F1113 Right.
F1114 Mm mm.
F1113 Okay?
F1114 I use, oh no, oh, that ain's broken.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 That ain's broken.
F1113 Is it broken?
F1114 It is broken. It's made a [?]holey[/?].
F1113 Right, roll it just
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Have you got your rolling pin? //Mmhm. Right and make shapes.//
F1114 //Aye, rolling pin. I need// that ain.
F1113 Right.
F1114 The [?]one[/?] ain.
F1113 Right.
F1114 Ta-da!
F1113 Colour's the Play-Doh?
F1114 It's orange.
F1113 Orange, that's right. It's got a fine smell. It is a nice smell? Is Dad going to play Play-Doh? Dad's going away in the car. //Dad going away in the car? Mm.//
F1114 //Daddy, yes.//
F1113 Right.
F1114 We're playing.
F1113 We'll play Play-Doh, aye.
F1114 Stick it down.
F1113 Want to roll out a shape?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 [CENSORED: forename].
F1114 [CENSORED: forename]. //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1113 //Where's// Dad gone? Away in the car.
F1114 Squeeze it down.
F1113 Pat it down.
F1114 [inaudible] a frog.
F1113 You makin a frog?
F1114 Yes. //Stick it down!//
F1113 //Are you?// Right. //What kind of frog? Is it a frog in a chair?//
F1114 //[child noises]// Play down. //One, [?]the mum[/?], one//
F1113 //Right, that's an elephant.// Will I cut oot an elephant? There we go. //That's a bonny//
F1114 //[?]There go[/?].//
F1113 shape, look.
F1114 I need the big ain, you'll have the little ain.
F1113 Sorry?
F1114 I need the big ain. I need the big ain. Cannae do it.
F1113 Wait a minute then.
F1114 Made it big.
F1113 Right, here look, there's an elephant, look. Is that bonny?
F1114 [inhale] [exhale] Mm.
F1113 [laugh] That's bonny.
F1114 An elephant.
F1113 An elephant.
F1114 Squeeze it in there. //Squeeze it down.//
F1113 //Right.//
F1114 And
F1113 Okay.
F1114 here's the big ain.
F1113 Okay? You likes makin shapes, don't you?
F1114 I made the [inaudible] ain.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 I made the [inaudible] ain.
F1113 I think that's too much.
F1114 I made that ain.
F1113 Fitt are you daein, an elephant? //Right.//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 Right, I'm gonna roll it oot.
F1114 Ta-da! [child noises]
F1113 [CENSORED: forename], you couldnae go in past and collect cabbage frae Mum? [Dad replies aye] For the rabbit? Okay. Dad get some cabbage for Topsy?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 For the rabbit and the guinea pig?
F1114 He's get- erm carrots in the car.
F1113 Granny's got some cabbage. Granny's got some cabbage for Topsy.
F1114 Grunny's got carrots an aa!
F1113 Carrots as well?
F1114 [Dad confirms this] Yes.
F1113 Mmhm. //Bye. Say "Bye Dad". [Dad says 'bye' to child]//
F1114 //Bye! Bye Dad.//
F1113 Bye. Right, woops, sit up //[inaudible]//
F1114 //Let's make a bell.// Let's make a bell.
F1113 A what?
F1114 A bell. One to me, one to Mum.
F1113 One to me. Thank you! Thank you very much. Pat it down, aye. Cut oot the shape. Right, oh look at that! //I'll get it.//
F1114 //A- oh!//
F1113 I'll get it.
F1114 I'll get it.
F1113 I'll get it, it's okay, you sit there, bonny. //Oh right, use this one.//
F1114 //I can//
F1113 Use that one, we'll get that one after. Okay?
F1114 I'll stick it down a circle.
F1113 I've got a circle here, look. Is that bonny?
F1114 Yes. I nearly got a circle.
F1113 Bonny circle.
F1114 And now and now
F1113 And now I'm goin to make a aa kind of shapes. There's more. There's more.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 There's little scissors.
F1114 I need the scissors.
F1113 There's the ruler. //And [inaudible] Play-Doh.//
F1114 //Mm.// Squeeze it down. I need the scissors, cut it.
F1113 Cut it up. You like Play-Doh, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes.
F1114 Let's make a panda. Let's make flowers. Let's make
F1113 What's that you're makin?
F1114 Flowers.
F1113 Flowers? Right.
F1114 [inaudible] flowers. You use the knife.
F1113 So I've got to make a flower? Oh, that's a nice flower you've got.
F1114 It is.
F1113 It's nice.
F1114 I used a rolling pin.
F1113 I'm goin to make a square.
F1114 I'll make a rolling pin.
F1113 Oh right. I'm goin to make a square now.
F1114 Mis- I'll make a giraffe. //I'll make//
F1113 //Mmhm.//
F1114 a a [?]giraffe[/?].
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Erm.
F1113 Rollin roll. You gonna sing a song to Mum?
F1114 Er, no thanks. //Mum, you//
F1113 //No thanks. [laugh]//
F1114 you need two rolling pins.
F1113 [CENSORED: forename] was swimming today.
F1114 Yes, so was I. I was swimming with Dad.
F1113 You going to go swimming wi Dad?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 [CENSORED: forename] was swimming at her lessons. You going to go to the lessons next year when you're big?
F1114 Yes. //I'm//
F1113 //Yes.//
F1114 little, I'm little.
F1113 You're little just now.
F1114 Yes. Mum, you have that ain.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 I'll have the green one.
F1113 Okay. I'll have this one. No, you have that one and I'll have this one.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 I'll have that one.
F1113 What's that I've made now?
F1114 A a circle.
F1113 It's a circle and a?
F1114 A [?]boyare[/?].
F1113 It's a square.
F1114 A square.
F1113 I'll make a triangle now.
F1114 Yes. You'll have that triangle.
F1113 Right, I'll have that one. Okay, I'll make a triangle.
F1114 I'll make
F1113 Oh, you've dropped a bit there, look, on your troosers, thank you.
F1114 Mum, I'll, can I make a circle?
F1113 Oh, oh you dropped them all. But you use that one. I'll get that one in a minute. Cannae make a circl-. Will I put it into a circle for you? Will I put it into a circle? Hold on. What happened to the fish?
F1114 Happened the fish. //[scream]//
F1113 //It's okay, he's away now.// //Here we go, right, here's your circle. [inaudible]//
F1114 //[scream]// //[scream] [sob]//
F1113 //Oh watch you dinna hurt yourself. Oh, look at this, look. Look at this.// //Right, get ready for this, we'll have a great big, what will we make, what you gonna make?//
F1114 //[scream]// I'll make a pudding. That pudding.
F1113 Is that a pudding? [laugh] //We'll make a big pudding then.//
F1114 //[sob]// //[sob]//
F1113 //Watch out, watch yourself.// [CENSORED: forename]! Watch now, you've //pulled out your microphone. Up you come then.//
F1114 //I'm I'm sorry Mum.// I'm up again.
F1113 Up again. Watch, cause you've pulled out your microphone.
F1114 I'm sorry Mum.
F1113 Okay. Just be careful, that's a girl. Okay? //Now,//
F1114 //There we go.// //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Sit there.// //Just to be careful when you jump aboot wi that on, okay?//
F1114 //don't want//
F1113 Is that okay? That's a good girl. Right, here we go. Now, I thought you says you was goin to make a pudding wi this? A pudding? //[laugh]//
F1114 //Yes, and a spoon.//
F1113 And a spoon. //Right, here we go. This looks like a big orange,//
F1114 //A spo-//
F1113 doesn't it?
F1114 Like orange juice.
F1113 It's like orange juice?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right, what else will we make?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Mm, here we go. That's it made for you there.
F1114 Made that.
F1113 Or do you want me to make it flat?
F1114 Look, two knives.
F1113 Two knives, [laugh] right. Oh, what's that?
F1114 That's a motorbike, a mannie in the motorbike.
F1113 A mannie on a motorbike?
F1114 That's [inaudible]
F1113 It's a loud motorbike, did you hear it? Loud motorbike. Watch your eyes, you've a bit in your eyes. That's it off. Right. Now, will I roll out this bit and you can make an elephant?
F1114 Yes, no no, //no!//
F1113 //No? What do you want to do?//
F1114 A a trunk.
F1113 A trunk. [laugh] A trunk. Okay. Oh, watch that, there's a bittie [?]over[/?] your fingers here. Now, stick it on.
F1114 Ah, ah, need this flower.
F1113 That's for, you put that and then you put this on top, see? Sit, oh, do these sit on there? //No, er what sits on there?//
F1114 //No.// That's a circle.
F1113 What?
F1114 A circle.
F1113 A circle?
F1114 I meant a circle, to cut with the scissors.
F1113 Right, okay. Erm, I thought these fitted on here. Do they nae? Aye, they do. Aye, look, see. //That's them sitting in there now.//
F1114 //Uh-huh.// //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Jake.//
F1114 I'm going to cut this.
F1113 Oh, your microphone fell off again.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 There you go. That's it on again.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 [inaudible]
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Oh, it's there.
F1114 I've got it.
F1113 Oh, you're poppin it in there. Okay.
F1114 And another one. And another one.
F1113 Okay. [inaudible] Do you like the Play-Doh?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes. Are you getting tired, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1114 No.
F1113 No, not yet?
F1114 Not yet.
F1113 It's nearly bedtime. //Isn't it?//
F1114 //Look.// [inaudible]
F1113 Eh? That in there. So was you out on the bike in the afternoon?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Wi Dad? Was it good?
F1114 Yes. //Cause I l- I love bikes.//
F1113 //Where did you?// //You love, you love.//
F1114 //[inaudible] bikes.//
F1113 You love bikes?
F1114 I'll go with Dad, [inaudible] also go with Mummy.
F1113 Oh right, will we go out on the bikes tomorrow?
F1114 That's, ain't this broken?
F1113 That one's broken? //[?]Will I show you?[/?]//
F1114 //[laugh]//
F1113 supposed to be this, look. [inaudible] broken, we'll get him orange hair, let me see. Right, roll this bit. //Right, Mummy, [inaudible] goes.//
F1114 //[scream]//
F1113 Right, watchin?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Pop this in like that, //you see?//
F1114 //[inhale]// //Wow!//
F1113 //Was you sitting on the back o the bike?// In your seat?
F1114 Yes, I was trying [inaudible] doon the house.
F1113 And was it good? Was it raining?
F1114 Yes, it's raining.
F1113 Did you wear your helmet?
F1114 Yes, and my helmet //is too big on my head.//
F1113 //Good.// Is it too big on your head?
F1114 I get [inaudible].
F1113 What, your one was too little
F1114 Yes.
F1113 so you got a shot o [CENSORED: forename]'s one? Eh? There you go, look. //[inaudible] Right,//
F1114 //Squeeze it down.//
F1113 give me this bit.
F1114 I need it off. I need it off.
F1113 Push some more up and his hair will grow, see, watch this, are you watching his hair? Look. [phone rings] Oh.
F1114 Ah! That's his hair. That's it fixed.
F1113 Oh, phone. //Daddy'll get, Daddy'll get the//
F1114 //That's my [inaudible].//
F1113 phone in a minute.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Okay. //Daddy'll get the phone upstairs. Oh, there we go, there we go.//
F1114 //[child noises]//
F1113 Now.
F1114 A rolling pin.
F1113 A rolling pin.
F1114 Mum, you used the scissors, I used the knife.
F1113 Watch you dinna fall off //th-//
F1114 //Use the pie.// //You you have the big ain, I use the shapes.//
F1113 //Right, you're gonna try that one. Okay.// Now, right, I cut this one? Yeah, that's that one.
F1114 That's good that one.
F1113 Okay. What are you making?
F1114 A [inaudible] lollipop.
F1113 A lollipop?
F1114 Yes. That, a lollipop. //It's slidin doon.//
F1113 //[laugh]//
F1114 Squeeze it down.
F1113 Right, I'm gonna roll this one. Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling. It's a big ball.
F1114 A big ball. Let me try.
F1113 Aye, see go round and round like that, round and round [inaudible].
F1114 Oh let me try.
F1113 Round and round in your hand. [hiccough] Pardon me, Mum's got the hiccoughs.
F1114 Yes, you've got the hiccoughs.
F1113 Hiccoughs.
F1114 You need hiccoughs.
F1113 Mmhm. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //Squeeze that.// //A star.//
F1113 //[inaudible]//
F1114 Mum, you make a star, Mum.
F1113 Make a star.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Star shape, let- might get one out of here, let me see.
F1114 A star.
F1113 Push it through here, look. There it goes.
F1114 I'll make a [inaudible].
F1113 [motorbike noise] //Oh, what's that again?//
F1114 //Ma, oh!// It's another [?]motorbike[/?].
F1113 Another motorbike? Mmhm. //Loud.//
F1114 //You make an// [inaudible].
F1113 Wait till I get this one out o here, see, oh, that's it. That one's went hard, look. It's because it's been left oot of the, out of the tub, goes hard.
F1114 What's this? What's this Mum?
F1113 Sorry?
F1114 What's this?
F1113 It's Play-Doh went hard. It's went all hard. Got to put it back into its tubby. Or it'll go hard.
F1114 Oh right. //Put it back.//
F1113 //Is the dog barking?//
F1114 Yes, it's outside.
F1113 It's outside.
F1114 I make a [?]square[/?]. //A//
F1113 //What you makin?//
F1114 a [?]square[/?]. I'm making a [?]square[/?].
F1113 Oh right.
F1114 Making a [?]square[/?]. Squeeze it down, the
F1113 I'm going to make this shape here, it's a lady. A lady shape. Wow!
F1114 No want this star.
F1113 I'm gonna roll it out.
F1114 Oops, I broke one.
F1113 Pick it up then. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //I'm [inaudible] up.//
F1113 Up you come. Pick up your seat. //That's a good girl.//
F1114 //[inaudible] I no want this star.// I need a circle.
F1113 Now,
F1114 Make a circle.
F1113 That one's too hard. Will we put that bit in the bucket?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Aye. It's like a helmet. [laugh]
F1114 Aye.
F1113 Like hair.
F1114 Got hair.
F1113 Got hair.
F1114 That's not Milo. Where's Milo?
F1113 Mm?
F1114 Where's Milo?
F1113 Milo. Erm, that's Jake, isn't it? And that's?
F1114 Bella.
F1113 Bella. [CENSORED: forename] watch. That's it.
F1114 A rolling pin. Use to stick it.
F1113 Will I make it into a big ball for you?
F1114 No, a little ball. Sciss- scissors.
F1113 Look.
F1114 [inhale]
F1113 That's it.
F1114 A prown.
F1113 What?
F1114 I made Jake's hair
F1113 It's a crown.
F1114 Yes, it's a crown.
F1113 Colour's his crown?
F1114 It's orange.
F1113 Orange crown. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //Take it down.//
F1113 Mm?
F1114 The scissors. The scissors, use to cut the hair.
F1113 To cut off his hair? [laugh] Cut off his hair. //Hey!//
F1114 //That's it.// That's it. His hair.
F1113 Off his hair.
F1114 Cut his hair.
F1113 Will I push up some more, so you can cut off some more hair?
F1114 I made that. //H- here's//
F1113 //There we go, look.//
F1114 here's another one. And another one. //And bigger and bigger.//
F1113 //There you go, look.// //There you go. We'll cut off more hair.//
F1114 //Make it// bigger.
F1113 You goin to cut off some more?
F1114 Yes. I've got some more, I've got some more. More.
F1113 Can I get a wee bit?
F1114 Here you go. Here's some more. //Here's some more.//
F1113 //[?]Thanking you[/?].//
F1114 Put the [?]stick[/?] in here.
F1113 On the top of his hair?
F1114 Yes. I'll cut his hair. Down. //Prown.//
F1113 //Right.//
F1114 That's it, that's it. [inaudible] Careful.
F1113 How's that? Is that nice?
F1114 No, I'll cut his hair. The kni- then the proud, the proud, the proud.
F1113 Proud?
F1114 That's the proud. //Let's make an egg.//
F1113 //That's nice.//
F1114 Let's make a egg, look, oh don't.
F1113 What will I make?
F1114 A egg. //[inaudible]//
F1113 //An egg?// You want Mum to make an egg?
F1114 Yes. //Da-.//
F1113 //Like an Easter egg?//
F1114 A bird //egg.//
F1113 //A bird's egg.// Right. A birdie's egg?
F1114 Yes. Does this have cut his hair, then no one. //His c- [laugh]//
F1113 //Right, here's an egg for you, you've cut off his hair. [laugh]//
F1114 I've cut his hat off. //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh]// Is that a hat?
F1114 No, that's not a hat, [?]it's a paint[/?].
F1113 [laugh]
F1114 That's a big
F1113 Can I get a shot o the rolling pin?
F1114 [laugh] He's sticking his back.
F1113 Mm, mines was stuck here. That's it.
F1114 They're stick- look at the sticky spot! //[yelp]//
F1113 //[laugh]// Oh look what I've did. //Look, look at that.//
F1114 //Stick it in [inaudible].// [child noises]
F1113 What's that?
F1114 Erm, what is it? Oh, watch the scissors. I'll get them.
F1113 Okay, up you come, that's a girl, you knocked down the scissors. //Alright.//
F1114 //Down. The scissors.// //[?]Scissors[/?]//
F1113 //Now,// I'm going to make
F1114 A bird's ne-
F1113 A bird?
F1114 Yes, a bird's nest.
F1113 A bird's nest? //Oh right.//
F1114 //Yes, ta-da a bird nest.//
F1113 It is, look, make it like this, look, round like this and we'll put in some little eggs, see? Right, here's the nest. Look, up like this, look.
F1114 Here's the mummy little bird, as- where's mummy's little bird?
F1113 Look at this one then, look.
F1114 Where's Mummy's little bird?
F1113 A Mummy jelly bird?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 What's a jelly bird?
F1114 The mummies and the //babies.//
F1113 //Ah.// Look at that in there.
F1114 [?]Look his[/?] mummy. Those eggs.
F1113 That's little eggs. Made a nest.
F1114 This goin to hatch.
F1113 They're going to hatch, are they?
F1114 Yes, tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet. That, and then make his mummy.
F1113 Are you makin a mummy?
F1114 I've I canna make his mummy.
F1113 Okay, well I'll make the little nest and then I'll make a mummy for you. //Are you going to look after the nest?//
F1114 //[inhale]// Yes. He's gonna hatch, aye his mummy.
F1113 Is that a lot o eggs?
F1114 Yes, that's enough. Is he going to hatch?
F1113 Right, there we go, all done. //Right you watch that and will I make a mummy?//
F1114 //It's going, yes.// //[laugh] It's gonna hatch!//
F1113 //Right.//
F1114 It's gonna hatch, Mum.
F1113 That's cute, isn't it?
F1114 It's gonna hatch, Mum.
F1113 Will we make another nest?
F1114 Yes, make another nest.
F1113 A bigger nest? //Shall I do a big one?//
F1114 //No, a little nest.// I've cut his, off his hair. //Cut his hair.//
F1113 //Are you goin to be a hairdresser?// //Okay.//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 Right, here's another nest. And I'll make some more eggies. Bigger eggies this time? [inaudible] Right, here you go. There's one.
F1114 There's two. I've cut his, off his hair.
F1113 Okay. There's another one for you.
F1114 A big ain, a big egg.
F1113 Another one.
F1114 Another one.
F1113 And?
F1114 Another one.
F1113 Another one, there you go. //Oh look, do you want another one?//
F1114 //Oh, yeah.// //Yeah, another one.//
F1113 //A bigger nest// //again?//
F1114 //No.// No, a little nest a n- in the big nest. Oops. I dropped it.
F1113 Have you dropped it down? //[inaudible].//
F1114 //I dropped it.// Mum, you [inaudible].
F1113 Right, we'll make, so here's another nest, look. Here.
F1114 A big nest.
F1113 A bigger one. //How many nests have we got now?//
F1114 //Yes, a big, a// big ain.
F1113 I'll mak bigger eggs, eh? //I'll show you//
F1114 //Big bigger eggs.//
F1113 what we've got, right, ready? Right, here's one. //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// //Like poops!//
F1113 //[laugh] It is not.//
F1114 It is.
F1113 Oh, there we go.
F1114 What's that again?
F1113 Motorbike. There's another one, another egg.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Two. //Three.//
F1114 //[shriek] Three.// You used the knife, but I used the [inaudible].
F1113 Four. That's a big nest, that one.
F1114 [laugh] Well that's enough, Mum.
F1113 Or I'll make a little baby baby nest now? //Tiny wee one, here we go.//
F1114 //Ti-.// It's gonna, the nest in there beside this big ain.
F1113 The baby nest there?
F1114 It's gonna hatch, the egg's gonna hatch.
F1113 Is it?
F1114 Yes, it's gonna hatch. //Rolling pin.//
F1113 //There you go, look.// There you go. Look at this wee wee wee wee one. //Oh.//
F1114 //Stick it beside the big ain.//
F1113 So you have baby baby eggs.
F1114 Can I roll it?
F1113 Yeah, look. //Is that cute?//
F1114 //A real egg.// Yes, I'm making another one. Baby baby baby baby baby
F1113 Use that. //Another one. You make some.//
F1114 //Bitty bitty bitty bi-.// Use the pin. //Use the pin.//
F1113 //What was that?// Now, there you go. What's your favourite one?
F1114 [inhale] It's bananas.
F1113 Hm?
F1114 Bananas.
F1113 There you go, another one.
F1114 [shriek] The egg's gonna hatch.
F1113 Are they?
F1114 It's gonna hatch.
F1113 Another one for in there, look. That's nice.
F1114 The egg's gonna hatch, the egg's gonna hatch. The egg's gonna hatch, the egg's gonna hatch.
F1113 Are you needin more eggs?
F1114 Yes, I need more eggs.
F1113 Which one needs more?
F1114 The ains over there. In there and there.
F1113 This one here?
F1114 Yes. And then this one, the big ain.
F1113 A big one in there, okay, here's
F1114 And that ain, that ain. And that ain. And that ain.
F1113 That one?
F1114 Yes. And that one there.
F1113 Look. //That's a giant egg, look.//
F1114 //And that.// And that ain. And that ain another one.
F1113 There we go then.
F1114 [inaudible] or that one.
F1113 Here you are.
F1114 I need another one in there.
F1113 Another baby one?
F1114 Yes. //Another baby one.//
F1113 //Pardon?// Pardon?
F1114 Ah.
F1113 Yep, one in there, see, and we'll put a baby baby one in here.
F1114 [child noises]. A baby baby baby ba-, the egg's gonna hatch!
F1113 Is it?
F1114 Yes, it's gonna hatch! [?]It's nae gonna ha-[/?] it's gonna hatch, Mum. [phone rings]
F1113 Oh. Think Dad'll get the phone?
F1114 Yes. Dad, you get the phone, Dad!
F1113 [laugh] Right, here. //Now,//
F1114 //[child noises]// [child noises] //Goes there.//
F1113 //There you go.// You going to make that eggie there, //for Mum?//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 Go on, you make that ones for a minute. //Oh, I'll get it for you.//
F1114 //Woops.//
F1113 I'll get it for you. Here it goes, down here. There it goes. You can make the baby eggs there a minute. Okay? Roll it round in your fingers.
F1114 Roll it a pin.
F1113 Okay?
F1114 It's the pin. I'm gonna make it.
F1113 Is that [inaudible]?
F1114 [inaudible] make, gonna make it.
F1113 Are you going to make it? //Right.//
F1114 //I did it!//
F1113 Oh, so you did. That's it.
F1114 I do another one.
F1113 Right. There you go. Pop that one in there?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Or should that one go in there?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Wh- //It-//
F1113 //What's this for? That one.// This ain. That one's broken.
F1114 There, and there.
F1113 Smell that, it's a nice smell. Smell.
F1114 You smell the other one.
F1113 This one? //It's nice.//
F1114 //[inaudible]//
F1113 Nice smell. //Isn't it?//
F1114 //Mmhm.//
F1113 I roll this one.
F1114 I roll this one.
F1113 There you are.
F1114 Squeeze it, a rolling pin.
F1113 That's bonny. That's a cute one. Right. How much eggs is in there? You count. //[laugh] How much are in?//
F1114 //One, two, three, four, fi- [child noises].//
F1113 How much is there? One, //two,//
F1114 //Two.//
F1113 three, four, //five.//
F1114 //Five, six.// Make another one.
F1113 What's that you're making?
F1114 I'm gonna make an //an e-.//
F1113 //Another egg?// //Will I cut this hair, here?//
F1114 //Yes, another egg.// Yes. And there's scissors.
F1113 Okay, thank you.
F1114 Here's another one here. Down here.
F1113 I'll make this for you, look. Like a long sausage.
F1114 What's a sausage? //Ah.//
F1113 //There you go.//
F1114 Give sausage to birds.
F1113 Oh the birds?
F1114 Yes. //The eggs!//
F1113 //Do birds like eating sausages?//
F1114 The eggs! It's gonna hatch!
F1113 Eh? What's that you're doing?
F1114 [inaudible] making a [inaudible].
F1113 Oh. //You're making a noise.//
F1114 //Does this ain?// Oops. Then that ain.
F1113 Look, here's Jake's hair again, look, they're on. Now, will I cut it?
F1114 Yes, to cut it in there. Oops. [inaudible]
F1113 Da-na-na-na.
F1114 Look, another one. //Oops.//
F1113 //Now, look at that one, look.// Does that look like Jake's hair?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Oh that's another eggie, that's good.
F1114 I'm gonna make an egg, a scissors. The egg's gonna hatch!
F1113 Is it?
F1114 Yes, it's gonna hatch.
F1113 And what comes out the eggs?
F1114 The birds.
F1113 The birds.
F1114 Yes, the big ains, //the little ones,//
F1113 //[?]Baby ones[/?]// [CENSORED: forename], look at Jake's hair. //[laugh]//
F1114 //It's big.// Let's make a little one.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 Let's make another sausage. Aye. //Let's make a-//
F1113 //Now, look.//
F1114 I need the sponge!
F1113 Sponge, okay.
F1114 The sponge.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Just squeeze it down.
F1113 Okey-dokey. The dog barkin again.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Look at that, Mum made. Is that good?
F1114 I need some pens.
F1113 Look at that. You gonna look at that? //[laugh]//
F1114 //[inaudible]//
F1113 You going to cut it?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Go on you cut it then.
F1114 Right, the scissors.
F1113 There it goes.
F1114 The scissors.
F1113 There's scissors there.
F1114 To cut it down.
F1113 [laugh] Jake needs a haircut. You the hairdresser?
F1114 Yes, I'll cut his, J-, doon, [inaudible].
F1113 Are you washing his hair? Mmhm.
F1114 The egg's gonna hatch!
F1113 Are they?
F1114 Oops, another one.
F1113 Right.
F1114 Oops, another one. The egg's gonna hatch!
F1113 I'm going to make, what'll Mum make this time?
F1114 Er, a frog.
F1113 A frog?
F1114 Yes. [inaudible]
F1113 There you go. There you are. Making, these are pancakes.
F1114 Sponge.
F1113 Mm?
F1114 A sponge.
F1113 Sponge.
F1114 Yes, a sponge.
F1113 Right, is there a a cut-out of a
F1114 The scissors, Mum you need the scissors.
F1113 Oh thank you. Thank you very much. Right. Now, you gonna go out wi your bike again tomorrow? Dad's bike tomorrow?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes. //Do you like sitting on the back?//
F1114 //Dad's bike.//
F1113 You like sitting on the back of the bike?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes. Good fun?
F1114 [?]Sing, sing.[/?]
F1113 Do you have good fun?
F1114 Yes, it's good fun.
F1113 Good fun. I'm making an elephant.
F1114 I'm making a [inaudible] I'm washing Jake's hair.
F1113 Oh right, look. Is that pretty?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Look, that's for you.
F1114 [inaudible] [?]A pillow[/?]. //Thank//
F1113 //I'll make something else.//
F1114 thank you very much.
F1113 You're welcome. You're welcome. //That's a fast car away past.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// I want
F1113 Fast car. //Mm.//
F1114 //[exhale]//
F1113 What's that you're making?
F1114 Jake's hair.
F1113 I'm making Jake's hair.
F1114 [inaudible] soap.
F1113 Mmhm. //Where are you going tomorrow?//
F1114 //[exhale]// On the bike.
F1113 Are you goin oot on your bike? What else are you going to do?
F1114 And and the party.
F1113 The party?
F1114 Yes, we had good fun in the party in the trampoline.
F1113 Oh did you enjoy the party last week?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 When you were in the bouncy castle?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Was it good?
F1114 Yes, it was a [inaudible] soap.
F1113 What else did you do at the party?
F1114 Erm, cakes.
F1113 You got cakes? //Mmhm, what else?//
F1114 //Mm, cake.// An, an,
F1113 You was rolling your eggs?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Mmhm. Outside?
F1114 Yes. Throwing eggs.
F1113 You was throwin eggs, was you?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Did you get to paint your eggs first?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes. With pencils?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Mm. Painting?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Do you like the bouncy //castle?//
F1114 //Look at Jake's hair!//
F1113 [laugh] That's big hair! Will I make a hat?
F1114 Yes, paper hat.
F1113 A paper hat, right.
F1114 A paper //a paper hat.//
F1113 //A paper hat, look.//
F1114 Paper hat. I made it small. //[child noises]//
F1113 //Oops, sorry.// Just making that bittie for you. Okay. I'll pick up this bit here. A nice paper hat.
F1114 Yes. Nice paper hat.
F1113 Paper hat.
F1114 [inaudible] Let's go. [laugh]
F1113 [laugh] That's funny. That's funny.
F1114 A big
F1113 Now.
F1114 Paper hat.
F1113 Paper hat, paper hat. What else was you doing at the party?
F1114 In in in the trampoline.
F1113 You was in a trampoline, was you?
F1114 Two trampoline.
F1113 Two trampolines? And was you playin wi the cars?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 And what else?
F1114 In the cars.
F1113 Were you playin in the cars? And the scooter?
F1114 Ah, ah, ah, no, no, no, no, no, no.
F1113 Nae that way. Sorry. That's a pink ghostie, look. //[laugh]//
F1114 //A pink ghostie.//
F1113 Pink ghostie.
F1114 Yes, ghostie. The ghostie. What's inside in the ghostie?
F1113 It's just the tub, look, the tubbie that you keep the Play-Doh in, it's a ghostie, a pink ghostie.
F1114 Washing Jake's hair.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 I'm washing du-, washing, rub-a-dub-dub, rub-a-dub-dub. //Dub-a-dub.//
F1113 //You washing his hair?// //Oh, it's nice and clean.//
F1114 //Yes, I'm washing.// It's all nice and clean.
F1113 All nice and clean.
F1114 Not yet. Not yet. //Nearly.//
F1113 //You make him pretty.// //Nearly bonny.//
F1114 //Nearly so.// Nearly bonny. Nearly.
F1113 Can I get a wee bittie o that?
F1114 Yes. Here's a bit.
F1113 Thank you. What will I make then?
F1114 A monster.
F1113 A monster.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 A big scary monster?
F1114 Yes, a big ain. A big ain.
F1113 Okay. Right.
F1114 I'm going to get it clean.
F1113 Okay. Will Monster have arms and legs?
F1114 Yes, arms and legs. And and the feet.
F1113 And feet?
F1114 Yes. Here's some feet.
F1113 Oh, is that his feet? //Thank you.//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 Okay, I'll make his feet.
F1114 [inhale] [exhale]
F1113 His head and his feet?
F1114 Yes. I'll wash his hair.
F1113 Okay. And I'll make his feet. Okay. Big feet?
F1114 Oops, I dropped one. //Oh, [child noises]//
F1113 //You dropped one. You got good feet?//
F1114 It's hatched! It's gonna hatch, Mum.
F1113 Look here, what's this Mum's made?
F1114 It's gonna hatch, it's gonna hatch Mum.
F1113 What, the eggies? //Look, [CENSORED: forename].//
F1114 //Yes.// I cut it, a knife.
F1113 [CENSORED: forename], look at that, what's that?
F1114 A m- a scary monster that's coming to get Jake.
F1113 Coming to get Jake?
F1114 Yeah. //[laugh]//
F1113 //Look, it's goin, de-de-de, de-dede-de-de, de-de-de-de.// You want it?
F1114 Yes. De-de-de, de-de, de-de, de-de, de-de, de-de, de-de, ee!
F1113 What else will we make? //Up you come.//
F1114 //Ah ah ah!//
F1113 Is that your bittie?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 I'll have a wee bittie there.
F1114 No, no, no, no.
F1113 Mum nae getting a bittie at all?
F1114 Yes, you have a bittie. //There's a bittie.//
F1113 //[phone rings] A wee,// a wee bittie. Somebody keeps phoning.
F1114 No, no, no, no.
F1113 But we'll phone them back after.
F1114 Ours is here.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 Ours is, oops.
F1113 Oops-a-daisy. //I'll get the sponge//
F1114 //The sponge.//
F1113 for you, there it goes. Here we go, right, here you go.
F1114 Thanks. //Thanks.//
F1113 //Okay?//
F1114 Oh rub and sing rub-a-dub-dub.
F1113 Rub-a-dub-a-dub.
F1114 Not you, Mum.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Oops, my rub-a-dub-dub. Rub-a-dub-dub.
F1113 Rub-a-dub-dub.
F1114 [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] Wrong [inaudible] Mum. Sing a rub-a-dub-dub. The egg's gonna hatch! The egg's gonna hatch! Mum, it's gonna ha- the egg's gonna hatch.
F1113 The eggs is gonna hatch?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right. Oops.
F1114 The sponge //again.//
F1113 //There it goes.// I'll get it. It's a bonny sponge. What colour's that sponge?
F1114 It's green.
F1113 Green.
F1114 It [?]skips[/?]. It skips. It skips.
F1113 Can I get another little a bittie o that?
F1114 Yeah. //Here you go.//
F1113 //I'll make something.// I'll make another what?
F1114 Oh, another ghost.
F1113 Another ghost? Thank you.
F1114 In a big tile. In a, here's his tile.
F1113 Right. A what?
F1114 Here's his feet.
F1113 That's feet.
F1114 And another feet.
F1113 Thank you very much.
F1114 [inaudible] rub-a-dub-dub.
F1113 Oh what's that on the telly?
F1114 It is he's cook- fishes.
F1113 Oh, he's cooking fishies. Oh right. Does [CENSORED: forename] like fishes?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Go on you make a fishy.
F1114 No, I made a [?]boot[/?].
F1113 What's that? Look.
F1114 That's [inaudible].
F1113 That's a bridge. Look, Mum's made a bridge.
F1114 No, no, no, no, another ghost.
F1113 You want me to make a ghost?
F1114 Yeah.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Not a bridge. [inhale] The egg's gonna hatch!
F1113 Eggs are gonna hatch. //Into baby chickens.//
F1114 //Eggs gonna hatch.// I'm gonna hatch it. Ta-da! //[child noise]//
F1113 //Ta-da!//
F1114 You used the big ain. Ta-da!
F1113 Ta-da!
F1114 [inaudible] That ains. Ta-da! //Ta-da!//
F1113 //[laugh] What's that?//
F1114 Um.
F1113 Farr's the chickens? //[laugh]//
F1114 //[exhale]// //That the one chick.//
F1113 //Oh there's a little one, look.// Little eggie there.
F1114 Where's the chicken?
F1113 That's the chicken.
F1114 There's the chicken. And oh you make that ain. I'm gonna make that ain.
F1113 Look. Right, and this one.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 This one. Now, I'm going to make a shape. Oops. I just broke that bittie. I'll sort it.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Cutters, look for cutters. There we go.
F1114 Ah ah ah Mummy, I'm not [inaudible] the sponge. Hey.
F1113 Look.
F1114 I made, I make, let's make a [?]tony[/?].
F1113 What's that look like?
F1114 It's a [?]tony[/?].
F1113 A what?
F1114 A [?]tony[/?].
F1113 A townie?
F1114 I canna make one.
F1113 What do you want me to make for you? What do you mu- want mum to make for you?
F1114 I'll make a roll in it.
F1113 Oh you want to roll it out. Will I make it flat for you //so you can roll it? Okay.//
F1114 //Yes, aye.//
F1113 There we go, there we go. Right, I'll move it over beside you. There you go. //You can roll it out flat.//
F1114 //I roll it.// [child noises]
F1113 Da-da-da-da-da-da!
F1114 Uh-oh, it's broken. [clapping] I'll I'll fix it.
F1113 You fix it.
F1114 Mm.
F1113 Will I stick it back on for you?
F1114 No, I'll fix it.
F1113 Right, okay.
F1114 [?]It's just sticking weel[/?]. Ta-da! I've fixed it.
F1113 That's a clever girl. Are you clever?
F1114 Let's make another one. Let's make ano-
F1113 Here's one for you if you want it. Do you want that one? Do you want that one? //You can sort that one and I'll sort this one for you.//
F1114 //Yes.// //Yes.//
F1113 //Okay?// Wow!
F1114 I did that one!
F1113 It's nice.
F1114 Da-da-da.
F1113 Are you singing?
F1114 Yes. I need to wash his hair. //I need, yes, no, no, no, no.//
F1113 //Wash his hair. Well push it up into his hair again. You do it.//
F1114 Sing rub-a-dub-dub. Rub-a-dub-dub.
F1113 Rub-a-dub-a-dub-a-dub.
F1114 No, no, rub-a-dub. The song. This song is called the Teddy Bear Song. Teddy's Bear's song, when blue sun and down the river, when the little fly in the air, under a bridge, [?]wind in the eggs, the heart[/?], the bridge.
F1113 That's a nice song.
F1114 Wind [inaudible] in the teddy bear in the bridge. Uh-oh. I need your help, Mum. //[inaudible]//
F1113 //What's that darling? Want help?// Up you come. Right, what do you want me to cut out for you now? //No.//
F1114 //No, no, no, [inaudible].// Rub-a-dub. I sort his hair. //Rub-a-dub.//
F1113 //You sort his hair.//
F1114 See this on is
F1113 There's a piggy. Look, that's a piggy.
F1114 See, I make a piggy.
F1113 Will I roll it out for you, you can make a piggy?
F1114 Yeah.
F1113 You've to roll it out first, see, flat, where's your rolling pin? Where's your rolling pin? //Here it goes.//
F1114 //It's there.//
F1113 Right, let's roll them flat and then you can put on your stamper and it'll make a piggy. //Here we go.//
F1114 //No, that's it, that's it, that's it.//
F1113 Right, that's it. Here you go.
F1114 Uh-oh. //I need your help.//
F1113 //Right, push it down hard, sit up while you//
F1114 I need your help, Mum.
F1113 Right, push it, push it, push it, push it, push it, right, and we'll peel of this bittie and what's that?
F1114 A piggy. Oink oink oink oink oink. //Oink oink.//
F1113 //Oink oink.//
F1114 Oink oink. Put it in there, and [?]look okay[/?]. //[?]And look okay[/?].//
F1113 //Oink oink.//
F1114 Make Jake, stop it in the, yeah, make a circle. Let's make a circle.
F1113 Making a circle.
F1114 I make his arms!
F1113 Oh.
F1114 I s- //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Now.// Right, sit up there a minuty. Right, where's the piggy?
F1114 There it is.
F1113 Oh, do you want to do another one in this one?
F1114 Yes, //a s-//
F1113 //Right, make a,// look, roll that one out and make a
F1114 I roll. //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Oh look, that's a snail.//
F1114 I made the snail.
F1113 Want to do the snail? Right, well roll out this bit and //[inaudible].//
F1114 //What's a snail?// //S-//
F1113 //That's a snail. Look that's his back, and that's his little head.// //Here you go, look.//
F1114 //S-.//
F1113 Now, here we go. Now, you'll make a nice snail wi that. There you go.
F1114 Thank you.
F1113 Oh wow! Push it down. Is it going to come oot? There it goes. Oh, oh. Just stuck a wee bittie there, that's it. And there it //goes!//
F1114 //Hey!//
F1113 Hey! Which one do you want to do next?
F1114 Er, a snail, er a bird ne- a ne-
F1113 There's a mannie there, look. Gingerbread man.
F1114 [inaudible] made the ginger, seal, where's the seal?
F1113 The seal?
F1114 I made, I made that.
F1113 That's a lady. //The elephant.//
F1114 //I'll make the elephant.//
F1113 The elephant, right, [inaudible] look. //Good girl.//
F1114 //[exhale]//
F1113 The elephant. //Now. Ta-da-da-da!//
F1114 //Ta-da!// //Now.//
F1113 //Right, we'll take off the [inaudible], now.// //Your elephant beside your//
F1114 //[inaudible]//
F1113 snail. Right, which one will we do next?
F1114 Er.
F1113 You want to do the man, there's a lady, or there's the piggy.
F1114 A a lady.
F1113 A lady, right, here we go. Will she sit? //Oh right.//
F1114 //Look.// //All done.//
F1113 //Mm// Right, that's it. There we go.
F1114 A lady. Squeeze it down. A l- ta-da, a lady!
F1113 A lady. Right, which one will we do next? //That's a lady. Now, we've done that one. Pick another shape.//
F1114 //This one.//
F1113 This, you've got the //the man one?//
F1114 //A we-. Yes, a mannie.//
F1113 Okay, here we go.
F1114 A man. //Mannie one.//
F1113 //Now.// Roll it out, roll it out, roll it out.
F1114 A pins. //You use the pin.//
F1113 //Right, there you go.// //Do the mannie one.//
F1114 //A pin.//
F1113 Da-da-da-da-da-da. Right, oh, round this way, I think it is.
F1114 Ta-da!
F1113 Look. Right, push. //That's it. Yey!//
F1114 //Yey!// //Ta-da!//
F1113 //Cut oot the shape.// Ta-da! //Now.//
F1114 //Now.//
F1113 Hear the seagulls?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right, which one, you've got one more to do. We've got a lady and a man, an elephant and a snail.
F1114 I need to wash his hair.
F1113 Oh right, okay.
F1114 I'll wash Jake's hair.
F1113 When he goes to his bed?
F1114 Where's the sponge? [child noises]
F1113 There.
F1114 No, Jake says sitting his, sitting his knees. He's sitting.
F1113 He's sitting down. That's his big shoes. Colour's his shoes?
F1114 It's it's it's blue.
F1113 Blue shoes that's right.
F1114 [panting] We need, wash his hair.
F1113 Okay, you wash his hair. //Wash and wash.//
F1114 //Wash.// //See, teddy//
F1113 //Da-da-da.// Right.
F1114 Squish it down. A rolling pin.
F1113 Squish it down with a rolling pin.
F1114 All flat. //Make it.//
F1113 //Roll it roll it flat, that's right.//
F1114 I want to roll it flat. What to do next?
F1113 Erm, what about, oh what's that one?
F1114 It's a [?]priangle[/?]. I want the [?]priangle[/?].
F1113 Triangle.
F1114 A triangle.
F1113 Right, here we go, alright.
F1114 A triangle. Mum, a triangle.
F1113 Triangle.
F1114 A triangle.
F1113 Right.
F1114 Squeeze it down.
F1113 Squeeze it down, right down to the bottom. That's it. //And then you lift this bit up here. Oh!//
F1114 //Uh, ta-da!//
F1113 It's stuck in there, look. //[laugh]//
F1114 //Ta-da!// [inhale] It's lost a heid. //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh]// It's lost a heid? //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]//
F1113 Right. //[laugh]//
F1114 //[inaudible]// It's got a skirt.
F1113 It's got on a skirt?
F1114 It's got arms.
F1113 It's got arms.
F1114 It's nae got eyes. //It's, no.//
F1113 //Has it nae?//
F1114 Make a mouth. Make his mouth.
F1113 Look what Mum's made for you again.
F1114 [inhale] [panting]
F1113 There you go. What's that?
F1114 It's a [?]pout[/?].
F1113 There you go. There you go now.
F1114 I made it [?]plat[/?].
F1113 You made it flat.
F1114 [?]Plat[/?]. [?]Plat[/?].
F1113 Flat.
F1114 Flat.
F1113 Flat.
F1114 [?]Plat[/?].
F1113 [laugh] You being silly?
F1114 Silly billy billy.
F1113 Silly billy billy.
F1114 Just in time. Mum, just in time.
F1113 What's just in time?
F1114 Justin who? //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh]//
F1114 Justin.
F1113 Justin Time.
F1114 Justin. Justin, Mum. Justin, Mum.
F1113 Justin who?
F1114 Justin poop.
F1113 What? That's nae nice.
F1114 [laugh]
F1113 Now, what's that? //Have you got it all out?//
F1114 //It's a ci-// a purple. //A pur-//
F1113 //Purple?// //Oh oh, stuck, sorry.//
F1114 //P-// Make it flat.
F1113 Make it flat.
F1114 Mum, I'll make it flat. //Flat.//
F1113 //[inaudible]// Ah, don't eat it, you don't eat Play-Doh, yuck.
F1114 Yuck.
F1113 Aye, it doesnae taste good, does it?
F1114 No.
F1113 No. It's nae meant to be for eating.
F1114 No.
F1113 No.
F1114 Look, that's a chute! Look, Mum, let's make a chute.
F1113 Let's make a chute, okay.
F1114 And a ladder.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Yes, the ladder. //Does it slide?//
F1113 //A ladder.//
F1114 Does it slide? Do- where's the bairnies?
F1113 The bairnie's here, there's one. //And there's two.//
F1114 //There's// there's three. Let's do another one.
F1113 Another bairnie? //Er, there's one.//
F1114 //There's the one.//
F1113 And here's another one. That one.
F1114 Where's the [inaudible]? [child noises] Where's the [inaudible]?
F1113 Right, here's a chute, Mummy make a big chute coming doon here, see. There's it goes, right, right down. Right, okay? There you go. //Right, [?]and just[/?] slide doon the chute.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// I need the ladder.
F1113 Where's a ladder. //Oh, is that the ladder? Here, look.//
F1114 //There.//
F1113 Now, we climb up the ladder. //And down the chute.//
F1114 //[child noises]// An an the bairnies? //The bairn-.//
F1113 //The bairnies go down the chute.//
F1114 The bairnies go down the chute. //Whee! [laugh] Whee!//
F1113 //Whee! [laugh] Whee!// Whee!
F1114 Whee!
F1113 Is it a good chute?
F1114 Whee! Yes. Whee! [inhale] Whee! [inhale] Whee! I was, whee! They're //sliding.//
F1113 //That's a good// chute. Who's the best? This one?
F1114 Yes. //And this one.//
F1113 //Is she the best?//
F1114 Ah ah ah! The egg's gonna hatch!
F1113 What's gonna hatch? The eggs?
F1114 Oh, that's [inaudible]. [inaudible]
F1113 Ooh!
F1114 You hold, I'll hold, //[child noises]//
F1113 //Now, I think you should put that ones together wi that ones now.//
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right, you mash that ones together wi that ones. //Wait a minute.//
F1114 //I used// that ains in there.
F1113 You mash them both together.
F1114 Both that ains go in there.
F1113 Right, well mash them all together and get them back into their tub, okay?
F1114 Okay. //There, an egg!//
F1113 //You try and get that all back into that tub, right, mash that ones in there.//
F1114 An egg!
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Look, it's an egg!
F1113 Aye, but we'll put them back oot after, you put them into their tub just now. No?
F1114 No.
F1113 No, well what about this //one?//
F1114 //I want to// play it!
F1113 Okay, you play with it. Okay.
F1114 Uh-huh, I'm [inaudible].
F1113 Now, pop this one doon in here, see? That one and.
F1114 Just in time.
F1113 Just in time, pop it in the, fitt aboot poppin that one in there? We'll start tidying up. Okay?
F1114 Not tidy up. Not tidyin up.
F1113 Are you not tidying up yet?
F1114 No.
F1113 It'll soon be beddy-time.
F1114 It's not bed- //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Soon be time for your beddy.// Get your story in your beddy?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes.
F1114 We could play it after.
F1113 We could play it tomorrow morning.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Oops! Catch that bittie. You could play Play-Doh tomorrow. //Play Play-Doh again tomorrow?//
F1114 //That ain's// //broken.//
F1113 //That one's [inaudible].// Right, you put all the eggies back into the tub, and we'll play Play-Doh in the morning.
F1114 An the nest.
F1113 That one and that one. //And that one.//
F1114 //In there.// //There.//
F1113 //That's a good girl.// And that one. Here's the bigger one, see. Pop them all in. Now, pop them in. And we can play it again tomorrow. //Okay? Push it all down.//
F1114 //[inaudible]//
F1113 That's a good girl.
F1114 And we get two or three stories.
F1113 How many stories do you want?
F1114 All the stories.
F1113 Five stories tonight?
F1114 All, all of them.
F1113 All o that stories?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Are you goin to put a lid on the tub? //Is that all the stuff in? Where's the lid?//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 There we go. Right, pop on the liddy. Right, pop on the lid. Press it right down. See, put it on properly, so it winna go hard. You can play with it again tomorrow. //Right.//
F1114 //A story in bed.//
F1113 Right, we'll pop it back in here. Into the tub.
F1114 I make a ice-cream cone.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Make a ice-cream.
F1113 Now, that's us all finished.
F1114 Make a ice-cream. //Ding ding//
F1113 //It's all finished for the night.//
F1114 ding ding ding ding ding ding.
F1113 Okay? All done [CENSORED: forename].
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 All finished. Do it again tomorrow, okay? All done.

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Audio awareness & spontaneity

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Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2004
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