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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 03, recording 4: Playing Kerplunk and bedtimes stories

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1113 Right, I'll put on your tea, okay? Okay? //You wantin an, you wanting eggs, is it?//
F1114 //[exhale]//
F1113 Eggie? //Boiled eggs?//
F1114 //Mm.// It's really hot.
F1113 What's hot?
F1114 My [?]bumpy[/?].
F1113 What's hot?
F1114 Er, the egg hot.
F1113 The eggs are hot, aye.
F1114 [exhale]
F1113 Do you like eggs?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Come on we'll boil an egg. Right? Now. What else do you want? Do you want toast?
F1114 Yes, toast.
F1113 Toast with your egg? Okay. [cough]
F1114 Toast and egg, toast and egg, toast and egg, toast and egg! [singing]
F1113 Right?
F1114 Toast and
F1113 Are you hungry?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes. Did you enjoy yourself at the park today?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Was it good?
F1114 In the big chute I slided. [cough]
F1113 Went right down the big chute?
F1114 I just slided.
F1113 You was sliding down the chute, wasn't you?
F1114 I was-, remember a big yellow chute.
F1113 Aye, a big yellow chute. And the roundabouts. //Roundabouts is good, isn't they?//
F1114 //Yes.// Yes, big blue chute.
F1113 A big blue chute?
F1114 I [inaudible] I [inaudible] the blue chute.
F1113 Mm.
F1114 [exhale]
F1113 Will we go back again tomorrow?
F1114 Yes. [inaudible]
F1113 Are you hungry?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes. Are you hungry? Got your juice? Got your juice.
F1114 I will [inaudible].
F1113 Sorry? Get your plate. Plate for your toast. Now.
F1114 And an egg.
F1113 And your egg, aye. Winna be long. Two minutes for your eggie. Oh. That'll be the microwave wi your
F1114 I'll maybe be [inaudible].
F1113 Eh?
F1114 I'll maybe be [inaudible].
F1113 Put the toast in the toaster.
F1114 I'll maybe [?]be you[/?]. [inaudible] maybe the [inaudible]. //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Where's [CENSORED: forename] gone?// She away to Granny's? [CENSORED: forename] away to Granny's?
F1114 [inhale]
F1113 Yes?
F1114 [child noises]
F1113 What's that?
F1114 It's the [inaudible].
F1113 Aye, you leave it on. [inaudible] speaking. Watch, you're getting tangled up again, watch. Up your leggies. Up your leggies, through that way. You're getting all tangled up again .
F1114 All ta-.
F1113 You gettin tangled up in the wires? //Mmhm.//
F1114 //[exhale]// //Mm.//
F1113 //Right.// //[inaudible] your toast.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1113 //Now.//
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Want some butter on your toast?
F1114 Mmhm.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 [child noises] [eating noises]
F1113 What are you going to do?
F1114 Um.
F1113 Um um um. Right. Just aboot ready.
F1114 [drinking noises]
F1113 That good juice?
F1114 Mm.
F1113 Is that good juice?
F1114 One knife.
F1113 That's a knife, //for putting on the butter.//
F1114 //[exhale]// [inaudible] Skippy skip!
F1113 Eh?
F1114 Skippin, skippin, //skip.//
F1113 //Are you skippin?//
F1114 Yes, //skip!//
F1113 //Were you skippin at the park?//
F1114 Yes. //Skipping. Park.//
F1113 //[inaudible]// Skip skip. It was a good day at the park, wasn't it?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 There was lots o bairnies there the day?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Aye.
F1114 Whee!
F1113 Playin wi the bairnies?
F1114 Mm. //Buck and b-.//
F1113 //Right. There's your toast.//
F1114 Buck and [?]Billy[/?]. Buck and Billy. What's this [inaudible] Buck and Billy. [inaudible] //Bu-.//
F1113 //Right, here's your toast.//
F1114 Buck and Billy. Buck, Buck and Billy. //Bu-.//
F1113 //Are you dancin? [inaudible]//
F1114 That isn't Buck and Billy.
F1113 Eh.
F1114 Buck and Billy. Oh ah.
F1113 Buck and Billy? What's that? //What are you on aboot?//
F1114 //[exhale]// That's Buck and Billy. [eating noises] //[exhale]//
F1113 //Grr. Is that good?// Right, get you another one.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Your boiled eggs'll be ready in a minute. Okay? There you go.
F1114 Mm. //Mmhm.//
F1113 //Okey-dokey?//
F1114 [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1113 //Now.// //Is that good?//
F1114 //Magical,// magical [humming].
F1113 Now, that's all that in the dishwasher. Plates in the dishwasher.
F1114 [exhale]
F1113 Now. What are you going to do after tea-time?
F1114 There's Buck and Billy.
F1113 Mm. You going to play something? //Watch your knee again, watch your knee.//
F1114 //Something.//
F1113 That's a girl.
F1114 Something, something, something, something.
F1113 What you gonna play?
F1114 Something something.
F1113 It's pourin rain outside now, look at it. //It was a bonny afternoon but it's//
F1114 //Mm mm.// //Where is it?//
F1113 //pourin rain now.//
F1114 Where is it?
F1113 Wait till I show you. I'll open the blinds. Okay? Pourin!
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Pourin with rain.
F1114 [exhale]
F1113 Horrible now.
F1114 I don't want it to rain.
F1113 No. At least it was a bonny afternoon. Wasn't it? Now, get your [?]leg[/?] ready. It was a nice afternoon to play.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Yes, yes, yes. Ah. Mm.
F1113 [inaudible]
F1114 [?]This is hot[/?]. [singing] //[singing]//
F1113 //Are you singing?//
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Mm? Are you singing to Mum? Good girl. Are you thirsty?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes.
F1114 Ah.
F1113 Good. You finish up eating that and we'll get your eggs for you.
F1114 [exhale]
F1113 Now. Is that good?
F1114 Mmhm.
F1113 Mmhm. //Your egg's cooking.//
F1114 //Mm.// [singing] //Uh-huh.//
F1113 //Come on, sit up at peace when you're having your tea.//
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 You're getting all tangled up in your wires, watch. See now. That's a good girl. Let me check your-. That's it.
F1114 Mum, do you want a bite, Mum?
F1113 Sorry? I want a bite? Okay, thank you. Thank you very much.
F1114 You're welcome.
F1113 Mm, that's a good girl. Oh good toast. //Mm.//
F1114 //Yes.// I remember //a big blue chute.//
F1113 //Yes.//
F1114 The red [inaudible]. //The yellow [inaudible].//
F1113 //The big blue chute?// Mmhm. And you was on the see-saw, remember? //See-saw with [CENSORED: forename].//
F1114 //Red.// Red, red, mm.
F1113 Were you on the see-saw?
F1114 Ha, yes, woah!
F1113 Oops-a-daisy. Come on, sit at peace when you're having your tea. Stop dancing aboot. Put it down. That's a girl. //Watch yourself. Sit on your seat and be good.//
F1114 //I can-//
F1113 That's a girl. [inaudible] phone off [inaudible] as well, haven't you?
F1114 [exhale] That's too noisy, this.
F1113 Fitt's too noisy? Fitt's noisy [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename].
F1114 It's it's the cup.
F1113 The cup?
F1114 Yes, the cup is making that noise.
F1113 Is that when you're drinking?
F1114 Huh?
F1113 Making too much noise when you're drinking, is it? Right. //That's a girl.//
F1114 //Mm.//
F1113 That's a good girl. You can sit round again //and finish your tea.//
F1114 //[child noises]//
F1113 Come on we'll get a plate for your eggs now. //Well?//
F1114 //[singing]// [singing]
F1113 Mmhm. It's [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] and it's the sixteenth of April two thousand and four.
F1114 And move a wee wee bittie.
F1113 Okay. Right, [CENSORED: forename]. Do you want to play Kerplunk?
F1114 Yes. //Mm.//
F1113 //Yes yes yes, right.// //Get the box open.//
F1114 //[inhale] [squeal]// I've got the sticks out.
F1113 Right, you keep the sticks there for Mum.
F1114 I've got [inaudible] I've got I've got some
F1113 No, it's okay. Sit down there. That's okay. You keep the marbles.
F1114 I've got marbles here.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Here's [?]put it ons[/?]. Here you go, Mum.
F1113 Thank you. You helpin Mum?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right, we'll move this over here. Right, put this on top. //Okay.//
F1114 //One.//
F1113 Hold on while I put the cups in here. How does this work again? In like this. Do you like this game?
F1114 I play Kerplunk.
F1113 You play Kerplunk.
F1114 Yes. [inaudible] sticks pencils, those maybe sticks pencils.
F1113 Stick pencils?
F1114 Yes, there [?]was[/?].
F1113 Right, here we go. That on here. Is that right? No, it's like this. That's it. //Right, you give Mum the stickies. Thank you!//
F1114 //Eh.// //Another one.//
F1113 //Mmhm.// Another one. Thank you. And another one. Thank you. Thank you. And another one. Thank you.
F1114 Here you go.
F1113 A minutie. Thank you. Like this game the best?
F1114 Yes. There you go.
F1113 Thank you.
F1114 In the balls. There we go.
F1113 Hold on a second then.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 That's it. Thank you.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Now. //Did you enjoy the park the day?//
F1114 //Yes.// Yes, and playing the big chute.
F1113 And playing the big chute?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Do you like the big chute?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Is that your favourite?
F1114 Yes, where's the big yellow chute, I went down the big yellow chute.
F1113 The big yellow chute? Thank you. And there's a roundabout. //You was going fast on the roundabout, wasn't//
F1114 //Look.// //I'll hold the balls.//
F1113 //you?// Right. Right, watch your feeties. You're getting tangled up.
F1114 I got the balls here.
F1113 Right, you count, you count the bouncy balls. //The marbles.//
F1114 //[exhale]// One, one.
F1113 Is there lots o marbles?
F1114 Eh, that ains is red.
F1113 Yeah.
F1114 That ain is purple. Mum, that ain's purple.
F1113 Purple, that's right. And what colour's that one?
F1114 It's gree-, yellow.
F1113 Yellow, mmhm.
F1114 That ain is green.
F1113 That one's green, aye.
F1114 The stick in [inaudible]
F1113 That's white ones, look, and blue and red. //Did you hear that ice-cream van just now?//
F1114 //Yeah.// Yes.
F1113 Aye. Do you like ice-cream?
F1114 Yummy!
F1113 Yummy? Is it //good.//
F1114 //I've got ice-cream// in my tummy.
F1113 You've got what?
F1114 Ice-cream in tummy.
F1113 You've got ice-cream in your tummy.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Have you?
F1114 Jelly in my tummy.
F1113 And jelly in your tummy?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Do you like jelly?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 You get that at a party, don't you?
F1114 I love ice-cream.
F1113 Ice-cream and jelly.
F1114 Yes, ice-cream and jelly. Here's more sticks, Mum.
F1113 It takes ages, doesn't it, to put up the sticks.
F1114 Eh wait.
F1113 Ages. Right, hold on. Put this on in this way.
F1114 One, two, three, four, fi-. [exhale]
F1113 Count how many sticks? Takes forever. [cough]
F1114 Oops! [laugh] //[laugh] [inaudible]//
F1113 //[laugh] Po-, popped right oot. Oops.// //Oh no.//
F1114 //Mm.//
F1113 It's nae easy, is it? That was a good ain. //Oh,//
F1114 //Oh.//
F1113 no, it fell through. It's nae easy to get this sticks in, [CENSORED: forename]. Do you like this game? Do you like Kerplunk?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Whoops.
F1114 The balls.
F1113 That's the marbles.
F1114 There we go. The balls in, that, on the sticks now.
F1113 Now.
F1114 I've got the balls. Here in my tubby.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 Tubby. Mum, where's the tubby? Mum, where's the tuppy?
F1113 Tuppy?
F1114 Yes, tuppy.
F1113 What's a tuppy?
F1114 Eh that's tuppy.
F1113 I dinna ken what you mean.
F1114 [panting] I love this flower. The baby flowers.
F1113 What are baby flowers that?
F1114 Outside.
F1113 Are they?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Ah.
F1114 I love baby flowers, Mummy.
F1113 For Mummy?
F1114 Yes, the Mummy.
F1113 I like flowers.
F1114 I like big flowers. You like baby flowers.
F1113 I like baby flowers?
F1114 I love the baby flowers, you love the big ai- flowers.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 [inaudible] that's the baby flowers. You have the big flowers.
F1113 Where's [CENSORED: forename] gone?
F1114 Wh- where's [CENSORED: forename]?
F1113 Away to her club.
F1114 Oh away in the club?
F1113 Mmhm, away to play wi the bairnies. Awa to her Friday club.
F1114 I'm goin to baby school.
F1113 You going to baby school? You want to go to the baby school?
F1114 Yes, [CENSORED: forename]'s going to big school.
F1113 She goes to big school and you'll be going to playschool. And you'll want to paint.
F1114 Yes. I'm going to learn to paint, [?]ain't I[/?]?
F1113 You to paint pictures for Mum?
F1114 Yes. //Oops, oops.//
F1113 //So I can put them up on the wall?//
F1114 S-, look, more sticks. Look.
F1113 How much more sticks have we got?
F1114 One, two, three, four, fi- five.
F1113 Five sticks to go in now. Let's hurry and get this sticks in. Take all night. Look, in we go, that's it.
F1114 [exhale]
F1113 You gettin tied up?
F1114 Yes, mm, two greenies.
F1113 Two green ones? //And yellow sticks.//
F1114 //I've got// a
F1113 This sticks are just hard to go in.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Aren't they? //Took for ages.//
F1114 //Yes.// Oh yes. It's got a hole in it.
F1113 Mmhm. Pop in the sticks. The sticks dinna want to go in.
F1114 Here we go.
F1113 Eh?
F1114 I'm good help.
F1113 Aye, you're a good help.
F1114 [?]Underneath[/?]. [exhale]
F1113 You're a good helper for Mum.
F1114 Oops. That ain's fell doon.
F1113 And it fell doon. [laugh] Right. No, that one's going squint, look! //Erm, no.//
F1114 //That one's going// //too.//
F1113 //Now, we've got one to go, is it?// Right.
F1114 Another one. //Oops.//
F1113 //Right, right, you gonna pop in the marbles?//
F1114 Yes. There we go. One, o-, one.
F1113 Right, that's good. Right, you pop in the marbles. //Right, on you go then.//
F1114 //I'll just pop them.// //[exhale]//
F1113 //Pop them in the top, see?// That's it, and then we can play the game now.
F1114 Oops.
F1113 That's it, you gonna pop some in?
F1114 Mm. I did it! I got one //in.//
F1113 //Right, do you want to go first?//
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right.
F1114 I pull two. //Hey!//
F1113 //Wey! That's good. Mum's shot.// No.
F1114 It's my turn.
F1113 It's your turn. Whoa!
F1114 [laugh]
F1113 Close.
F1114 Close, and I //p-.//
F1113 //Oh, no.// Right, [CENSORED: forename]'s turn.
F1114 [squeal] That's mine!
F1113 You got two. //Right, you take them out.//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 [inaudible]
F1114 It's Mum's turn.
F1113 Mum's turn. Come on, oop! No. [CENSORED: forename]'s turn. //Oh, nearly!//
F1114 //[laugh] [exhale]// //[?]Nearly[/?].//
F1113 //M-, no, my turn.// //Oops. [inaudible]//
F1114 //[squeal]//
F1113 Oh no!
F1114 [laugh]
F1113 Mum got heaps!
F1114 It's my turn. //Oh, nearly.//
F1113 //No.// Nearly. Wait, Mum's turn. //No.//
F1114 //I used th-.// I used [squeal] [laugh]
F1113 I got heaps and heaps. Right, it's your turn.
F1114 I got two again.
F1113 You got two again. Right.
F1114 It's my turn.
F1113 No, Mum's turn. Mum's turn. Wait your turn! Patience. //There we go.//
F1114 //Oh. It's my turn.// I got one again.
F1113 You got one again. //Okay.//
F1114 //I'll get [?]two[/?] five.//
F1113 Mum's turn. Oh, I got one. I've got hundreds o them, look.
F1114 How much hundreds?
F1113 Right, you pull out that stickie.
F1114 I've got two. //I've got heaps and heaps.//
F1113 //Yeah.// You got heaps and heaps? //Right, in there.//
F1114 //That's my-.// It's my turn. It's my turn.
F1113 Right, your turn. //Oh, you got one.//
F1114 //Oh!// Mm.
F1113 Right, Mum's turn.
F1114 Sorry, you have [inaudible].
F1113 Eh. //Which one will I pull? Okay, this one. Right.//
F1114 //I've got heaps and heaps. Oh I've two again.//
F1113 You pull one then. You pull out another stick. //Oh, nearly.//
F1114 //Nearly!//
F1113 Nearly.
F1114 It's my turn.
F1113 No, it's my turn. No cheating. Right.
F1114 It's my turn.
F1113 Your turn.
F1114 I got ain.
F1113 You got one. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //[inaudible]//
F1113 No. Your turn. No. Right, Mum's turn. //No.//
F1114 //No.// //It's my t-.//
F1113 //[CENSORED: forename]'s turn.// No! //Mum's turn.//
F1114 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1113 //Oh no, what's gonna happen?// What's gonna happen? //Oh no!//
F1114 //[laugh] I did Mum's ain.//
F1113 You pulled at my one. I've got heaps. Oh no.
F1114 Let's do it again.
F1113 I got heaps and heaps, //look.//
F1114 //Let's do it again.// Let's do it again.
F1113 Let's do it again?
F1114 Yes. I'll go up the steps and I'll put them in [?]this thing[/?]. //[exhale]//
F1113 //Do you like this game?//
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right. You put them over there. //Right.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// //I've got a//
F1113 //Okay?//
F1114 bin.
F1113 No no, we no need a bin. Fine, sit doon there. //Okay.//
F1114 //[child noises]// Ah.
F1113 Keep them at the side. Right. //You gonna look after them?//
F1114 //I'll l-.// One, two, three, fo- [child noises]
F1113 [?]You liking[/?] the marbles?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes.
F1114 The baby, that's the baby balls.
F1113 Baby ones, okay.
F1114 That's not the big balls.
F1113 Is it not? They're just little ones. Little marbles. Don't pull it like that, darlin. You'll break it.
F1114 I move a wee wee bittie.
F1113 Okay, no it's fine like that, okay? It's in case you break it.
F1114 That's that's better.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 That's better.
F1113 Right. //We need to get all this sticks in again, quickly.//
F1114 //I move Mum's ain.//
F1113 Aye, it's fine now. That's a girl.
F1114 I moved Mum's ain.
F1113 You moved Mum's boxie?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 And [CENSORED: forename]'s boxie. Right, here we go. //Now.//
F1114 //One little ball is// is is
F1113 You wantin some milk, before you go to your bed, tonight?
F1114 No.
F1113 No?
F1114 No.
F1113 You nae want any milk?
F1114 No. //No.//
F1113 //Why?//
F1114 Not yet.
F1113 No, not yet. You're not going to your bed yet. When you go, do you want your milk? Now.
F1114 [inaudible] Put the balls in the net. Get the ball in the net. Mm! //Hm.//
F1113 //I've just given some carrots to Topsy.//
F1114 Given carrots to Topsy.
F1113 Mmhm, she enjoyed them.
F1114 [panting]
F1113 She eated up all her carrots. Mum's going to clean out Topsy tomorrow.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Are you goin to help me?
F1114 Yeah, cl- clean up the Topsy.
F1113 Clean out Topsy.
F1114 Clean up all the Topsies.
F1113 Mmhm. She makes a mess of her hutch, doesn't she?
F1114 The birdie they hatched their egg.
F1113 Fitt birdie?
F1114 Hatched an egg.
F1113 Fitt birdie's hatched his egg?
F1114 Yes, the little, the gorgeous.
F1113 He's gorgeous?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 A little gorgeous birdie?
F1114 Yes. One,
F1113 Now.
F1114 two.
F1113 [CENSORED: forename] was away to a farm yesterday, [CENSORED: forename].
F1114 Yes.
F1113 She was away to see piggies.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Little baby ones.
F1114 I'm seeing the farm too.
F1113 Would you like to see the farm too?
F1114 Yes. And see all the animals.
F1113 All the animals.
F1114 Yes. //Yes.//
F1113 //What's your favourite animal?//
F1114 It's a cow, then horsie.
F1113 Cows and horses? Mm right. Okay. Here we go. We've just aboot finished again. We'll have one more game, okay, the last one. This is the last game.
F1114 This is the last game, it's all done.
F1113 Aye, and then Mum can read you a story before you go to your bed.
F1114 Mm the Teletubbies story.
F1113 The Teletubbies story?
F1114 A bedtime story.
F1113 A bedtime story, aye. //Before you go to your beddie.//
F1114 //Th-// Yes. //Whee!//
F1113 //Are you tired tonight?//
F1114 Yes, I'll I'll slide on the big yellow chute.
F1113 You're going to what?
F1114 Big yellow chute.
F1113 You're tired wi going doon the big yellow chute? You must be tired, cause you was running and running and running aboot the park. //Weren't you?//
F1114 //Yes.// Yes, I'm running s- //[exhale]//
F1113 //Was you playin wi that little girl?//
F1114 Yes. //Mm mm mm mm mm.//
F1113 //Mmhm.// See you climbing up high up that chute.
F1114 I I say "Whee!"
F1113 [inaudible] darlin?
F1114 Whee! Whee! Whee! [child noises] I say //"Whee!"//
F1113 //[inaudible]// the chute?
F1114 Whee! S- slidin. //The mummies saw it, eh Mum?//
F1113 //Was you?// //That's right.//
F1114 //And// //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1113 //Mummy was sitti-,// I was sittin watchin you, wasn't I?
F1114 Yes, Mum's too big in the swing.
F1113 [laugh] I was too big for the swing? //Mmhm.//
F1114 //Yes.// Mum was too big in the bike.
F1113 Do you want to go oot on your bike again?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right, are you going to play the marbles again? //There you go.//
F1114 //[child noises]//
F1113 [CENSORED: forename]'s job, pop in the marbles.
F1114 [CENSORED: forename]'s job then Mum's job.
F1113 Right, okay. There we go. Right. Whoops!
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Right, who's going to start first?
F1114 [CENSORED: forename]
F1113 [CENSORED: forename], okay.
F1114 [CENSORED: forename]. No, it's Mum's turn.
F1113 Mum's turn first? Okay then. No. //Okay.//
F1114 //It's my turn.// Yes. There. Oh nearly!
F1113 Nearly.
F1114 Ah. //Mu- Mum's turn. It's Mu-.//
F1113 //[cough]// No!
F1114 I used the yellow ain.
F1113 Oh!
F1114 Oh.
F1113 Oh [CENSORED: forename], that was nearly.
F1114 [CENSORED: forename]'s turn! It's my turn. //[exhale]//
F1113 //Oh, nearly.// That, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh nearly! //Oh, you're good.//
F1114 //[squeal]//
F1113 You're good.
F1114 Mum's job and [CENSORED: forename]'s job.
F1113 No, right, [CENSORED: forename].
F1114 [squeal] //I got four!//
F1113 //Oh shh.//
F1114 I got lots of heaps and heaps, it's Mum's turn.
F1113 Aye, nae screamin so loud, //okay?//
F1114 //[squeal]//
F1113 Nae screamin. //Oh.//
F1114 //[inaudible]//
F1113 Nearly Mum. Nae quite.
F1114 It's my turn.
F1113 Yes, it's your turn.
F1114 [whistles]
F1113 Nearly.
F1114 Where's all the balls?
F1113 They're hidin in the top, see? //[inaudible]//
F1114 //Here's some more.// //[inaudible]//
F1113 //[inaudible]//
F1114 [squeal] [laugh] It's Mum's turn.
F1113 Right.
F1114 You do that yellow ain. Mummy!
F1113 Yes, I got three.
F1114 It's Mum's turn. I I used that ain. //[exhale]//
F1113 //Oh,// you got three as well.
F1114 [exhale] It's Mum's turn, it's Mum's
F1113 Mum's turn.
F1114 [squeal] Mummy!
F1113 Stop screaming so loud. //[laugh]//
F1114 //It's my turn.// I use the yellow ain.
F1113 Oh,
F1114 [squeal] //Nearly.//
F1113 //mm,// nearly.
F1114 [squeal] It's my turn, it's my turn.
F1113 Stop screaming.
F1114 [squeal]
F1113 You've got heaps. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //It's my it's my turn.//
F1113 No, it's Mummy's turn.
F1114 [?]Hey![/?]
F1113 Stop cheating.
F1114 It's my turn, it's my turn.
F1113 Wait till we turn it roond. Right. No, I've nae got any, you?
F1114 I got one ain, I got heaps and heaps.
F1113 R-, right, your turn. Wey! How many did you get?
F1114 Three. Mum!
F1113 Right, you pull oot the last ones. We'll count how many you've got. Right. Wait till we see.
F1114 Goodness me.
F1113 Wait till we see how many you've got. One, //two,//
F1114 //S-, f-.//
F1113 three, four, //five,//
F1114 //I'll count Mummy's.//
F1113 six, seven, eight, nine, //ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen you've got.//
F1114 //I'll count my Mummy's ain.// //I-//
F1113 //You going to count Mum's ones?// //One,//
F1114 //I'll// I'll count that ains. I'll count that ains.
F1113 You count them. Right, shh shh shh shh it's aafa noisy. Right, we'll put this away now.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Put the game back in the boxie.
F1114 Yes, the sticks //[singing]//
F1113 //[inaudible] play that again [inaudible]//
F1114 [singing]
F1113 Are you singing?
F1114 [singing] //[singing]//
F1113 //Are you singing away?//
F1114 [singing]
F1113 That's a girl. Right. That's it. //Popping them back in there.//
F1114 //Where is,// where's bit?
F1113 [cough] Eh?
F1114 Where's the where's [inaudible] here?
F1113 Pop them in here. //Right.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// //Where's that?//
F1113 //In the bottom bit in there.// Where's that go? In there, that.
F1114 In here.
F1113 In the top like that. That's it. Do you want the lid? Put on the lid.
F1114 Yes. [panting]
F1113 Right.
F1114 No, [inaudible] away. Wow!
F1113 Right, let's go upstairs and we'll read some bookies.
F1114 Yes, away, I-.
F1113 One, count the stairs? //Two,//
F1114 //Goin-//
F1113 three, four, five, //six,//
F1114 //I no wantin to count.// I want
F1113 Will I count them for you? Next one, seven, //eight, nine,//
F1114 //S- stop!//
F1113 ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen stairs! //Now.//
F1114 //[inhale]// Where's [?]my moppie[/?] going?
F1113 I don't know.
F1114 It's downstairs.
F1113 Is it?
F1114 Yes, it's downstairs.
F1113 Oh, you'll get it after. Right, you want to sit up on your bed? And I'll read you some bookie?
F1114 [inaudible] [child noises]
F1113 Oh you're lying down?
F1114 Whee!
F1113 Are you tired? Mum'll get some bookies.
F1114 Whee. //[inaudible] that.//
F1113 //Now. Eh?//
F1114 I have my [?]nap[/?].
F1113 Will you leave it on there just noo. It's okay.
F1114 [child noises]
F1113 What's wrang wi ye?
F1114 [child noises] Where's my Boohbah's gone?
F1113 Eh I'm getting them sorted.
F1114 [inhale] Where's them gone?
F1113 They fell down, remember, got broken.
F1114 Oh right, get another one.
F1113 Oh your mobile, your mobile got broken, so Mum's gonna get it sorted. Get another one. Will we?
F1114 Yes. //[panting]//
F1113 //Get up and we'll read your bookie.// //Right.//
F1114 //I I I read that ain, you read that ain.//
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Once upon a time,
F1113 Once upon a time. //[inaudible] Uh-huh.//
F1114 //once upon a time. What's this?//
F1113 A witch.
F1114 The witch. And what's this?
F1113 Where?
F1114 There.
F1113 It's a pumpkin.
F1114 Who's that?
F1113 A broom.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 A cat.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 A dog.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 An astronaut. //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// What's that?
F1113 An astronaut. //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// What's that?
F1113 An astronaut. //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// //What's that? [laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh]//
F1114 What's that? //[laugh]//
F1113 //It's an astronaut.// //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// And that? //[laugh]//
F1113 //An astronaut. I think you're being silly now, aren't you?//
F1114 Once upon a time. What's that? //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh]// You ken fine.
F1114 What's that? //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh] A mannie.//
F1114 [laugh] What's that?
F1113 An astronaut. //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]//
F1113 [inhale] Move on to something else.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 You're just makkin yourself laugh.
F1114 What's that? //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh]//
F1114 What's that? //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh] Hey, come on, look at something else?//
F1114 What's that?
F1113 It's a fairy.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 A pirate.
F1114 [exhale] What's that?
F1113 The queen.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 The king, with his crown.
F1114 Where's the princess?
F1113 Princess?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Well, that's like her, queen. There's nae a princess, but
F1114 What's that? [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1113 //An astronaut.// //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh] What's that?// //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh]// Is that funny?
F1114 Yes, what's that? //[laugh] What's that? [laugh]//
F1113 //You're being a silly billy.// Come on we'll find another page. You're just makkin yourself laugh, //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1114 //[cough]//
F1113 Oh, fitt's this?
F1114 That's the jack-in-the-box.
F1113 Aye.
F1114 Oh, it's nae got, [inaudible] go jump!
F1113 What goes jump? //[cough]//
F1114 //The [inaudible].//
F1113 Oh right.
F1114 Bookie. Look, Mum, it's bookie.
F1113 Aye.
F1114 It's bookie. It's bookie.
F1113 It's shiny, bonny and shiny bookie.
F1114 Oh right.
F1113 Look, a jack-in-the-box. //Aye.//
F1114 //That's// [inaudible] ain. See.
F1113 Go and sing a song to Mum.
F1114 [inaudible] horsie, that's bookie.
F1113 Aye, that's a horsie, a rocking horsie. Go and sing a bonny tunie to Mum, [CENSORED: forename]. What was that song you were singing to Mum the day?
F1114 Oh the big piggy //and trotter.//
F1113 //Remember the [inaudible] "If You're Happy and You Know It". Go and sing that to Mum.//
F1114 Happy and you know it clap your hands. [claps hands twice] Happy and you know it clap your hands. [claps hands twice] Happy and you know, [inaudible] show, happy and you know, clap your hands. [claps hands twice]
F1113 Yey!
F1114 Happy and you know it stamp your feet.
F1113 Stamp stamp. //If you're happy and you?//
F1114 //[exhale]// Know it, clap your hands. //[claps hands] [laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh]//
F1114 Happy and you know, [inaudible] show, if you're happy and you know, clap your hands. [claps hands] //[panting]//
F1113 //Yey.//
F1114 I don't know the the next part. There's the new page.
F1113 Aye.
F1114 [inaudible] That's purple.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 That ain's orange. What's that ain?
F1113 Blue.
F1114 Blue.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Where's the beach ball?
F1113 That's the beach ball. What's the colours in the beach ball?
F1114 [exhale] It's it's it's that's black. //[exhale]//
F1113 //No, it's purple.//
F1114 That's blue.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 No, that's purple. That's the ice-cream.
F1113 Uh-huh, ice-cream cone.
F1114 I love ice-cream. That's an umbrella.
F1113 Mmhm. //Do you like ice-cream cones?//
F1114 //[cough]// Yes. //Two starfish.//
F1113 //Mmhm.// Mmhm.
F1114 It's bookie.
F1113 Look at the sandcastle!
F1114 [inhale] Where?
F1113 Up at the top. //Here,//
F1114 //Look, that's the//
F1113 the boy and the girl.
F1114 Look, that's the sand house got windows. What's that?
F1113 Where?
F1114 That.
F1113 It's a lighthouse.
F1114 Alright, go people's, go in the lighthouse.
F1113 Mmhm. People live in the lighthouse.
F1114 What's next? [inhale] Oh wow! //[inaudible]//
F1113 //What's that?//
F1114 It's penguins.
F1113 Penguins. //What do penguins do?//
F1114 //[exhale]//
F1113 They're like Pingu, ain't they?
F1114 [Pingu noise]
F1113 That's right, that's what Pingu does, doesn't he? //[Pingu noise]//
F1114 //See, see// [Pingu noise] //[laugh]//
F1113 //Is that what Pingu says to his Mum?//
F1114 Say [Pingu noise].
F1113 That's right.
F1114 Oh, it's the bookie again.
F1113 Aye. //That's a good bookie, isn't it?//
F1114 //Oh!// Ah ah, I'll read it again. Look, it's a bookie, Mum.
F1113 Mmhm. It's shiny bits on the bookie.
F1114 Want to see it again?
F1113 Okay.
F1114 [inaudible] [squeal] What's that? [laugh]
F1113 I don't know.
F1114 [inhale] That's an [?]elephant[/?]. //[laugh]//
F1113 //You're// back to that one again.
F1114 [laugh] What's that? [laugh]
F1113 You're being a silly billy.
F1114 What's that Mum? [laugh]
F1113 Find another bookie. Oh, Mum's yawning, [CENSORED: forename].
F1114 What's that?
F1113 Mum's tired.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 Wait till I find another bookie.
F1114 Oh right. [exhale] [sniff] //Once upon a time, [?]it's a girl[/?],//
F1113 //Oh, here's another bookie, look.// Who's this?
F1114 It's the Fimbles. I want to look at the Fimbles, you look at that ain, I want the Fimbles ain.
F1113 You look at the Fimbles one, okay. //[inaudible] Fimbles.//
F1114 //[exhale]// Fimbles! What's that, Mum?
F1113 What?
F1114 That.
F1113 Let me see.
F1114 That.
F1113 A suitcase.
F1114 It's a suitcase.
F1113 For going your holidays. See the Fimbles are maybe going away their holidays. Wait till we see. See, it says "suitcase". Aha, look.
F1114 Ah ah!
F1113 Look. //They're getting their suitcase ready.//
F1114 //Ah! Look, here's,// what's that?
F1113 Bessie, it's called. Bessie the bird.
F1114 No, that's Bessie, she's going to see the Fimbles.
F1113 Uh-huh, and oh look. What have they got there?
F1114 Apples.
F1113 Apples, Baby Pom's going to eat apples. //Oh look, there's the tinkling tree.//
F1114 //[exhale]// Tickle tree.
F1113 Tinkling tree. Oh look, is that pretty?
F1114 What's that?
F1113 What's that in the tree?
F1114 [?]Dinna ken[/?].
F1113 Lovely, isn't it? It's bubbles. Bubbles from the bubble-fall tree.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 Oh look, Florrie's packing her suitcase. Cause she's going away her holidays.
F1114 Yes, [inaudible] car.
F1113 She going away in the car?
F1114 No, that's not a car, that's a suitcase. What's that?
F1113 Are you going to pack your suitcase for your holidays?
F1114 What's that?
F1113 They're going away to the seaside.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 They're going away to the seaside for their holidays.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 I don't know.
F1114 It's a instrument.
F1113 An instrument?
F1114 What's that? That's Mum.
F1113 Oh look. She's got all her clothes in a case.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 There? That's a witch.
F1114 That's the witch. What's that?
F1113 A broom.
F1114 What's that, it's got a stick?
F1113 It's got a stick on it. It's a pumpkin.
F1114 It's like a pumpkin, that's a [?]pumpkin[/?].
F1113 Pumpkin.
F1114 A pumpkin.
F1113 It's a pirate,
F1114 It's a pirate.
F1113 [?]she[/?]'s got on a red waistcoat.
F1114 Has got a flag.
F1113 And [?]she[/?]'s got a flag, that's right.
F1114 What's [inaudible] that's purple. That's his treasure chest.
F1113 The treasure chest, that's right.
F1114 Lots of stars, [inaudible] bookie. //[panting]//
F1113 //That's a bonny shiny star.//
F1114 What's that?
F1113 A little doggy.
F1114 And again! What's that?
F1113 A little doggy.
F1114 Another doggy. It's a instrument.
F1113 An instrument? //No, that's a doggy.//
F1114 //[laugh]// What's that?
F1113 Doggy.
F1114 Do it again! What's that?
F1113 Eh?
F1114 That.
F1113 A doggy.
F1114 That's not a doggy! I want to see the Fimbles. Thank you.
F1113 There you go. See them packing their cases. They're going away their holiday. Fimbles, Baby Pom. //[cough]//
F1114 //[inaudible]// //Oh, what's that?//
F1113 //[cough] Excuse me.//
F1114 What's that?
F1113 Let me see.
F1114 That.
F1113 That's, oh, let Mummy see. //That's//
F1114 //That.//
F1113 "Ribble", it says.
F1114 Ribble.
F1113 Is that Ribble?
F1114 Look, look, the Fimbles.
F1113 Uh-huh. It says "Bessie and Ribble".
F1114 Let's see them pack their suitcase.
F1113 There's a little bird. They're going away to the seaside for their holidays.
F1114 It's going drivin car. //[exhale]//
F1113 //Going away to the seaside.//
F1114 Pack their suitcases. It's got the [inaudible] Look [?]at all of them[/?].
F1113 Oh my.
F1114 That's, what's that?
F1113 Let me see.
F1114 That.
F1113 A suitcase.
F1114 That?
F1113 Where? Whereabout?
F1114 That!
F1113 Oh, that's a little toy. //Teddy.//
F1114 //Yes.// No, it's not a teddy, it's Florrie's teddy.
F1113 A little teddy? //And look, she's packed her clothes.//
F1114 //It's a little teddy.//
F1113 And she's packed apples. And a sandwich. //And what's that?//
F1114 //Yeah.// That's crackers.
F1113 That's crackers, is it?
F1114 Yes. Peas and the crackers.
F1113 Peas and crackers? //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// Peas and the crackers.
F1113 [laugh]
F1114 You was telling the peas and the crackers.
F1113 Peas and the crackers.
F1114 That's it, peas and the cracker. Peas and the crackers. You tell- //please.//
F1113 //[CENSORED: forename], it's [CENSORED: forename]'s birthday tomorrow.// //What are you going to sing to her? Ha-?//
F1114 //Yes.// Happy Birthday [CENSORED: forename].
F1113 Sing, Happy Birthday,
F1114 [CENSORED: forename].
F1113 Happy Birthday,
F1114 dear [CENSORED: forename].
F1113 Uh-huh mmhm.
F1114 Mum, where's the [?]pipey[/?]? Oh!
F1113 She's going to get a bonny birthday cake.
F1114 I need the [?]mappie[/?].
F1113 Nae just noo, cause we're readin. //Okay?//
F1114 //Readin// stories, Mum.
F1113 Readin stories before your bed.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 A dog.
F1114 Wha-, do it again. Is it [?]instrument[/?]?
F1113 No, an astronaut. //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// What's that? //[laugh]//
F1113 //An astronaut. Why's it makin you laugh?//
F1114 [squeal] What's that?
F1113 An astronaut.
F1114 [laugh]
F1113 Is that makin you laugh?
F1114 What's that?
F1113 You know.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 Astronaut.
F1114 [laugh]
F1113 You're a silly billy.
F1114 Yes, I'm a silly billy. That's bookie.
F1113 Oh aye.
F1114 It's got tons o stars.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Did you eat up all your apple //downstairs?//
F1114 //Yes.// What's that?
F1113 Did you eat your apple?
F1114 Yes!
F1113 You did, that's a good girl.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 A doggy.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 An astronaut. //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh] What's that?//
F1113 Here, look in a different bookie.
F1114 I want the [inaudible].
F1113 One aboot teddies.
F1114 It's got big boots and little boots.
F1113 Aye, it's called "Opposites".
F1114 Opposites.
F1113 Opposites. //Open it up till we see.//
F1114 //Alright.//
F1113 We'll read this one.
F1114 [squeal] [panting] //[squeal]//
F1113 //Open it u-// open it up till we see, I'll show you, see? Now, there's going to be, now
F1114 [squeal]
F1113 That poor teddy's sad, look, because it's raining. And this teddy's happy because he's getting a lovie. //A lovie.//
F1114 //He's, it's a lovie, his mum.//
F1113 A lovie from his mum. That's right, and this one is wearing big wellington boots.
F1114 He's got little welly boots.
F1113 And he's got little welly boots, that's right.
F1114 It's [inaudible].
F1113 And this one is taking off his hat, and he's putting?
F1114 On his hat.
F1113 On his hat, that's right. And over here, this one's going up up the ladder, and he's going?
F1114 Sliding doon.
F1113 He's sliding down. That's right. Let me see fitt else is happening. Turn the page. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //Oh, uh-huh, look, it's got a [inaudible].//
F1113 And this one's high up in the tree. And he's low down, see? High and low.
F1114 I've got a parachute.
F1113 Oh, he'll get a parachute to come down, will he? //Yes.//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 To help him. And what's he seeing, high up in the tree?
F1114 A bird in the nest.
F1113 A bird in a nest, that's right, and this boy's low and he's trying to jump up high. He would need a ladder, wouldn't he?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes.
F1114 Oh, what's that?
F1113 A caterpillar.
F1114 Yes, it's a caterpillar.
F1113 A hairy caterpillar. And what's over this page? //He's he's all wet, look.//
F1114 //Look, it's got, [exhale]// //Oh.//
F1113 //And he's bonny and dr-?//
F1114 Dry.
F1113 All dry, look, with his towel.
F1114 Towel.
F1113 He's wet and he's dry. //Right, wait until we see, the next one.//
F1114 //Bo-// There.
F1113 Now, this one's hot, look, he's eating a hot sausage. //And he's eating a cold?//
F1114 //What's-// Ice-cream cone.
F1113 Ice-cream cone, that's right. //Hot and cold.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// See what's happened.
F1113 And this one's awake and reading his bookie, and this one's fast a-? Look, [CENSORED: forename], fitt's he? He's fast asleep. He's awake and he's asleep, look.
F1114 Oh oh, I want another book. Under my bed. //Under my bed.//
F1113 //Another book?// Right, you sit there, I'll find you another one.
F1114 I just lie down. //Mm mm.//
F1113 //You just lie there, are you cuddling down?//
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Are you getting sleepy?
F1114 Yes, I'm getting up.
F1113 Now, who's this here?
F1114 Oh it's a [?]moppie[/?].
F1113 Right, you dinna need that just noo. Right, here's another one, look. Now, who's this?
F1114 Postman Pat.
F1113 Postman Pat.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Oh, Postman Pat. //Right, turn over the page.//
F1114 //That that's the [?]van[/?].//
F1113 Now, what's Pat doing today?
F1114 He's
F1113 He's getting the postbags, look. And Jess, what's Jess doing?
F1114 Th-, he's sleeping in the bag.
F1113 He's sleeping in the top of the bags. It says Jess is a bit sleepy this morning, says Pat.
F1114 That's like jackets.
F1113 It's like who?
F1114 Like jackets.
F1113 Oh, it looks like jackets? That's all the post letters, right, wait until we see. There he goes. What's Pat doing now?
F1114 He's giein the letter.
F1113 Givin the letter to the lady?
F1114 Yes, I want a [?]moppie[/?].
F1113 Nae just noo.
F1114 Please Mum. I- I'll read it, I'll read it.
F1113 Right, you read the Pat story to Mum. //[cough]//
F1114 //He's lost his car.//
F1113 Eh?
F1114 He's lost his car.
F1113 Wait till we find his car, where's his car? Oh look! There's Pat, he's delivering more letters, look. To the lady. And what's the lady doing?
F1114 I'll read it, I'll read it, I'll read it.
F1113 Right, oh, look at the man, he's collecting eggs, look, from the chickens. //See?//
F1114 //[panting]//
F1113 Right, turn over the pagie. Right, what's Pat doin now?
F1114 [exhale]
F1113 Oh what's that? Lots of people.
F1114 That's two Postmans Pats.
F1113 Two Postman Pats?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 That looks like Pat, doesn't it? Will I find you another bookie? Another bookie? Right. //Now.//
F1114 //He's happy.//
F1113 He's all happy, is he? Oh yes, he's smiling. Cause he's gotten his post from Postman Pat.
F1114 Postman, Postman Pat.
F1113 Postman Pat. Here's another bookie. Here's a good one, look.
F1114 I want to look //[exhale]//
F1113 //Oh the Tweenies.//
F1114 That's a caterpillar.
F1113 That's a caterpillar.
F1114 It's climbing outside. //That's Max.//
F1113 //No.// That's Max and, who's that?
F1114 S- Susie.
F1113 Doodles.
F1114 Doodles. //What's that there, that's the colours.//
F1113 //[cough]// That's all different colours.
F1114 That's, it's it's like a circle.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 It's like shapes. //That's Max again.//
F1113 //Now.// Max has got on his coat, he's going away outside.
F1114 Yes, yes.
F1113 He's going away to see the caterpillar.
F1114 Look, a spiders.
F1113 It's a spider on a web.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 A little fly.
F1114 That's ladybirds.
F1113 A big ladybird and a?
F1114 Little [?]ladybird[/?]. That's a caterpillar.
F1113 A hairy caterpillar? Oh, hairy caterpillar. //Now, let's see.//
F1114 //[exhale]//
F1113 Turn over. Look. What's that on the leafs?
F1114 A fish. //That's a mouse.//
F1113 //A fish! [laugh]// It looks like that but it's a it's a cocoon, with a caterpillar inside. And then it'll grow into something pretty.
F1114 Two two what's that two ains.
F1113 Two Bellas?
F1114 Yes, two Bellas. //Two Maxes.//
F1113 //Aye.// Two Maxes.
F1114 One Max.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 Bella.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 Fizz?
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 Milo?
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 Jake.
F1113 Jake. That's right, and they're all looking at the cocoon. They're wondering what's going to happen. What are they doing there?
F1114 It's painting.
F1113 They're painting.
F1114 [inaudible] reading story.
F1113 She's reading a story, that's right.
F1114 Bu- Bella and Jake is painting a ca-.
F1113 Painting a a ladybird.
F1114 No no, painting a caterpillar. Painting a ladybird. //This is the//
F1113 //That's right.// And look what's come out of the cocoon. What's that?
F1114 A butterfly.
F1113 A butterfly. It's beautiful.
F1114 The butterfly's in the tree, what's what's that ain? //I-//
F1113 //That ain.//
F1114 I want [inaudible], you do the dance.
F1113 No, I don't want to dance to Postman Pat. I'll find you some more bookies under here.
F1114 Mummy.
F1113 Here we go. Here we go. You sit bonny, there's another one.
F1114 Mm, mm, mm. //You.//
F1113 //Are you cuddled cosy in your bed?// Are we read that Spot's ain? //Right.//
F1114 //What's that ain?//
F1113 Oh look at that one. That looks a good one. //Let me see.//
F1114 //I'll read// that ain.
F1113 Oh, Spot's one. Right.
F1114 Spot's one. Let's see what's happened.
F1113 What's he doing?
F1114 He's not happy.
F1113 Is he not happy?
F1114 No. [?]Mummy's[/?] happy.
F1113 Why's he not happy?
F1114 Look, a crocodile.
F1113 Oh, a crocodile, hiding.
F1114 Yes, hidin the hoose.
F1113 Hidin in the hoose?
F1114 That his tail.
F1113 That's his tail keekin oot.
F1114 Let's see him again.
F1113 [cough]
F1114 [inaudible] here.
F1113 Oh, what's that?
F1114 It's a big bear in the Spot.
F1113 A big bear and Spot, aye.
F1114 [exhale] This is [inaudible]. [inaudible] hidin the [inaudible]. A snake!
F1113 A snake hidin in the cupboard?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Oh no.
F1114 And get the snake away!
F1113 Uh-huh, would you like a snake in your cupboard? //Uh-huh.//
F1114 //What's that, who's in there?//
F1113 Hidin behind this one, what's that?
F1114 It-, what's that?
F1113 A hippopotamus.
F1114 [inaudible] what else?
F1113 And who else is hiding? Let's see.
F1114 A bird.
F1113 A bird. It's got a long beak. Now. //Is that the//
F1114 //Is this the//
F1113 page?
F1114 Yes. It's hiding
F1113 Hidin there.
F1114 it's hidin in jungle.
F1113 Oh what's that?
F1114 A lion.
F1113 A lion.
F1114 Roar, roar roar roar.
F1113 Roar roar roar.
F1114 What's hidin behind that door.
F1113 What's hidin?
F1114 Look, a monkey!
F1113 And what's he doin?
F1114 He's hidin in the cupboard.
F1113 He's hidin in the cupboard. Right, what's hidin there?
F1114 He's hiding under that. A big mummy.
F1113 Eh? //Oh aye, Spot's mummy.//
F1114 //There's his mummy.// Let's something else.
F1113 [?]Yes[/?].
F1114 He's hidin under the cushions.
F1113 Aw.
F1114 Ah!
F1113 What's that?
F1114 Let's see something else.
F1113 It's a turtle.
F1114 Look. Look, Mum.
F1113 They're all together.
F1114 Wh-
F1113 Together at the party.
F1114 What's under that [inaudible]?
F1113 That one doesnae lift up, no.
F1114 That's [inaudible] lift up.
F1113 That's all his friends, look, the monkey, the bear, the crocodile, the turtle, the lion, the birdies, the hippopotamus.
F1114 Let's do it again, let's do it again!
F1113 You do it again, okay.
F1114 Who's hidin in there? Oh.
F1113 A bear. It's a surprise party, you see, and they're all hiding in the house to surprise Spot. Aren't they?
F1114 Who's hiding there? A crocodile! Gonna eaten Spot.
F1113 He's nae goin to eat Spot. [laugh]
F1114 What's under here? [inhale] A bear!
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Something else. [exhale]
F1113 What else?
F1114 A big!
F1113 Oh a big snake.
F1114 Yes, a big snake. Let's see what's hiding, else. //[inhale]//
F1113 //Mmhm.//
F1114 A, what's that?
F1113 Hippopotamus.
F1114 It's got a boat.
F1113 Aye, he's got a boat, aye. [laugh]
F1114 That's Spot.
F1113 Mmhm. He's Spot's friend.
F1114 Spot's friend. [squeal] Birds!
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 [exhale] I'm so hungry.
F1113 You're so hungry?
F1114 Yes. Who's hidin in that jungle?
F1113 Are you wantin some milk and that before you go to your bed?
F1114 Who's hidin in that jungle?
F1113 Hidin in the jungle, the lion.
F1114 Yes, a lion. //What's that?//
F1113 //Oh.// Banana.
F1114 Bananas.
F1113 Banana skins.
F1114 Banana skins.
F1113 The monkey's eating the banana skins.
F1114 Look at his mummy!
F1113 Aye, Spot's mummy.
F1114 Ah, he's comfy.
F1113 He's comfy.
F1114 Yes, he's nice and comfy in the bed.
F1113 Away to his bed.
F1114 That his table. Look at all the stuff.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Oh! Cush-, [inaudible] Spot, the cushions lift up.
F1113 That cushion lifts up and there's a turtle. //[cough]//
F1114 //And and Spot.//
F1113 And Spot. //What's that?//
F1114 //[singing]//
F1113 That's all the people at the party. And they went "Happy Birthday, Spot".
F1114 Happy Birth-, Happy Birthday Spot. Happy Birthday dear S-. He's not happy.
F1113 No.
F1114 He's
F1113 Cause he thinks nobody's come to his party.
F1114 No.
F1113 But they have, they've just been hidin.
F1114 I need a [?]moppie[/?].
F1113 Mm.
F1114 I need a
F1113 Wait a minutie then. What aboot this one? We didna look at that one.
F1114 Aye, [?]you're right[/?]. The bear.
F1113 The last bookie and then it'll be beddy time.
F1114 I need a [?]moppie[/?].
F1113 Maybe get some milk.
F1114 I want some [?]moppie[/?].
F1113 You need a [?]mappie[/?]?
F1114 [inaudible] Mm mm mm. //Mm mm.//
F1113 //You getting sleepy?//
F1114 Let's look at all the numbers.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Twenty-one, twenty-two, [inhale] three.
F1113 Right, just start at the beginning of the book and see what's here. //Oh right.//
F1114 //[cough]//
F1113 It says that's one teddy bear.
F1114 It's got number three.
F1113 Number one.
F1114 Number one and number three.
F1113 Number two there, that's two boats, number two.
F1114 [exhale] Number three. Number four.
F1113 Wait till we see what's over the page.
F1114 Four cars.
F1113 Four cars.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 Number four.
F1114 Four ducks. //That's n-.//
F1113 //No, three ducks, look, one, two, three.//
F1114 What's one, that's green, that's red, the red! That's green!
F1113 Uh-huh. //Green car.//
F1114 //Let's see over the page.//
F1113 Let's see.
F1114 Two smelly socks!
F1113 [laugh] Two smelly socks?
F1114 That's number three.
F1113 No, number six. That's six smelly socks. Look, one, two, three, four,
F1114 Let's see, one, two, three, one, two, three.
F1113 Which, which one's different, [CENSORED: forename]? Which one's different?
F1114 That ain's spots.
F1113 Uh-huh and what's the other ones?
F1114 That ain's stripes.
F1113 That's stripes, that's right. //Mmhm.//
F1114 //That ain's stripes an aa.//
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 That ain's stripes.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 That ain's stripes.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 That ain stripes.
F1113 Uh-huh. That's right.
F1114 Where's my [?]pipie[/?] gone?
F1113 I've got it here just noo.
F1114 I need it, I need it.
F1113 [cough] What's that there?
F1114 I need it, I need it!
F1113 Okay, I'll find it for you, hold on. You keep your bookie. You're getting sleepy noo, aren't you? Look at the rabbits, how many rabbits?
F1114 One, two, three, four, five. //That's number five.//
F1113 //Five [inaudible].// //That's number five, that's right. And what's the different rabbit?//
F1114 //[cough]// It's
F1113 Which one's different?
F1114 That ain's blue.
F1113 That one's different.
F1114 That ain's different.
F1113 A different colour.
F1114 Let's see what's over the page.
F1113 Are you getting sleepy now?
F1114 That's butterflies.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 That's kittens.
F1113 Kittens, aye.
F1114 That's number three.
F1113 No, that's number seven.
F1114 That's number three.
F1113 No, that's number eight.
F1114 Let's see what's over the page.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 That's [?]find trees, brush[/?]. And four umbrellas. That's number nine.
F1113 That's right, that's number nine, that's good.
F1114 That's number four and that's number three.
F1113 Number ten.
F1114 Number ten. What's that?
F1113 Ten toothbrushes.
F1114 What's that?
F1113 That's a one and a nothing.
F1114 That's four umbrellas. A pink ain, a green ones. //[exhale]//
F1113 //That's a pink toothbrush and a green toothbrush.//
F1114 I want to see over the page.
F1113 Now.
F1114 That's number three.
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 There's number four.
F1113 Mmhm. //There's more over this way, look.//
F1114 //That's wh-.//
F1113 Let me see. Over this way. //[cough] Oh me, fitt's that?//
F1114 //Di-// Look all bees, that's number four.
F1113 Lots o bees.
F1114 That's number four.
F1113 No, that's number twelve.
F1114 That's number. What's that?
F1113 A one and a two.
F1114 That's number ones.
F1113 That's right, two ones.
F1114 [exhale] Two ains. Five aeroplanes.
F1113 Lots o aeroplanes. Going away their holidays. Aeroplanes going away their holidays?
F1114 Yes, it's got peoples in it. //Look,//
F1113 //Got peoples in it?//
F1114 five, one and one.
F1113 One and four.
F1114 That's number one.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 There's number two.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 That's number two, Mum.
F1113 Is it?
F1114 Yes, number two. Mum, that's number two.
F1113 Number two?
F1114 Yes, that's four apples.
F1113 Four apples.
F1114 Got four fishes.
F1113 Lots o fishes, that's fourteen fishes. A one and a four.
F1114 [panting] That's that's number green.
F1113 Number green?
F1114 [child noises]
F1113 Oh. //Number green!//
F1114 //[child noises]//
F1113 Wait and I'll show you this one, look, over here. Look at all that ones. //Look at all that ones.//
F1114 //[exhale]// [cough] That's stars, that's ladybirds.
F1113 And how many ladybirds is there? //[laugh]//
F1114 //Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three.//
F1113 Aye, lots and lots, look. And that's stars.
F1114 [child noises]
F1113 [inaudible] the flowers? //See them?//
F1114 //[child noises]// [child noises]
F1113 Do you see them all?
F1114 [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1113 //Are you gettin sleepy now?// Are you wanting to cuddle down and go to sleep?
F1114 [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1113 //[CENSORED: forename].// //[cough]//
F1114 //[child noises]//
F1113 Are you wanting to go to sleep now?
F1114 Want to read the stories. //[exhale]//
F1113 //Which story do you want?//
F1114 I want I want the see the mak a mess. //The Spot.//
F1113 //You wantin-.// //The one that Spot makes a mess?//
F1114 //Si-.// //Yes.//
F1113 //Okay,// that'll be the last bookie and then it's time for bed, okay? Spot bakes a cake. //Right, [inaudible] you read that one to Mum, and then it's time,//
F1114 //This is this this is Spot.//
F1113 time to put your lights, okay? Time to go to sleep.
F1114 That's, I'll read that ain.
F1113 Right, you read it then. //Mum's tidying up becaus-.//
F1114 //Mum's tidying up. Oh, a mouse!//
F1113 A mouse.
F1114 Number three.
F1113 Beddy-time.
F1114 That's number thr-, look, make a mess! //[cough]//
F1113 //Is he making a right mess?//
F1114 Yes, he's going his [inaudible].
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Look, it's on his dress.
F1113 That's right, and what's he doin over here?
F1114 Look, he's done.
F1113 What a mess the kitchen.
F1114 [cough]
F1113 [inhale] And over here, what's he done? //[inhale] Oh!//
F1114 //[inhale]// //A surprise! That's that's//
F1113 //A surprise. A beautiful cake.// //It's lovely.//
F1114 //That's that's that's a plate.//
F1113 Mmhm, and over here. It says "Happy Birthday Dad".
F1114 He's drawing a picture.
F1113 Drawin a picture for his dad. [inhale] Look!
F1114 Balloon. A birthday cake. //Got, he's got.//
F1113 //That's a birthday and balloons for his dad.//
F1114 What's that? What's that?
F1113 That's his mummy. //That's Spot and that's//
F1114 //And his daddy.//
F1113 his daddy, and it says "Happy Birthday Dad". And he's made his dad a beautiful cake. See? //Look, it's got candles, look.//
F1114 //What what's this?// That no lift up.
F1113 No that one disna lift up, that's it.
F1114 Doesna lift up?
F1113 Now, so that's the last story.
F1114 Can I do it again? //[panting] No!//
F1113 //No, time for your [?]mappie[/?], into your beddy.// //Okay?//
F1114 //No, no.// //No, [inaudible].//
F1113 //Now, time to cuddle down.//
F1114 [inaudible].
F1113 [inaudible] cuddle down //and go to sleep.//
F1114 //I need my story.//
F1113 That's all your stories, you've had lots and lots o stories. //Okay?//
F1114 //[exhale]// //I want a story.//
F1113 //Are you gonna say night night to Mummy?//
F1114 A story a story a story, [inaudible]. //No, no. [exhale]//
F1113 //Well that's the last bookie, li- listen, Mummy's going away to get your milk, okay?// //I'll get your milk.//
F1114 //No I'll, no no.// //No.//
F1113 //It's time for bed, okay?//
F1114 [child noises]
F1113 Right, you cuddle down. You going to say "Night night Mum"?
F1114 The light.
F1113 Give us a kiss. Give us a kissie. [kiss] Night night. Okay? //See you in the morning.//
F1114 //Okay.// //Someone [inaudible] that.//
F1113 //You taking off that, okay.// You've been a good girl, haven't you? Are you sleepy now?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes. Aw, your tired eyes.
F1114 [exhale] Yes.
F1113 Night night. Night night darlin.
F1114 I'll see you tomorrow.

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