Document 331

Da cockle shall (Busta, Sannis)

Author(s): Christine De Luca

Copyright holder(s): Christine De Luca


Gyo o Busta, roond is a cockle: we'd watch
fur sels here, skip stons, kyemp fur da finest shalls.
We'd barely lift wir een ta see hits shape:
dat sam shall pattern at spread hitsel
owre midders' makkin: therteen loops taen in
dan löt oot slowly on an openwark o gengs:
waves at shaded ta inky-blueness wi da wind.

Da day, hoors swittle trowe dy fingers
is du seeks, as eence I sought, da perfect ston
ta skip. Tree skips 'll dö, een mair is last year.
Da rings du maks spread fast. Last simmer here
eicht selkies bobbed lik bowes: eyed wis, dived,
eyed wis again. Dey left nae spreadin rings:
art hoidin artistry. I watch dy ston dance,

defy da wyes o watter, da skip o years.
Wi dee a'm richt back: we skile fur sels,
seek cockle shalls, weigh da import o stons;
skip an höve dem, fur da sea ta bring back,
ta lay up and mak again in time's lap.

da cockle shall: a lace pattern in knitting (which requires 13 stitches to be purled together); gyo: steep, narrow inlet; sels, selkies: seals; kyemp: compete; shalls: sea shells; wir: our; een: eyes; hits: its; dat, that: at: that, which; hitsel: itself; midder: mother; makkin: knitting; loops: stitches; taen: taken; dan: then; löt: let (past tense); openwark: lace knitting; gengs: rows of knitting; da day: today; hoors: hours; swittle: splash gently; trowe: through; dy: your (familiar); du: you (familiar); dö: do; een: one; is: as, than; maks: makes, knits; eicht: eight; bowes: buoys; wis: us; dey: they; hoidin: hiding; wyes: ways; dee: you (familiar); skile: look with eyes shielded; höve: throw; dem: them; lay up: cast on stitches.

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Da cockle shall (Busta, Sannis)


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