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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 23, recording 1: reading picture books, watching film of "101 Dalmatians", and singing nursery rhymes

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1115 Right, you [inaudible]. This paper's aa, oh [inhale], Santa's in the hoose! Fitt's happened? Is he, fitt's he got in his bag?
F1116 Mum, that's his present.
F1115 Do you like presents? //Fitt did you get fae Santa?//
F1116 //Mmhm!// [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1115 //Mmhm. Oh, there's a big fat teddy bear and a//
F1116 He's got some
F1115 thin ain! //And the other side, open the other door.//
F1116 //Look!//
F1115 That's better. Fitt's the toys saying?
F1116 [sucks air through teeth]
F1115 There's a sad snowman and a?
F1116 [sucks air through teeth]
F1115 What's Moosie getting? Where's Moosie at? Is he doon the stair? Is he putting his parcels under the tree? Mm?
F1116 Next page.
F1115 Next page. Oh, look! Has Santa gave aa the animals presents? Eh? Fitt did Mouse get? A tree! //Aw! Do you think the//
F1116 //[child noises]//
F1115 fox is cauld? Fitt does he need to keep him fine and cosy? //It's a?//
F1116 //Scarf.//
F1115 Scarf. Colour is it?
F1116 Yellow.
F1115 And fitt colour's your scarf? You got a Barbie ain?
F1116 Mm, yes, [inaudible].
F1115 Eh? Oh, what did the snowman get?
F1116 And the end of the story.
F1115 Another ain? //Fireman Fergus!//
F1116 //[laugh] Fireman Fergus!//
F1115 I like Fireman Fergus. //Fitt's happened?//
F1116 //Look!//
F1115 [?]Fitt castle[/?]? Fitt's happening? //Fitt time is it? It's?//
F1116 //Mm.//
F1115 Eight o'clock?
F1116 Ah, there's time there.
F1115 Mmhm. And fitt's he daein? //Fitt's fitt's Fergus eating?//
F1116 //And , he's he-.// He's eating his breakfast.
F1115 Fitt's he got in his bowl? Do you think he's got some Sugar Puffs?
F1116 Mm.
F1115 And the bell goes? And fitt's he daein? Puttin on his?
F1116 Jacket.
F1115 And his?
F1116 Helmet.
F1115 Helmet.
F1116 And and he's going, he's he's traffic jams!
F1115 Oh there's a traffic jam. And fitt's the fire engine noise?
F1116 Nee-naw, nee-naw.
F1115 Do you think he's tootin his horn to shift that wifie on the tractor? Eh? Is she driving slow? And the mannie in the white van. He's got on his hard hat, look. Is that the same colour as Fergus's? And he's PC Polly. She's on her motorbike. An she says "Look at this great big tree that's fell ower". Eh? Fitt do you think they're gonna dae to sort it? Oh, fitt's stuck up the tree? Eh?
F1116 That's the fire engine.
F1115 Ah, but fitt's in the tree? //No. Fitt's that?//
F1116 //Leaves. What's what's that?// That's
F1115 A nest. //And fitt's he climbed up?//
F1116 //That's, what's?// Oh, farr's the fire engine?
F1115 Oh I dinna ken. Turn ower the page, maybe see. I think it's underneath the tree. Come on. Oh look! Fitt's in her hat? A nest o birds in the hat. So he's wrapped a great big chain roon it. But he canna pull it, so fitt do you think he does? He [?]tie[/?] it onto the tractor and on the van. And they go "Ready, steady, pull!" And do you think they'll manage to move the tree awa? Now, he's back at the station. And fitt's he gaun awa tae dae wi this?
F1116 And the wheel's all dirty. //And it's//
F1115 //Uh-huh.//
F1116 got the bucket an the
F1115 Hose.
F1116 and the hose.
F1115 And then he goes awa at seven o'clock. He's awa to get his supper. Fitt's he getting tae his supper? //Fitt's on his plate?//
F1116 //And then.// Sausages.
F1115 And?
F1116 Peas, and the end!
F1115 The end.
F1116 And that's a, no that's a cat.
F1115 No! A queen.
F1116 A cat's in a a //mmhm.//
F1115 //And fitt's that, that's?//
F1116 a cat!
F1115 No, it's a nurse. //And that's//
F1116 //Wha-?//
F1115 Postman Pete. Fitt's the postie dae?
F1116 [inhale] No! //What's th-?//
F1115 //Does he dae the letters? That's PC Polly.// And Builder Bill. //Fitt kind o hat has he got on?//
F1116 //What's//
F1115 Mm?
F1116 I know. Let's dae it again! Oh. [inaudible].
F1115 Here's Postman Pat, look, he's got aa the letters. And farr's? Fitt's his cat called? Mm? Where's the start? Here we go. You gonna coont the numbers? That's
F1116 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. //Coont, how many cat's Postman Pat?//
F1115 //Well done!// Mm. //How many cats?//
F1116 //That's// a cat and that's another. One.
F1115 One. Very good. Eh? Fitt's the cat's name?
F1116 [inaudible]
F1115 And there's, how many wheels?
F1116 One, two, three, there's only one, no two.
F1115 There are two. And they're at the library. Look, here's Charlie and he's been to the library and he's got some books.
F1116 One, two, three, that's one.
F1115 [inhale] Fitt's happened to the sheep? Eh? Fitt's happened?
F1116 They're on the gate.
F1115 How did they get oot o that park? Somebody leave the gate open?
F1116 I know, [inaudible] Postman Pat's, Postman Pat's in this one. Yes. Mm [inaudible].
F1115 Mm.
F1116 One nana, two nanas, two nanas.
F1115 Oh, ah, how many sheep is there?
F1116 One sheep, two sheep, two sheep, two sheep. [inaudible].
F1115 There's number four.
F1116 Number four. One nana, two nanas, two nana.
F1115 Instead o "one banana, two bananas", say "one, two, three, four, five".
F1116 And that's one.
F1115 Mmhm.
F1116 This one letter, two letter, two letter.
F1115 That's nae letters. Fitt's that?
F1116 Parcel. //One parcels,//
F1115 //Ah!//
F1116 two parcels, two parcels.
F1115 Aa the parcels? And fitt does Pat put the parcels in? Farr does he put them? How does he cairry them? On the back o his van? Oh look, fitt else is in Sam's shop? Look in the back o his van. Fitt else has he got? Eh?
F1116 Mm that's one.
F1115 Oh, fitt's this?
F1116 One chicken, two chicken, two chicken.
F1115 Coont them. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven chickens.
F1116 Look! Look at the gate!
F1115 But there's nae a gate there.
F1116 Oh.
F1115 Fitt they daein? Are they eating? Mm? //Oh look!//
F1116 //This one.//
F1115 Fitt's that ain gonna eat, look, this ain, no wait, look! Fitt's that in th- wriggling? Here, fitt's that? It's a a worm. Oh they've got [?]bullies[/?]. They're going to throw the [?]bully[/?], they throw it.
F1116 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1115 //Oh I like that flowers.// Oh right, here we go, right. Fitt are they eating? Fitt's on the table for them to eat? They're haein a? One, two, three sandwiches. And a cup o tae. You like tae?
F1116 The end of story. //[inaudible]//
F1115 //Fa likes to drink a cup o tae?// Granny. There we go. Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, fitt's he eating?
F1116 A carrot. A cat, there's a cat, there's a cat, there's a cat. [child noises] There's cats.
F1115 That's nae cats, that's rabbits.
F1116 Aye.
F1115 Moosie. Oh, there's the chickens.
F1116 [child noises] The end.
F1115 Are you going to sing the chickens? Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken.
F1116 [child noises]
F1115 Fitt's this ain?
F1116 Mm!
F1115 Ted and Friends. No, read that one. There's Ted. Right, you find, fitt have you to find here?
F1116 Is it that? Is it that one?
F1115 Just leave it there. That's it. No, it's okay, just leave it.
F1116 [child noises]
F1115 Okay, okay.
F1116 Look at [inaudible], [inaudible].
F1115 Mmhm. Fitt colour's, colour does Ted like?
F1116 That's the duck, and there he goes.
F1115 And fitt's that?
F1116 That's the duck, and there he goes.
F1115 There's the duck, but fitt's that? //Ah, but that's nae a duck.//
F1116 //The ducks, [child noises].// A duck [inaudible].
F1115 And fitt's fitt's Ted climbing up to get?
F1116 This duck there he goes, this duck there he goes.
F1115 Aye. Fitt's he got? //Fitt's that? It's a toolbox.//
F1116 //A duck [inaudible].// Fitt's that goin? There he goes. It's on the //toolbox.//
F1115 //Farr's he hiding at?//
F1116 There he goes.
F1115 Ah but farr's he hiding at?
F1116 That's a duck. I can't find [inaudible] there.
F1115 I can find him.
F1116 There he goes!
F1115 Is he up on the ruif?
F1116 Farr's the duck gone?
F1115 Does it maitter?
F1116 Farr's the duck gone?
F1115 No, fitt aboot him and his, fitt's his sheep, sheep's got a funny bed.
F1116 There he goes!
F1115 He's got an aafa funny bed.
F1116 That's the duck one, there he goes. That's the duck one, there he goes. That's the duck! //There he goes.//
F1115 //And again!// //Well look, see if you find him here.//
F1116 //Where's the duck gone?//
F1115 Find him?
F1116 There he goes.
F1115 Was he hiding under the dog?
F1116 There he goes.
F1115 Eh? //Oh pig's got//
F1116 //That's the duck one.//
F1115 a nest o eggs, fitt's in the eggs? Mm.
F1116 [inaudible] there he goes, that's the duck, there he goes.
F1115 Oh look, there's chickens.
F1116 [?]Let's do it again[/?]. Farr's the duck?
F1115 I don't know, I canna s-, I can see him! I've found him.
F1116 No!
F1115 There he goes!
F1116 Where's the duck gone? There he goes. Farr's the duck?
F1115 Well I think he's a mess and muck. Eh? Is he behind in in a tree? Here. Look, there he goes at the bulldozer.
F1116 Where's the duck gone?
F1115 That's a frog. That's a funny frog driving a bulldozer.
F1116 Where's the duck gone?
F1115 It's there. Mm.
F1116 I can't find
F1115 Is he on this last page?
F1116 Duck, and there he goes. End of the story. [exhale]
F1115 Last ain.
F1116 Last ain.
F1115 The last one. Ah! Oh, there's an airport. //[inaudible] For the beach.//
F1116 //[singing]//
F1115 Come on we'll see them at the beach. You like the beach? Eh? You want to go swimming in the summer? Mm? Right, see if you find a dolphin. See if you find the dolphin in the water somewhere.
F1116 There he goes!
F1115 Mmhm.
F1116 Look, look! [inaudible] find the coos. //[inaudible]//
F1115 //Where's the coos at?//
F1116 I can find the, there he goes.
F1115 That's nae.
F1116 [inaudible].
F1115 That's a goat.
F1116 A goat?
F1115 Mmhm.
F1116 There it goes.
F1115 That's a camel. Look at its big hump.
F1116 Where do we find fishes? [inaudible]
F1115 Oh they're haein a barbecue.
F1116 One, two, three fi-. One, two. Where do you find?
F1115 Where's Pingu?
F1116 Where do you find a Pingu?
F1115 Where is he?
F1116 There he goes!
F1115 No, farr is he here? Find him in the picture.
F1116 [child noises] He's down there.
F1115 That's Oscar. Th-, eh? No na like that ain. //Next page. No!//
F1116 //That's that's upside doon!// That's upside doon.
F1115 I dinna like that ain.
F1116 It's upside doon.
F1115 Is it?
F1116 It's upside doon.
F1115 See if you find the aeroplane.
F1116 I can't find the aeroplane.
F1115 Well, farr does the aeroplane go at? Up in the sky. Can you see it? Mm?
F1116 Oh!
F1115 I tellt you it wasna good. That's a shopping centre. No, wait wait wait, till I find one. Ah! The boat, will we look for the boat? Here we go.
F1116 Aye.
F1115 There's the boats.
F1116 What's he doing? What's that? What is it, Mum?
F1115 Oh, look at the dog. What's the dog daein?
F1116 [inaudible]
F1115 What's the dog daein? Is he hidin? Mm? That man's bad. Mm. One, two, three, four, //five.//
F1116 //Five.// //Once I//
F1115 //Once I caught a?// Fish alive.
F1116 One, two, three, four, five. //Once I caught a fish alive.//
F1115 //Once I caught a fish alive.// Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
F1116 [inaudible] bad. //It's bad, it's bad.//
F1115 //Then I let him g-.// Fa's bad?
F1116 [inaudible] she's bad.
F1115 Is he chasing after the lorry? Have they pinched aa the dogs? Eh? He's barking. Look at the lorry. Oh, the gates are opening. It's snawin! Eh? Do you think they've made a snowman? Have they pinched aa the dogs? Eh? Where's aa the puppies went? [inhale] Aw, that's the mum and dad. Eh? Are they sleeping?
F1116 [inhale] [exhale] Sitting on the books.
F1115 What are you sitting on the books for? That's a hard seat.
F1116 Hard seat?
F1115 Mmhm. And you'll fall off.
F1116 That's basket.
F1115 [inaudible] One potato,
F1116 Two potato. //Three potato.//
F1115 //three potato, four!// //Five potato,//
F1116 //Potato.//
F1115 S- Come on now, your turn. Six potato, //Se-? Potato, more!//
F1116 //S- seven potato.// [exhale] One potato.
F1115 Two.
F1116 Two.
F1115 Three! Four. //Five tatties!//
F1116 //Five!// Five ta-. I want a tattie.
F1115 Do you like tatties?
F1116 [Mmhm]. And a neep.
F1115 And a neep? Farr did we get the tatties and neeps at the day? //Mm? Farr did we go?//
F1116 //Farm.// A farm.
F1115 Fairm. Did you see the coos?
F1116 No could see coos.
F1115 Cows in the?
F1116 No, could see coos.
F1115 Coos in the?
F1116 Coos in the shower, ba-ba-ba, coos in the shower.
F1115 No! It's nae the coos in the shower, it's? Sheep in the shower. Mm?
F1116 [?]Kitten[/?].
F1115 No, watch your heid, come here, come on, watch your heid.
F1116 [exhale]
F1115 Oh look, there's the pigs and the sheep! A rabbit. Fitt's he daein? A bird. Look, here's the sheep! Look, you see him? Farr's the sheep goin?
F1116 Um.
F1115 Eh? Go and look, watch and see. Is that dog barking?
F1116 I know, he's gonna see his mum and dad.
F1115 Uh-huh?
F1116 I know.
F1115 Fitt's he barking for? Oh, he's jumping!
F1116 [inhale]
F1115 Eh? He's jumped ower the fence. See the horse?
F1116 He [?]cheated[/?].
F1115 Coos. Oh. Cat. Fitt's he daein wi the sack? He's jumpin.
F1116 [laugh] Ah!
F1115 No, dinna you dae it. //Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Wait.//
F1116 //[?]You said this one[/?].//
F1115 Fa's he shoutin tae?
F1116 For his dad.
F1115 They're aa barkin.
F1116 Mm.
F1115 Oh, there's a bridge.
F1116 Aye.
F1115 That's London.
F1116 London?
F1115 Mmhm.
F1116 I know his dad, [inaudible].
F1115 Oh, they've got on red necklaces. //No, no no no, ow!//
F1116 //Ah!//
F1115 Ow! Oh! They're run awa! The dogs ran oot the hoose. They're away! Farr are they gaun? [inhale] Think they're awa to the playpark?
F1116 The playpark.
F1115 You like the playpark?
F1116 I go on swings.
F1115 Oh? Fitt aboot the chute?
F1116 The chute. I I go to, we go to [?]playpark[/?]. //We go to playpark?//
F1115 //Eh?// Nae the day, it's caul. //It's raining.//
F1116 //Oh!// Mm. [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1115 //Eh?// //Farr they running tae?//
F1116 //[inaudible]//
F1115 You think they're goin to find their puppies?
F1116 Find the puppies?
F1115 Has somebody pinched the puppies?
F1116 [inaudible] poppies.
F1115 No, puppy.
F1116 Poppy!
F1115 Nae poppy, puppy.
F1116 [inaudible] poppy, I'm po-. [inaudible], Mum.
F1115 Eh? Fitt? Ow! No, off! Oo-ya.
F1116 [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1115 No, the video's broken.
F1116 Why's it?
F1115 Mm?
F1116 Mm, mm mm [inaudible].
F1115 Can you fix it? //Yeah.//
F1116 //[child noise]// [child noise]
F1115 Bob the Builder, //can you fix it?//
F1116 //[inaudible]// I want Bob.
F1115 Bob the Builder, yes you can! Fitt's Scoop makin? Fitt is it? //[?]To see[/?].//
F1116 //[child noises]//
F1115 Roley too.
F1116 Mm mm Bob the Builder.
F1115 Oh the tape's broken, the video's broken.
F1116 Bob the Builder.
F1115 The video's broken.
F1116 Bob!
F1115 Just sing it to me.
F1116 Bob the Builder, can you fix? Let's get change.
F1115 Eh?
F1116 Let's get change.
F1115 No, Dad's sleepin.
F1116 [whimper] Let's get change.
F1115 What do you get changed for? He's sleeping. You gaun somewhere? Farr you gaun?
F1116 He's [child noise]
F1115 Are you gaun to go wi Dad to the Coopie? You get some shoppin for me?
F1116 Mum, you coming? //Mm?//
F1115 //No!//
F1116 You coming! Coopie.
F1115 No, fitt do we need, well, fitt do we need oot the Coopie then?
F1116 Papers.
F1115 Uh-huh. //Fitt else?//
F1116 //Papers.// Erm. Butter. Butter.
F1115 We need milk.
F1116 Milk. No you need milk to Coopie, Mum.
F1115 Loaf?
F1116 No, you said milk, [inaudible].
F1115 Put on the numbers wi Dad.
F1116 Numbers, you [inaudible]. //Numbers!//
F1115 //Shh!// And er get a comic.
F1116 Comic. [inaudible] Safeways.
F1115 Eh?
F1116 We're going to [?]Safeway[/?] wi Dad.
F1115 Safeways? Na.
F1116 Dad's coming to Safeways, get comic at Safeways.
F1115 Fitt aboot Lidl's?
F1116 What?
F1115 Do you get Lidl-, do you get comics in Lidl's? When you go wi Granny, do you get a comic? Farr does Granny buy a comic at? Oot the shoppie? Leave your bike. Hey, look, the dog's got into the hoose. Farr's aa the puppies? There, sit up and see. Here and see fa finds the puppies. Oh, it's goin under the table. Fitt's he hidin at? What a clever dog. Oh look! See aa the puppies! [CENSORED: forename], look! Look! Look at them! Oh, he's goin doon the chute. Eh? Farr's your socks and trainers at? Mm? Farr? Mm? Farr at? No, you're gonna hurt your finger.
F1116 You pull my finger. You pull my finger.
F1115 Where's your ring?
F1116 Mm, I left it s-. [inhale] I know, why you go in toyshop and [inaudible] go and get a new ring for me? Is it? Yes? I- toyshop, [inaudible].
F1115 A new ring for you fae the toyshop? But you've got a ring. Farr is it? Mm?
F1116 Mm. Farr? I'll get, I'll get, I'll go and get my [inaudible]. And get my [inaudible]. //[inaudible]//
F1115 //Eh?//
F1116 [inaudible] and then and then
F1115 [inaudible]
F1116 and Roley's.
F1115 Roley's?
F1116 Yes, [inaudible], I [inaudible] eat it all up. //And he'll eat it.//
F1115 //Oh? Do you think he will?// You like Roley's? Mm?
F1116 [inaudible] numbers, and you bide in the house, you're not.
F1115 Oh, I'm bidin in the hoose?
F1116 Er, no, go Coopie.
F1115 Well fa you gaun to the Coopie wi?
F1116 Dad. I'm gonna eat your little finger.
F1115 Eat my finger? //Ow ow ow!//
F1116 //Ow! Mm mm.// I dae this [inaudible]. Mm.
F1115 Ow!
F1116 [laugh] I'm gonna eat you!
F1115 It's delicious, is it? No.
F1116 [laugh] Uh-huh. //[yelping] [inaudible]//
F1115 //Ah ah, no no biting, that's Dad's.//
F1116 I did it to you, Mum. I did it to you, Mum.
F1115 It's yuck though. Farr's Mum's rings? //Ow!//
F1116 //Ow!// [child noises]
F1115 Fitt you daein? No, stop it. Oh, she goin to crash her car? Look! Here she goes.
F1116 Mm.
F1115 Oh no.
F1116 Oh no. //She's [inaudible].//
F1115 //[inaudible] puppies daein?//
F1116 Poppies. [?]I know puppy[/?].
F1115 The bird's on its heid. Oh look! The birdie's telling him a story. He's saying "Go under the fence".
F1116 [yelp] Ah. //[laugh]//
F1115 //No, no! Now, right, I'll count to three.// One. //Two.//
F1116 //[exhale]//
F1115 Three. No.
F1116 [child noises] I'm gonna get numbers. //I'm g-.//
F1115 //Fitt numbers?//
F1116 I'm get numbers wi Dad.
F1115 Farr at?
F1116 Numbers. [inaudible]
F1115 Watch that pencil. Take it out your mou. How much tellings do you need, lady?
F1116 [inaudible]
F1115 Mm? Oh look, he's puttin snaw, look! Is he putting a tattie into there? Oh no, the car winna work, if there's a tattie in there the car winna work. Eh?
F1116 I'm gonna you you, Mum, I got you you Mum.
F1115 No, leave it. Leave it. Farr's [CENSORED: forename]?
F1116 He's away!
F1115 Farr's he awa tae?
F1116 He's away.
F1115 Farr at? Mm?
F1116 Aye, in his bed. And in his bed.
F1115 Na! Think he's doon playin wi [CENSORED: forename]? Oh! //Fa's car's that?//
F1116 //Hey, [inaudible].//
F1115 Just comin in.
F1116 [CENSORED: forename].
F1115 No.
F1116 [CENSORED: forename].
F1115 Is somebody comin in?
F1116 No, it's [CENSORED: forename]. [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1115 [CENSORED: forename]'s playin wi her mum.
F1116 [CENSORED: forename]'s up here, //wi [CENSORED: forename].//
F1115 //Mmhm.// She doon in her hoose? Oh that bird's knockin on the door.
F1116 [inaudible]
F1115 Fitt he's say? Fitt's happened? Is there any mair puppies left?
F1116 No puppies.
F1115 I think there's, oh, they've still got some. //There's a//
F1116 //He's got//
F1115 big ain, I think there's one that's being greedy and he's eaten aa the food. Oh! They're runnin doon the stair. Wait till you see this ain. //Look,//
F1116 //Ah!//
F1115 look, here's ain. There they go. He's jumpin up on top o that ain. //Oh no there's some is, back up the stair.//
F1116 //Ah!//
F1115 They'll have to hurry up and get oot.
F1116 [exhale] Time, time we're goin Coopie.
F1115 Oh look, the van! Look at that!
F1116 A monkey.
F1115 The monkey's in the van? They tootin the horn? Mm.
F1116 He's down there.
F1115 Eh? Oh, that one's sleepy. That's Lucky. He's sleepy.
F1116 That's one's [inaudible].
F1115 Where are they aa goin up the stair tae? Eh? Are they throwin snowballs? Was it [CENSORED: forename] throw a snowball at you, did he? Eh? Was it sair? Was it caul? Eh? And did your jumper get aa weet?
F1116 [inaudible] [child noises] //I think//
F1115 //Mm?//
F1116 Mum, I think, I think. I think Mum.
F1115 Think fitt?
F1116 [inaudible]
F1115 No, I think you're clean and dry. You nae need to clean your jumper. It's dry noo. No, off! [inhale] Farr's aa the puppies runnin tae? Oh dear, they're nae goin to jump off o there, are they?
F1116 I know [?]he's[/?] get off.
F1115 Oh they're stuck.
F1116 He's stuck! He's stuck.
F1115 They're gonna throw them ower? One, two, three, throw! Oh, that's [inaudible] a great big chute.
F1116 It's [inaudible]!
F1115 Oof!
F1116 [laugh] He's gonna do it again! He's gonna
F1115 He dae it again? Is there another chute?
F1116 Mm, here it comes. Go on! Go on!
F1115 Oh no. They got their torches for? There nae lights? Oh! They're slidin doon the chute.
F1116 [laugh] [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1115 //Here they go!//
F1116 [inaudible]
F1115 Hurry up, quick, hurry up! Afore the mannies come and find ye. Are they going to get them? Is aa the puppies gone noo?
F1116 [inaudible] chute.
F1115 Oh there's one left. You can! Oh! He's fell doon. Oh no! [inhale] Has he fell through the ruif? Oh yuck, it's kissin him. Urgh.
F1116 Yuck!
F1115 Oh they're aa gettin oot. I think they've aa gone doon the chute.
F1116 I know he's going doon chute again.
F1115 Quick, hurry up!
F1116 He's goin doon the chute again.
F1115 Aw, aa that puppies. That's the mannie lookin for aa the puppies and they've ran awa oot the hoose. Mm? There's still one left. Are they gonna catch him? Oh! Oh! Fitt's happened? [inhale] Crashed. Oh, he's into the water. He's sayin "Hurry up!" He must be caul! Mm? You like the swimming? Farr's your dookers at? Mm? [CENSORED: forename]? [CENSORED: forename]?
F1116 Where's my dookers? [?]Upstairs[/?]?
F1115 Aye, we'll go to the swimming pool on Monday? Mum take you in swimming when [CENSORED: forename] gets his lesson, mm? Oh, I think he's caul.
F1116 I know! He's gonna dae it again.
F1115 Oh that's a bad lady. Do you think she's gonna catch aa the puppies? Farr're they hidin at? Eh?
F1116 [sneeze] //[sneeze]//
F1115 //What a mercy!// //What a m-.//
F1116 //Mm.// [laugh] Tickle.
F1115 Fitt you daein? No, ow! Keep your feet to yoursel. You think. [CENSORED: forename]? I see your bum. Oi! Oi!
F1116 I [inaudible], you bumped your head. You bumped your head.
F1115 Did I bump my head? No, I didna bump my head. Did you? Is it sair? Did you bump your heid? Farr at? No, dinna! Eh, no, dinna.
F1116 Ah! //Uh-huh.//
F1115 //Will I kiss it better?// //Aw! Kissie the day.//
F1116 //No!// Kissie the day!
F1115 A kissie the day.
F1116 Kissie the day.
F1115 [kiss] [kiss]
F1116 Kissie the day.
F1115 Gie's a kissie.
F1116 Kissie the day.
F1115 [kiss]
F1116 Kissie the day.
F1115 Kissie the [?]morning[/?].
F1116 Kissie the day!
F1115 No, a kissie the [?]mornin[/?].
F1116 Kissie the day! [laugh]
F1115 Ow! Hey! Come here, gie me your hands. Go and dae "Round and round the garden" wi Mum then. Can you mind it?
F1116 Round and //round the garden.//
F1115 //Round the// //Like a?//
F1116 //It's// teddy bear, one step, two step and tickle!
F1115 And tickle tickle.
F1116 And again!
F1115 Right, wait an I'll dae it to you. Are you ready?
F1116 [laugh]
F1115 Okay, you dae it to me then. There you go.
F1116 Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step, and tickle! //[laugh]//
F1115 //[laugh]//
F1116 I do it again.
F1115 Again? Right, okay.
F1116 Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1115 //[laugh]//
F1116 And again.
F1115 One mair time, last time.
F1116 Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step and tickle [laugh], and tickle! //[laugh]//
F1115 //[laugh] Tickle, tickle.//
F1116 I do it [inaudible]. Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step //[laugh]//
F1115 //[laugh] I got ye!// //Oh look!//
F1116 //[inaudible].// //[laugh]//
F1115 //Look,// look, the puppies are hidin underneath the sheep.
F1116 Sheep.
F1115 And the big dog's saying "Hurry up, come on, we'd better go". Where they gonna go tae?
F1116 Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step, [squeal] //[laugh]//
F1115 //Oh, that's Lucky, that doggie's called Lucky. I think he's been left in the hoose.//
F1116 I know [inaudible] //[inaudible] for his mum.//
F1115 //[inaudible]// [inaudible] his mum?
F1116 [inaudible] for his mummy. //[squeak]//
F1115 //And where's his mum gone?//
F1116 In the hoose. [inaudible]
F1115 That's the bad lady. That's Cruella, she's bad. Oh no, that's a bad man. That's a doctor.
F1116 I know!
F1115 Ah no, that's nae the doctor, that's the bad man.
F1116 I know, eh //[inaudible]//
F1115 //Aw! The puir puppy!// The puppy greetin for his mum, look. Aw, he's greetin.
F1116 Aw, he's waitin for his mum.
F1115 [inhale] Oh do you think this ain's gonna dae? He's angry, he's gonna bite his bum! Eh?
F1116 [squeal] [laugh]
F1115 Why's his face aa a mess? Eh? It's aa dirty, it's aa black.
F1116 Ee, his face aa dirty.
F1115 Mmhm. [inhale] There's a fire! What's happened? Oh no! Hurry up and get oot o there! Before it explodes.
F1116 Oh. [?]The car's broken[/?].
F1115 Mm. That's the bobby. Is that PC Plum? Mm.
F1116 That's Stars and Stripes. That's Stars and Stripes.
F1115 Stars and Stripes? I thought he was a pig? Eh?
F1116 Not a pig.
F1115 Aye he is.
F1116 He's not.
F1115 He is so!
F1116 All goin doon the chute! [squeal] //[laugh]//
F1115 //No, tell you fitt though, look at this ain.// Come on then. Sit doon then, and dae it for me. //Off!//
F1116 //[exhale]// Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step, and tickle!
F1115 Right, here, look. //Fitt's this?//
F1116 //O-// Old MacDonald had a farm, //E-I-E-I-O.//
F1115 //E-I-E-I-O.// And on that farm he had some?
F1116 Ah ah //ah!//
F1115 //Fitt did he hae?//
F1116 I press the button!
F1115 Ah, but it's broken. But it's finished. //Fitt's that?//
F1116 //Oh oh.//
F1115 Mary had a little lamb, it's fleece was white as snow.
F1116 I press it.
F1115 And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.
F1116 I press it.
F1115 Okay. Ah, fitt's that ain? Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they run, see how they run,
F1116 I'll press the mouse. There he goes!
F1115 Mm. You ken that ain? Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockleshells and pretty maids all in a row.
F1116 You sing it then.
F1115 Mary, Mary, you sing to Mum. //No, no, no, change the tune!//
F1116 //Ma-. Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear,// //one step,//
F1115 //Come on!//
F1116 two step, and //tickle!//
F1115 //Ow, that was sair!//
F1116 I'll press it, I'll p-.
F1115 Hurt my face, that was sair.
F1116 I'll press it. There he goes.
F1115 Okay. Little Bo Peep? Farr's her sheep at? Farr they hidin at?
F1116 Up the tree.
F1115 How did they get up a tree?
F1116 Look, he's got [inaudible].
F1115 Oh, we're missin a page.
F1116 The farmer's in his den, the farmer's in his den, B-I-N-G-O, the farmer's in his den.
F1115 That's it. //He's got on his cowboy boots. He's got purple boots.//
F1116 //I'll press it.//
F1115 Fitt else is purple?
F1116 I'll press it. There he goes. Oats and beans and barley grow, oats and beans and barley grow. //Oats- [singing] barley grow.//
F1115 //Can you or I or anyone know, how oats and beans and barley grow?//
F1116 I'll press it.
F1115 Okay. Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn, the sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn, //where's the boy who looks after the sheep?//
F1116 //I press it.// I press it.
F1115 Oh, fitt's that ain?
F1116 Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. One for the master, one for the dame, one for the little boy who lives down the lane.
F1115 That's a good ain. Let's sing that ain again, come on.
F1116 [inhale] [child noise] //Far-.//
F1115 //There was a? -mer// //had a dog and his name was?//
F1116 //Had a dog, and [singing]// //Bobby Bingo.//
F1115 //Bobby Bingo.// //B-I-N-G-O,//
F1116 //B-I-N-G-O,// //B-I-N-G-O,//
F1115 //B-I-N-G-O,// //B-I-N-G-O, his name was Bobby Bingo.//
F1116 //B-I-N-G-O, his name was Bobby Bingo.// //Yeah!//
F1115 //Dae it again then.//
F1116 Oh, I press it.
F1115 Okay, start again. Back to the start. Farr's the first ain? Mm? Right. The cow's in the kitchen, //moo.//
F1116 //No, I press it.//
F1115 Okay.
F1116 I'll press it.
F1115 Right, you sing then.
F1116 No batteries.
F1115 No, the battery's finished.
F1116 Oh!
F1115 And farr's the chickens?
F1116 In there.
F1115 Mmhm. No no no no.
F1116 He's got [inaudible], look he's got [inaudible].
F1115 Fitt's he got? He's sleepin! That's Little Boy Blue, and he's fast asleep. Mm. I ken. There we go. Div this ain. Just see. Has the monkey on the banana, the yellow banana, overtaken the bus?
F1116 Yeah.
F1115 Mm. Oh, fitt's happened when he's painting the boat? Push the flap and see. Push it and see. I'll haud it. Oops! Has he splashed into the water? No, push that bit again. Up he goes! Oh and splash! He's fell doon.
F1116 I'll press him.
F1115 Look at the door. Fitt colour's he painting the door?
F1116 He's comin-.
F1115 Colour's the boat? //[inaudible] mair paint?//
F1116 //Ooh!//
F1115 Cat and the dog?
F1116 See-saw Margery
F1115 Oh he's missed a bit o the car. Eh? Has he missed painting the car a bit? Fitt colour's he painting it? Is it green?
F1116 Nope. [inaudible] see-saw.
F1115 Oh the see-saw's green. //Well it must be//
F1116 //Mm.//
F1115 red on the car.
F1116 No, orange.
F1115 Orange?
F1116 [child noise]
F1115 Oh.
F1116 I press it.
F1115 There's naething to press in that ain. Where's aa the colours?
F1116 No.
F1115 Find the blue page.
F1116 [inhale] Look!
F1115 Oh the fire engine. Never saw the fire engine. //Fitt colour's he painting the fire engine?//
F1116 //Loo-// Oh no! It's [inaudible].
F1115 Oh dear.
F1116 I know the fire engine get the ladder.
F1115 There's a ladder at.
F1116 I can't find ladder. See ladder, oh! [inhale] there it //goes!//
F1115 //Oh!// There it goes, look, it's on the side.
F1116 I know.
F1115 Farr does Dad put his ladders at?
F1116 In the van.
F1115 Mm. That's the yellow, come here, look at the yellow, [inaudible] sun. There's, that's it, if you close it, that's it. Now. Oh! This car's aa the different colours.
F1116 Uh!
F1115 Fitt are the aeroplanes daein? Huh? Oh look! That monkey's got her hat. Oh! [inhale] She's fell doon! Oh yuck!
F1116 [inaudible]
F1115 [inaudible] Fitt's that she's in? Yuck!
F1116 Yuck!
F1115 What a mess! She's aa sticky. Urgh.
F1116 Urgh. Urgh.
F1115 Aw! I think she needs a shower.
F1116 I I need a shower. [inhale]
F1115 Oh gyads! She's aa straw.
F1116 I'm going to find [inaudible].
F1115 Mmhm.
F1116 I'm.
F1115 And whose face is still a mess?
F1116 It's [?]crumbs[/?]. See his face aa dirty! Face aa dirty?
F1115 Aye. Have the bobbies got him? The bobbies taking them awa. They must be bad. Mm? Do you think? Fa else is in the van? Oh that's a bad doctor. It's a bad mannie. Mm? [inhale] Yuck!
F1116 Yuck! I know she's get a a shower.
F1115 I think she needs a shower, aye.
F1116 It's aa yuck!
F1115 She's got straw, oh fitt's the sheep gonna dae? //Oh there's the, the coos, it's the//
F1116 //Yuck!//
F1115 coos. They're eating their straw. And the horse. Do you think they're bothered? I bet you she's smelly.
F1116 I know! //[laugh]//
F1115 //The hors-, oh look at the horse.// Oh! Farr's it gonna go? Oh she's in mud! The horse is laughing, they're all laughing. Look here, oh, the pigs are gonna, urgh!
F1116 Urgh.
F1115 Urgh. That's an aafa mess o a puddle that. Is the bobbies gonna get her? Hooray!
F1116 Yay!
F1115 Fitt's happening?
F1116 [exhale]
F1115 Farr's aa the dogs went? Mm?
F1116 [child noise]
F1115 Do you think they're hame? I wonder farr they're at. Here they go! Look! Here's aa the puppies wi their mum and dad. What a lot. There they go. See their tails wiggling? They're going wag wag wag, wiggle wiggle wiggle. Oh they're aa in the van. They goin hame again? Mm? Is there one missing? Here it goes. He's saying, "Look, here it goes". Wahey! Here's Lucky. Are they hame? Eh? They're saying "Cheerio!" [CENSORED: forename], stop biting your nails! Yuck. Are you waving cheerio? Mm? [inaudible] wakin Dad noo? Mm? [inaudible] Wakey wakey! Time to get up. Fitt do you say? Wakey wakey? Say "Wakey wakey". Oh she's a mess. Oh it's a skunk, that's a smelly thing. Urgh, that's a stink! Poo-ey! Urgh! Stop it, that's disgusting. That's disgusting.
F1116 Poo!
F1115 They goin hame again? Mmhm. Aw! Are the puppies hame? One, two, [CENSORED: forename].
F1116 [laugh]
F1115 Is that the end? Mmhm. I think it's finished. That's it.
F1116 And nae more doggies.
F1115 Nae mair?
F1116 No mair doggies. [inaudible] go home and get more doggies.
F1115 I think they've got lots there. Wait till they open the vans and see if they aa fall oot. Will we go and cook the supper? Do you want your supper?
F1116 Smiley faces for supper? For supper.
F1115 Fitt you wantin?
F1116 Smiley faces for supper.
F1115 Smiley faces, no, fitt aboot tatties?
F1116 No. Tatties.
F1115 Sausages and tatties?
F1116 Sausages and er pastry.
F1115 Nae pastry wi sausages and tatties. Do you want beans or spaghetti?
F1116 Erm er.
F1115 Eh, fitt aboot, farr's your Bob the Builder spaghetti? //You wantin it?//
F1116 //[inaudible]// Yes, Bob the Builder spaghetti.
F1115 Or is it Postman Pat spaghetti?
F1116 No. I want, I've got Bob the Builder, can you fix it, yes you can. [singing]
F1115 Working to //the, to get the job done.//
F1116 //Get job done.//
F1115 Hooray!
F1116 Bob the Builder, can you fix it? Yes you can!
F1115 Okay, [inaudible] oh farr's the dogs gone?
F1116 I don't know! //It's-.//
F1115 //What do you see?//
F1116 I've got.
F1115 Farr's aa the dogs went?
F1116 Ah!
F1115 Oh look, here's a baby. Is that going to be your new cousin? [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] are they getting a baby?
F1116 No it ain't my cousin.
F1115 It will be.
F1116 [CENSORED: forename]'s cousin.
F1115 [CENSORED: forename]'s gettin a new cousin. //Oh look, there's aa the dogs. Oh they're big noo.//
F1116 //[inaudible]// And then they all go //home.//
F1115 //Aw.// //Aw, look at them.//
F1116 //[inaudible]// [?]There is it[/?].
F1115 They got a new hoose?
F1116 [inaudible] and go home.
F1115 Okay. It's finished. Was it a good film? Mm?
F1116 And
F1115 Is it aa finished?
F1116 Aa finished. I'll go and put that off, that TV.
F1115 Why are you puttin off the TV?
F1116 It's aa finished.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 23, recording 1: reading picture books, watching film of "101 Dalmatians", and singing nursery rhymes


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