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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 10, recording 1: playing with jigsaws and toys and putting away the washing

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

M1090 Now I do this ain.
F1089 Fitt are you gonna, are you gonna make this jigsaw?
M1090 Yeah I'm gonna make this ain.
F1089 Right. That's right, that goes there. That's really quick, isn't it?
M1090 I'm gonna do it myself.
F1089 Can you do it yerself?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 That's good. What, what Power Ranger's this?
M1090 Ehm Max.
F1089 Max?
M1090 Mmhm
F1089 Are ye sure?
M1090 Danny! //Mmhm.//
F1089 //Is that Danny, is it?// Who else is there?
M1090 Lisa.
F1089 Lisa, uh-huh.
M1090 But there's //Taylor.//
F1089 //And what colour's this?//
M1090 Green.
F1089 Green?
M1090 It's cool. It's cool.
F1089 Cool! //Right, who's the pink one then?//
M1090 //Yeah.// Mm. Taylor.
F1089 Oh Taylor that's clever you remember them all, don't you?
M1090 Yeah. But that ain's broken.
F1089 Is that ain broken? //Who did that?//
M1090 //Yeah.// [CENSORED: forename]
F1089 It wasnae [CENSORED: forename], wis it?
M1090 N- yes it wis. //H-.//
F1089 //Is he a rascal?//
M1090 Yes. Yeah. He'll get a hot backside. He'd [inhale] [exhale]
F1089 He'll get a hot backside, will he? //[laugh]//
M1090 //[inaudible] yes.// No an, that was me a bittie yesterday. //[inhale]//
F1089 //Och that doesna matter.// //That's very clever.//
M1090 //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 Are you a clever boy?
M1090 Yeah. [CENSORED: forename]'s not g- [CENSORED: forename]'s being bad. He won't get he w- an and he and he and he won't [inaudible]. He's not going to my party!
F1089 Eh are you gettin a party, are ye? //What are you gettin a party for?//
M1090 //Mm yeah.// Ehm a s- ehm I'm gettin a shaggy ain. //Yeah.//
F1089 //A shaggy ain? What kinda party's that?//
M1090 Ehm if I ever got ain, //it's a//
F1089 //It's fitt?//
M1090 it's a it's ca- ehm it's a bingo. It's a bingo. [inhale] Ye get toys in the a- //Ye get toys//
F1089 //Mm.//
M1090 [exhale] I'm almost finished.
F1089 You are, aye. //You're doin that really quick now, aren't ye?//
M1090 //I'm mmhm yeah.// Mm. //I'm near-//
F1089 //Mrs [CENSORED: surname] gonna be really pleased// wi you at the nursery, isn't she?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 Mm. //[sniff] [sniff]//
F1089 //That's it, well done currant bun.//
M1090 No, not yet.
F1089 Da-da!
M1090 I want my microphone off.
F1089 No. //Give me a kiss.//
M1090 //How? Oops.//
F1089 Oops-a-daisy. [exhale] [inaudible] Clip it back on, okay?
M1090 I would do, //I would do,//
F1089 //Right, what one are you gonna do now?//
M1090 mm Lisa.
F1089 Mm?
M1090 I know how to do Lisa. //Yeah.//
F1089 //You're gonna do Lisa, are you?//
M1090 Eh what's this? //[inaudible]//
F1089 //Eh?//
M1090 [inaudible] Why are we taking it off?
F1089 We're nae taking it off. I'm gonna put it back on ye so that it doesnae fall off again. Now don't touch it.
M1090 What does it do?
F1089 Eh? //Did you put on the Christmas tree lights for Mummy? Aren't they beautiful?//
M1090 //Yeah.// [?]Yeah why the beautiful[/?]
F1089 What are they?
M1090 [inaudible]
F1089 Right. Which one's that you're gonna do now?
M1090 Lisa.
F1089 There's one missing here.
M1090 It's lost.
F1089 What's lost, where's it lost to?
M1090 I don't know. [?]The pies[/?]
F1089 Oh that's good. Do you think you can do that one aa by yourself?
M1090 I will show ye.
F1089 You're goin to show me, are ye?
M1090 Yeah, just watch me.
F1089 Okay, I'll just watch you.
M1090 [swallow] Och another bit. Oh lost you.
F1089 What have you lost? //That bit?//
M1090 //That bit.// //Yeah where can you be!//
F1089 //Is it still in the box?//
M1090 Maybe.
F1089 Maybe.
M1090 Yes. Yes!
F1089 [inaudible] Well done.
M1090 [tearing noise] That's another ain. //It's a//
F1089 //Is it// the green end for here?
M1090 no. //It's//
F1089 //No?//
M1090 Danny. Hey, where did it go?
F1089 Where did it go, gie the box a shake and maybe it'll come out. //Eh?//
M1090 //Uh-huh, hm.//
F1089 Upside doon, dae it upside doon.
M1090 [?]It's a, I can't see[/?]
F1089 Did you find it? That's a good boy. Fitt colour's that?
M1090 Pink.
F1089 Is it? Clever.
M1090 It's a bit of Taylor.
F1089 A bit o Taylor? //Then I'll take it//
M1090 //Yeah. [laugh]// //Yeah.//
F1089 //for you, that's it.// Cause you've still got that ain to dae, haven't ye?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 Mmhm. And ye've nearly finished that ain and then we'll have to find the one that's missing, won't we?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 [cough]
M1090 [throat] [exhale] This watch.
F1089 This watch? Mm! //You//
M1090 //I maked him all by myself.// //Huh. I want my microphone.//
F1089 //did that, you are just so clever.// //Look, right, which one are ye gonna make now?//
M1090 //Oh.// //[child noise]//
F1089 //Eh?// Y- you didnae tell me far that missin one wis. Do ye know where it is?
M1090 [laugh] //Maybe it's hidin in//
F1089 //No.//
M1090 here! I got ye! Mm maybe it's another one. Got ye! Ehm where did it go? Where's it gone? //Mm.//
F1089 //Where's it gone? I don't know where it's gone.//
M1090 And this, this. //[?]We had in this store[/?]//
F1089 //Tell mummy what colour that is?//
M1090 Blue.
F1089 Blue and what? What colour's this one?
M1090 It's like //that.//
F1089 //Yes// that's right but what colour is it?
M1090 Ehm white.
F1089 No. Cause what's white? Is that white? //Does it look white?//
M1090 //Yeah.// And that's white.
F1089 Yes, that's right so, //and what colour's that?//
M1090 //Mm,// is it yellow. //[laugh]//
F1089 //Yellow, that's right, so it is.// //See, you do know don't you?//
M1090 //[laugh] [sucks air through teeth]//
F1089 Right, which one are ye gonnae make for Mummy now? //Yeah, can you not do that one yourself?//
M1090 //That ain [?]I do you, I didn't know how to do myself[/?].// No.
F1089 I think you can.
M1090 The big ain goes in. It's ma- this jigsaw's magic. //Yeah.//
F1089 //Is it magic, is it?//
M1090 Mm. The southern eagle.
F1089 Is that fit that is? //Oh.//
M1090 //Yeah the southern eagle.// He's the southern eagle.
F1089 Southern eagle?
M1090 [inhale] [exhale] [rustling noise]
F1089 You're getting too good at these, aren't you? We're goin to hae tae get you harder ones I think.
M1090 [rustling noise] No! Why?
F1089 Well cause then [inaudible]. //Does that nae go in there?//
M1090 //Mm.// Na.
F1089 Does that go in there? //No.//
M1090 //Nope.//
F1089 We'll leave that one till we know where it goes, will we?
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 So you can //put it the other way round.//
M1090 //Turn it round.// Mmhm. No. That's
F1089 Better find a bit of Taylor's hand.
M1090 Yeah. [inaudible]
F1089 Oh that's that bit I thought it was that other bit. Well done.
M1090 I'm getting very clever.
F1089 You're being, you're getting very clever aye. //[cough]//
M1090 //I'm almost going to playschool now.//
F1089 Yes you are, aye. [yawn] Whit ye gonna do there? Fitt ye gonna dae at the playschool?
M1090 Play with the water.
F1089 Play with the water? //Aye, you were looking forward to playing with the water, weren't ye?//
M1090 //Yeah.// Yeah I look af- I've sawed it. //[sucks through teeth]//
F1089 //Are ye gonna bide aa by yourself?//
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 Aye.
M1090 Will you come back for me?
F1089 I'll come back for ye, aye. //And who are ye goin to play wi there?//
M1090 //[sucks through teeth] Mm.// //[inhale]//
F1089 //Who are ye goin to play wi at your playschool?//
M1090 [swallow] [chewing] The s- in the sand again. I want to play with the //sand again.//
F1089 //No, who are ye goin to play wi?//
M1090 [inhale] [exhale] [CENSORED: forename]. [CENSORED: forename]'s goin to be there
F1089 [CENSORED: forename] winna be there [CENSORED: forename]'s at school.
M1090 Why was he, wasn't there? //What if he was there?//
F1089 //He// wouldna be there.
M1090 What if he wis?
F1089 Would you play with him if he was there? You're ayeways fighting.
M1090 Always fighting. Ow. My neck's sore. Mm. //[inhale]//
F1089 //Mm, I think that bittie went doon the leg, did it?//
M1090 I'm stinkin.
F1089 Are you? //Why, fitt have ye done?//
M1090 //[laugh]// Farted! //[laugh]//
F1089 //Oi, hey you wee rascal!// And fitt do ye say when you dae that? //Mmhm.//
M1090 //Pardon me.//
F1089 That's clever, right.
M1090 [laugh]
F1089 No that bit doesna go there. [yawn] //Oh aye quite honkin.//
M1090 //Maybe this bit.// [yawn] Do you need fresh air?
F1089 [laugh] //I might dae, aye.//
M1090 //Fresh air.// [inhale] Mm. [inhale]
F1089 Right, now are you sittin on a bit?
M1090 Mmhm. Uh-huh. Wow! [inaudible] [inhale] [exhale]
F1089 That's it.
M1090 Where's the other ain? //Under here.//
F1089 //Under this.// //Can you see it?//
M1090 //Uh-huh.//
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 [sniff] [laugh] Oh [?]hang on it's[/?] done!
F1089 You're just gettin too good. How many have you got left to //do now?//
M1090 //I don't know.//
F1089 What colour's that ain?
M1090 [exhale] [swallow] Pink. //[sniff]//
F1089 //That ain's pink what colour's that ain?//
M1090 Mm. Mm. Mm. Mm.
F1089 Are you thinkin?
M1090 Yeah. //[inhale]//
F1089 //What colour do you think it is?//
M1090 Oh blue. Blue?
F1089 No! That's nae blue.
M1090 What ain is it? What's ain blue?
F1089 It's re-? //Red.//
M1090 //Red.//
F1089 Right, come on now, you can finish that ain and then you can come upstairs and help Mummy with the washing.
M1090 [sniff] Okay, when are we gettin our microphones off?
F1089 There you go.
M1090 Huh look I can do it.
F1089 I think you can. I think that's the easiest one, is it?
M1090 Easy! I, I can! I can do it myself.
F1089 I know you can.
M1090 [snort] [swallow] //[?]I found a bit[/?]//
F1089 //Will I find that, is there a mess in the bedroom?// Fitt was you playing wi in the bedroom this morning? Can ye nae remember?
M1090 Oh I got that when I was in the car, in the ta- //[mouth noises]//
F1089 //Mmhm.//
M1090 I farted again.
F1089 Oh my goodness, fitt we gonna dae wi ye?
M1090 [slurp] [inhale] //What if I farted at my school?//
F1089 //What do you say? Fitt do you say?// //Well what do you say?//
M1090 //What if I farted in my school?// //Pardon me, what if I farted at my school?//
F1089 //Well that's what// you do, you say pardon me.
M1090 Pardon me. //Mmhm Maybe this bit goes there.//
F1089 //Mmhm.//
M1090 Nope. [rustling noise]
F1089 Mummy's got itchy feet.
M1090 Mmhm. [sniff] //[swallow]//
F1089 //Fitt are ye looking for now?//
M1090 This bit goes here!
F1089 Oh that's the broken bit, is it? //Is that the bit you broke?//
M1090 //Mmhm.// Mm yeah.
F1089 Yeah.
M1090 I- it's okay. [CENSORED: forename] broke a bit. [inaudible]
F1089 Mm that's it.
M1090 No, Mam watch me.
F1089 Who's been drawin on my wallpaper? //Huh?//
M1090 //Let me see.// Whaur's it?
F1089 Who did that?
M1090 [CENSORED: forename] It was, it was [CENSORED: forename] //it was [CENSORED: forename] again.//
F1089 //[cough]// Are you telling me porky pies?
M1090 No it's [CENSORED: forename]. It was [CENSORED: forename]. [CENSORED: forename] drawed it. //[exhale]//
F1089 //Right, go an finish that jigsaw, we'll see him when he gets home.//
M1090 [sniff] I don't know I'll, it wasn't me.
F1089 Are you sure?
M1090 No. [scratching noise]
F1089 Cause you know you're not supposed to do that, that's bad.
M1090 Isn't supposed to
F1089 Uh oh. You'll hae to do it again.
M1090 [sniff] [swallow] I did the broken bit first. [sniff]
F1089 [yawn] Are you winning?
M1090 Uh-huh. Oops. [swallow]
F1089 Are you nearly finished?
M1090 [throat] Suppose [?]the number of colours is in[/?]. There's another powe- Powerpuff Girls.
F1089 The Powerpuff Girls, do you like them?
M1090 Yeah. He's laughin at the nother ain.
F1089 He's laughing at it?
M1090 He's laughin at the nother ain. //He's laughin at//
F1089 //Oh?//
M1090 he's laughin at. This bit go there.
F1089 We'll hae to cut your nails the day, [CENSORED: forename].
M1090 Why?
F1089 Why, because they are needing cut.
M1090 No.
F1089 Aye, you are.
M1090 No.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 Santa goes. Does this bit go here? [washing machine spins]
F1089 That's that noisy washing machine, do you hear it?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 Yeah? [washing machine spins] Fitt ye gonna dae when you finish that jigsaw?
M1090 The [?]turkey ain[/?].
F1089 Eh?
M1090 The teddy bear ain.
F1089 The teddy bear ain? //Are you gonna come up the stairs and//
M1090 //Yeah.// //Yes.//
F1089 //help Mummy dae the washing first?// //Are you gonna help me carry the basket up the stairs?//
M1090 //[cough]// And do the noisy jigsaw.
F1089 The noisy jigsaw? Well maybe nae the noisy ain. //[inaudible] doesn't it?//
M1090 //I won't press// I don't I won't press it.
F1089 Aye but you will. //It does Mum's heid in, doesn't it?//
M1090 //I wo-.// Yes. And break. I broke Danny again.
F1089 You've broke Danny again, you're just being a right rogue the day, aren't you? //[?]You are[/?]//
M1090 //I'm not.// I'm fixin him. //What?//
F1089 //You're fixing him, are you?//
M1090 Yeah. Fixin him. So So. So, soon be all finished. [inhale] [exhale]
F1089 Wow, that's just really cool, innit? //Right.//
M1090 //Yeah.//
F1089 Come on then and we'll go up the stairs and you can help Mummy sort oot the washing.
M1090 No, the teddy bear jigsaw first.
F1089 No. //Okay, come on we'll put Dad's shoes through, look.//
M1090 //I was.// //Look! What's that?//
F1089 //Silly Dad left his shoes.// What's that? That's Santa.
M1090 What's, what's that?
F1089 That's Santa on the windae, isn't it?
M1090 We- who put on? //Who put it on it?//
F1089 //Aye, Mummy// put it on the window.
M1090 But why?
F1089 Cause we just bought it just now, didn't we?
M1090 Mm.
F1089 Does it look good? //Mmhm.//
M1090 //Mmhm it's// well it looks stupid.
F1089 It doesnae look stupid.
M1090 What if it did?
F1089 But it doesna!
M1090 What if it did!
F1089 Well then it would just look stupid, wouldn't it? //Right are you gonna help me carry this basket?//
M1090 //[?]Well I love[/?].// //Yeah. [exhale]//
F1089 //Right.//
M1090 I'll be careful.
F1089 Right up you go then. //Oh it's heavy, isn't it?//
M1090 //Mmhm.// Oop- the telephone's going to fall.
F1089 What's going to fall?
M1090 The telepho-. The telephone's going to fall. //Oh.//
F1089 //Oh the telephone?//
M1090 Yeah. //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //Na it winna fall.// Right we'll lay it doon there. //Now, we've got to find the other basket, haven't we?//
M1090 //Uh-huh.// Yeah. //It's in uh it's in the room.//
F1089 //Stand up till I sort your troosers.// Stand up till I sort your troosers. Is it fallin doon?
M1090 Mmhm. //[blowing]//
F1089 //Cause that's [?]mummy's ironing[/?], isn't it?//
M1090 Where's ma telephone?
F1089 Maybe we'll put it round. Is that better? //We'll put that under your jumper.//
M1090 //Yeah. [microphone static]// Yeah there it is! //I'll get it.//
F1089 //[inaudible]// //Right will I help you ho- carry it?//
M1090 //[inhale]// Yeah.
F1089 Right, here we go.
M1090 I will hold this bit. //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //You hold that bit.//
M1090 [inhale]
F1089 Right we'll put it there. So, put the rest of the ironing in it. This is aa the stuff wi the fluff on it.
M1090 Yeah. [inhale] Look another fluff!
F1089 You pick it off?
M1090 Yeah I'm I'm gettin it off. //There were a button that's missing, where did it come from?//
F1089 //Oh you'll need tae use sellotape to get that off.//
M1090 [inaudible] outside. What if I press this button?
F1089 Well you'll put the phone off.
M1090 [rustling noise]
F1089 You dinna want to put the phone off, do you?
M1090 [flicks switch] //Already did.//
F1089 //Oh.// Dinna do that.
M1090 I'll, I'll put it back on.
F1089 No now dinna touch it, I said dinna touch it.
M1090 Press, where does these go?
F1089 What, they'll go, //on this.//
M1090 //But it falled.//
F1089 High dry it in a minute, won't //it?//
M1090 //Oops it falled again.// //Mum it's falled.//
F1089 //Oh did it?// Okay, farr we gonna put it so it doesna
M1090 Ah it's fresh air.
F1089 It's fresh air, is it? //Does it smell nice?//
M1090 //Mmhm.// Yes.
F1089 Mm.
M1090 Mm! It's still fresh.
F1089 Still, well that's cause it's newly washed, isn't it?
M1090 Yeah. Ah! [?]It is really[/?] wow it turned in a hamburger.
F1089 [laugh] //It turned into a hamburger?//
M1090 //[cough] [blows]// Wow! Sm-. [sniff] That is fresh!
F1089 Is it?
M1090 It it it look it, it smells like my room.
F1089 It smells like your room?
M1090 Yeah. //And,//
F1089 //Does your room smell really fresh?//
M1090 and it's like [CENSORED: forename]'s room.
F1089 Aye.
M1090 [sniff]
F1089 You goin to say your Rs [CENSORED: forename]
M1090 Aye yeah.
F1089 Rrr.
M1090 Lll.
F1089 Rrr. //Rrr.//
M1090 //Lll lll.// Lll. [blows] //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //Put it back in the basket just now till I get this [inaudible].//
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 You've to pick aa the fluff off. Cause somebody left a tissue in their pocket, didn't they?
M1090 Yeah, it it was me. //Aye.//
F1089 //Was it you, was it?//
M1090 Y- yes. [inhale] There's not fluff on this ain.
F1089 No.
M1090 It's a f- I still want to fresh it.
F1089 You still want to fitt?
M1090 Fresh it.
F1089 Fresh it?
M1090 Yeah I'm going to smell it. Mm.
F1089 Farr you goin?
M1090 Hm. It does [inaudible] bad. Mm! [inhale] Ha! //Nice and clean, smell it.//
F1089 //[sniff]// Oh that smells lovely!
M1090 [sniff] Mmhm. Mm. [sniff] //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //Be all day picking off aa this// //towel though eh?//
M1090 //It was n- it was [CENSORED: forename]//
F1089 Where's [CENSORED: forename] at?
M1090 In school!
F1089 Uh-huh. //Is he coming home for his dinner [inaudible]?//
M1090 //[inhale]Mm yeah.// What are we having?
F1089 Don't know, fitt do you want for your dinner?
M1090 Ehm. I want Dairylea Dunkers after dinner.
F1089 Dairylea Dunkers after dinner?
M1090 Yeah. //[sniff]//
F1089 //Okay you can have Dairylea Dunkers after dinner.//
M1090 [exhale] [exhale]
F1089 What else?
M1090 Ehm. That's all. That's all. [rustling noise] [rustling noise]
F1089 What you doing?
M1090 Nothing. When you taking the new shower out?
F1089 When the man comes to fit it.
M1090 Okay. Where's the [?]bock[/?]? But I can't open it.
F1089 Well, dinna open it.
M1090 But what if I did open it? What if I did open it?
F1089 What do you mean if you did open it?
M1090 Hey, what's this is a, hey! It's not better than a helicopter. Where's ma helicopter, Mam?
F1089 What helicopter?
M1090 But I had ain.
F1089 You had a helicopter and you broke it and it had tae go oot tae the bucket.
M1090 But look what I found.
F1089 Fitt's that?
M1090 How did it get here?
F1089 How did what get there?
M1090 But look what I found. This Hey Miss, meet [?]it's hanging up[/?].
F1089 Mm? //Yes, what's it called?//
M1090 //Ooh it's hanging.// Eh.
F1089 It's a hanger.
M1090 A hanger, yeah. //It's,//
F1089 //Mmhm what do you hang on hangers?//
M1090 on jumpers.
F1089 Aye, your clothes.
M1090 Yeah. //This fit on that.//
F1089 //Shirts.//
M1090 This fitted on this ain. Let's see, sorry, put on! [sniff] [exhale] How does that look?
F1089 Cool.
M1090 Mm thank you. Now [?]I'll just put, tie it on[/?]
F1089 What?
M1090 To smell them. Oh it's fresh!
F1089 It's fresh, is it?
M1090 [sniff]
F1089 Look at aa that fluff.
M1090 Plea- please, will you, will you smell the [?]numbers[/?]?
F1089 Oh lovely.
M1090 [sniff] Hm I want, ma -puter down.
F1089 No, nae just now cause that's aafa noisy.
M1090 Aafa noisy.
F1089 Aye. We can [?]always[/?] tae go back down and do more jigsaws, won't we?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 Maybe see what's on the //TV?//
M1090 //Oh!// Woody's hat! //Woody's hat.//
F1089 //You found Woody's// hat, and where's Woody though?
M1090 I broke, [CENSORED: forename] broked his head.
F1089 [CENSORED: forename] broke whose head?
M1090 [CENSORED: forename] broked Woody's head.
F1089 You're jokin?
M1090 Yes. I'm no.
F1089 Well where is he?
M1090 In the bucket!
F1089 Fa put him in the bucket?
M1090 Dad. He was all broken.
F1089 Aw.
M1090 Even the rubber stamp.
F1089 Even his rubber stamp, is he?
M1090 Yeah and he left his hat.
F1089 He's left he's hat, fan
M1090 But it's not broken. It's all fix. Think, think think, think, this, think this room is been fixed up!
F1089 Oh yeah?
M1090 Ehm who painted my room again?
F1089 [CENSORED: forename].
M1090 [CENSORED: forename]?
F1089 Uh-huh.
M1090 Oh. [inhale] [CENSORED: forename]. Did he make, did he paint?
F1089 He papered.
M1090 And, did he did he [sniff] [exhale] did he make my new bed? But I wanted,
F1089 No, who //did that?//
M1090 //what if I was a baby?//
F1089 Mummy and Auntie [CENSORED: forename], didn't we? We make up your new bed?
M1090 What if I was a baby?
F1089 If you was a baby you would still be in a cot.
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 You're nae in a cot, are ye?
M1090 No. An I'll sleep in a baby bed.
F1089 Mmhm. //But you're a big boy and you've got a big bed.//
M1090 //Yeah.// Yeah. I've got a boy bed.
F1089 Boy bed?
M1090 Mmhm [chew] [swallow] [?]Yeah[/?]. Hey! Look! This is from McDonalds! You can have the Transformer huh. [?]Come here[/?] the Transformer [child noise]
F1089 Fitt's that car?
M1090 [child noise] I tu- you turn it, the Transformer!
F1089 A Transformer.
M1090 [child noise] Eh I fixed it!
F1089 Did you? Oh that's good. Was it broken?
M1090 Oh no it just couldn't turn. It can spin! Oh dear!
F1089 Is somebody coming in?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 Who is it? //[inaudible].//
M1090 //I will get it!// I will get them! //I'll get them!//
F1089 //[?]Yeah right[/?]// Yeah.
M1090 [inaudible] Maybe it's my dad. //Uh you was//
F1089 //Dad's at, Dad's at work, is he?//
M1090 [inaudible] [child noise] Oh no.
F1089 Fitt does your dad dae? //[CENSORED: forename],//
M1090 //[?]Tying[/?] the Transformer [child noise]// What?
F1089 what does your dad dae? What does Daddy dae?
M1090 Mm. [?]Poaks[/?].
F1089 Aye he po- //Posts//
M1090 //Yeah.//
F1089 the le-
M1090 [?]Poats[/?].
F1089 Posts the letters. //Eh?//
M1090 //Posts the letter!// //[child noise]//
F1089 //Cause he's a postie.//
M1090 [child noise] [?]Snow White[/?]!
F1089 Okay. Get the hoover up here.
M1090 [child noise] Now he's turned into a car. He's gone. Oh dear. There he is! Oh. [inaudible] [child noise] [inaudible] Turn you into a Transformer. [child noise] [child noise] //[child noise]//
F1089 //That's a proper mess, eh?//
M1090 [child noise]
F1089 That'll teach Mammy nae tae check aa the pockets eh?
M1090 [inaudible] are you putting the washing up? //[inhale] [exhale] [inhale]//
F1089 //I'm gonna put the washing up in a minute because I've gotta get aa this// dry stuff off //first haven't I? Mmhm.//
M1090 //Oops it's falled off again.// [inhale] [exhale] It's still fresh. Let's put it on. [velcro tearing] It's, it's //it's not.//
F1089 //Wait, put it down there till I check you.// And you're still playing. That's it? That's okay.
M1090 Now.
F1089 You're getting covered in fluff an aa noo, fa did you get the hanger fae?
M1090 [inhale] [exhale] In the room.
F1089 Are you gonna go and put it back then?
M1090 Mm I want to keep it there.
F1089 Alright, wait t- wait till I get this stuff off first. This might be quicker taking //sellotape off there.//
M1090 //[child noise]// [?]It was just[/?] [child noise] [inaudible] [child noise] Turning into a Transformer. [child noise] You'll never stop me. [child noise] //[child noise]//
F1089 //Can you go and put that on the radiator?// //Put it on the radiator in [CENSORED: forename]'s room.//
M1090 //Yeah.// Yeah. I think so.
F1089 Right, there you go. Like that.
M1090 [?]Like that[/?]
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 How does that look? //[inhale]//
F1089 //Okay, right here's your trousers.// Good boy.
M1090 Does that look better?
F1089 That's fine, thank you. Want to do your own ones as well? //Put them on the radiator.//
M1090 //Yeah mine.// [laugh]
F1089 This one as well. //Yeah.//
M1090 //They're mine.//
F1089 In your bedroom.
M1090 Mmhm. I can't put it in. Is that better?
F1089 That's fine. //Now.//
M1090 //[exhale]//
F1089 We will get this washing on here.
M1090 Hey!
F1089 [CENSORED: forename].
M1090 Look what I found.
F1089 Fitt's that you've got?
M1090 Dog food!
F1089 That's nae dog food.
M1090 What is it?
F1089 What is it?
M1090 It's fish.
F1089 Play food is it?
M1090 No it's fish.
F1089 It's fish.
M1090 Yeugh!
F1089 Tuna fish?
M1090 Yeah tuna fish. It's yuck.
F1089 You nae like tuna fish?
M1090 It's for the fishes.
F1089 Oh.
M1090 It's for the fishes.
F1089 For fitt fishes?
M1090 [inaudible] Ma. [yawn] [exhale] Where's the shopping? Where's the shopping?
F1089 Don't know. Can you find it?
M1090 I can see something.
F1089 [?]You're getting a bit bored, aren't ye?[/?] [inaudible]
M1090 No. It's falled again. It's falled again. //I dinna want it on.//
F1089 //Look.// No, you have to, nae got long to go now, see. Stand up.
M1090 Maybe put it inned my pocket.
F1089 Aye, maybe we will, no it winna fit in your pocket.
M1090 Far can it fit? Maybe you can have it.
F1089 I can't, cause I've got one here as well.
M1090 Maybe I wo- I dinna, maybe I want it
F1089 Turn roon a minutie //till I see it.//
M1090 //maybe// maybe I dinna want //it.//
F1089 //No, right ju- then turn round.//
M1090 I've got to take it //aff.//
F1089 //That's better, look!// //Is that better? That fits//
M1090 //[inhale] Yeah.//
F1089 in there, doesn't it?
M1090 Is that yours? //Is that//
F1089 //I'll hold this.//
M1090 is that yours?
F1089 No, that's mine, look. //Got the same as you.//
M1090 //Let me see.// Ehm what's the colour? What's colour? //Black?//
F1089 //White.//
M1090 [child noise] [toy siren sounds] [child noise] [toy noise]
F1089 Fitt's that you're playing wi?
M1090 Ehm. My hello! //I've got one!//
F1089 //Hello!//
M1090 This this is for Santa I got for [inaudible].
F1089 That's right, aye.
M1090 I got for Santa and [inaudible]. [child noise] [toy noise] [child noise] Is um mmhm. I'm going to bed. And, and where's the shopping about? The, your fin-, where's the list? And where's the list?
F1089 What list?
M1090 For the shopping! //Eh?//
F1089 //I don't know but where's the bag with the shopping in it?//
M1090 Eh the list is lost. You will never find it. Hey! The list for the shopping. The list for the shopping.
F1089 Mmhm. It's aa squashed, who squashed it aa?
M1090 [paper scrunching] [CENSORED: forename]! //He was he was//
F1089 //[inaudible], it's him, is it?// //[cough]//
M1090 //[?]He was always.[/?]// //[inaudible]//
F1089 //[cough]//
M1090 And this is for the shopping. This is tuna for [CENSORED: forename]. [?]He must have turn it to[/?] fish tuna. Now woah, woah. Oh it's emergency.
F1089 Eh?
M1090 Y- yes. [inaudible] can.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 And, [inhale] //[sucks through teeth]//
F1089 //What else can it dae?//
M1090 Ehm ye climb up the ladder, and ye, and you, climb, climb, climb. [slurp] Now. Now I'll shoot this fire. [sucking air through teeth] [toy noise] It's gone. [toy noise] [toy siren noise]
F1089 Mm.
M1090 It's gone. [sucks air though teeth] [sucks air through teeth] [child noise]
F1089 [cough] //[cough]//
M1090 //[toy noise]// [toy noise] [slurp] [toy noise] [toy noise] //[toy noise]//
F1089 //[?]That fire's still growin, look.[/?]//
M1090 Bob's lost.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 We lost Bob. //Bob's on the stair.//
F1089 //We havenae lost Bob, have we?//
M1090 Bo- Bob is on the stair. And I've found, [?]nearly found[/?] [inhale]
F1089 There's him there, look.
M1090 Okay. But I found Emily. //I fou-//
F1089 //Look.// There's Bob.
M1090 Oh. But I found Emily. But where's Emily's car?
F1089 I don't know, who, who does Emily belong to? Wh-wh- who belongs to Emily?
M1090 Ehm Emily, //eh.//
F1089 //No is it nae Cli-?// //Cli-?//
M1090 //It's Emily,// //no.//
F1089 //Clifford?// Clifford the big red dog.
M1090 No. //No, it's//
F1089 //Mmhm.//
M1090 [inaudible] //it's//
F1089 //You take Bob then and you can play with Bob.//
M1090 [inaudible] No. This phone is not working.
F1089 No.
M1090 It's [CENSORED: forename]'s. It's my singing phone.
F1089 You goin tae take Bob and and we can take him and play wi the trucks?
M1090 [inhale] [exhale] Ha. Sure I want that to go in.
F1089 Who is this then? Where's Mac?
M1090 But Mac?
F1089 Mm?
M1090 Oh. I'll show you. [inhale] That's Mac! And that's Roly. Now that's the nother ain.
F1089 That's Scoop isn't it?
M1090 Yeah, where's Mac?
F1089 Farr's Mac?
M1090 Aw. He's hi- he's hiding.
F1089 Is he hiding?
M1090 Yeah. //I can't see!//
F1089 //Is he hidin? Farr's he hiding?// //Oh.//
M1090 //Oh.//
F1089 Is that that mannie?
M1090 It's [CENSORED: forename]'s. You pull him up. Ah!
F1089 [laugh] Does he lose his heid?
M1090 He's [laugh] he's fat!
F1089 Is he fat? //He's nae fat, he's got muscles.//
M1090 //Yeah.// Yeah, he's got muscles! [inhale] He's gonna punch you!
F1089 Has [CENSORED: forename] got muscles?
M1090 He's gonna punch you!
F1089 Oh that's nae nice, is it?
M1090 I'm gonna punch you! [child noise] //[child noise]//
F1089 //No, I dinna like that, dinna dae that.//
M1090 [inaudible] [child noise] [blows] [inaudible] Mm that's very funny. [child noise] [sucks air through teeth] Dad! Dad we're almost there. It's an emergency, okay. [child noise]
F1089 Watch now, you're gonna coup that box.
M1090 I'm not but but, whaur do we get them for? //Whaur do we get them for?//
F1089 //Eh?// Whaur do we get them for? //Keepin the toys tidy.//
M1090 //[inhale] [exhale]// Ah. I don't know I I don't know I'd [?]fall[/?] //I don't know h-//
F1089 //Are you gonna put that doon and dae the other jigsaw?//
M1090 No. I'll, one more time. Then we'll go downstairs but you will wait and watch me. I w- [exhale] almost there! Ah [inhale] //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //Pull that troosers up that's what's ado wi ye.//
M1090 Tut. [child noise] Tut he's climbing.
F1089 He climbing is he?
M1090 Yeah. It's emergency. //[inhale]//
F1089 //Oh.//
M1090 [blowing] [child noise] He wants it, he wants it. [child noise] //[child noise]//
F1089 //Turn round a wee bit.//
M1090 [inaudible] The fire's gone.
F1089 Is it? Farr was the fire at?
M1090 There. Now I'll tid- [child noise] now I'll just [inhale] all the things back. It wouldn't turn. [toy noise] He's sayin hello. //[inaudible]//
F1089 //[?]Let me see you[/?] turn left and// turn right.
M1090 Turn right. Is that left?
F1089 That way. When he goes this way, look. [toy noise] Turn left. //Turn right.//
M1090 //[toy noise] Left.// He's bad. [toy noise] It's the fire engine.
F1089 Mmhm. //[throat]//
M1090 //[sucks air through teeth] And turn.// [inhale] [toy noise] [?]Flip[/?] and turn backwards. And turn. [?]Doesn't matter[/?]. Mm. [toy noise] And you turn this way. [child noise] It's a it's another man [?]says he[/?].
F1089 Dinna touch that.
M1090 It's another man [inaudible] another man [?]says he[/?], [inaudible] [toy noise] [inhale] [toy noise] //Somebo- else//
F1089 //Mmhm.//
M1090 put in the Boohbahs, what's this?
F1089 Fitt dae you think you're gonna get fae Santa this year?
M1090 [toy noise] And what's this? [toy noise] And what's this? [toy noise] And what's this? [toy noise]
F1089 Aye.
M1090 Tsk it's another man says he's he's goin to climb. It's another man says he ah ah. [exhale] [child noise] //[toy noise]//
F1089 //I think you need a smaller mannie than that divn't you?//
M1090 Yeah I need a small mannie.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 Yeah, he he won't fall down. He won't fall down. [child noise] [banging noise] [child noise] Oof I got l- I got his legs in.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 It's going to fall down! Get out! [child noise] [laugh] [child noise] [child noise] [child noise] [inhale] [exhale] Have to go down stair, have to go down //there.//
F1089 //Have to go down the ladder.//
M1090 [snort] [toy noise] What's that noise? [Toy noise] [?]I love you.[/?] [inaudible] Uh-huh. Why you broked it?
F1089 I never broked it.
M1090 What if [CENSORED: forename] broked it?
F1089 Broke it.
M1090 What if [CENSORED: forename] did broke it?
F1089 Oh we'll hae tae clap his lug, will we?
M1090 Yeah and give him a hot backside.
F1089 And a hot backside, aye.
M1090 Yeah. And you look after this. I will come back.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 Yeah. And I'm going to get something under the bed. I'll be right back. [inhale] [exhale] [inhale] Don't don't answer anyone. Don't answer anyone.
F1089 Don't answer anyone.
M1090 I need my telephone, it's off.
F1089 No it's nae.
M1090 Maybe it is off.
F1089 Look we'll see. No it's fine.
M1090 Yep.
F1089 Right, come on up the st- was we goin to play with Bob? Or are we goin to go down and do that jigsaw?
M1090 Mm I've got something. Oh I'm gonna be right back. I'm going under the bed and see if I can f-
F1089 Uh-huh.
M1090 I'm going to find the [?]tractor[/?].
F1089 You're gonna find, what are you goin to find?
M1090 Okay I'll be right back. I'll be right back. [inhale] [exhale]
F1089 Right watch you don't get stuck under there.
M1090 No I'm not. I got I got I got something!
F1089 Right.
M1090 I can see. I got this, this is [CENSORED: forename]'s. Woah, the big truck!
F1089 The big truck, aye.
M1090 Yeah. Huge! [toys banging about]
F1089 No ye'll hae tae put that bit up.
M1090 [toys banging about] It's it's [CENSORED: forename]'s. Will you fix [CENSORED: forename]'s house? It's bro- //Will you fix [CENSORED: forename]'s stool?//
F1089 //Are we goin to put it away?//
M1090 We're going to, we're going to put [CENSORED: forename]'s stool away. //Ooh ah.//
F1089 //Sorry.//
M1090 Yeah. [CENSORED: forename] will be pleased to have it. [CENSORED: forename] will. [CENSORED: forename] [?]will know[/?] it. [child noise] [toys banging about] Oh promise. [toys banging about] There you go, here's your car. Here's your car. [toys banging about] Here's your car. Thank you. [inaudible] It's your turn, bye bye. [slurp] [banging noise]
F1089 Farr did you find the coathanger [CENSORED: forename]?
M1090 Ehm, in yuor room! Och I will show you in your room. [panting] I found it there.
F1089 Where? [inaudible] we'll just put it down here.
M1090 Yeah. It wo- it goes in, it goed in there.
F1089 Mm.
M1090 Why is there doors in your room? //Why is there a door in your room?//
F1089 //It's the cupboards,// to keep everything tidy.
M1090 Well well, what i- what if there was no, what if was no cupboard, what if no door and no cupboard?
F1089 Then I would have nowhere to keep my clothes would I?
M1090 [?]Will I be locked[/?] I'm going this, I'm going, I'm going the, I'm going to answer somebody. [sniff] Mum I'm going to answer somebody.
F1089 You're going to what?
M1090 Answer somebody.
F1089 Are you?
M1090 I'm going I'm going to I'm go- I'm gonna answer A- Auntie [CENSORED: forename].
F1089 Are you?
M1090 Yeah. It's it's it's I heard her last day. He's talking to me. I was talking to Grandpa.
F1089 Was you talking, aye?
M1090 I was talking to Grandpa. He was speaking to me. Mm? Where are you Grandpa? Grandpa where are ye? Yes. Say hello. It's Tina say hello to Tina.
F1089 Say hello tae Tina? //Hello Tina.//
M1090 //Sa-, Mum, say hello to Tina.// No, you're not answering on the phone. Say hello to Tina! [inhale] [exhale]
F1089 T- twist it. Hello Tina yeah oh yeah, [CENSORED: forename]'s been a good boy today, okay then, bye bye.
M1090 That's it. Bye bye. First I'll be Auntie [CENSORED: forename].
F1089 Auntie [CENSORED: forename] now?
M1090 And Auntie [CENSORED: forename] and in Buckie. //And I'll phone her//
F1089 //Auntie [CENSORED: forename] in Buckie and Auntie [inaudible] in Aberdeen?//
M1090 and you will phone her. //What does this ain do?//
F1089 //Mmhm.// Oh dinna press that. //Dinna fiddle wi that buttons, Toots.//
M1090 //Okay, what does this// what does that do?
F1089 That puts the light on.
M1090 Oh. Wh- why would you put the light on?
F1089 Why do you put the light on?
M1090 Why you put it on? [clicks switch] Why you did put it on? It's think mine's off.
F1089 No it's nae.
M1090 I'm going to see.
F1089 No. Leave it in the pouch just now.
M1090 This. This. I think it, I think it is off. Hey, this lo- will you will you look and see it's off.
F1089 Just a minute.
M1090 We- well, will when are we going to have it off? //When are we go-//
F1089 //[inaudible]// Good boy.
M1090 But wha- what if you press that button?
F1089 And nothing happens.
M1090 And I and I will fall down. //And if, if//
F1089 //Come here till I pull up your trousers.//
M1090 if, do you hide in here?
F1089 No, there's nothing to hide in there, is there?
M1090 What if, wha- wha- what if I was what if I was a [?]polo[/?] you would hide in it. You would hide in it. //But where's the wee passage?//
F1089 //Hide in fitt?// There's nae a wee passage.
M1090 What if, what's what's in that?
F1089 Put it back.
M1090 Hey! Hey, it is a wee pa- huh that's another train set. I'll get it.
F1089 No you winna! //Cause that's a//
M1090 //Why not?//
F1089 present tae you just leave it.
M1090 Who is it's?
F1089 I'm not telling you.
M1090 Will you please?
F1089 No.
M1090 Please?
F1089 No danger.
M1090 Who is it? Is it for [CENSORED: forename]?
F1089 None of your Scooby Doo.
M1090 Is it, [?]his then[/?].
F1089 Oh! [yawn] [inaudible]
M1090 What if, what if you, what if you move that?
F1089 Eh?
M1090 What if you moved that?
F1089 If you move that then it winna work.
M1090 What if you, what if you press, the big button? What if you press the big button? Why?
F1089 Now, we're gonna say bye bye.
M1090 Bye, bye.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 10, recording 1: playing with jigsaws and toys and putting away the washing


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

Audio footage information

Year of recording 2003
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 60
Size (mb) 232

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Part of series
Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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Recording venue Participants' house
Geographic location of speech Buckie

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Year of transcription 2007
Year material recorded 2003
Word count 5419

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Gender Female
Decade of birth 1970
Educational attainment College
Age left school 15
Occupation Shop Assistant
Place of birth Buckie
Region of birth Moray
Birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Buckie
Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
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Father's place of birth Findochty
Father's region of birth Moray
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Mother's place of birth Wester Manbeen
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Mother's country of birth Scotland


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Decade of birth 2000
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Place of birth Elgin
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Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Postman
Father's place of birth Aberdeen
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Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Shop assistant
Mother's place of birth Buckie
Mother's region of birth Moray
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Mother's country of birth Scotland