Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“Sailors are not fond of being troubled with questions”

Entry for 05/07/1825

Tuesday 5th July. The weather very warm & the wind light. Capt. Barwick in his letter requested me to annoy very seldom the Capt. of the ship with questions, as sailors are not fond of being troubled with questions; & for which reason I cannot give the Latitude & Longitude. I forgot to mention that the natives of Teneriffe fish during the night with Torch light, along the coast. The houses are all roofed with Tyle, & have no chimneys. There was a Gentlemen of the name of Mr. Manly who is a Mercht. in the Great Canary, he is an English man, & made up to us at the Inn, & shewed the passengers great attention, & dined on board.