Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“Had it not been for my great coat”

Entry for 04/07/1825

Monday 4th July. Light winds during the day & in the evening experienced a Thunder Storm. The Lightning was very vivid and the flashes were very numerous. The Thunder was very loud. The rain was so heavy that I never saw the like of it, and as soon as Capt. Crear observed the rain, he caused the awning be spread to preserve the rain for drinking, and I put on my great coat, went on deck & lent a hand to fill the buckets along with Mr. Fisher & young Mr. Ryrie, & remained on deck til a late hour. The rain that came through the awning very soon pierced my old fur cap & had it not been for my great coat, I would have been drenched to the skin. We are now in sight of the Southern Croſs. The winds are very light & the weather very fine; the heat is very great.