Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“Hobart Town is something like Port Glasgow”

Entry for 14/10/1825

Friday 14th. The weather now is getting very pleasant. The evenings are cool & chilly.

There is a great deal of party spirit, existing in this small town. In the two newspapers which are published here, they are always making a cut at each other, [?] or another, and if any person seems to differ, from the rest of the Community, he is sure to leave himself “keelhauled” in the Newspaper. Hobart Town is something like Port Glasgow, where every thing is through the Town in a “Pigs Whisper”. Mr. McLachlan, tother day, walked up the Wharf with Miss Hawie the Governess of Major McLeod and in a short time afterwards, he was told that he was seen walking with a Lady.