Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“Very wet and cold, completely Greenock weather”

Entry for 13/10/1825

Thursday 13th. This day has been very wet and cold completely Greenock weather. This morning after coming on shore was standing taking shelter in the porties of a house in Town when J. McDonald came past riding & pointed out Haggart the [?], who struck John [?] on the eye, but I did not recollect him. The streets here are very dirty, not one of them are causewayed buttfull of holes which might very easily be filled up by the Prisoners of whom there are no scarcity in this place. There is not so much as a pavement nor even a furrow to carry off the water but the streets from side to side are filled with muddy dubs & holes, there is no [?] either on the streets & today the streets are almost impo┼┐sible. When the prisoners misbehave there is very little time lost in punishing them. Yesterday one of the Constables who had been out after the Bush rangers had got tipsy & came down the Wharf with his Musket, where he began to kick up a rowe, & presented, & snapped his Musket at the Master of a Brig; Whereupon being apprehended & taken up the wharf was met by Mr. Hobbs the Wharfinger (who enquired what was the matter) to whom he also presented his musket, And has already been sentenced to fifty lashes & transportation for three years to McQuarrie Harbour.