Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“The same as among the heather at home”

Entry for 05/10/1825

Wednesday 5th. Went on shore after breakfast, & after walking sometime about the town called on Mr. Walkinshaws, with whom I was very much pleased, he very kindly requested me to accompany him to the country for some days, which I declined doing, (on account of the Bush rangers who are very prevalent here; no person can go any length out of town, without being robbed of every thing) or the use of his horse which is at my service any time that I chuse. Mr. Walkinshaws saw Robt. at Syndey about 7 months ago; he goes home very soon from this as he is tired of it, being now out five years. I enquired after the Lassie Johnston’s husband (who [?] of being at Sydney) is here. I can find no intelligence of John McCallum. There are Crows here the same as at home & when I was out of town a little way, there was a little beast among the grass crying, the same as among the heather at home. We got some potatoes for dinner & loaf which were a great treat, & some roasted Mutton, the equal of which I never saw for beauty.

I wrote to Robert by the Andromeda to inform him of my arrival here.