Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“Very different from the Pilots on the Clyde”

Entry for 04/10/1825

Tuesday 4th. This morning got out of bed & went on deck about six oClock; the weather was very cold & showery with a heavy wind. Having passed the mouth of the Channel we stood on for Storm Bay. The Land (to which we were very near) presented a beautiful appearance; the rocks upon the shore, were [?] lofty, & upon the top were covered with trees as far as the eye could discern. About breakfast time, it became squally accompanied with heavy showers of hail. About two oClock we anchored in Hobartown and were immediately boarded by Capt. Cotton of the Buffs, the Naval Officer, the Company’s acting Agent, & Mr. Moody the Commissary. Before we came to Anchor, a little way, below the Town as soon as we came in sight, we were boarded by the Pilot Mr. Kelly, he is very different from the Pilots on the Clyde, dressed with his olive Surtout dark trousers & light coloured vest; after getting the ship properly moored, Mr. Kelly came down to dinner; he is very good looking completely the manners of a Gentleman, & speaks English uncommonly well. After we had anchored Mr. McArthur the Minister came on board. The Land on each side of the Derwent presents, as far as the eye can see, the most beautiful lofty hills covered with wood, & upon the shore there are beautiful little Cottages, with part of the ground cleared & the crops looking very pretty. Mount Wellington on Table Mount has its winter coat of snow; and as soon as we came in sight of Mount Nelson the signal was hoisted on it, & also on the Fort. There were the Andromeda & Medina lying here when we arrived back from England, the former sails immediately for Sydney, & from thence returns here for England; and the latter for India by which Capt. Cotton goes out to join Lord [?] who is a relation of Capt. Cotton’s.