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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 34 - 26.02.82

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The Maggie
26 Feb '82

Dear Mum & Dad,

Wow... I found out today what it's like when the roar in the sky is a 100 kmph wind, and the pain at your cheekbones is the snow drifts whipped up between your hat and scarf. No, a high wind and a temperature of -16°C don't really mix. When you're up to your knees in snowdrifts over the paths and there ain't no daffodils nor snowdrops in sight, it's kind of hard to convince yourself that Spring is in the air! Yet I do believe it is: I'm getting kind of restless in spirit again, and I can feel the sap rising in my bones. And so I shaved this week... yes, Dad, I've rejoined the Establishment, momentarily. Moustache and all - gone!!! I feel five years younger. And, buoyed up by my successful cooking for myself over this past week, I've gone off the meal plan. When Carole arrives in April I didn't mean to eat at Beaver anyway, so by going off the plan now I've probably saved some cash.

Talking of which, I was nearly phoning you up today to ask for $400 advance. No, don't panic and cancel the hol in Yugoslavia! It was just that when I picked up my assistantship cash today there was a slip from the Canadian Income Tax people with the enigmatic number $705-00 on it. "Oh, oh," I thought, I owe $705-00 and I've only $500 in my name... I'll have to sell my long johns!" So I hotfooted it to Mrs. [CENSORED: surname], the International Adviser, and I discovered that the slip is not a demand, it's a receipt. Apparently, between Sept. and Dec. 1981 I've payed $705-00 income tax - which Mrs. [CENSORED: surname] says I can probably claim for!! If that's so, I'll be RICH!!! So I'll get myself an income tax form and see what happens. If I do get some money, I've said to Carole I'll try to help her pay for some of her flight out here.

Your trip to Yugoslavia sounds great, but do you know it's a Communist country? Mind you, if it's got nudist beaches it can't be too strict. I'll bet it has got a lot more character than Majorca - people here say it's more like Greece. It should really be something to look forward to.

You're going to have to apologise to Uncle Nelson for me - I got my mileage to Philadelphia mixed up with Mrs. [CENSORED: surname]'s elder son's. I estimate that my trip to Philadelphia was about 1200 miles (about 2400 round trip) main because I'd to go the circuitous route:

[NOTE: basic map of route drawn here, showing Fredericton, Montreal, Boston and Philadelphia]

But it was still probably 3000 miles there and back. I'm sure Uncle Nelson will be able to argue the point.

I've had a bit of a lazy week, really - not much work done, but enough (just) to retain my self-respect. I've been busy cataloguing the library while I've some free time and have it about 1/4 done.

I got a letter and postcard from Carole in Switzerland - she's having a great time and it looks fantastic. She arrives in only five weeks time. It'll be strange seeing her again.

Oh yes - thanks for the tetanus reminder card. I went up to the health centre today and I've to see a doctor next week.

Well, I hope your colitis and tennis elbow subside, Mum. Is your job really worth it? I hope you feel better as the brighter weather approaches: almost the end of February already! Regards to all the family, etc. I'll be in touch.

[CENSORED: forename]

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