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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 10 - 01.10.81

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The Maggie.

1st October.

Dear Maw, Paw, & Al,

Thanks for your letters & what I assume are birthday cards (no, I haven't opened them yet!) Don't worry about the pressies being 3 wks late - I at least know they're coming. I got something from Carole which I haven't opened yet. All I know is, it isn't a radio cassette player - I miss my music!

Well, several things have happened the last 4 days or so. On Monday I went to the campus travel agents & books to go to the [CENSORED: surname] - in style. I'm flying down to Philadelphia via Boston & Montreal on December 22nd, returning Jan 5th. This isn't as extravagant as it sounds. The round trip - a "super-saver" is costing me $266. Going by bus would have been $115 each way and train would have been cheaper at $99 each way. Since the distance each way is about 3000 miles, and since it would have been nearly a 26-hour ride on train or bus in midwinter, if the connections were good, I thought I'd go the extra expense.

I can just afford it, especially as I was overpaid for my 1st month's salary. I received over $180, rather than $110, cash, because they paid me as a proctor rather than a monitor. I knew something was wrong and I went back next day to the business office and sorted it out. The good thing is, I got to keep the initial overpayment and I'm getting about $10 less in each monthly payment over the next 7 months. The monitor job means I get about double the cash in hand I would otherwise get, so I should save at least enough to get home quite easily.

Flushed with the income, I've started buying winter clothes. There's a snell wind beginning to blow off the icebergs! So far I've bought a great pair of boots - "cougar" padded balloon boots. They should keep my toes snug! I'll look for a jacket or coat next week when I've got more time to shop.

I presented my first seminar on Thursday - it was a bit scrappy & rushed, and, for 3 hours, quite a strain. I hope it gets better. I've half a seminar to present on Monday, so life this week's been hectic.

I received some information from the American University in Cairo. It doesn't look too hopeful there: most financial aid goes to Egyptians, and their staff have to be PhD.'s with 4 years post-doctoral teaching experience. I'll wait and see what else turns up.

I'm not too sorry that you're looking for another job, Mum. I hope you do manage to find something suitable and relatively stress-free. I was interested to hear of the Musselburgh fiasco, and of Uncle Bert's surprise visit to Aunt Anne's. There's nothin' like faimily, as you say.

The house will be quiet with Al gone. I hope you're getting used to the silence. Look on the bright side - now you can save up and get that dormobile you always wanted and head off touring at weekends! She'll be fine in Glasgow, she's got a better idea of what's going on than I had, at least.

You asked for Carole's address at Christmas - actually she'll be home, probably, at: [CENSORED: address].

Well, keep writing to me. Did you know I get more mail than anyone else in the Maggie? They take bets on how many letters I'm going to get each day!

I wonder if the house-painting is finished yet? Hope you're well, and regards to all,

[CENSORED: forename].

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