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Conversation 11: Two female students chatting on various topics

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Audio transcription

F809 What will we share with them? [laugh]
F810 [laugh] Some words of wisdom. [laugh] [laugh] [inhale] I don't think I've got any words of wisdom for today.
F809 Shall we talk about where we're from?
F810 [exhale] It's a dump. //[laugh] It's probably [inaudible], [laugh] then again, Cumbernauld, you know, not much better.//
F809 //[laugh]// //[exhale]//
F810 //[sniff]// //Well,//
F809 //uh-huh//
F810 wha- what can you say about the Scottish Borders? //[inaudible]//
F809 //I heard a really interesting// thing the other night, actually, last night. Ehm, this girl who grew up on a hippie commune. //Down in Dumfries and Galloway.//
F810 //Is it, eh, yeah!// I know her, what's her name? But yeah, her, erm, she was in "Rocky Horror Show"?
F809 No, it was //a different girl.//
F810 //No, another different girl?//
F809 I'm sure it wasn't her. //No.//
F810 //No?//
F809 I'm sure it wasn't her.
F810 Cause she grew up on a hippie commune as well.
F809 Oh right, it's erm, I can't remember what it was called now.
F810 In Dumfries and Galloway?
F809 Yeah. She said the name of it. It's like a manor house. And, they grow all their own //vegetables,//
F810 //Uh-huh//
F809 and there's no like, kind of, leader of the house or anything, it's all all quite //kind of democratically run.//
F810 //I didn't think Dumfries and Galloway// was that exciting. //[laugh]//
F809 //No,// maybe it's a secret. There's about thirty people live there.
F810 Gosh.
F809 And they have committees and then like they make money by having, ehm, [tut] kind of festivals, like natural healing //festivals.//
F810 //Oh, you know, I think// Rafi's involved in that, because er, she was down in, like, Selkirk and stuff last week. Cause, is it like they do flame-throwin, and
F809 [Tut], //probably, yeah it//
F810 //uh-huh//
F809 sounds like that //kind of place.//
F810 //Cause eh, they do a big// thing up on eh, what do you call it? Arthur's Seat. They do a thing, once a year, where they go and they throw fire and dance and //sing and//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 Rafi goes and drinks too much. //[?]Anyway[/?].//
F809 //Well, I thought// you know, I was totally reminded of //Rafi when we were talking about it actually.//
F810 //[laugh]// [inhale] //It's funny.//
F809 //It's like oh I know a girl// who would quite like things like that.
F810 [laugh] You know, I totally hadn't thought about the slander aspect of this. [laugh]. //Now I think about it a bit more.//
F809 //[laugh]// //There's//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 there's so many people we could get back! //[laugh]//
F810 //[laugh]// //[exhale]//
F809 //[inhale] I don't think we should// //do that though on tape, oh no.//
F810 //I don't think we should do that either. [laugh]// //[inhale] We wouldn't be popular.//
F809 //[laugh]// Mutual topics of conversation. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F810 //How was Marisa?//
F809 Oh, she's fine, eh, she's eh away home for Mother's Day. She's away //to see her mum.//
F810 //She's a good daughter.//
F809 She's got to go, I know, not like me. //[laugh] I'm gonna go//
F810 //[laugh] Me neither, [laugh].//
F809 home for a few hours //[laugh] on Sunday mornin.//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 I know, she's got to get the ehm, the bus then the train and the bus //then the train//
F810 //mm//
F809 again or something to get //to her house.//
F810 //And Stuart's// still on this week?
F809 Er, yeah, but we shouldn't really talk about things like that, cause //Yeah. [laugh]//
F810 //Oh that's [laugh]// Well, yes, they are. //That's good. [laugh]//
F809 //[laugh] Yeah, they're happy.//
F810 Good. Well nothing exciting happened today. I didn't get out of bed for ages. And then ehm [laugh] just as I was leaving, I got a very nice phonecall from a very nice man from a telecommunication company who wanted to save me money on my line rental. //An then,//
F809 //[inhale]//
F810 he was goin, he totally confused me there, cause he's goin "oh eh, your bill's forty pounds a month", and I'm goin, "no it's not", and he's goin "yeah, yeah, it's forty pounds a month", and I'm goin, "well, I've got the bill in front of me, and it's not forty pounds, it's eighteen pounds."
F809 Was this the same company as we're with?
F810 Well, no, it was like, well we're with British Telecom, but this guy was from somewhere else. //But he was//
F809 //uh-huh//
F810 goin, "oh, it's through your BT line, you don't need any prefixes or suffixes, or anything", and I was just like, but then eh I'm gullible, I said, "oh just phone me back". I should have just said "no, I'm dead". //Take me off the list now. [laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]// [laugh]
F810 But that was my total excitement for today, and I got a parcel from my mother, with some make-up in it.
F809 Oh that's nice.
F810 That is nice. [exhale]
F809 I got up ridiculously early, and went to Beanscene, and we had coffee, and then I went to Uni, and got chucked out of the Reading Room, cause, not the Reading Room, the SESLL lab, cause the Goals kids all came in to learn about bein at university and everything, so I just kind of went to the Reading Room and felt miserable, and //sneezed all [inaudible]. [laugh]//
F810 //Aw, [laugh]// I need to write my essay, I really really do. I'm seein Ellen after this and we're going to study. And then I'm gonna write my essay.
F809 Are you? I think I'm gonna go home. I'm meant to be goin out tonight, but I think I'm just gonna
F810 Where were you goin tonight?
F809 Ehm, I don't know. We were gonna go to T'Chai Ovna, and then we were gonna go to the pub or something, but Judith's too hungover to go out anyway. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 And ehm Fiona hasn't got back to me anyway. So I'm just gonna go home and ge- I might get a video out, and just sit on the couch.
F810 I don't want to be late out tonight. It's too depressing being in the library on a Friday. It's just [laugh]. Any other day's okay, but a Friday just hurts.
F809 No, it's not good.
F810 But I'm gonna have a stab at this essay and get it done, and then, yey, it's finished!
F809 I've got a conference tomorrow. I'm helping make tea, [laugh] for Scottish Amnesty students //tomorrow, cause we've got a//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 conference at the, eh, up by the [?]Reading Room[/?], //like//
F810 //uh-huh//
F809 talkers from Nepal and //stuff.//
F810 //Is there something// on just now, cause there's like a, the free-trade fair and stuff's on at the QM today. Is it like a significant week, or?
F809 It might be something like Fair-Trade Fortnight. There's a night on Sunday //at the//
F810 //Mmhm//
F809 QM - Fair-Trade Funk or something.
F810 [laugh]
F809 It's eh, och, it's usually quite good. They don't get the best turnout . The music's really good, //so it's.//
F810 //uh-huh//
F809 I think I'll go along after the gig on //on Sunday night.//
F810 //Sunday.//
F809 If I've got any money left. //[laugh]//
F810 //[exhale]// Don't talk about money.
F809 I know.
F810 It's painful. [sniff] Erm, Michael's goin to a gig tonight, but it's something really random. It's Some band whose name I've forgotten I've never heard of, that Subcity Radio plays on a frequent //basis. Yeah.//
F809 //Oh, is it// or no, that was last night. It was the eh Doc //Party [inaudible].//
F810 //Mm it's called// Chief, or Chat, or //summat.//
F809 //Are they a real// band, or are they just like a Uni //band?//
F810 //I don't know, I// think, well I think they're a real band, but I don't know how much of it's a band, and how much of it's a DJ. [sniff] //I think it might be//
F809 //Oh right.//
F810 one of those fine-line DJ-band types. //[laugh]//
F809 //Oh//
F810 But I'm not goin. Mm
F809 But I'm gonna rediscover Friday night television this evening.
F810 [inhale] Television! I was gonna tidy up today, but I didn't do that either.
F809 No, I was gonna do that all day too, then I remembered that I had this. But I went to my lecture and the lecturer never turned up! So we all sat. But I did get a free coffee! //Because, they took me//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 me so long to make my coffee in Beanscene that I had to go by the time it was //ready.//
F810 //Uh-huh//
F809 But then they'd made it for me, just as I was about to go, so I got a free coffee and my money back. //So.//
F810 //Yeah!// //That's very good.//
F809 //That is// pretty good. I d- I needed it, I can tell you. Extra chocolate.
F810 I had something interesting to tell you about today, //but it's gone away.//
F809 //[cough] [sniff]//
F810 No. I was thinking all the way here. I was going, "Oh I have to remember to tell Kirsty about that." And, you know. When being filmed. What better time? [laugh] //[laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 [laugh] And then I forgot straight away, so it can't have been that important. [click] Erm I don't know. My brains are totally melted. I'm just so sick of study.
F809 [laugh] //[sniff]//
F810 //I'm tired.//
F809 What are you writing about?
F810 [laugh] [sniff] Hm, the significance of the pentangle in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight".
F809 That's important.
F810 It's very important, but it's ridiculously stupidly complicated. It's like, it's all about there's, like, he's got a shield, and on this shield he's got a pentangle. And this pentangle signifi-signififies-signifi- //Yes. [laugh]//
F809 //Signifies.// //Is//
F810 //Signifies!// //[laugh]//
F809 //symbolic for. [laugh]// //[cough]//
F810 //Eh many// things, including like the five wounds of Christ and the five joys of Mary, //and//
F809 //The five senses?//
F810 the five senses, and the five knightly chivalric code things, and some other five. There's five lots of five anyway. So like, as you can imagine, my essay is becoming increasingly complicated as I go down each one of these fives. But then some of them I just don't really get. Cause like the five, the five joys of Mary is like like the birth of Jesus, the death, the resurrection of Jesus, [laugh] her getting told she's going to have Jesus, I think that probably happened before he was born. //Erm.//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 Then, when he dies and goes to Heaven, and she dies and goes to Heaven, and that's like the five joys of Mary. But I don't really know what's that's got to do with this knight.
F809 Because they were all very religious, back then.
F810 But I don't really know like what it, like what it symbolises for him, cause it's all meant to be like the way he acts, and it's like ehm, you know, like the chivalric code that he's got to be courteous, and he's got to be eh, you know, polite and //he's got to be//
F809 //[laugh]// //He's got to say please and thank you. [laugh]//
F810 //[?]handsomely[/?] and all this.// //[laugh] You know?//
F809 //"Ha-ha, I shall slaughter thee, please!"//
F810 I should, you know, rise again, after I die, I just don't think, you know [laugh] it would be highly appropriate. But I think that it probably symbolises something I haven't figured out yet. But I'm on it. And then when that one's finished, I'm going to write about [exhale] why, in what ways do words change their meanings. It's eh
F809 I'm currently writing the last essay //of my university career. [laugh] I feel like I should end on a peak,//
F810 //[inhale] Aw, no! So jealous! [laugh]//
F809 but I don't think it's gonna //happen.//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 [inhale] //It'll be a bit of an apology.//
F810 //Aw. [laugh]// I've got, this one I'm writing just now, and then there's another one that I've decided not to do, cause I just don't have time to do it, but it's like a second essay and it's //voluntary, so I'm//
F809 //Mmhm//
F810 not volunteering to do more work.
F809 Yeah, I could volunteer to do one more after this, but it's going to be so good, there's going to be no need //for me to write another essay.//
F810 //[laugh]// Erm, as I say I've just got to finish this one, and then after that one's done, I've just got to do my extended ones, and I've written one of my extended ones, so it's just the other one that needs to get done.
F809 You've just got one more after that, then?
F810 Yes. [exhale] Finally.
F809 And then the Finals, yeah! //[laugh]//
F810 //Oh yeah. [laugh]//
F809 I don't know if my mother expects me to go home over Easter, or not?
F810 I didn't think it was - do you normally go home over Easter?
F809 No. I might go home for a week though. But I think I'd study better if I stayed here, //so.//
F810 //Mmhm//
F809 I might just do that.
F810 Think she's gonna be sick o the sight o you after //[laugh] you move back in [inaudible] [laugh].//
F809 //Yeah, that's it. I move home anyway, so she can [inhale].// She can have a few more weeks of freedom before I move //home again.//
F810 //[laugh]// Yeah. I got a bit of a parental guilt trip the other day. Oh, cause I'm going through to Edinburgh on Monday, cause I'm going to the doctor's and the hospital and stuff, ehm, but they're comin up to meet me, but it's ended up like I've got one appointment after the other, with like half-an-hour gaps in between, and they're "Oh, wish we could see you."
F809 Are they not gonna be at the doctor's as well?
F810 Well, they're gonna come, but I'm gonna be in the doctor's, and then come out and have to go to the next place, and then go in //and and go to the//
F809 //Oh right.//
F810 the next place, and, [sniff], but I'll probably go home and see them after Finals, for maybe a day or two.
F809 Yeah.
F810 At least several days. My little sister's still plotting to move out. She was asking what was happening with your bedroom. //She was going [laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]// //Cause you'd love to live with your little sister, wouldn't you?//
F810 //Is K- Is Kirsty movin home over the// summer, you know, and I was going, "well, ehm,
F809 [laugh]
F810 [laugh] yes, why?" She's goin "Empty bedroom", I'm goin "Claire, more money than you can afford," "Oh no no, I'm I'm doin the lambin". //She's [inaudible] she's doin the lambin.//
F809 //What? The lambing? [laugh]//
F810 And eh she's gonna //a lambin for three weeks, so eh.//
F809 //[cough]// //Wait, wait!//
F810 //You know, obviously I'm gonna have//
F809 Is this really her helping sheep give birth?
F810 Yes.
F809 She's gonna be pulling //lambs out of sheep.//
F810 //She's goin be pulling lambs out o sheep.// [laugh]
F809 Okay.
F810 Yes. So she's helpin with the lambing, so, you know, in this three weeks of lambing she's gonna make enough money that she can afford to move to Glasgow, live in a flat, pay all her rent and all her bills, and run a car. //[laugh] [inaudible]//
F809 //Oh right, and when is// she gonna learn to get on with you enough to live with you again?
F810 Erm, probably afterwards, probably after I crucify her. //[laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 You'll come round to the the house one day, and I'll be striking her up in the garden.
F809 [laugh] //Does she still work at the Co-op?//
F810 //[sniff]// No, she, well she was working at ehm, there, and she was working at WHSmith, but then she quit because they were making her work like overnight shifts, //So she//
F809 //Uh-huh//
F810 was like working till one in the morning and stuff, and she's got exams coming up. But she had her prelims and stuff, and they went okay, so she's quietly confident, //[laugh] that she's gonna get in//
F809 //Oh that's nice.//
F810 to Uni and things. So that's good. An eh
F809 To St Andrews?
F810 Well that's where she wants to go, but then she was meant to be going with her pal, but her pal's movin to Ireland. //So,//
F809 //Uh-huh//
F810 Like th- they had great plans like to get a flat together and stuff in St Andrews, which now isn't happening, so I don't know really where she wants to go, but.
F809 Uh-huh
F810 I don't know why she'd want to go to St Andrews.
F809 Yeah, that.
F810 It's kind of quiet. And a little dull.
F809 Yeah but, Johnny's there, so. //[laugh]//
F810 //[laugh] Yeah, that's true.// But I don't know how long he's gonna be there though, cause I don't know whether he's gonna do like another year after this year coming.
F809 Uh-huh //Is that//
F810 //Cause he's like//
F809 him finished his degree? //Next year.//
F810 //Yeah.// He finishes his degree next year, but he's on like a funny course, for his Masters [inaudible], I've told you this about twelve times. //[laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 So we don't know whether he's gonna stay and do his Masters year or not.
F809 Okay.
F810 But eh, hey. Ehm, that's it. That is //everything that I've got//
F809 //[inaudible]// //[laugh]//
F810 //to tell you! [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F809 //Well, I applied// for a job today.
F810 What in?
F809 Fundraiser. [laugh] //Street fundraiser, standing on the street, going, "Will you give money to charity, please?"//
F810 //[laugh]// [laugh]
F809 [inaudible] the job that everyone ha- will hate me //for.//
F810 //Mmhm//
F809 But, I think, if it's the summer time and it's sunny, then I'll quite enjoy it, cause I'll be outside //just chatting to people.//
F810 //I think as long as you don't// stand on that corner of Buchanan Street, like the //bit right at the top where//
F809 //Yeah.//
F810 where everybody is, cause it's just such a gauntlet. But even [inaudible] Botanic Gardens and shook your tin or something, //yeah.//
F809 //I don't// think you'd be allowed to do it in the Botanic //Gardens, that's//
F810 //You'd be outside it.//
F809 kind of, Glasgow //Council space,//
F810 //Yeah.//
F809 probably. I think, I don't think you get to choose where you go, Robyn. [laugh] //Otherwise I would do it all from the café. [laugh]//
F810 //That's that corner's so awful! [laugh]// I hate that bit of Buchanan Street, just that corner, //where you come up, and.//
F809 //But it's dead busy.// So when I was doing that other job, like, selling the //cards for the clubs, they em,//
F810 //The [?]K-cards[/?], yeah.//
F809 [click]. That was quite a good place //to stand,//
F810 //uh-huh//
F809 cause you get, okay, you get loads of people going no no no no no, but, there's always people coming, so //it's okay.//
F810 //Hate that bit.// I always avoid it, and I like I go by Flip, //and cut up, just cause I can't//
F809 //Just because of the people?//
F810 deal with them all, yeah. //And eh,//
F809 //Aw [inaudible]//
F810 It's the same as the QM, though. I always kind of come up and up the pathway now, like, rather than goin up the pavement, cause you get harassed so badly.
F809 Aw but it's usually for good causes outside there.
F810 It was the QM election yesterday, it //was like,//
F809 //[inhale]//
F810 a crazy circus taking place outside the //Union.//
F809 //You missed// lots of free sweets.
F810 I can deal without the free sweets.
F809 And, did you know, it got ehm, cancelled, the- well not cancelled, the Presidency got voided, because one girl said that the other girl had gone over the budget for the, cause they're apparently allowed sixty quid to have a budget //to//
F810 //Aw I didn't// even know they did anything like that.
F809 Yeah, I mean, you wouldn't think from what they had, //you know?//
F810 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F809 //A bed sheet with their names written on it.// Ehm, because they went over the budget, the other girl contested it so they never even counted the votes. //So they've got to do it again//
F810 //Mm// //[exhale]//
F809 //in six months' time now.//
F810 No. //[laugh]//
F809 //Yep. [laugh]//
F810 I just can't //aw.//
F809 //You just say you// voted already if you don't want to.
F810 That's what I was sayin when ehm everyone was doin that newspaper interview as well. //Yeah.//
F809 //Oh the Times.// //Yeah.//
F810 //People goin// aw do it, do it. I'm goin, "aw I did it already, did it already".
F809 That put the fear of God in me.
F810 It was awful. //[laugh] [inaudible] It was money!//
F809 //It's "What have you done?" [laugh]// "What have you done to further your career after graduation?" [laugh] "Mm, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing." //Made it quite quick to fill in, though, I//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 didn't have to give any details for anything.
F810 [yawn] I need to start thinking about graduate jobs. //Even just for the summer.//
F809 //You've got// a few, oh yeah, for the summer.
F810 Cause I think that I'm just gonna get something a lot better paid if I don't let on that I'm comin back to Uni.
F809 Uh-huh
F810 It's quite cheeky, but, you know. I ca- I don't want to work in a call centre all summer. I'll just //lose the will to live.//
F809 //Are you not gonna go back// to the place you were at?
F810 Well, I would do, but I don't know whether they'll have me, after my slight indiscretion. //[laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]// //Yes, let's [?]head to[/?] scandal on the video!//
F810 //[laugh]// //Scandal at the call centre! [laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 Wasn't that scandalous. He deserved it! //[laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]// Yeah, you shouldn't really swear at patrons. //[inaudible]//
F810 //No, no.// [laugh]
F809 But on your last day it's forgiven, //[inaudible]//
F810 //Well,// yes. And he was really rude to me, and, you know? [laugh] I've no excuse //really. [laugh] I was in a bad mood and he was rude.//
F809 //[laugh]// Well, it's ensured that you'll never have to go back.
F810 But you know, what was the chances, because, you know, nobody ever asks the calls to be checked. Like, you know if you're on the phone to someb-, I was on the phone to him and he said "get a supervisor", and I thought he was just going to rant at the supervisor, and usually the supervisors just go "Yeah, we'll discipline them". [laugh], you know, //"That's fine."//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 Put the phone down. "Very bad," you know. And that's what I was expecting, but he totally hit the roof, and was like, got the call called up, and then it just so happened it was the not so pleasant lady that listened to the call, and then she hit the roof, and eh,
F809 I think the most, the best thing to do with people at that time is just be so nice //and so polite//
F810 //[inaudible]//
F809 to them that they can't possibly [?]rile[/?] you, cause all they want you to do //is shout and swear back//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 at them, so, //if you're nice to them.//
F810 //See, I think my problem// was the shouting and swearing back. I usually am really good though, cause usually I'll just be like "Yeah, yeah, yes, Mr Smith, no Mr Smith". But ehm, he irritated me, really badly, and he'd only been waiting half an hour. So it wasn't really like he was freezing to death in his car, you know, it was. Twat.
F809 I'm never going to work in a call centre again. //[inaudible] work in MacDonalds before I work in a call centre again.//
F810 //[laugh] [laugh]// See, I think that, I'll apply to that well-known motoring organisation which will remain unnamed, //[laugh] and eh,//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 and I'll ask them if they'll have me back, but I really don't think they will, or ehm, //if they do//
F809 //How?//
F810 I think it will be a while before they take, like, cause I have to go in an on intake. They won't just take me in at a random time, so I think I'll probably have to, like, even if I have to temp for a couple of months and then go back.
F809 How about the day-centrey job?
F810 The overnight one? Och, I'm not. It's summer time. [laugh] You know? It's not so bad to do it in the winter, but, you know, you'd never see the light of day. //Ehm, [laugh],//
F809 //Yeah, you could sleep in the park, all day! [laugh]//
F810 that would be really //nice, [laugh]//
F809 //Yeah, [laugh]//
F810 But I just, I don't know how happy I'd be, spending my summer in darkness. //You know, it's//
F809 //Yeah, that's true.//
F810 at least in winter it's dark and cold, well, admittedly in summer it's dark and cold and miserable too, but I think I'd like to be there occasionally when the sun //shines.//
F809 //I sat// outside the library yesterday, for a whole fifteen minutes, before I got //too cold. I had to go back in again.//
F810 //[laugh]// //[inhale]//
F809 //I was sitting there enjoying the sunshine.//
F810 It was, it was quite sunny //yesterday, it was nice.//
F809 //While my fingers turned blue.//
F810 Who was it that was saying that they were gonna go and lie in the park, and we all laughed, somebody in my class was goin, "oh, we'll go and lie in the park. //It'll be great." I'm like, eh,//
F809 //Och, no.//
F810 no. [laugh] My dad's bought a sunbed. //[laugh]//
F809 //Has he, for the// //house?//
F810 //[laugh]// //[laugh] I know!//
F809 //That's wrong.//
F810 It's not, he's not even bought it. It's like the couple next door are getting rid of their old one, cause it was like faulty. //So they bought a new one.//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 And they were throwing the old one out. So my dad said, "aw", you know, "I'll have that." [laugh] And, eh, it makes him stripey. //But it's like a proper, uh-huh it's like//
F809 //Cause it's faulty!//
F810 a proper like lie-in-it-pull-the-lid-down job, it's like a proper, like, sunbed, but it just makes him stripey.
F809 [exhale] Why does he want a //sunbed anyway?//
F810 //I have// absolutely no //idea. [laugh]//
F809 //It's a bit vain, isn't it?// //[laugh]//
F810 //I'm goin "Dad, who're you foolin?" [laugh]// And I'm goin "Really bad for you", and he's goin "Oh", you know, "it's not that bad for you", and I'm goin, you know, "Well, worse for you than cigarettes, I would say." //[laugh]//
F809 //It's something// like ehm, if you go less than four times a year, it's not meant to have like, //a too negative//
F810 //Mm//
F809 effect on you, but any more than that it's meant to be really
F810 I just don't like the idea of like "Here's a box. Get in it, and we're goin to stew you with UV light", you know, it's
F809 But I think, I'd like one of the ehm SAD boxes, //I think that would be quite nice.//
F810 //Yeah yeah, that'd be nice.// But when we've got that wallpaper like my little brother told us about, the stuff where it's the ambient lighting and it's the wallpaper. //Yeah. Then it could be sunny all the time.//
F809 //Yeah, we could just be in a tropical place all the time.// Yeah. If we ever bother. Well you wouldn't need to change lightbulbs any more.
F810 It would save us ever having to open the curtains. [laugh] //[inaudible] [laugh] [laugh]//
F809 //Well, [laugh]//
F810 [inhale] //I was goin to say, [laugh]//
F809 //We'd never need to go outside again.// [sniff]
F810 [laugh] I hate opening the curtains in that flat just now cause it's so dirty. And you know, it's like //it's fine when you leave it//
F809 //[cough]//
F810 in kind of sub-darkness, you know, //cause then you don't really have to deal with it.//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 [sniff] //[laugh] It's on the list, you know.//
F809 //That's alright, soon we'll// soon we'll be able to afford a cleaner.
F810 Any day now.
F809 [laugh]
F810 That's what my mum keeps goin, "They'll clean for a fiver an hour, you know". They'll clean it. And I'm goin //just//
F809 //Who's they?// //[laugh]//
F810 //They. [laugh] I don't know. They. [laugh]//
F809 I c- I could get a job as a cleaner, there's always an advert in the local shop for that person, remember that dog I was going to //start walking? They're still//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 looking for someone for that disobedient cocker spaniel they're always talking about. So, that's only three hours a day, so maybe when I finish I'll do that, like, and do a pub job or something at night.
F810 I wouldn't want to clean.
F809 Och, I think, most people clean up before the cleaner comes round. I know my mum used to always do that.
F810 I wouldn't want to clean.
F809 She used to always go mad at us in the morning as we were getting ready, she'd be like "Tidy your rooms, tidy your rooms, the cleaner's coming", and she'd be hoovering the living room so the cleaner //wouldn't come in to a dirty house.//
F810 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F809 //Cause that would be embarrassing, you know?//
F810 [laugh] I just, I just don't like cleaning. //[laugh]//
F809 //oh//
F810 I don't like cleaning my own house. I'm not willing to clean other people's. But it is usually better to clean up other people's stuff than your own. [sniff]
F809 Yeah.
F810 Cleaning your own stuff's just just [inaudible]. We need to find the lid of that hundred and fifty pound [laugh] pan.
F809 Yeah. Yeah, I'll well //I'm gonna clean this weekend.//
F810 //I mean it won't be far,// you know, it won't be anywhere. It'll just be somewhere among the chaos. And recycling. I'll take all that recycling. Maybe we could do that tomorrow.
F809 I did half the recycling this mornin.
F810 Oh good. //[inaudible]//
F809 //A bit.// //I took half of it//
F810 //Erm are// //you working?//
F809 //out.//
F810 Are you finished now?
F809 No, I've got two more shifts.
F810 Two more?
F809 Yeah, ehm, actually I won't be able to do anything tomorrow. I might just do it tonight then, because, ehm, I'm out all day tomorrow at Amnesty, and then I'm working //in the shop.//
F810 //I keep meaning to// get you to show me where it is, cause I know roughly that area, but I would just end up //wandering about like a bag-woman.//
F809 //The recycling? It's// just in the, if you go into the halls there's like the bin closet,
F810 Mmhm
F809 and, inside there there's, like, there's green bins and they're got recycle written on them. //You just put it in there.//
F810 //Cool.//
F809 They're usually not too full, so it's alright.
F810 I wonder what they've got in those halls, because I'm always wondering if they've got, like, computer facilities and stuff.
F809 Yeah, like the other one. //Maybe in//
F810 //Uh-huh//
F809 the wee reception. But you've got to have a swipe-car-, like your key, to get into the main reception. //Did you used to do that in Murano?//
F810 //Ah, no, no.// You just went in.
F809 No, it's posh.
F810 It is posh. //[laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 They're the most expensive halls at the Uni.
F809 I always expect they have like an underground sports suite or something hidden. [laugh]
F810 I hate them with their cars. //All of them//
F809 //[laugh]// //They live so close and they've all got//
F810 //with their cars, [laugh].//
F809 cars! //[laugh]//
F810 //As I walk// to Uni in the morning as they all drive out as I'm running, cause I'm so late //and they all come out//
F809 //uh-huh//
F810 in their cars.
F809 I thought you were being lazy and getting the bus from Byres Road the other day when I saw you,
F810 No, //[laugh]//
F809 //[?]so I did[/?].//
F810 It's not even a proper bus stop any more; it's all closed off. Erm, no I was just writing a Mothers' Day card. Cause eh, oh it was so hard, cause I went to the Oxfam Bookshop to get a, like, a Fair-Trade card And I was in there, and eh, started looking at the books. //And I was//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 just, I was doin okay, I was lookin, I was going "oh none of these, none of these" and then I found like this big chunk of university-relevant texts. //So I was "oh,//
F809 //Aw!//
F810 they're university-relevant, you can justify buying them", and I was like that, with tears in my eyes, I was putting them all back on the shelf going "no, no". //[inaudible]//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 I've got eight hundred books at home //not read yet.//
F809 //Although sometimes// you should because I didn't buy - I was in the other day, and they had this book, and I was like "Oh, that's one of ours for our course, but then I didn't buy it and then I had to buy it later on anyway,
F810 Mm
F809 for Uni, and it cost me twice the price. I should have just got it //in the first place.//
F810 //See I've got// Amazon vouchers just now as well, from doing that treasure hunt thing
F809 Uh-huh
F810 Erm, so they're sitting on my computer, and I need to use those. But I'm trying not to because [laugh] I know I'm gonna need to buy books in September, //so, for my course, yeah.//
F809 //Oh, for your postgrad, yeah.//
F810 So I should probably, you know, wait and see what I really need, but what I really want to do is blow it on something unnecessary.
F809 Och well, it's vouchers for free, I mean, why not?
F810 But, [laugh], iIt's only fifteen quid worth of vouchers, so I was thinking, well, you know, cause it's fifteen quid that means I can justify spending fifteen quid, because then I've got thirty quid, and you can get a much better book for thirty //quid than you can//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 for fifteen [laugh].
F809 Oh the crazy life we lead, //it's scary. [laugh]//
F810 //Oh I know,// it's so exciting.
F809 What books can we //buy, now?//
F810 //[laugh] Bet they've// been videoing other people, like first and second years, and they've been coming in and talking about their crazy //lives and [laugh],//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 [laugh] "yeah, we were out drinking till five a.m."
F809 Oh, and nearly went mad, and nearly bought a book from Amazon, but, no, I //stopped myself, it's okay.//
F810 //[laugh]// //[laugh] Too much [laugh]//
F809 //Don't worry about me.// //[laugh]//
F810 //[laugh] It wasn't// even fiction; it was a university textbook. [laugh]
F809 Aw!
F810 Oh, I can't wait till we have a life again. //[?]Hey though[/?], do you think//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 it'll be really hard to go back to havin a life again?
F809 No, I think it'll //be incredibly easy;//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 I think I'll adjust just fine. I was, I w- quite a relaxing day today though, just like sitting in the coffee shop and stuff. But it felt, it feels wrong when I'm not working //though. I was sitting there//
F810 //Mmhm//
F809 I was reading, I was even reading a relevant book, [laugh]. I was readin a uni book.
F810 [inaudible]not even, [inaudible], it's the guilt, more than anything, and //it's like you don't really//
F809 //Yeah.//
F810 enjoy yourself because you're so busy feeling guilty about it, and, the fact of the matter is that even if you weren't there you'd probably be at home avoiding writing your essay anyway. //[laugh] It's//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 not like you're saving yourself any time, but
F809 Uh-huh. Well I tried to rediscover television ehm //on Wednesday night,//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 and I was really disappointed.
F810 [sniff] I was watchin telly this morning, and we had a choice of tennis - it was crazy, it was like, they were playing some Argentina- -tinian. This is gonna be great, you know? [laugh] Robyn's inability to say //any word.//
F809 //They're gonna have// //serious eh//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 worries about our concepts of language //anyway, you know?//
F810 //I know. [laugh]// Erm, he was playing some Argentinian guy, and every time that, like, the ball went out of play, this crazy band struck up and started playing Argentinian //music.//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 "Do-do-do-do!" And then like they'd hit the ball again and they went silent, you know, it was really //bizarre.//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 So that was one channel, and they we had, eh, what did we have, like Home Improvements, but it was just, you know, some neddy housewife that was having her house re-done, and she was like "oh, it's gorgeous!", //[laugh] and all this, and it was horrible, and you know,//
F809 //[laugh] Let's paint it bright pink! [laugh]//
F810 ghastly and yuk, //and then eh//
F809 //"Look we made this picture out of tin-foil".// //[laugh]//
F810 //and then they had eh// What's his name, that actor? Mic- Michael Sheen? //He's some//
F809 //[inaudible]//
F810 some, very fam- well, according to Michael, very famous actor who's worth loads. They had his mum, and her pal on, because they were on like, you know the programmes like the eh the car boot sale? //Ehm//
F809 //Uh-huh//
F810 It was like the car boot sale programme, but it was Michael Sheen's mum and her pal, going on because they wanted to save the money up to go to London for a weekend. And we're thinking "well, she's Michael Sheen's mum." //[laugh] You know?//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 Surely? [laugh] But.
F809 But I'm sure there are lots of people that are interested in what Michael Sheen's mum has in her car //boot, you know? [laugh]//
F810 //Well, that's true. It was interesting to have a dig through all her stuff, you know? But.// She was just a wee wifie who wanted to go for a weekend in London, but they were, admittedly, going for dinner at the Ritz and that's what she wanted her money for. [sniff]
F809 I don't know if you can really enjoy the luxury of the Ritz if you got it by selling your //belongings at a car-boot sale. [laugh]//
F810 //[laugh] A car-boot sale, I know. [laugh]// //[inaudible]//
F809 //I don't think people that// go to the Ritz, go to the Ritz regularly really need to [laugh]
F810 But do you not think all the things they sell on these things, it's always the most hideous bits of ghastly pottery that w- get the most //money in.//
F809 //The little// porcelain doll.
F810 It was eh, it was, it was like little, like little figurines that she was selling, and they had eh, she'd bought them in some car-boot sale, and they had like ten ninety-nine on the bottom in like indelible marker, and //the [inaudible].//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 The guy's //goin "Hundred//
F809 //[cough]//
F810 pounds, a hundred and fifty pounds, you're goin, it's horrible, you know, it's
F809 [laugh]
F810 it's not nice, so that that was that was good. And I believe Trisha was on Five, but you couldn't really see it cause it was really fuzzy.
F809 Trisha's moved to Channel Five?
F810 She's on both now! //[laugh] Yes, double Trisha, I know!//
F809 //Oh, it's a Trisha empire!//
F810 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F809 //Did I tell// you about my mate that was in America, and went to see Jerry S- no, yeah, he went to see Jerry Springer? But the day he went to see the Jerry Springer show, ehm, he was goin to go and see Oprah Winfrey, but he thought, "No, Jerry Springer'll be more exciting," //and//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 the one where he gave, the one that he missed of Oprah Winfrey was the one where she gave a free car away to //every single member of the audience,//
F810 //Aw, no!//
F809 so he never got a free car.
F810 She's always doing stuff like that though, she's always giving away //free stuff.//
F809 //Och, she's// a generous lady, //is//
F810 //Yeah,// //I don't//
F809 //Oprah.//
F810 mind Oprah. I don't really enjoy watching her show, but, you know, she's okay. It's worth it just to watch her fluctuatin weight. //[laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 [inhale] It was some some kind of satirical programme that was on, and they had like "The many weights of //Oprah" [laugh] and it just//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 had it cut in like that and it's just her going like this, //you know?//
F809 //It proves// she's a real person, //you know, she st- she struggles with weight control.//
F810 //Yeah. No, I think she's alright.// She's okay. She's more real than Trisha. [laugh] I hate Trisha. [laugh]
F809 Trisha has experienced //everything that we have.//
F810 //[laugh]// [laugh] I know.
F809 God.
F810 [laugh] And it's like her wee sum-up at the end, you know she's like "I have solved nothing. //Nothing has changed.//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 You're all still miserable. Go back to your miserable lives, but think about it." [laugh] And I hate all the people on Trisha. It was the woman with the panda jumper. Honestly. This horrible panda jumper and her big moustache. It's just so horrible, [laugh], but eh. I don't know. At least Kilroy's not on anymore. //He's too busy running his own political party. [laugh]//
F809 //Oh, yeah, forgot [inaudible] [?]scandal[/?]. No, he had to give it up.// He had to //give it up.//
F810 //Did he not, he// left it though, and then formed the Kilroy-Silk party, like his very own party.
F809 Which was just the same as the other one only without the //millionaire that paid for everything. Aye, cause I//
F810 //It was just him [laugh].//
F809 saw the interview where they were both on the telly, and it was him and the millionaire that pays for everything, and ehm Kilroy was sitting there going "Yes, yes, so Jimmy," or whatever //the guy's name was.//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 Jimmy thinks this about our party," and Jimmy's going "No I don't, Kilroy, no, that's not //what I want at all." And Kilroy's going "Shut up!//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 Shut up!" //And then,//
F810 //[laugh]//
F809 it was, one of these news presenters - I can't remember his name - was kind of like trying to get Jimmy to say his piece. And, you know, the guy practically walked out on the interview cause Kilroy //was being so obnoxious.//
F810 //But it was just like "Vote// Kilroy." He's the only member of his own party, [laugh] you know, it's "Vote Kilroy", you know, for dictatorship.
F809 [laugh]
F810 But do you think anybody really went, and voted Kilroy? [laugh] Yes. //"Vote Kilroy for more chat-shows", yes. [laugh]//
F809 //Don't know. Maybe his mum? [laugh]//
F810 I don't like Kilroy. [sigh]
F809 What to say? //[laugh]//
F810 //Ah, what to say, [laugh] yeah.//
F809 How long have we been speaking?
F810 I have no idea.
F809 Maybe about ten minutes? //[laugh] We need to [inaudible].//
F810 //[laugh] [inaudible] we could discuss what I think of// a well-known communications company, [laugh] and their their not-free upgrade policy.
F809 [laugh]
F810 I was so angry. That guy was so rude to me last night. Honestly. He was just like, I mean obviously it was like five to six and he finished at six. So I'm like, well yeah, you know, I've worked in a call centre. I've done the same. But he was just such a ignorant little
F809 Maybe it was his last day, too. //Maybe you could have got him sacked! [laugh]//
F810 //Maybe. [laugh]// Totally. But I've written them a very strongly-worded letter. Informing them that if they do not provide me with a free handset, then I will be moving to another well-known communication //company. [laugh] That//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 will also remain unnamed. [laugh]
F809 Oh
F810 [laugh] It was bad, but he was just really cheeky and he was like "Well, there's nothing I can do, there's nothing I can do." And he was goin "Oh, it's based on your ehm, your calling patterns." And I'm like, thinking of the size of my phone //bills. You know? My//
F809 //Yeah, you make a lot of calls.//
F810 phone bills are massive. And it's, like, you know, how many calls do you have to make before you get a free handset? I'm not chuffed.
F809 Many. Many calls.
F810 But I'm just still waiting for my - oh and that's it as well, my benefit all got cancelled. //Ehm//
F809 //Why?//
F810 Well I didn't get a payment last month. So I phoned the [laugh] - it was so bad - I phoned like the the living allowance helpline. And because you know it's like the disability line, you know caring, sharing, it was, like, Enya on their hold music, and this voice kept going "Please ensure you have your name and your National Insurance number. //to hand."//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 And you're goin, yeah, I know. [laugh] [inaudible] in there for a while. And then it was goin eh, [laugh] it was goin, "Please ensure you speak slowly and clearly." [laugh]
F809 Was it one of those ones that records your voice, when you speak i-, like a computer? And you speak into it and it records your voice and comes up with an automated response //from what you said?//
F810 //No, no, no, it was// just like hold music, but you know like when it's ge- it's going hold music, and it's going "de-de-de", and you get the wee reassuring message that you're gonna still //speak to somebody.//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 But their reassuring messages were so patronising. It was like, you know, "Please make sure you're sitting comfortably //when we answer your call," you know, [laugh] and eh//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 Eventually I got right through it all and got to the guy, and he was like "Hullo, it's Jocky", and I was like "Hello, Jocky", [laugh] and eh, he was goin, oh, you know, "So, what's the problem", and I was like "Well, you've not given me any money", and he was goin "We've had mail returned to sender." And they had like the Dorchester Avenue address, but I told them that I moved house. So like they automatically cancel your benefit if any mail's returned to sender, cause I think they think you're dead. //Eh, [laugh]//
F809 //Oh! [laugh]//
F810 So I said, you know, "I'm just, you know, calling to inform you that I'm still alive," you know, "could I have some money?" So he says he's going to authorise it in the next couple of days.
F809 That's good.
F810 Which is //good!//
F809 //But you've// moved out of there about a year now.
F810 I know, I know, and I phoned them, and at the time I phoned them like "Yeah, we'll put that straight in the computer, ehm, but make sure you write to us and tell us as well", so I did, //and they're//
F809 //Uh-huh//
F810 just incapable. But you know, we'll get another couple o months down the road, and they'll think I've moved house again, and they'll just cancel it all, but in some ways it's quite good, cause it's kind of like a savings plan. Cause they give you like all your back payments, [laugh], you know? So I'll get all my back payments, and like, this month's payment as well, so it's alright.
F809 Okay.
F810 [click] And the uni's givin me some money as well. But I don't know how much. //It's the unspecified amount until//
F809 //For your oh, yeah.//
F810 Tuesday. "Do not attempt to find out how much we are giving. It's a secret, it's a secret."
F809 [tut] Oh that's good. I'm gonna go and do my shopping, on the way home. //Get some food.//
F810 //I got, ehm,// another voucher off my mother, for Tesco's, she says she's not buying any more food for me, which is fair enough, //considering that she bought me my birthday food, yeah. But I got a voucher//
F809 //Yeah, she bought quite a lot of food. [laugh]//
F810 for eh, you know, "get ten pounds off when you spend fifty", and I was //I'm pretty//
F809 //[laugh]//
F810 sure when I'm next //gonna have fifty pounds,//
F809 //Maybe we could all group together,// //[laugh] for the next year, [inaudible].//
F810 //[laugh]// //I totally didn't see your note this morning.//
F809 //Buy lots of Tesco value orange juice.//
F810 That's why I texted you. I was like that, wanderin about.
F809 Oh right. No, it's okay, cause I wasn't sure what time.
F810 Supposedly, ehm, eh, our our third flatmate, who will remain unnamed, was eh not popular at work this morning.
F809 Oh, I heard, cause she never showed up for her shift.
F810 Oh she never showed up yesterday, and then ehm, like, he- they'd been trying to phone her, and she hadn't been answering her phone, so they told Michael, and er, had no problems mentioning //him. [laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]// //Innocent party. [laugh]//
F810 //and ehm [laugh]// They told Michael to like speak to her and then Michael came home and said "Oh, ehm," you know, "they're really angry with you, cause, you know, you didn't show up and you're not answering your phone." And she just said "Oh, you know, I'm not rota-ed on", but she was totally kind of grumpy. And eh, and then Michael said oh well, Rory, Rory had been goin mad about it. And said that if she didn't eh, get in touch with them the next day, then eh, he was, you know, she would be sorry. You know, or something to that effect, //you know,//
F809 //Oh right.//
F810 it was like a total, you know, "she will live to regret //her actions," yeah.//
F809 //I don't think she'll be very sorry.// //[laugh]//
F810 //Well, that's the thing, like, she's waiting for them to fire her.// //But she was there this morning.//
F809 //Oh, it's not a very good job.//
F810 when Mike went in. But he said there was loads of people there this morning. There was like six people on.
F809 Six //people, why?//
F810 //Uh-huh// Don't know. Well, James and Rory were both on, ehm so, like, they don't really count. And then there was like Claire and three other people, //or something that were all on at once.//
F809 //Oh right, okay.//
F810 But Claire had a face like fuzz, so no doubt she got a bit of a telling-off.
F809 I'm a bit worried they're not goin to be able to use this recording for anything Robyn //cause you keep saying people's//
F810 //I know, [laugh]//
F809 names over and over again.
F810 Well, you're allowed to say names, you can't identify them, they're //non-identified names.//
F809 //Yeah, mm// That's true. //We should probably slander ourselves a little bit.//
F810 //[laugh]// I was goin to say, let's not do that. //[laugh]//
F809 //[laugh]// //There's nothing to say! [laugh]//
F810 //We've probably got more stories about each other, but you know.//
F809 [laugh]
F810 Probably safer not to. We've probably done enough now anyway.

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Region of birth Midlothian
Birthplace CSD dialect area midLoth
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Glasgow
Region of residence Glasgow
Residence CSD dialect area Gsw
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Computer technician
Father's country of birth England
Mother's occupation Fraud squad investigator
Mother's country of birth Canada


Language Speak Read Write Understand Circumstances
English Yes Yes Yes Yes Native language
Icelandic No No No No Basic
Scots No Yes Yes Yes Socially, with friends