Document 758

Pierre o' the Pools

Author(s): John Henderson

Copyright holder(s): John Henderson


Twa' kilties us wur hitchin,
Frae Brussels tae Ostende.
Bit ne'er a lift hid stoap'd fer us,
Frae morn till thit day's end.
Whiles donnerin through an ill lit 'ville',
A weary lookin' pair,
The local youth jined us i force,
Tae gawk an smirk an stare.
Richt suin ain bricht sperk sang wi glee,
'Ces hommes sont tres belles filles',
And then the whale caboodle jined
This chorus meant tae tease.
Unfazed gin sicht attention,
We grinned an jined the fun,
Syne fan a dittyin fest stoapit,
We kent thit we hid won.
"Amis Eccosse", we mummled,
An this shair worked a treat,
An "Pouvez-vous peut-etre aidons-nous",
Made chinge o' luck complete.
"The fathers they will help you,
A bed they're sure to lend,
So follow us and you will find,
A chapel round the bend".
Twas Faither Pierre fa weelcamed us
An teuk us tae a dorm,
"Just wash-off the dust and lie right down
We'll see you in the morn."
Ferst licht brocht claitters doon the stair,
An guffs sae unca fine,
An' caa' o' "Pret! Petit-dejeuner,
Come down and with us dine."
The chat aroon 'la table',
Wis suin brocht roon tae 'POOLS',
"But bettin' canna be fer them,
Yon's agin a' oor kirk rules."
"Mais non, amis, each week we send,
Our coupon on its way,
And what we win just now and then
Well beats what all we pay.
But Father Paul this week forgot
To post our righteous bets,
So we were well … just hoping,
That you could do the rest?"
"No problem” we asshaired him.
“Just as soon as we get back,
We'll mail the vital envelope,
And you'll be off the rack."
They 'comprenned' fine oor message,
Fer a jined tae oor praise,
An poored gin mair fine coffee,
Fer us a toast tae raise.

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Pierre o' the Pools


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