Document 64

A Wee Lick o Vernish

Author(s): Robert Fairnie

Copyright holder(s): Robert Fairnie


Geordie an his guid-wife, Beenie, gied the front door an the windaes a guid leukin ower an they juist cuidnae git ower hou scabbit they hid gotten in sic a cuttie time. It seemed nae time at aw syne they war last duin. Baith the door an the windaes o thair grund flair flet wis grained an feinished wi a coat or twa o copal vernish but the vernish hid seen better days an they baith decidit a new coat wis wantit tae redd awthin up an gie the place a fresher leuk.

Geordie telt Beenie juist tae gaun intae the haundyman’s shop at the tap o the Wynd the neist mornin an speir for a pint o vernish. He wad gie the door an windaes a wee lick o vernish the neist nicht efter he hid cam hame fae his wark.

Neist mornin, shuir eneuch, Beenie gaed intae the haundyman’s shop an speired a pint o vernish, juist lik Geordie hid telt her tae.

“Is it stain vernish ye’r leukin for hen?” speired the mannie.

“Naw!” reponed Beenie, “It’s for wuid!”

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A Wee Lick o Vernish


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