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Magnus, da Yöl pony

Author(s): Christine De Luca

Copyright holder(s): Christine De Luca


Bairn rhyme

Santy cam in trowe da lambie-hoose door
whar Magnus wis neebin his lane.
"A'm needin dy help, fur een o my deer
is snappered an med himsel lame."

"But I canna flee" said Magnus, "in truth
a'm telt dat a'm clushit an crabbit."
"Nivver leet" said auld Santy, "I need dee da nicht
fur dis bag is sae heavy an stappit."

So he yokit up Magnus wi bend an wi bells
an left da hirplin deer bedded;
"Noo tak a deep breath an we'r up i da cloods!"
Dey lifted aff just is he said hit."

"We'll hae ta hurry, der's a lock ta be dön,
a time zone ta cross every hour
or da sunrise 'll catch wis oot i da aest
sae 'sigg im!' Use aa dy po'er."

Dey med every hoose bi da end o da nicht
is da wirld turned roond tae da sun;
dan dey slippit aff Magnus, wi tanks an a wave
at da lambie-hoose whar dey'd begun.

Is peerie bairns waakened apo da Yöl moarn
dey wir blyde ta see Santy hed been.
Little tocht dey a pony hed sped trowe da lift.
Ta Magnus hit seemed lik a draem.

da: the; Yöl: Christmas; Santy: Santa Claus; trowe: through; lambie-hoose: low thatched building used to shelter lambs or weak sheep; whar: where; neebin: nodding with sleep; his lane: on his own; dy: your (familiar); een: one; is snappered: has stumbled; med: made, reached; flee: fly; telt: told; dat: that; clushit: very clumsy; crabbit: bad tempered; nivver leet: never heed; dee: you (familiar); dis: this; yokit: yoked; bend: harness of peat-pony; hirplin: limping; lock: a large amount; dön: done; wis: us; sigg im!: an exclamation to incite chase; aa: all; po'er: power; dey: they; is: as; slippit: slipped; tanks: thanks; peerie: little; apo: on; wir: were; blyde: glad; tocht: thought; lift: heavens, sky

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Magnus, da Yöl pony


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