Document 328

Growin auld (Wasterwick)

Author(s): Christine De Luca

Copyright holder(s): Christine De Luca


Wasterwick, auld wife o da sea, worn
tae a beauty only age can bring. Du sits
straight-backed, airms reck oot
bi clett an stack. Dy sang is
da sang o sels an a thoosand shiftin shalls
is dey beach demsels. Da Waarie Gyo
is a secret fowld i dy skurt, whaar
a kittle o tang swills to an fro.

Du gies hooseroom tae a swap o scarfs,
lodgins ta mallies. A shjalder swanks
apo dy shooder, nest safe in a reffel
o trefoil an smora. Banks-flooers
mak a wavy aedge ta dy simmer hap.

We look on dee at's cradled grown men,
trace lines o kennin on dy wise repose.
Da wasterin sun at faas saaftly lays
a wild rose apo dy granite face.

da: the; clett: cliff, rock, crag; stack: column of rock in the sea; dy: your (familiar); shalls: shells; dey: they; demsels: themselves; gyo: steep, narrow inlet; fowld: fold; i: in; skurt: bosom; kittle: tickle; tang: seaweed; du: you (familiar); gies: gives; tae, ta: to; swap: a sudden beat or blow; scarfs: shags; mallies: fulmers; shjalder: oyster catcher; apo: on; shooder: shoulder; reffel: tangle; smora: clover; banks flooers: sea pinks; aedge: edge; hap: shawl; dee: you (familiar); at's: who has; kennin: knowing; faas: falls; saaftly: softly.

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Growin auld (Wasterwick)


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