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Colina Mackay

Author(s): Anna Blair

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I'm here in my attic
Colina Mackay
Come today into Glasgow
From Uig in Skye
To start into service
Tomorrow at six
And I'm ever so nervous
Of learning its tricks.
Serve family at table
Not hay to the nags,
To polish linoleum
Instead of scrub flags,
How to dip a nice curtsey
And kindle the fire,
Tidy a drawin'-room
In place of a byre.
When I rub up the silver
What cloth must I use?
Do I wear my feet bare
Or this strap-button shoes?
How to talk to the mistress
And heed the Skye nuns
"Behave like a good girl
And beware of the SONS"
But after tomorrow
I'll know how it feels
To be a right housemaid
In this...Pollok-sheels.

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Colina Mackay


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