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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 18, recording 2: making macaroni cheese, drawing, playing with dolls and looking at photos

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1111 Right, to make macaroni cheese, what do we need?
F1112 Soup.
F1111 No, come on. What do we need?
F1112 Cheese.
F1111 We will need cheese. Right. I'll give you this.
F1112 What? //It's a cup.//
F1111 //A cup.//
F1112 What for?
F1111 And the macaroni. And I want you to measure out, how many cupfuls do you make?
F1112 I make two [inaudible].
F1111 How many?
F1112 Two scoops.
F1111 Now, once you've done that, put it into the cup and then pour it into the pan.
F1112 How? But I can't [inaudible]. It's [inaudible]. [inaudible]
F1111 No, hold it up and pop it into the cup. Okay?
F1112 Better tidy up this mess.
F1111 Okay, now pop it into the pan. Okay. Put on the lid, please.
F1112 And what else?
F1111 Now, we need to put water on it, don't we?
F1112 [inaudible] water on it.
F1111 And what do we have to do with the wat-, with the pan now?
F1112 You tell me. Put it on the hob. And what else now?
F1111 Put it on the hob, eh? We'll add some
F1112 No, I want to do that. //Oh!//
F1111 //Right, hang on.// Two hands. I'll hold you over. What are you putting in just now? Some?
F1112 Some.
F1111 [?]We'll grate[/?] tons. //Okay, put down the lid again.//
F1112 //Oh.// And what is in there?
F1111 That shouldn't, you should have put it over the other way. Now. We'll have to wait for the macaroni to boil, won't we?
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 You're going to do the cheese now.
F1112 Mmhm. Get the grater. We can get the //grater.//
F1111 //It should be here.// //It's there.//
F1112 //It's there.//
F1111 Okay, you take it out. Back up there.
F1112 [inaudible] go over here.
F1111 Okay.
F1112 [inaudible] there. [inaudible]
F1111 That's not the nice way to ask. How do you say, //you say e-?//
F1112 //Please!// //Excuse me.//
F1111 //Exc-?// That's much nicer.
F1112 S-s- excuse me!
F1111 Okay. Can you manage now? I don't want you jammed in. Come on out of there. Can you manage?
F1112 No. Right, oh.
F1111 Okay, you'll have to open the packet.
F1112 That is strong.
F1111 Very strong s- cheese that. Has it got a strong cheesy smell?
F1112 Mmhm, it has. [inaudible] Oh it has. I can smell it!
F1111 Can you?
F1112 I can. I can. Oh, it's a big lump for you.
F1111 A great big lump. So away you go and start grating.
F1112 A wee bittie. [inaudible] Put it in here.
F1111 No, dinna put it in there, darling, you've got to grate it. Now, what w- should Mummy do with the milk?
F1112 [inaudible] Grate it. //[inaudible]//
F1111 //Is it hard? Is it too big a lump?//
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Oh it is strong smelly cheese.
F1112 Mm, smell good. //[inaudible]//
F1111 //That'll make nice macaroni, won't it?//
F1112 [inaudible] just put them on to your clippies.
F1111 Pardon? //Do you want//
F1112 //I don-.//
F1111 to go through the freezer and get a garlic bread?
F1112 Okay.
F1111 Right, jump down this side, please.
F1112 How?
F1111 Cause you can't get out beside the cupboard. Jump down. Through to the freezer and get a garlic bread, please.
F1112 Mum! [inaudible]
F1111 No, it's too near lunchtime. Garlic bread just now.
F1112 [away from microphone for 30 seconds]
F1111 [inaudible] now, darling. Come on, let's shut the door.
F1112 There's no garlic bread there.
F1111 There must be. //Let's have a look. It's maybe up high.//
F1112 //[inaudible]// [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1111 It was right up at the top. You wouldn't have been able to see it.
F1112 Eh?
F1111 You wouldn't have managed to have seen it. It was right up at the top.
F1112 [inaudible] [?]Can I wee splendid[/?]. [inaudible] [?]wee splendid[/?].
F1111 What's that? That's not splendid.
F1112 That's the splendid bit.
F1111 Okay, now you check and see if I've grated enough cheese, will you?
F1112 [inaudible] see. Oh.
F1111 Watch watch watch, cause it'll all fall down. Is that plenty?
F1112 Oh that's a, lots.
F1111 Okay, now I want it to stay on there. Stay on the kitchen roll.
F1112 Not on there.
F1111 That's okay.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Now.
F1112 Now, this stuff now. //This stuff now.//
F1111 //We'll need to get the whisk.// Are you going to whisk the day?
F1112 That's it. Mum, it's not open. I will get the lightest. That's that thing. Mum, I'm going to give the lighter things to you, Mummy. Mummy, that's yours. That's yours.
F1111 Thank you. I thought we spoke about that yesterday.
F1112 That's yours. And I will see farr's your your little boxie is. Stapler for you
F1111 Thank you.
F1112 And that's okay to you.
F1111 Dinna take everything out that cupboard, darling, cause we don't need it.
F1112 Oh. That's somebody's.
F1111 That's a little card. That's a nice card, isn't it?
F1112 I'm just [inaudible].
F1111 That's Daddy's letters.
F1112 No. No. [inaudible] There you go. That's okay. Here's oor pennies. //Mm.//
F1111 //That must be foreign money, is it?//
F1112 This one's [inaudible] I got!
F1111 What?
F1112 I got two. Where is that?
F1111 Use that. Cut that. Open it out and then cut it.
F1112 No let me [?]saw[/?].
F1111 Yes, I don't think there's going to be enough. Hang on.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Watch, cause it's burning hot milk. Oh you're good at-. What you doing just now?
F1112 Whisking.
F1111 You're whisking.
F1112 [inaudible] No, it's the, it's yours, Mum.
F1111 Daddy's got that, look, he's got an address on the back. Don't throw that out.
F1112 Well where's that bit going? Where does that bit go. We better take that bit and that bit for Daddy.
F1111 Yes, he's needing all that bits kept. So don't throw them away.
F1112 Here's them all for Daddy.
F1111 Well keep them beside Daddy's letters.
F1112 They're over there. [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1111 What you busy doing just now?
F1112 Mm just [inaudible]. It's [inaudible]. It's [inaudible] there. [inaudible] There's an address on there!
F1111 Yes, dinna dinna use that either darling. //That's Daddy's drawer you're in the day.//
F1112 //What one, that one?//
F1111 Nosing about in there.
F1112 Mmhm. [child noises]
F1111 What's that wool for, do you think?
F1112 That's for my cardigans.
F1111 Granny made you when you were a baby?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Oh?
F1112 What is this, Mum?
F1111 That's food for, food for plants.
F1112 What do do that with the seeds?
F1111 No, you know when somebody buys you flowers, and y- Mummy puts them in a vase, you always put some food into the vase when th- when you've got new flowers. We havena got any flowers, but we're going to go and buy some tulips.
F1112 Uh-huh, that's what it is. [inaudible] What is that Mum?
F1111 That was, when you were a tiny baby, everything had to be sterilised, that means all your bottles and your erm dummies and anything you had when you were //a baby,//
F1112 //And my// and my bibbies.
F1111 Not the bibbies, cause they got washed in the machine, but all your bottles and things had to get dipped in sterilised water, to make sure they were perfectly clean and no bugs got into your tummy.
F1112 I'm [inaudible].
F1111 Watch your fingers now. What you looking for? Darling, you canna, the door-, the drawer winna open.
F1112 [inaudible] that things, and that's and that's for juice that one is.
F1111 What, these?
F1112 Yeah.
F1111 We used that little spoons for you, when you were a, when you started to eat food.
F1112 What's that ones? They're for juice?
F1111 No, that's mixers. It's for mixing drinks.
F1112 Oh that one's dirty.
F1111 Oh so it is. Daddy was using that.
F1112 He put it in the wash.
F1111 No, he was using it for sorting the bath. He shouldn't have put that back in there. That's dirty.
F1112 You put it in the sink.
F1111 No, I've put it in the bin. You shouldna have been touching that. Silly Dad, it had silicone on it. He must have forgotten.
F1112 He he was using that for that spiders in my hoosie.
F1111 Was he?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 What was he doing?
F1112 Just taking oot some [inaudible] that holie and holie and that //holie.//
F1111 //Did he fill up the holes wi silicone?// Or did he just take the spiders out?
F1112 Uh-huh. It was silicone and I don't know what
F1111 So he used the silicone, did he, to fill up the holes?
F1112 Oh what is this Mum?
F1111 That's chalk.
F1112 [inaudible] it.
F1111 Yes, but you'd have to go through and chal-, play on your blackboard.
F1112 Uh-huh, cause it's chalk really. Yes, that was the box for. Yeah, we'll have to [?]go on my black[/?]. [inaudible] blackboards.
F1111 Are you going away through?
F1112 You can do it with me.
F1111 Okay, I'm coming through too.
F1112 Huh? You can [inaudible] you can. Really can.
F1111 You need to move that out of the way just now in case you trip over it. Is that your chalk box?
F1112 Yeah. See, that's for my, that's for my [?]cleaning trolley[/?].
F1111 Oh I see.
F1112 That bittie [inaudible]. And that turquoise, that's turquoise in there. //[inaudible]//
F1111 //Okay. Fitt you going to draw then?//
F1112 No.
F1111 You dinna use crayon on blackboards, do you? You've got to use chalk.
F1112 I'd better sit on something.
F1111 No, just stand sweetheart. When Mummy writes on the board at school, I have to stand and write on the board, so the bairnies can see what I'm doing. Wait and I'll show you. And you write, erm, //What'll I draw? A sun?//
F1112 //What?//
F1111 Cause the sun's shining outside today. The sun's shining outside. We should have made the sun yellow, shouldn't we?
F1112 I'd better put on slippers. Cause I don't like this this sticky bits in here.
F1111 Maybe we could be at the seaside. Is this the sand? We could build a sandcastle.
F1112 Uh-huh, we could.
F1111 And put a flag up on top. And we'll do the sea. Is the sea away out there? Do you think there might be a boat on the sea?
F1112 Oh, I think so.
F1111 Do you think so?
F1112 Who's gonna go on it?
F1111 I don't know. Who do you think should go on it?
F1112 You put some in.
F1111 I think there's going to be little boys and girls making sandcastles.
F1112 Want me to make that ones?
F1111 Okay, you can do. What else are you going to add in? You draw a bird in the sky.
F1112 With the one of my crayons?
F1111 No, with the chalk. What colour do you think you'll do?
F1112 Don't [inaudible]. //Here go, hold on.//
F1111 //Are you not managing? Here you go.// Hop in. Toes in. That's a girl. Okay, go and do the bird up in the sky.
F1112 Okay. Pink turquoise. What one's turquoise? You choose. What one's turquoise?
F1111 The greeny-coloured one. Cause the other one's purple.
F1112 I can't see the purple.
F1111 Oh no, that's the blue one, for the sea. Okay. //What colour for the-? Yes, that's it.//
F1112 //That's turquoise?// That's the turquoise?
F1111 Turquoise.
F1112 What do turquoise.
F1111 Yes, okay, do a bird.
F1112 Birdie. Birdie's wings. Birdie's tail. Birdie's s-, this bit. And birdie's [inaudible]. He's getting b- muscles, look!
F1111 Getting muscles? //Why?//
F1112 //Uh-huh.//
F1111 Has he been flying a lot, flapping his wings?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 So he's getting muscles?
F1112 Uh-huh [inaudible] muscles. Hey, that's a bonny thing Mum.
F1111 What thing, darling?
F1112 [inaudible] we sunbathing.
F1111 What about if you go and try on your clothes.
F1112 I don't [inaudible].
F1111 Okay.
F1112 We'd better get all this things oot.
F1111 Why?
F1112 Cause he's wantin to go swimming.
F1111 James?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Where's he going swimming?
F1112 To Elgin.
F1111 Is he?
F1112 This is Elgin.
F1111 Oh we at Elgin now?
F1112 Uh-huh. //We//
F1111 //I see.//
F1112 walked to Elgin.
F1111 Did we? We must be really tired out then, are we?
F1112 No, we are going to swim. Ah we are in the house now.
F1111 Oh.
F1112 That's why we can take off my vest.
F1111 That's right.
F1112 Take off my vest then.
F1111 Oh. What?
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Are you going to be sunbathing? But you've to wear your dookers to sunbathe.
F1112 No, no, cause I won't drown.
F1111 [phone rings] Just leave the phone, darling.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Who did that on the back of the door? Just leave the phone sweetheart.
F1112 No I won't.
F1111 [CENSORED: answerphone message]
F1112 Oh Mummy. What a message [inaudible] look.
F1111 What is?
F1112 Th- that there, look.
F1111 Oh dear. Yes, we've still got to wash that, haven't we? Now, we'll need to pop this in your
F1112 Okay.
F1111 [inaudible]
F1112 I don't want mine on.
F1111 Well, it's not going to hear you, because there's music on through there. Know what we can do? We can actually put it in your pocket this time. That's a good idea. Okay, you can help Mummy. Pass me that one now, darling.
F1112 Pass.
F1111 Good girl.
F1112 Mm, [?]oh my[/?], we better throw that one in the bucket, look.
F1111 It's got a wee chip on it.
F1112 Who did that?
F1111 It's probably just when it's clamped together in the basin.
F1112 Mmhm. [?]Thought so[/?]. Oh, a big plate now.
F1111 Mmhm. Oh now slowly now, give me time to dry them.
F1112 One two. One two though.
F1111 Okay.
F1112 Go.
F1111 Just a second.
F1112 [?]My goodness[/?].
F1111 Thank you.
F1112 My milky-pop one. My pi-, milky-pop one. //[inaudible]//
F1111 //We need it for tonight, don't we?//
F1112 Water.
F1111 Give it to Mummy and we'll dry it.
F1112 I want a bittie water in there for me, for me drink up.
F1111 Why, are you plouterin?
F1112 I dinna take soapy water. //I dinna take soapy w-.//
F1111 //Pardon? Oh no, you wouldna drink soapy water, would you?//
F1112 Cause that would make you kill.
F1111 Would it?
F1112 Mmhm that's [inhale]
F1111 You can have fresh water. [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename] drinks fresh water all the time. She doesn't drink juice.
F1112 [child noises]
F1111 Watch, watch.
F1112 Why don't?
F1111 Careful it doesna fall off darling. Can you manage to get it in?
F1112 No I can't.
F1111 I'll tell you- it would be better in your back pocket and then that's out of your way altogether, okay? That's even better. You've knocked off your mic now. Dinna pull it out, darlin.
F1112 [inaudible] Mum, [inaudible].
F1111 Darling. No, you're spoiling it.
F1112 Just one.
F1111 What you doin wi the cloth?
F1112 Squeezing.
F1111 Are you wringing it out?
F1112 I'm just putting it on. Putting on some water to keep it nice and fresh.
F1111 No, I'll give you a cloth, look. No, dinna take that off.
F1112 It's soaking this jumper.
F1111 It's okay, we'll just roll up the sleeves. //Do you want to take it off?//
F1112 //No, this bit's so-.//
F1111 Right, hands up! That's your vest as well.
F1112 Silly tattie.
F1111 [laugh] Do you want over a bit to plouter in the sink?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Right, hold my head. //I'll move you over.//
F1112 //Okay. [inaudible]// //Ow!//
F1111 //Okay?//
F1112 I've got a sore toe now.
F1111 A sore what?
F1112 A sore toe. A bittie soapy kind.
F1111 What is? //There's lots o bubbles in that bit, isn't it?//
F1112 //[inaudible]// //Uh-huh. [inaudible]//
F1111 //On your sponge.// It's like a boat in the water. What you making?
F1112 I'm just doing. Splash went the water. I'm just going to wash that.
F1111 What are you doing darling now?
F1112 Taking off the breadcrumbs.
F1111 The breadcrumbs?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Okay. You need to push it over so that the water doesn't go down the side. I think it's all going to go on the worktop, darling.
F1112 It's not on the work-.
F1111 Give you out some things to wash?
F1112 Eh?
F1111 I'll give you out your plates and that to wash. Here you are. Tell me what you're doing.
F1112 Washing the dishes.
F1111 Washing the dishes, well describe it.
F1112 I'm just [inaudible].
F1111 Did you have a nice drink over at [CENSORED: forename]'s?
F1112 I did.
F1111 Why did you not want a sweetie today?
F1112 Didna like the Mi- the Milky Bars.
F1111 Milky Buttons?
F1112 No, I didna.
F1111 Cause it's chocolate?
F1112 Cause I dinna like chocolate.
F1111 No, you dinna really like chocolate, do you?
F1112 [inaudible] and get some chocolate myself.
F1111 You always end up spitting it out, don't you?
F1112 I do, cause I don't like [inaudible].
F1111 I wonder what [CENSORED: forename]'s doing tonight.
F1112 Can we go and see her?
F1111 Not tonight, darling, it's still a school night. Maybe tomorrow if her Daddy's away, they'll maybe come up past after school tomorrow. That would be good, wouldn't it?
F1112 What about they coming up still?
F1111 They winna come up just now, darling, cause she's got school tomorrow. She'll be doing her homework. We're gonna go to Elgin tomorrow, sweetheart.
F1112 Wha-?
F1111 We need to go, because, you know the new tyres on the car? We're supposed to go back and get them checked. Mummy hasna been yet. I hope I dinna get a row at the garage. I think I was supposed to be there last week.
F1112 Why you supposed? Splash splash splash.
F1111 Okay, all the other, all the other plates as well, please.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 What you busy doing? Will you dry or will I dry?
F1112 Uh, you dry.
F1111 Will I dry?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 When I spoke to [CENSORED: forename] last week, I told her we would maybe see them this week. But if we go to Elgin tomorrow, we won't see them, maybe it will need to be next week now, eh? What do you think? You're awful busy.
F1112 I am!
F1111 You're a busy bee.
F1112 Very dirty this one. It's a bittie dirty, this one. This is a, it's a bittie dirty.
F1111 Is it? So what are you doing?
F1112 Just [inaudible] some [?]quilt[/?].
F1111 Some what?
F1112 Some quilt. Some quilt. Some quilt.
F1111 What are we gonna have for our tea then? //No?//
F1112 //I'm a busy bee.//
F1111 You are a busy bee. What do you fancy for your tea, darlin?
F1112 I don't know. What a busy bee I'm doing.
F1111 Oh you are a busy bee. I think we'll need to put on the tap and rinse them.
F1112 Okay. They're very hot, this one.
F1111 Is it a bit hot for your hands I think, is it?
F1112 Uh-huh, it is. Put on some cold. Put on some cold.
F1111 I didn't hear a magic word, did you?
F1112 Please do it Mummy! It's all you have to say.
F1111 Yes, that's all you have to say, you're right.
F1112 Please Mummy.
F1111 Okay, pass it over once you've rinsed it.
F1112 Some quilt off, some quilt off. I'm washing off my quilt.
F1111 Fitt you doin?
F1112 Washing off my quilt.
F1111 Your quilt?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 What quilt?
F1112 It's, yeah, that quilt.
F1111 That's Fairy Liquid. //It's not a quilt.//
F1112 //I d-.// Eh?
F1111 That's not a quilt. //There's an awful lot of water everywhere, I know that much!//
F1112 //That's quilt.// What?
F1111 Pop it in the water. [?]Wrap[/?] it up.
F1112 Oh [inaudible]. Hey that one's very dirty that one is.
F1111 We've got a pan for you to clean as well yet, so come away. Keep scrubbing.
F1112 It's a bittie dirty.
F1111 I think we should maybe leave that. Look, the water's running doon the worktop, darling. Let's quickly rinse those off. You do the next one and I'll rinse. [inaudible].
F1112 I'm I'm washing off the quilt //[inaudible].//
F1111 //No, cause use the same soap.// See, use the same bubbles to do the next one. Come on. Is there too much bubbles, is that the problem?
F1112 No, there's not.
F1111 Right, next one please.
F1112 Here is it. It's a bit dirt. Never mind.
F1111 No more bubbles.
F1112 Just put it away over there.
F1111 This is to get washed as well, come on. What else are you doing? You know what we could go and find? Lucy and Shelley. Where have you got them at these days?
F1112 Eh?
F1111 Where's Lucy and Shelley? Is it through in your old bedroom?
F1112 Ehm, it's not.
F1111 I think it is. I think it's in the cupboard. Will we go and get them? You haven't played with them for a while have you?
F1112 I have.
F1111 Have you?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Right, next one.
F1112 [inaudible] That's a bittie hot for me. This is a bittie dirty for
F1111 Right, leave that one. Mummy'll do that one later. //Okay?//
F1112 //No, I will// do that one.
F1111 No, cause it's too big for you to handle, cause you're going to have to turn it round. And that means it's gonna be too big. So, hands up till I dry your belly, cause I think it's got wetter than anything else. //Right, hands.//
F1112 //I will leave that.//
F1111 Here you go.
F1112 [exhale] Right there and my oxters.
F1111 Your oxters as well? How did they get wet?
F1112 Just dipped them. Just do what I did.
F1111 Dinna touch! //[inaudible]//
F1112 //Did did like that.// I did.
F1111 You dipped in your arm? //And it went right up your oxter?//
F1112 //Mmhm.// Mmhm.
F1111 Oh dear me! What are we going to do with ye?
F1112 [singing] //[singing]//
F1111 //Okay.// //Go up and see if we can find Lucy and Shelley.//
F1112 //[singing]// Right. We want to play with them.
F1111 Yes.
F1112 Cause we haven't played them for a long time. [inaudible] get this to [CENSORED: forename]'s.
F1111 That's not it. It's a Postman Pat book.
F1112 Uh-huh. But I take this one. I don't care. I don't care. And don't take out my box.
F1111 I've found them. //Come on through to the family room.//
F1112 //That's// that's Lucy and Shelley.
F1111 Yes. //That should be good fun.//
F1112 //That's Lucy and Shelley.// That's Lucy and Shelley. Why don't we play that through here?
F1111 Well, we'll need to put off that telly. //There's nobody watching it. Switch it off.//
F1112 //Ah.//
F1111 Right.
F1112 Right you you read that books now, and I'll read this. You put it over a shelter.
F1111 Pardon?
F1112 Here, you can hold her Mummy. See that's her dancing shoes.
F1111 So it is. I wonder if it's the s-, who are you having? Lucy or Shelley?
F1112 [inaudible] Better put this on that [inaudible]. That's a crownie. Right. But that's their slippers to go in their bed with them on.
F1111 So it is. Are you going to sort them into different piles first, like skirts and trousers, or what are you going to do?
F1112 [inhale] You just play with them.
F1111 We'll just choose different ones?
F1112 Yes, two jumpers!
F1111 Okay, that's good. There's my trousers.
F1112 We better cover them up cause they might be cold.
F1111 Yes, we'll have to get some clothes on these poor girls, because they'll be frozen.
F1112 I have got some clothes here.
F1111 You've got jum-, you've got cardigans I think it is, is it?
F1112 What about putting on some joggies to them?
F1111 Joggie trousers?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 That's cause you like your joggies on, don't ye?
F1112 What about putting on some joggie- joggies to the- to them?
F1111 Okay, that's fine. That's a good idea.
F1112 Put on some joggies to them.
F1111 Okay. //Have you found joggies yet?//
F1112 //[inaudible]// Uh-huh, I have. I will [inaudible] //[inaudible].//
F1111 //There's vests// and cardigans and little flowers.
F1112 Put that on. //[inaudible]//
F1111 //Okay, it depends what they're going to be wearing. Where are they going? Are they going away to a party?// Or are they going away to a dancing class? What they going away to do?
F1112 Just put on their joggies just now.
F1111 So they're just going to be playing in the house?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Okay. Well if they're j-, if they're gonna wear their joggies, they must be going to wear trousers, aren't they? //What colour would you like for your doll?//
F1112 //I don't,// I don't know, just don't [inaudible].
F1111 I think I'll choose blue ones for Lucy.
F1112 Take the [inaudible] to match.
F1111 Will they match? They will.
F1112 Oh I had that slippers.
F1111 So we're going to need joggie tops. What do joggie tops look like? Better give her her-, oh no she's got on vest and pants. Okay. Has your one got on her vest and pants? //Yes.//
F1112 //Why mm.// No, her going to get her, her going to a hotel now.
F1111 She's going away to a hotel? What? For her tea?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Okay, so we take off her joggie trousers.
F1112 They're going all for their dinner.
F1111 Away for their dinner? Oh she's going to have to be very pretty. I think she would maybe like to wear a dress, if she's going out for dinner.
F1112 Her will need a kilt, that bairnie here.
F1111 A kilt? //[laugh]//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// //Her will.//
F1111 //Okay.// I'll need I'll need lovely shoes for her, if she's going out, but that's ballet shoes and she's not going away to ballet just now. //Let's see.//
F1112 //[squeak]//
F1111 What kind of shoes? She wouldn't wear trainers with a skirt, would she? Would she wear nice yellow ones like that? They would be pretty.
F1112 Oh her.
F1111 Sh- I think she's going to take a teddy bear with her, //because//
F1112 //Why?//
F1111 I can remember when we went out fo- to the hotel for Granny's birthday, [CENSORED: forename] took some things with her, didn't she, to play with?
F1112 But I didna.
F1111 No, well we, we never remember to do things like that. We're a bit absent-minded at things like that, aren't we?
F1112 Uh-huh, but [CENSORED: forename]'s not.
F1111 No, she's, she always remembers to take things with her. And I think she'll maybe wear a pretty necklace as well.
F1112 We better throw that one in the bucket, look.
F1111 Has it broken? No, it's okay. //What about erm a handbag?//
F1112 //No, no, no it's that bit.//
F1111 Oh that's alright, that that will be fine. What colour o handbag do you think she'll take?
F1112 You tell me. Her be, //maybe [inaudible].//
F1111 //She going to take a bunch of fr- flowers?//
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Maybe she's going to see [CENSORED: forename], cause it's her birthday. She could take the bunch of flowers with her. That would be a good idea, wouldn't it?
F1112 No, it's her birthday.
F1111 Her birthday? Well maybe somebody's given her a flower.
F1112 No, I have got a flower.
F1111 You've got the bunch of flowers, okay.
F1112 Put that one onto her and I will find a bunch of flowers for my
F1111 Okay, your dolly's not even dressed yet. Mine's ready to go away to the hotel. She has on her dress and her necklace and her shoes. She's brought along a teddy, and she's got a beautiful hairband in her hair. //And she's got a bunch of flowers.//
F1112 //But th-.// You help me dress my dolly.
F1111 Okay. I think that probably goes with that, does it? //Okay.//
F1112 //Uh-huh, it do-.// No, that's a joggie one.
F1111 No, that's just a bonny cardigan to match. Maybe this dress for your dolly? //Cause the girls would look nice in dresses, wouldn't they?//
F1112 //Uh-huh.//
F1111 If they're going out for a meal. Okay. //And what colour of shoes then? We'll have to look for nice shoes for her.//
F1112 //And, white!//
F1111 Little pink ones? They would be nice. //Maybe a handbag.//
F1112 //Bu-// but they're but that one's a food one.
F1111 Oh, is that one for carrying f-. That's a nice little one, isn't it? That would match her dress.
F1112 Mm.
F1111 Cause the-, what colour's the heart on her dress? It's?
F1112 Or, you put on her shoes. We'd better put on her coat.
F1111 Oh yes, she will get the cold if we don't put on a coat.
F1112 Oh no, her will have to have her coat on. A cardigan.
F1111 A cardigan, okay. I'll have to take off her necklace a little minute. Okay, my, Shelley's ready, sorry Lucy's ready, you've got Shelley, haven't you? Is Shelley ready?
F1112 Eh?
F1111 Is Shelley ready?
F1112 I havena got the coat. I have got the skirt there. Her not going to her not going to go to ballet just now.
F1111 No, she's away for a meal. Okay, so we're going away to the hotel.
F1112 No, this is the hotel //there.//
F1111 //What are going to choose?// Okay. //Right, girls, what would you like for your tea tonight//
F1112 //Ooh.//
F1111 at the hotel? What's your favourite dinner? Lucy? Oh, she likes mince and tatties, so we'll have to ask the waitress for mince and tatties, will we? Okay. And what about Shelley? What's Shelley's favourite food?
F1112 Her, her better take off her coat at the hotel.
F1111 Oh I see, once she gets to the hotel she can take it off. Is it nice and warm in the hotel?
F1112 This is the hotel we're in.
F1111 Oh we're in it? Oh hurray! Oh, it is lovely and warm here. What about you Shelley, what would you like to eat? What's your favourite food?
F1112 You tell me.
F1111 Well, you decide for Shelley. What would she like to eat?
F1112 I like mince and tatties an aa.
F1111 Does she? //Oh that'll be an easy order.//
F1112 //Uh-huh uh uh.// I'm not allowed to get Coke.
F1111 No, bairnies don't get Coke, do they? What do they get?
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Pardon?
F1112 I get, a real waitress gives me that.
F1111 What?
F1112 Coke.
F1111 No she doesn't. You don't get Coke. //What kind of juice do you get?//
F1112 //No, [?]Fizz[/?] gives me that.//
F1111 Who?
F1112 [?]Fizz[/?] gives me that.
F1111 Does she?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 I don't believe it.
F1112 You go and get it for Shelley and them.
F1111 No. I will not, cause it'll rot their teeth.
F1112 No it winna.
F1111 Oh yes it will.
F1112 Oh yes it //won't.//
F1111 //What's ado with your toe?// Is that when you bashed it on the cupboard?
F1112 On the, on there.
F1111 Your lady hasn't even got a hairband on. And that would be nice to match her dress, wouldn't it? Shelley?
F1112 [inaudible] what about a [inaudible]?
F1111 A [inaudible]?
F1112 Where. [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1111 //I think she's got silly colour of shoes on.// //They don't really match, do they? There's lots of crowns in this pack.//
F1112 //[child noises]// Want to go food in places?
F1111 Pardon?
F1112 Want to go food in places?
F1111 Food?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Where to?
F1112 To the Buckie pool. I don-, they're going to p-, Blackpool now.
F1111 Are they?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Well we'd better go and look out their dancing kit if they're going away to B-. Are they going dancing competitions?
F1112 They're going to Blackpool.
F1111 Blackpool. Wow, that's a long way away. How are they going to get there?
F1112 They're going to go in the bus there.
F1111 Ah but we were in the bus last night. Are we not going to go in the aeroplane this time?
F1112 No, this is the aeroplane.
F1111 Oh, and are you the pilot? Uh-huh? Have you flown a plane before? [phone rings] Yes?
F1112 Go. Just don't go. Don't answer it.
F1111 Mm.
F1112 Eh? They'll have to go in their bed now, cause look.
F1111 Where did that come off of?
F1112 [inaudible] It comed off of that bit. It [inaudible] that was sore coming off of that bit, look it was that [inaudible] bit. Was the sharp bit.
F1111 I know.
F1112 It comed off o there. I used to put my sweeties in there and just shut the door.
F1111 You used to hide a lot o things in there, //in that bird box.//
F1112 //[inaudible]// Uh-huh.
F1111 Come on then and see this old toy box.
F1112 Uh-huh, it is a old toy box. [inaudible] this torch is not working.
F1111 What's wrong with it?
F1112 Look. Look. Look at, look.
F1111 Well what's wrong with it?
F1112 I think we will have to put in new batteries to her.
F1111 Oh you think so?
F1112 We, we better put that up the loft aside all the baby things.
F1111 Okay.
F1112 Babies. Read that book to me.
F1111 [laugh] You used to like this book when you were tiny.
F1112 I used to.
F1111 What did you do with this one?
F1112 Tell me.
F1111 You used to scratch its tummy.
F1112 And do his //feet.//
F1111 //And it's// a?
F1112 Look!
F1111 What, what's the name of the animal? It's a?
F1112 A lion.
F1111 And this one here, whenever we lifted his trunk we used to make trunk, elephant noises. [elephant noise] Like that.
F1112 Uh-huh. //A zebra.//
F1111 //And here, that's a zebra and his face goes backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.//
F1112 Look at that crocodile.
F1111 The crocodile's got oh, spiky scales on his back. //When you press the giraffe's tummy,//
F1112 //I can't push doon that.//
F1111 [squeaking noise from book] it makes a noise, and little babies like to hear that noises. When you lift the hippo's mouth, he roars. [roar]!
F1112 Look at his mouth.
F1111 He's got teeth, hasn't he?
F1112 Look at his teeth. Look!
F1111 Mmhm.
F1112 He's just a baby.
F1111 Who's on the back?
F1112 Clapping his tails.
F1111 It's his hands, I think.
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 You could maybe sing, maybe he tickles with that hands. What could you sing to him?
F1112 He claps.
F1111 Claps his hands, uh-huh. And the snake is a rattlesnake, cause his tail rattles. That's it. You liked that book when you were a baby.
F1112 I did.
F1111 Uh-huh.
F1112 I did. I used to, I used to. It's a baby thing.
F1111 It's a baby thing now, you're too big for that now, aren't you? //What about that thing over there?//
F1112 //Mmhm.// //That's a a-.//
F1111 //Go and le-, it's not an abacus.// It's one for er chasing the shapes round about.
F1112 Well what about me chasing the t-?
F1111 Well, pull it over a wee bit. //Over here, darling, in front of the window.//
F1112 //But// you will cheat.
F1111 I winna cheat.
F1112 You will cheat. You will not cheat. You will n-, yes you will cheat.
F1111 I won't cheat at all.
F1112 You will, you will cheat the buttons. Ah, testin testin's on.
F1111 It is on.
F1112 Testing testing testing.
F1111 Okay. //Take this over till we see. What colour are you going to be? Blue or red?//
F1112 //It is on.// You will cheat.
F1111 I winna cheat.
F1112 You will.
F1111 Cause I've got to get, well it depends if you're blue or red. I'll work one and you can work the other. Will I be Mr Blue?
F1112 No, don't think so.
F1111 Or you can be yellow, //like that.//
F1112 //Mm.// [inaudible]
F1111 You've got a difficult one if you're red.
F1112 I am. I have.
F1111 Colour are you going to be?
F1112 You come and [inaudible] with me.
F1111 Okay darling.
F1112 Is testing this is on?
F1111 Yes, testing testing's on. Come on then, let's go. //Quick quick.//
F1112 //[inaudible]// have it?
F1111 No, cause you'll maybe pull it out. //When you pull down your trousers you'll maybe pull it off.//
F1112 //I want.// Testing testing testing. Testing testing testing. Testing. Just put it in the drawer.
F1111 No, it disna hear anything in there.
F1112 Eh?
F1111 It winna hear anything in there, will it? Come on then, quick! //I thought you needed the toilet.//
F1112 //It will.//
F1111 Are you ready? You're rummaging.
F1112 But //but//
F1111 //Jump up.//
F1112 but that been on there for a long time.
F1111 Yes, that's right.
F1112 They've mended that.
F1111 Mended that when they built the house, mmhm.
F1112 No, we did it.
F1111 No, we never did it. It was the people that built the house that put in the bathroom.
F1112 And the showers.
F1111 Mmhm.
F1112 And the walls. And the cupboard and the perfume.
F1111 Did they put in the perfume too? //No, I think we d- put it in.//
F1112 //Uh-huh.//
F1111 [laugh]
F1112 How?
F1111 Cause that belongs to us.
F1112 [CENSORED: toilet visit] We ke- keep it in that cupboard. Let me have some perfume.
F1111 No, cause it's night time, you only put perfume on in the morning, darling. Here you go.
F1112 It's not night time yet.
F1111 Yes, but you put it on in the mornings when you're going places so you smell lovely all day long.
F1112 Uh-huh, you do.
F1111 No, in the morning, tomorrow. You remind Mummy and say "Can I have some perfume, cause it's morning time". //And I will "Certainly, [CENSORED: forename].//
F1112 //And you will say yeah.// //I-.//
F1111 //You can smell lovely all day."//
F1112 And my little bottlies.
F1111 Yes, cause you've got little bottles o perfume, haven't you?
F1112 I sometimes put on your bottle.
F1111 Oh you do, do you?
F1112 I t-.
F1111 Oh you're telling tales now. //You're owning up.//
F1112 //I-.// [inaudible]
F1111 No, I wa- I know what, know what I thought we could look at? Come on till I show you?
F1112 No, oh oh that tickles. That tickle. //What tickles?//
F1111 //This thing up here.//
F1112 That. [exhale] [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1111 //One,//
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 two,
F1112 [laugh] Wow! I'm taking [inaudible].
F1111 three, oh, four, take them through to the, through the lounge.
F1112 Oh, I think //you//
F1111 //Can you manage that?// Can you? Okay.
F1112 Wow! [inaudible] big this one.
F1111 Aye.
F1112 It's a big one, it is, what a big this one is. //What a ton this one is!//
F1111 //Come on then. Through we go.// Ton what? A ton weight? //Is it?//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// Wow! This is, we'd better drop them on the couch. //[exhale]//
F1111 //Okay.// Let me move this out the way.
F1112 [inaudible] Wow! Hold them just now. Hold them just now. Oh they're hot on my hands.
F1111 Okay, can you manage to get up? We'll look at this one first cause it's the baby book.
F1112 What one?
F1111 I'll show you just now. This one here. Okay?
F1112 That's a baby one with a pram.
F1111 Mm, cause that's when you were little, tiny little! //[inaudible]//
F1112 //That's fine.// [inaudible] //Look at me, look at [CENSORED: forename].//
F1111 //Now,//
F1112 Look at [CENSORED: forename].
F1111 Oh, what's she doing?
F1112 Giving me a tickle.
F1111 Giving you a tickle?
F1112 Uh-huh. Tickle tickle me. [laugh]
F1111 And what are you doing with your silly legs there?
F1112 What?
F1111 When you were born your legs were stuck up in the air. Cause you were squashed. When you were in Mummy's tummy, you were squashed.
F1112 Hey, look at my [inaudible].
F1111 Oh, yeah, that's your name tag, look. This says, "This l- is a little baby girl, born to [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]".
F1112 Mm. Look at yours.
F1111 Yes, Mummy had bits on her arms as well, mmhm.
F1112 Look at me. [inaudible]
F1111 You were eating your hands even there, look. Scoffing!
F1112 Look at me.
F1111 That's you putting up your big foot, stretching out your leg, showing everybody your toes.
F1112 And you used
F1111 Oops, that one's fallen out, look. I'll pop that one back in. Okay? What's this up here, look. Daddy got you wrapped in a shawl. Just leave it just now, Mummy'll sort it. And look at you looking up into Daddy's face. What do you think you was thinking?
F1112 What?
F1111 You're looking up there, look. //What were you thinking?//
F1112 //Look at Daddy holding me// in a blanket.
F1111 Mmhm, wrapped in a blanket. You were just brand new.
F1112 Look at me.
F1111 Mmhm.
F1112 [inaudible] look!
F1111 Mmhm.
F1112 Was a funny [inaudible]. Look at me! I didna want in there.
F1111 No. You didna like the bath.
F1112 How?
F1111 Not for a start, but you got used to it. And that was when Auntie [CENSORED: forename] and Uncle [CENSORED: forename] came all the way up from Glasgow straight after their work on the Friday to see you. Specially, they did.
F1112 Mm look at her, look at Daddy. What is that noise?
F1111 I think it's [CENSORED: forename] out at the bucket.
F1112 I didna like in the bath. //Why?//
F1111 //Mm.//
F1112 Why?
F1111 It was maybe a bit cold for you. You just liked cuddles best.
F1112 Eh?
F1111 And everybody's bosie.
F1112 I was co-, too cold.
F1111 It wouldn't have been too cold, but I think you just liked to be held tight. And when you were in the bath, you didn't, you you preferred to be in people's bosies.
F1112 I just, like my teddy there.
F1111 No.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 And who's this holding you?
F1112 [CENSORED: forename].
F1111 And?
F1112 And Granda [CENSORED: surname].
F1111 Granda [CENSORED: surname].
F1112 Her come, Granda [CENSORED: surname] come all the way from his work.
F1111 He did come right up from his work to see you too, didn't he?
F1112 And [CENSORED: forename] comed right up to her. //How?//
F1111 //After Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s work, they come up too.// Mmhm. //Everybody came to say//
F1112 //You ca-.//
F1111 hello and welcome to baby [CENSORED: forename].
F1112 Mmhm, that's what they said.
F1111 And who brought you that? Can you remember?
F1112 What?
F1111 Who brought you that dolly?
F1112 [CENSORED: forename].
F1111 [CENSORED: forename] next door, mmhm.
F1112 It was a different [CENSORED: forename].
F1111 No, it was [CENSORED: forename] next door. And who's this, holding you?
F1112 [CENSORED: forename].
F1111 And who's [CENSORED: forename]'s mummy?
F1112 Look at me!
F1111 Mummy's friend, isn't it?
F1112 Mm, mmhm. Who's it?
F1111 [CENSORED: forename].
F1112 I didna like in the water there.
F1111 No, Daddy's learning to wash your hair, look. [laugh] You were thinking, "What's going on, what are they doing to me?"
F1112 How? And look at me there.
F1111 And that was you in your first car seat.
F1112 And we can see [CENSORED: forename] here. Who's that?
F1111 That's Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s legs.
F1112 Ha. And look at my things! Look at my teddy!
F1111 Mmhm.
F1112 That's Granny [CENSORED: surname]'s teddy there.
F1111 That's right.
F1112 Uh-huh that's [?]what they doed[/?]. Got all my things oot.
F1111 Oh, and who is this getting a hold o you there?
F1112 Granny. Look at Granda.
F1111 Granda [CENSORED: forename] getting a shottie o you, isn't he?
F1112 Look at me pooping my nappy there!
F1111 Were you?
F1112 Look.
F1111 Is that what you were doing?
F1112 Doing one this.
F1111 Were you? Oh right.
F1112 And look at me there.
F1111 Sound asleep in your car seat.
F1112 Look, oh!
F1111 Sticking out your tongue in that one, look! //What a cheeky girl.//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// Look.
F1111 Mmhm.
F1112 Her not sticking out her tongue.

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