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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 17, recording 2: playing and chatting indoors

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1109 Hey, look out the window, look what it's doing now.
M1110 [sob]
F1109 Carry that over wi ye. It's raining, look. Oh no.
M1110 Look at this.
F1109 It's a lot o rain. What a lot o rain. Okay?
M1110 It's very dry.
F1109 It's very what?
M1110 It's very dry out.
F1109 Very dry? It's nae dry. Can you see the raindrops on the window?
M1110 It's on my, it's it's on my windows.
F1109 Raindrops onto yer windows. //Oh me!//
M1110 //Ehm. No!// No rain outs to here, Mam.
F1109 Farr oot tae here? Fitt's oot here noo?
M1110 No rain!
F1109 No wind? No rain! //Look.//
M1110 //No rain, no winds.//
F1109 Nae puddles, nae rain, nae wind, nae big puddles like there's been. But there's raindrops. Look! On the window. Look on the window.
M1110 Pull it up!
F1109 Oh no, we're nae need to pull it up. Can ye nae see through the blinds? Can you nae see through the blinds? You must be blind. [sound of blinds being pulled up] Here look. You've nae tae touch that blinds, Mam'll hae tae [inaudible] aa that, because you, don't touch! Dinna touch that at all. Okay?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Come oot o that bit, come ower here, look in the middle. You winna see this from there. That's a boy, [inaudible].
M1110 I take out the.
F1109 Has that come off again? //Put it back on again now.//
M1110 //One day I put it back on again. One day I put it.//
F1109 Come on, Mam'll help you clip it. Then I'm gaun to go and get wir snack, I think. What would you like for a snack today?
M1110 Hmm.
F1109 Milk?
M1110 Milk. And fruit.
F1109 And fruit?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Had you that in the morning at playgroup? Had you milk and fruit in the morning at playgroup?
M1110 No! It's it's the top off o them that
F1109 Taking the top off o Bob the Builder workbench? [pieces of the toy falling about] Oh, it's awfie noisy. [CENSORED: forename], that's a noisy toy. Will we go and get you a book? //Here,//
M1110 //Can I go and get a book?//
F1109 I ken a book to look at! Will we look at Disney? See if if we can spot Mickey Mouse. //Mm?//
M1110 //Ah.// Can I see it?
F1109 Aye, come on an see it. Dad's got a brochure, we're awfie lucky, we'll maybe get wir holidays. Eh? //Oh maybe.//
M1110 //Can we get a holiday?//
F1109 Maybe next year when ye're a bittie bigger, do you think? Now, farr did Dad put that? Now, farr did Dad put that book? Farr did Dad put that book? Aha, fa's that on the front?
M1110 Can I look at this Disney?
F1109 Aye. Come on ben, we'll go ben the living room.
M1110 Whoa!
F1109 I'll check if the postie's been. [inaudible] postie.
M1110 [?]Most important one is[/?] with Disney. //Disney was up over there, down the field.//
F1109 //That's the map, isn't it?// Is that a map of Disney Worl-, Land?
M1110 No.
F1109 That's there in Paris. Now, here's Disney village! Oh! It shows ye aa the different restaurants and aathing.
M1110 Restaurants.
F1109 Mm. Is there hotels? Fitt kind of hotel, are ye nae wantin that in yer pocket, ma love? //Okay.//
M1110 //No, Mam.//
F1109 Straighten yer leg oot, and I'll take it oot. And we'll just sit here. Okay? Wait till I see. //Aye, I'm taking it oot.//
M1110 //Take it oot.//
F1109 Just a sec. [fixing the microphone]
M1110 [yawn]
F1109 Okay? Ye getting sleepy? Ye had a hard day at playgroup? Come and see this wi Mickey, Oh! Here's Buffalo Bill!
M1110 Buffalo Bill.
F1109 Fitt's that?
M1110 That's [?]Popeye[/?].
F1109 Fa?
M1110 It's ba- [inaudible].
F1109 We'll leave it in. //[CENSORED: forename], no [CENSORED: forename], you canna hae, fa's that coming hame?//
M1110 //No. No!//
F1109 Is that [CENSORED: forename] come in fae the school?
M1110 [inaudible]
F1109 Is that [CENSORED: forename] coming in fae the school?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Oh, and his granda.
M1110 And his granny.
F1109 And his granny. Is his granny awa in as well?
M1110 Granny.
F1109 Oh, it's nae clippin noo. What's happened noo? Canna get that tae work. Come and s-see if, first ain to get Mickey, see if we can see Mickey Mouse.
M1110 No!
F1109 Oh!
M1110 It's this way.
F1109 Mickey. //No leave it on like, no leave it on like Mam's, no?//
M1110 //No, it's nae.//
F1109 Okay. //Leave it to Mam then, gie it tae Mammy, darlin.//
M1110 //It's// //[inaudible].//
F1109 //Okay, ye nae need it.// Okay.
M1110 We're testing.
F1109 We're testing. Mmhm.
M1110 I'm testing. I'm testing for the book.
F1109 Aye. But ye have tae dae some recording. Fitt's that? That's Mickey ears, look!
M1110 That's nae his name.
F1109 Fitt's that? Nae Mickey ears? //Wh-.//
M1110 //That [inaudible] up tae here!//
F1109 That's his hotel, Santa Fe up tae there.
M1110 Ehm.
F1109 One of the Disney hotels, is it? Fitt else could we look at?
M1110 Look at this bits.
F1109 Aye. See aa the different hotels, see if there's a nice hotel. That's a nice one. Fitt's that ain then? Oh, that's beautiful. Fitt colour is it?
M1110 It's it's orange and green.
F1109 Orange and green. And it's got, fitt kind o beds is that? One on top of the ither? //Can you,//
M1110 //It's the Shiny Show.//
F1109 Div ye ken fitt kind o beds that is, one on top of the ither?
M1110 I- it's the Shiny Show!
F1109 It's the Shiny Show. It's bunk beds, that's fitt ye ca bunk beds, [CENSORED: forename]. //One on top of the ither.//
M1110 //Ken.//
F1109 Fitt's that? Oh, look at that boy and girl, what are they doing? Having something to eat?
M1110 No. [?]That boy, that girl, a boy that's a lady and a man.[/?]
F1109 A boy and a lady and a man. And they're having their breakfast, are they?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Fitt's that in this picture here.
M1110 It's a boat!
F1109 It's boats. //Boats, that's nice, isn't it?//
M1110 //It's hundreds of boats.//
F1109 Aye.
M1110 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen, one hundred.
F1109 One hundred. //I'm nae sure if there's a hunner boats there.//
M1110 //One hun-, it's one hundred of boats.//
F1109 But there's quite a few. There's quite a few, [CENSORED: forename].
M1110 One, two, three, four!
F1109 One, two, three, four.
M1110 Five! Maybe ten!
F1109 Mmhm.
M1110 Maybe one hundred! Maybe two hundred!
F1109 Maybe two hundred.
M1110 Maybe three hundred.
F1109 Maybe three hundred.
M1110 Maybe four hundred.
F1109 Four hundred.
M1110 Maybe five hundred. Maybe six hundred. Maybe k- it's ga- maybe it's games. //I see a//
F1109 //Can you see any of the Disney characters? Hae a look and see. Oh, there's the Disneyland Hotel.// Oh, there's a map! What's on the map?
M1110 It's the islands.
F1109 It's an island, is it? //It shows ye aa the roads.//
M1110 //Yes.//
F1109 How to get tae yer, the Magic Kingdom, and aa thing. And the hotels. //Is that a nice hotel?//
M1110 //Look.// //What does.//
F1109 //Oh, it doesna show you much aboot Mickey at aa.// I thought it showed you mair aboot Mickey than that.
M1110 Mm. What about this, [?]that's where we hae our holiday[/?].
F1109 Is that aa the dates and aathing? What's this? This is Cindere- this is the castle. Is that Cinderella's castle on the front?
M1110 Cinderella. //What is this?//
F1109 //Castle. And that's the big bear oot o Jungle Book, isn't it?//
M1110 What does that say, //Mam?//
F1109 //It says Disneyland Resort, Paris.//
M1110 What does that say?
F1109 What's aa that say? That says Disneyland Resort, Paris. Oh! Fa's that? Ken him! //Is//
M1110 //It's Mickey Mouse!//
F1109 n- aye, and this one? That his nose grows longer and longer and longer.
M1110 It's //it's//
F1109 //When he tells a little white lie.//
M1110 Pinocchio.
F1109 Pinocchio! That's right! //Well done! Oh!//
M1110 //It's Pinocchio and he//
F1109 And I think that's ain o the Seven Dwarfs, is it? Is that one of the Seven Dwarfs?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 And Captain Hook, I see Captain Hook.
M1110 Here's Captain Hook!
F1109 Is that Captain Hook? //No.//
M1110 //No.// Maybe he's Captain Hook? No, be-, Mammy. That was the end of the book.
F1109 Is that the end o the book? //Aye.//
M1110 //[?]This one goes there, they're sorted now, Mam[/?].//
F1109 Will we hae a look in another book and see fitt we see? Do you want to go and choose one?
M1110 Mammy.
F1109 Be two minutes.
M1110 Does you want to choose one, to reads, of my books, Mam?
F1109 Would I choose one o your books? Well, let's see. Is there, what about Hairy Mclary?
M1110 Nope.
F1109 No, it's lying there. That's too easy.
M1110 That's Bob, maybe it's Bob, Bob.
F1109 Bob the Builder book?
M1110 Yes, Mam. //Can we go tae the,//
F1109 //Well why,// //you run down an-. Will I come too?//
M1110 //are you coming, Mam?// //Yes Mammy.//
F1109 //Okay.// Oops, I'll come an aa.
M1110 [?]Come with[/?] my tractor. //My tractor, need my,//
F1109 //Oh take ye-,// //aye, take yer tractor ben, that's right.//
M1110 //tractor.//
F1109 Will I take a blind doon? Oh! It's getting wet noo, [CENSORED: forename]. The ground's aa getting wet too. Aye, the muck's aa weet noo.
M1110 Muck's aa weet noo.
F1109 Aye, the muck's aa weet noo.
M1110 Muck's aa weet! Would you [inaudible], would you choose of my books, Mam? //Would this//
F1109 //Choo-, aye, choose ain o yer books.// Have you got a lot of books? //A lot of books.//
M1110 //I've got a lot of books.// //I've got//
F1109 //Aa different ains?// Aa different ains.
M1110 I've got a big pile of this books.
F1109 Oh you've got a big pile, there's Bob. Will we take Bob ben and look at the pictures?
M1110 Mammy, s- no sticker, get that off.
F1109 Let's take him ben, and whit aboot Thomas? Will we take Thomas doon?
M1110 Eh, and
F1109 Thomas. And the ither Bob? That big, that three big ains?
M1110 That's three big ains.
F1109 Ains, okay. Oh! //Watch yer tractor.//
M1110 //I'm sorry.// //[inaudible]//
F1109 //Watch yer lorry, you're okay, you be careful.//
M1110 Off my pile of books, //please.//
F1109 //Okay.// Come on ben, leave yer t- lorry there. Leave yer lorry and get it later. Aye. You take the books. That's a boy, you take the books. Well done.
M1110 What's this? This. It's a piece of sticky tape.
F1109 A piece of sticky tape, ye've got?
M1110 I take it. Take it with me. //[inaudible]//
F1109 //Take it with you too then, okay.// Mm. Mm?
M1110 Should we reads Thomas, //Mam?//
F1109 //Let's read Thomas first, okay.// //Want to sit up beside Mam here?//
M1110 //It's,// Mammy!
F1109 Ye sitting up here? Will I put on yer?
M1110 No! //No!//
F1109 //Can I just// stick it on yer t-shirt?
M1110 No! //No.//
F1109 //No.// //Okay, leave it there.//
M1110 //[inaudible]// Leave it there, till tomorrow. Till tomorrow. To, gaun back tae Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s, Mam.
F1109 The morrow we're gaun back to Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s, okay. We made a a bit o a boob the day, wi wir taping, didn't we? We mi- we've probably lost it or we could've daen a bittie mair. Oh! Now, fa- fa's aa this? //Come and tell Mam fa this is.//
M1110 //It's// Thomas and James and Thomas.
F1109 Thomas and James and Thomas. Oh. And fitt are they? Are they buses?
M1110 No.
F1109 Are they cars?
M1110 No. Eh, they are trains, Mam.
F1109 They're trains.
M1110 They're trains, they hae tae go out.
F1109 Oh right, they're trains, they're engines. Here's number five. Fitt's he called?
M1110 It's James.
F1109 James.
M1110 No.
F1109 Yes, you're right, the red one. He's nice and bright and reid, isn't he? //Fa's this blue ain here?//
M1110 //Aye.// One, two, three, four, five!
F1109 Five. //Oh, now you've got a number six, a green ain.//
M1110 //It's//
F1109 Fa's it?
M1110 It's James.
F1109 No, James is reid, ye've just said that. Is it Percy?
M1110 No.
F1109 It is so Percy. Cause you had a little Percy, mind? A push-along.
M1110 Per- push those ain along.
F1109 Pushed along Percy.
M1110 Pushed along Percy. //No Mam! Just leave it, tomorrow we'll gaun back tae Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s, Mam.//
F1109 //Oh.// //Okay. Will I just? No? I winna just click it there and forget aboot it.//
M1110 //No, no!// //Ju-//
F1109 //Okay.//
M1110 just leave it there, and we'll come back tae Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s on our way back.
F1109 Okay, on yer way back you can get yer mic, okay. What's this coming oot o the top o them? Puff puff! Fitt's that? Is it steam? //Cause I think they run on steam, you put coal in the engine.//
M1110 //No.//
F1109 They're steam engines, ye see? The water boils up. And they run on s- they make steam and they go, and they puff-puff coming oot the top o them. Now. Fitt number is this, [CENSORED: forename]?
M1110 It's
F1109 Oh, now, this is Count with Thomas. How many birdies can ye see?
M1110 Ehm, I make it's one, two, three, four, five!
F1109 Five. One, two, three, four, five. That's right, well done!
M1110 Where is five?
F1109 Now, where's five on the clock? There it is. Five. //Now, how, fitt aboot?//
M1110 //How many dogs?//
F1109 How many lamps can you see? //How many lights wi shades, lamps?//
M1110 //One,// two, three, four!
F1109 No.
M1110 Five!
F1109 No. //Count again.//
M1110 //Si-.//
F1109 One.
M1110 One, two, three, f-.
F1109 That's all I can see.
M1110 It's four.
F1109 Nae f-, oh, and that one would make four. //Four, right.//
M1110 //Where is four// on the clock?
F1109 There. That's four on the clock.
M1110 That's four.
F1109 Four on the clock. There it is. Number four.
M1110 How many parcels can you see, Mam?
F1109 Mm? How many parcels can you see?
M1110 One, two, three, four, five!
F1109 Five, that's right. //That's correct, well done.//
M1110 //Where, six?// Where is six?
F1109 Six is there on the clock. Right at the bottom. A twelve at the top, a six at the bottom.
M1110 Twelve at the clock, and then the other hand is pointing to number three.
F1109 And the little hand is pointing to the number three. So what time is it?
M1110 It is half-past twelve!
F1109 No. [laugh] It's three o'clock. The big hand's at twelve. And the little hand's at three on the station clock. //Oh! How many people? How many?//
M1110 //On on Thomas's clo- clock.//
F1109 How many eh- people can you see at the station?
M1110 And it's one, two, three, four, //five, it's six.//
F1109 //Mm, one, two,// three, four, five, six.
M1110 I see me here!
F1109 Oh, that's a wee boy, is he like you? Aye, he's got on his blue troosies, his shorts and a red t-shirt, red shoes.
M1110 Can I see it? Can I see it?
F1109 Aye.
M1110 Can I see Thomas crashing into th- this, Mam?
F1109 Oh, is that fitt happens? The train crashes intae
M1110 This Mam.
F1109 Does it? Crash into the shrub? //Off, it goes off the rails?//
M1110 //Yes.// //Yes.//
F1109 //Oh no, that's an accident.// That's an accident.
M1110 Does you want to see this one, Mam?
F1109 Yes, what happened to him?
M1110 It's braked.
F1109 Oh, it's braked. It's braked, and fitt happened fann it braked?
M1110 Break its eye.
F1109 Oh, it broke his eye. Breaked his eye. He's. //My eye's okay.//
M1110 //Your eyes okay, Mam.//
F1109 Oh, I see, he's hurt his eye, he's had a crash as well, Percy then. Crashed into a wagon, by the look o him, oh dear!
M1110 Oh dear! //Does you want to see this one and this one and this one?//
F1109 //Fitt happened? Oh,// my goodness! He's covered in hay noo. The wind's blown the hay all ower him noo. And they've stuck to Percy. Oh no! Puir Percy!
M1110 Puir Percy! //No!//
F1109 //I'll put this awa, will I?// //Okay.//
M1110 //No! No! No!//
F1109 Gie it tae Mammy.
M1110 Want to stay here.
F1109 Aye, okay.
M1110 [inaudible] we are finished this ones and this ones and this ones, Mammy.
F1109 Oh, I see. How many trains is there aathegither, then?
M1110 It's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
F1109 Ye're right! Well done! //Ten trains aathegither.//
M1110 //Eight, nine.// //[inaudible]//
F1109 //Mam had to doublecheck there just now, you was too quick.// //Do you ken ony o their names?//
M1110 //[inaudible]// Trains. //There's a aeroplane.//
F1109 //Div you ken any o the ither ains names?// Oh, that's the aeroplane, aye.
M1110 That's a train, that's at train, that's a train. That's a train, that's, that's a train, that's a train. //What's that called, Mam? Mammy!//
F1109 //You you ken a lot o yer trains.//
M1110 Who's that called? Who's that called?
F1109 Ooh, and I ken fitt that ain's called, wait till I see, would that be Donald? Yes. //It's a biggie, isn't he?//
M1110 //Who's that, Mam?//
F1109 Is that, oh no, it's nae number five, that's another red one. Must be one o that names, really we have to look at the front and see fitt wir trains are //called.//
M1110 //Who's that one?// Who's. I'm found this this one and this one and this one in the bottom, Mam.
F1109 In the bottom.
M1110 What's this? What's this one? What's this one?
F1109 That's a big working one. //That's a big working one. Fitt's he carrying?//
M1110 //Mam?//
F1109 This ain's carrying stones or something, look. Mm.
M1110 It's dark.
F1109 It's dark in that ain. Must be a tunnel, is it? Or is he in his sleepy shed? //Oh//
M1110 //In the sleepy shed.//
F1109 he's in his sleepy shed.
M1110 How man-, how many shapes can you see, Mam? //Ma-.//
F1109 //Mm, how many shapes? I can see a lot of circles.//
M1110 Ma- I count them.
F1109 Mmhm.
M1110 And you counts to twenty.
F1109 Okay.
M1110 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen! //You counts to twenty now.//
F1109 //Twenty.// Well done! One, two, three, //four, oh, you count.//
M1110 //I counts the shapes.// One, two, three, four, five, o-, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.
F1109 Ten, eleven.
M1110 Two! Oh, it's one, this one are the same as this one! Two the same as this one. And the two is the one.
F1109 That's awfie clever, you're a a clever lad at this trains business. Hmm?
M1110 How how many colours can you see, Mam?
F1109 Oh, I can see four colours. Is there four colours?
M1110 That's green and it's it's
F1109 Is it brown?
M1110 it's brown, and it's blue, and it's er [?]bear[/?]!
F1109 Black.
M1110 For Thomas! //For Thomas.//
F1109 //Thomas.//
M1110 Funnel, it's the funnel for Thomas.
F1109 Mm. //Now.//
M1110 //It's// erm. //Can you hear that noise [?]outside[/?]?//
F1109 //That's a car awa by.// That's a blue car awa by, that's makkin the noise. That's a story. And you have to ge- you have to say the pictures, and that's the words that goes into the story. That's a good book [CENSORED: forename], isn't it?
M1110 Abracazubrab!
F1109 Abracadazubrab! Fa says abracazubrab?
M1110 No.
F1109 No? [laugh]
M1110 Wiggle waggle.
F1109 Wiggle waggle. Wiggle waggle.
M1110 Yeah! //It's dark.//
F1109 //Wiggle waggle woo!//
M1110 It's dark.
F1109 It's dark.
M1110 It's sunny.
F1109 Sunny? It's sunny today!
M1110 What's that missing? //What's that missing?//
F1109 //Can you fit the shape in?// I think it looks like Toby. And that must be Gordon, look, that's the shape that would fit in there, isn't it? Oh, it tells you their names now.
M1110 What's this? //That must//
F1109 //Farr's little Percy?//
M1110 go in here. Is something missing?
F1109 Something missing? Is that Percy?
M1110 That's Percy, that's Tommy, that's Sissy, that's Bob, that's Bonnie, that's Bonnie, that's aeroplane, Mam.
F1109 That's the aeroplane, that's Harold. Harold's the helicopter, isn't he?
M1110 Harold.
F1109 Oh.
M1110 Where is he missing from? Where is he missing?
F1109 Well, there's Har-, there's Harold there, look. There's Harold.
M1110 There's Harold, to go up tae here.
F1109 Okay.
M1110 That goes up tae here. That goes here.
F1109 And that goes there, that's right.
M1110 That goes, that goes here. That's goes here!
F1109 Is that Toby? Mm, I think it does go there. //That's clever, that//
M1110 //That one goes in there.//
F1109 that ain definitely goes there.
M1110 This is to go in here.
F1109 Mmhm.
M1110 This one.
F1109 This ain, fitt's this ain here? James? //He might go there.//
M1110 //James.//
F1109 That's aa the shapes fixed, that's a good boy, that's clever. What would you like? Would you like fish fingers for yer supper?
M1110 That was the end of Thomas.
F1109 That was the end o Thomas.
M1110 Next we needs this one.
F1109 Fitt ain's this? Bob the Builder?
M1110 It's Bob the Builder.
F1109 Okay, let's hae a look at it. Here's Bob's dog, fitt's he called? Scruffy or something?
M1110 No! [?]Sore arm[/?].
F1109 Oh, hold on.
M1110 This one! //Here,//
F1109 //Okay, [inaudible].//
M1110 what's this one here, Mam?
F1109 Okay. Turn roon abootie then. I'll just, oops! I'll stick mine back on oot the road, okay? //Aye.//
M1110 //No! Stick your one.// //Mam.//
F1109 //It's in, it's in the road. There, darling.// Wh- put it on Mam's jumper and it winna be in the way. Right! Now, and we'll twi- Mam'll twirly-wirly roon. Okay? [?]Beside[/?]. Better? //That's better.//
M1110 //That's better.// CBeebies Bob. //CBeebies Bob!//
F1109 //Listen, fitt aboot supper, fitt?// CBeebies Bob, is that the name o the book? CBeebies Bob the Builder. //CB-, and it's BBC.//
M1110 //CBeebies Bob the Builder.// BBC.
F1109 BBC.
M1110 BBC One!
F1109 BBC One. Right, let's have a look inside o Bob, then.
M1110 Fitt aboot supper? Would you like fish fingers?
F1109 Tell Mam, please.
M1110 Put this cover off. And //put this here.//
F1109 //Okay, keep it up safe then, up here, nae get it aa torn.// It's nice, isn't it? It's a bonny cover. So are w-, is it fish fingers tonight then? //And smileys?//
M1110 //No.// //No.//
F1109 //No?// Oh dear. //Well ye'd neeps and tatties [inaudible] yer dinner.//
M1110 //What's this// thing, Mam? //What's this say!//
F1109 //So I thought you would hae something like that. [tut]// It says "A Christmas To Remember" . A feast of Christmas fun. So this is a Christmas one.
M1110 It's CBeebies, it's CBeebies Bob.
F1109 It's a CBeebies Bob.
M1110 It's it's CBeebies Bob.
F1109 CBeebies Bob. //Let's, you turn the page then and see fitt else is on it then, besides CBeebies Bob.//
M1110 //It's CBeebies Bob.// CBeebies, CBeebies, CBeebies, CBeebies Bob. //Mam! No!//
F1109 //So would you like, fitt aboot fish fingers and beans and smileys?// No. Scrambled eggs then?
M1110 No!
F1109 Ye nae hungry?
M1110 Huh huh huh.
F1109 Ye tummy full o tattie soup?
M1110 Erm, yes.
F1109 Hmm?
M1110 Well, we'll have a think in a wee while. [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1109 //Fa's that cat?// //Fa's that cat?//
M1110 //It's Pilch-// it's Pilchard!
F1109 Oh, it's Pilchard! Whose cat's that?
M1110 It's Bob's.
F1109 Oh it's Bob's cat? And who's that? Is that his friend?
M1110 That's his friend.
F1109 Who, what's her name?
M1110 Ah! Mam!
F1109 Oh no! It's
M1110 Say it!
F1109 Oh! //Say it, let's read it then.//
M1110 //Say it! And this, and this,// and this, and this, and and this, and this, and this, //and this, and this, Mam!//
F1109 //What this, that's// this! So I've, will I read the whole page? //Right, let me see.//
M1110 //Whole page, Mum.//
F1109 Put that awa.
M1110 Put that awa.
F1109 Put that awa. //And that awa, okay.//
M1110 //Put that awa, and this awa.//
F1109 Put that ower here. Okay? //That's it,//
M1110 //Put this ower tae here.//
F1109 that's wir mics away again. Okay. Ar-, mine's really, it's better here, cause I'm aye fear I would s- sit on it or stand on it. Now hold this yin. No darling, leave it on.
M1110 No!
F1109 Oh well. Let me see, think we're getting [?]too fussy[/?]. //Okay, pop it there then.//
M1110 //I// //I I nae//
F1109 //Oops!// //That's it.//
M1110 //I nae ken how to put the cord in, Mam.//
F1109 Mm? //Right, open up,//
M1110 //I nae ken how to put that cord in, Mam.//
F1109 Who's who's gan to come and visit Bob in this story, do you ken fa it is?
M1110 It's Tom.
F1109 Bob's brother, Tom? Is it? Bob's brither Tom gaun to come an visit? Hey, you're a [inaudible] into the mic. Gimme that, gimme that mic. That's it. So, farr does Bob's brother bide?
M1110 It's so cold.
F1109 Somewey, somewey cold?
M1110 Granda [CENSORED: surname] cold.
F1109 Granda [CENSORED: surname]'s cold? //Farr gra-?//
M1110 //Can I goes there tonight?//
F1109 Can you go to Granda [CENSORED: surname]'s the night? Well, I'll have a think. Later on maybe, after tea.
M1110 No! Can I have a go at [CENSORED: forename]'s?
F1109 Fitt game does this [CENSORED: forename] got that you like to play?
M1110 Pig.
F1109 The piggies?
M1110 Piggies.
F1109 Fitt's the name o that game, I don't know it. //Hmm, I dinna ken.//
M1110 //Can I go, Mam?//
F1109 You can go, aye. You can go later or go tomorrow. That's a new game she's got, and I nae ken farr she's got that ain, it's it's something aboot the three piggies. And fitt have ye tae dae? How do you play the game?
M1110 Play //I,//
F1109 //Have ye to pick up a piggy?// //And it,//
M1110 //Yes.//
F1109 does it mak a noise?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Uh-huh. And have you tae collect as much piggies as you can?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Is that the idea of [CENSORED: forename]'s game? //Oh, well.//
M1110 //This.// I pick one and put it, and aside, it was none left, Mam.
F1109 Oh you put it beside you and then there was none left? //You took oot a lot of big piggies.//
M1110 //No.//
F1109 Right. You must have been the winner then? You manage to collect aa the piggies? That was very good.
M1110 And [CENSORED: forename] has nane.
F1109 And [CENSORED: forename] has na-, [CENSORED: forename] has nane. Oh well, she wouldna have won at aa if she had nane. I think the idea o the game would be to collect as many as you possibly cuid, eh? //You're a winner of [CENSORED: forename]'s game, you are sot!//
M1110 //I'm a winner of [CENSORED: forename]'s game.// You are so. //You are a winner!//
F1109 //You're a-.// Am, am I a winner and aa? Oh well, I'll hae to practise the game Fa's that doggie, [CENSORED: forename]? Has Bob got a doggie and aa? Or is it a r- that 's a reindeer, oh, is that a baby reindeer? That's a baby reindeer, Mam thought it was a doggie. //How silly was that.//
M1110 //Mammy!// //Are you watching this?//
F1109 //Now, is this Tom's, is this Bob's brither Tom?// //With the with the parka on?//
M1110 //Yes!// This, //but read this this first.//
F1109 //Right.// Oh, maybe we'll, if read that ain first, we'll get the idea, Mam'll get acquainted.
M1110 That was the end of Bob.
F1109 But that's nae Tom that's wi Bob in that ain, fa's that?
M1110 I don-.
F1109 Fa's that? That's his other f-, that's a friend. Who's his friend? //You know? Div ye know her name?//
M1110 //C-.// It's rabbits. Do you know what these are?
F1109 Dae ye ken her name, [CENSORED: forename]?
M1110 No, Mam. Don't know what's this, all, Mam. Don't know, know.
F1109 Oh that's Scruffy. That's the dog's names. Count with Scruffy. That's Scruffy. Fitt's that?
M1110 That's a duck, that's a tortoise, that's a mouse and a penguin.
F1109 That's nae a penguin, that's an owl. That's right though, that's a mouse. And that's a tortoise. And fitt's that? //Oh, it's a duck.//
M1110 //Duck, duck and tortoise.// //It's a, Mam, [child noise].//
F1109 //Well, aye, it's a bird wi a big beak.//
M1110 I found him.
F1109 Uh-huh.
M1110 I count //I//
F1109 //You count?// //Count to//
M1110 //I// I c- I count furry animals.
F1109 Count aa the furry animals, okay. //Uh-huh.//
M1110 //Duck, tortoise, a mouse, and a mouse and// owl!
F1109 Owl, that's good.
M1110 Which one do you choose, Mam?
F1109 I choose the tortoise.
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Cause he goes slow, doesn't he?
M1110 I I like to pick the duck.
F1109 You like to pick a duck? And what do we do now?
M1110 Beak, beak, beak!
F1109 Will we see how many ducks we can get?
M1110 Yes.
F1109 Okay.
M1110 I get one. //You get two, and three, and four.//
F1109 //Torto- I I have to look for tortoises?// I can only see one tortoise. Is there more than one?
M1110 No! //It's//
F1109 //Oh! How many?// //There's a lot of ducks though.//
M1110 //it's [?]numbers[/?].//
F1109 Count the ducks.
M1110 One, two.
F1109 Oh, that's another duck, that's a extra duck, Mam only got one tortoise.
M1110 I've got two mouses. I've gots two mouses, like, [?]mines ain[/?].
F1109 Two mousies?
M1110 Like, eh, uh, like that's ain, Mam!
F1109 Like that?
M1110 Like that's ain, Mam.
F1109 Oh! Two mousies, like that ain? Farr are they? There's ain! One, two! Now.
M1110 I've only see three.
F1109 Div you see three? Oh! Is that another ain? It could be. Is that his luggies? Or is it a flower? //Oh, that's a flower.//
M1110 //It's a flower.// Oh ma-, how many numbers can you see, Mam?
F1109 How many numbers? Haud on. Let's count. //How many numbers can we see?//
M1110 //I count them, one,// //two, three.//
F1109 //Ye're daein an awfie lot of counting the day.//
M1110 Three, five, four!
F1109 Four numbers. Fitt aboot rhyming off some of this things? Here's the doggie, fitt's he called?
M1110 He's fall down.
F1109 He's called Scruffy. He's called Scruffy. //Fa's the, fa's the pussycat?//
M1110 //[inaudible]// //Is it//
F1109 //Fitt's her name?//
M1110 it's Pilchard!
F1109 Pilchard! Fa's this mannie then? Oh, it's the farmer. Fitt's his name?
M1110 It's Farmer Pickles.
F1109 Farmer Pickles, mm. Who's she? I dinna ken fa that is, [CENSORED: forename]. Oh, that's Molly, is it?
M1110 That was the end of this //story.//
F1109 //Oh, that was the end of the story.//
M1110 That was [inaudible] //story.//
F1109 //Fa's that? Fa's that?//
M1110 It's it's it's Farmer Pickles.
F1109 It's nae! It's a scarecrow or something, is it? I dinna ken. //Fitt's his name?//
M1110 //No.// //It stabs, Mam.//
F1109 //Oh.//
M1110 It stabs like my knife, Mam.
F1109 Oh, it stabs? Oh dear! //Fa's that? Is that Wendy, and aa?//
M1110 //No.//
F1109 That girl. Fitt's that quine's name?
M1110 No.
F1109 No? You divna ken! You divna ken fitt that quine's name is. Bob's friend. Div ye? Is it Wendy?
M1110 No.
F1109 No?
M1110 [exhale]
F1109 Will Mam go and get a snack? Would you like a sweet treat?
M1110 Yes, I like a sweet sweets.
F1109 A sweet treat. Would you like a drink o milk? Drink o milk?
M1110 No, um.
F1109 Water?
M1110 No.
F1109 No? Nae water either?
M1110 No.
F1109 You're awful sleepy, like. Had you a busy, busy day at playgroup? Playing action games?
M1110 [sob] //[sob]//
F1109 //Oh me!// //Fitt's that song you wis learning the day?//
M1110 //[child noise]//
F1109 I heard you singing? //Can you sing it to me?//
M1110 //What's that?//
F1109 That's the letters, H.I.T., that must be the publishers, is it? Or the people that mak Bob? We'll tidy the books away?
M1110 What's that? What's that up to here?
F1109 Fitt's that up tae here? Let me see. H.I.T.
M1110 What's that? What's that?
F1109 That's I. Wi a bobble on the top.
M1110 I.
F1109 I, wi a bobble on the top.
M1110 I. What's thats? What's that signs?
F1109 Fitt's that sign? Fitt sign's that noo? Point again. Show Mam again.
M1110 This one and this one and this one and this one and this one, Mam.
F1109 Oh, that's the people that make Bob, that's HIT, H.I.T. Entertainment. That's the logo for them.
M1110 [child noise]
F1109 Okay? That's their special sign. //And they make that programme, Bob.//
M1110 //Bob.//
F1109 Mmhm.
M1110 Bob.
F1109 Yes. Somebody has dreamt it up, all that ideas aboot Bob. And that Wendy, and Muck and all his friends. And H.I.T. entertainment have produced it onto tellies and books and aathing for ye. Hmm? Cause you like Bob, divn't ye? Does a lot of the boys at playgroup like Bob?
M1110 Bo- Bob is finished, of that that that.
F1109 Mmm, Bob is finished. //Fa made ye, fa made your snack at playgroup the day? Mrs [CENSORED: surname]?//
M1110 //Yes.// //Mammy! Can you get a snack for me?//
F1109 //Uh-huh?// //Yes, what would you like? Something nice?//
M1110 //Mam.//
F1109 Something crunchy, I think, eh? //Let's have something crunchy.//
M1110 //[burp]// //Pardon me!//
F1109 //Oopsadaisy! Was that you? Pardon you, I think so!// //[inaudible]That's alright!//
M1110 //I'm sorry, Mam.//
F1109 That's alright.
M1110 My head's sore.
F1109 [sigh] Would you like milk or water for yer drink?
M1110 I like, erm,
F1109 Pardon?
M1110 I like them, //I like//
F1109 //What would you like?//
M1110 I like them.
F1109 You want that ones or that ones?
M1110 This ones!
F1109 That's clear ones? Okay. [opening packet of crisps] //Now.//
M1110 //I don't want this ones.//
F1109 They're cheese and onion.
M1110 I-, that one. [eating crisps]
F1109 Mm. Nice? What's that you're havin? //Mm.//
M1110 //It's prawn cocktail, Mam.//
F1109 Prawn cocktail crisps? And what shape are they?
M1110 They're square.
F1109 They're squares, that's right. Mm.
M1110 Can I eat them?
F1109 You can have them for your snack.
M1110 [child noise]
F1109 I'll go and get some juice? Water?
M1110 No. Mm. //[child noise]//
F1109 //You might need it.// //Is it sore? Have you got a sore mou?//
M1110 //[sob]// //Yes.//
F1109 //[inaudible]// Oh, what's happened? Have you gotten a nippy bit in that mouth? A nippy bit? Mm.
M1110 You've got a sore mouth, Mam.
F1109 I definitely shouldna be eating these.
M1110 [rustle of crisp packet] I don't want that ones.
F1109 Do you want this ones, then? //Mm.//
M1110 //This ones I want, Mam.// //I try one.//
F1109 //Mm.// Try them and see if you like them.
M1110 [inaudible] Just right. //Just right, Mammy.//
F1109 //Just right.// Okay. My, we're muchning away here, aren't we? Mm? We won't do much recording when we're r- eating up cheese and onion crisps, and sqaure crisps and [inhale], oops for wir snack.
M1110 It's nearly go out time, Mam?
F1109 Nearly go out time? It's a bit rainy to go out, darlin. That's why we thought we'd dae some recording, and dae some inside stuff. Fitt did you hae this morning, for snack?
M1110 Mm. //I wa-,//
F1109 //When ye was at playgroup.//
M1110 I don't wait to go my bed, get up in the morning, to go playschool, //Mam.//
F1109 //Oh!// You can't wait to go to your bed, to get up in the morning and go to playschool? That's good! You must like it? You like Mrs [CENSORED: surname] and Mrs [CENSORED: surname]? And Mrs [CENSORED: surname]? They're nice teachers, aren't they? I think, did you say it was pizza today? Pizza? //Mm.//
M1110 //Yes.//
F1109 And fruit?
M1110 Yeah. [child noise]
F1109 And what was your drink? Fitt did you get to drink?
M1110 Milk.
F1109 Milk. Do ye like milk? Yes, you like milk, eh?

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 17, recording 2: playing and chatting indoors


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Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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