Document 340

Paes eggs

Author(s): Christine De Luca

Copyright holder(s): Christine De Luca


I dy harned haand du held ta da licht
een o da eggs at du wid gie her
morroless lik dee; shaa'd her
hits less dan perfect shape
da ruckly wye da shall wis med

dat day at du kent whin shö cam
hit wis da hidmost time du'd feel
da lichtness at shö browt. Aa da sam

fur aa da fash o life, da lettin go
da lettin doon: hit hed ta geng
ee wye or tidder. Da twa ends
owre far apairt ta hadd tagidder

dat day at du pressed
mair is da half dizzen
inta her haands; paes egg
apö paes egg. 'Tak care noo.
Tak twartree mair fur da bairns.'

paes eggs: easter eggs; i: in; dy: your; harned: hardened; du: you (familiar); een o: one of; wid: would; gie; give; morroless: not matching, as of a pair; dee: you (familiar); shaa'd: showed; hits: its; dan: than; ruckly: uneven; wye: way; wis: was; med: made; dat, at: that; kent: knew; whin: when; shö: she; cam: came; hidmost: last; browt: brought; aa da sam: all the same; fash: bother, trouble; geng: go; ee wye or tidder: one way or the other; twa: two; owre: too; hadd: hold; tagidder: together; mair is: more than; dizzen: dozen; apö: upon; noo: now; twartree: a few; mair: more; bairns: children

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Paes eggs


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