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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 06, recording 3: playing car racing games on Playstation

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Audio transcription

F1097 [cough]
M1098 That's a beastie.
F1097 Far?
M1098 Here.
F1097 Let me see.
M1098 Look.
F1097 It's nae, it's just itchy, is it?
M1098 Take it out o there.
F1097 Aye.
M1098 Spider up my bedroom.
F1097 Is there a spider in your //bedroom?//
M1098 //Aye.// You'll hae to hoover it up.
F1097 'I'll hoover it up efter then. Is it a big ain?
M1098 [?]A wee[/?].
F1097 Is it away?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Aye.
M1098 [child noise]
F1097 We'll hae to move the rug ower
M1098 So.
F1097 the flair.
M1098 I sit there.
F1097 You sit there, aye.
M1098 Dad! Look.
F1097 [exhale] Right. I'll sit here. [cough] [?]What's this lorry, it goes into a mannie[/?], does it?
M1098 No. Not.
F1097 You nae like it in the mannie.
M1098 Got wings.
F1097 Has it got wings?
M1098 Look.
F1097 Oh, so it has. They're big ains that. Does it fly?
M1098 Aye. [makes aeroplane noise]
F1097 Is it an aeroplane lorry?
M1098 Aye!
F1097 Oh well. So did you enjoy your stay in the hospital yesterday?
M1098 No.
F1097 No? Would you like to go back?
M1098 No.
F1097 No. Did you like your doctor?
M1098 No.
F1097 No, he was silly, wasn't he?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 What did he say to you?
M1098 Nothing.
F1097 He did. What did he say to you?
M1098 Look at mess.
F1097 So there is.
M1098 Hae to clean up.
F1097 Aye.
M1098 [sneeze] Is that my towel?
F1097 Aye, that's your towel. Want a shot of the Playstation then? Eh?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Want a shot on the racing car?
M1098 Aye. Please. You put.
F1097 You put your towel through to the kitchen.
M1098 I did clean up.
F1097 Okay, stand up a minutie. [inaudible] Wait, wait. Right, you put your towel back through to the kitchen. I'll get Playstation and hook it up. //You want the racing car?//
M1098 //[cough]// Aye. Fast. Up here. Oh wow! That's a Christmas tree.
F1097 Yeah.
M1098 That's a Christmas tree.
F1097 That's a Christmas tree.
M1098 That's it.
F1097 Eh?
M1098 That cranie. There's a mannie on it.
F1097 Is there a mannie on it?
M1098 Aye. Look.
F1097 Aye. Right.
M1098 Put it on. //No, maybe, [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename].//
F1097 //Right. Sit doon then. Sit doon there.// And dinna touch the control pad till Mum gets the thingy on, okay? No, leave it for Mum. Just hold it. Dinna touch the buttons then. Right. Okay. [cough]
M1098 wow!
F1097 There's the volume on the bottom.
M1098 You press that.
F1097 Aye, but Mum's okay to press it. So I'll go into the game. //But if you//
M1098 //Tha-.//
F1097 press it. You press it, and all you see then, aathing goes all wonky.
M1098 That yi- that one brakes. That yin brakes. [?]Where's[/?] the Focus? D- that's my ain.
F1097 Hm?
M1098 Don't press mine ain.
F1097 I'm nae pressing your ain.
M1098 No. I telt you.
F1097 Oh you telt me, did you?
M1098 Aye. Press your ain. Oh here's the Focus. Here your car. Here my car.
F1097 Your the Focus on the bottom. Right? Come on then. //Remember,//
M1098 //Down the bottom.//
F1097 that's your accelerator, and left and right. Ready, steady, //go!//
M1098 //Go!//
F1097 Remember, steer left and right. Oh, Mum's crashed already. [laugh] So have you. Right, you're gaun the wrong way. Turn your car around, you're gaun the wrong way.
M1098 I'm not. I see.
F1097 Oh, [laugh] Mum's crashed.
M1098 Is that my car?
F1097 Aye, you've crashed and all. There you go there, look. //Right.//
M1098 //Oh.//
F1097 You'll hae to press that button and your accelerator. Reverse.
M1098 That's it.
F1097 Right. Press that ain and your accelerator. The big cross, no the big cross.
M1098 aye.
F1097 That ain. Right, go!
M1098 Go! Oh! Oh, [inaudible]. Oh.
F1097 You're gaun the wrong way again. Wait a minute, I'll get you sorted.
M1098 Your, your car nae work.
F1097 [inaudible] I dinna ken farr yer at [CENSORED: forename]. Right. Wait till I see.
M1098 I see.
F1097 I'll just get you by this bittie then, will I?
M1098 Aye. That's it. Hooray!
F1097 There's Mummy there. Look, see the red car.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Mum's crashed, see. Right.
M1098 Crashing out [?]folk[/?].
F1097 Right, there you go. Press. That's your accelerator.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Left and right and straight on. Okey dokey? Right, go!
M1098 Go!
F1097 You're in reverse. No, no, no, no, woah, woah, woah, woah! Right, that way. Press that ain.
M1098 Go! Oh! I crashed anoo. [inaudible] [inhale] I'm a dodgy driver.
F1097 Aye, you're a dodgy driver!
M1098 Crashing again. Oh dearie me. Go! Watch, I'm a dodgy driver. [laugh]
F1097 Aye, you're dodgy.
M1098 I'm gaun on the grass.
F1097 Aye.
M1098 Go!
F1097 Farr you at? Oh! Mum's crashed. Oh I seen you noo. You're gaun the wrong way, you're reversing. You're supposed to go forward, press your accelerator button.
M1098 That's it.
F1097 That's it. Oh you crashed.
M1098 Hae to get oot of road.
F1097 Are you stuck? Do you want Mum to help you?
M1098 Aye, help me. Look.
F1097 [cough]
M1098 Oh your ain's stuck.
F1097 There you go there, look.
M1098 Oh aye. Give me a go. Gie us mine.
F1097 Right. Steer left! Oh me, you're roond the wrong way. No, no, no, no. Right, right. Accelerate. Then reverse [inaudible]. Let go of your accelerator.
M1098 He get out of the road. That me.
F1097 Right, there you go. Woah woah woah woah!
M1098 Oh I'm going to crash in the tree.
F1097 Aye. I canna see you.
M1098 I canna see myself. Oh that's my car there. See me?
F1097 Right, there you go.
M1098 Oh no, the [child noise].
F1097 Right, reverse. Accelerate.
M1098 I canna see myself.
F1097 Accelerate. Wrong button, that's reverse. Accelerate's the big cross. No, that ain.
M1098 [exhale] Oh you're stuck. I canna see myself.
F1097 There you go.
M1098 Thanks. Oh God! Dearie me.
F1097 You've crashed again?
M1098 Aye. Oh jeepers. Oh my jeepers creepers.
F1097 Do you need help?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 You stuck?
M1098 You get me out of there. Hae to get me out of the grass. Canna see myself. Canna see myself. I've gone. Oh my car there. My [inaudible] in there.
F1097 Oh, the wrong way.
M1098 I goin the wrong way. You are goin the wrong way, Mum. Look, you goin the wrong way.
F1097 Nay, I'm going the right way noo. I didna [inaudible]. I'll get you out the trees then. Okay? Will that be a better idea for you?
M1098 [inhale] Crashed in the sign!
F1097 Aye.
M1098 I ken.
F1097 Oh! Crashed into the trees, never mind the signs.
M1098 That's me.
F1097 No, I'll get you oot the trees.
M1098 [inaudible]
F1097 Right there you go. You're out the trees now. There you go.
M1098 Oh thanks. //Oh crashed in the fence.//
F1097 //[cough]// You're awa the wrong way.
M1098 Oh God, dearie me! [inaudible] driver. God, this is me. Look at me.
F1097 I see you. You keep goin the wrong way I notice.
M1098 I hate turning. Hate turning th- my brakes.
F1097 Oh, look at Mum's car. //Look at that!//
M1098 //Oh dearie me!// You're bashed!
F1097 In the ditch.
M1098 Ditch. You're in the trees I think. I canna see myself. Oh, I'm lost. I canna see myself.
F1097 Wait till I see farr you're at.
M1098 Oh here my go. [?]Who's he got that off?[/?]
F1097 No, leave that on. Just wait a minute. [cough] I dinna ken whit way you're gaun.
M1098 Just clip that Mum, out my ears.
F1097 Oh, woah woah woah, mine's crashing. Now wait a minute. [cough] Right, here we go. I've gotten you sorted noo.
M1098 That's the pink ain. Give my car! Slow down, slow down!
F1097 There you go, there's your car.
M1098 Go! Dearie me! [?]Look at[/?], we're here.
F1097 You're gaun the wrong way.
M1098 Oh God!
F1097 You need to turn your car.
M1098 I want the pink ain. I'm a [?]crasher[/?]. I'm a [?]crasher[/?]. You don't press that ain. You don't press a-.
F1097 Are you stuck? [cough]
M1098 Nope. Are you stuck //now?//
F1097 //You're awful// stuck in the bushes. Here and I'll help you.
M1098 Not me. In the grass again! Want to take it off.
F1097 No, no, keep it on.
M1098 Too warm!
F1097 No, it's nae.
M1098 It is!
F1097 [CENSORED: forename]. Look, there you go, you're gaun the right way noo. Look, look!
M1098 [exhale]
F1097 There you go, see. Are you wanting your car back? There you go.
M1098 [exhale]
F1097 No [CENSORED: forename].
M1098 [child noise]
F1097 Right, well you hae to pit a jumper on.
M1098 [child noises]
F1097 Do you want a t-shirt on?
M1098 Aye, I'll get ain.
F1097 There. There's a t-shirt up there for you. Go and get that ain.
M1098 No!
F1097 No! [CENSORED: forename]! Go and get than ain up there! [CENSORED: forename], go and get that one up there. There's nae t-shirts up the stairs. There's that ain there. Now hurry up. Look!
M1098 Want another ain. That's a foul ain.
F1097 It's nae. It is clean. Look, you're gaun awa to your bed anyway. I want to get a wash and a bed. [CENSORED: forename].
M1098 No!
F1097 Well, hurry up then.
M1098 It stank, it's bad. [CENSORED: forename]! [CENSORED: forename]. [long pause when child is out of the room]
F1097 Hurry up [CENSORED: forename]!
M1098 I got ain!
F1097 Come on then.
M1098 [CENSORED: third speaker in background]
F1097 [cough]
M1098 Here. //Here. Here.//
F1097 //Right, come here.// Come here, hurry up!
M1098 I nae w-. I nae want that!
F1097 No. Look, come here.
M1098 Please, no! //No!//
F1097 //It maks your car go faster.//
M1098 Please, no! I nae want it.
F1097 Well, I'll put it on Daisy will I?
M1098 Aye. Put it on Daisy.
F1097 Right, come on play with your cars. Now look, your car's stuck.
M1098 I nae w- I nae want that!
F1097 I'm nae gaun to pit it on you right, come on then.
M1098 Put on it Daisy.
F1097 Aye.
M1098 That's it.
F1097 Right, come on then. We'll leave it on there. Right, just sit down there. We'll play with your cars. No, sit here!
M1098 I sit here!
F1097 Right, [cough] here's your cars then.
M1098 Right, thanks.
F1097 [inaudible] car's stuck. Okay? //[CENSORED: forename] go put that in that box again there, please.//
M1098 //[inaudible]//
F1097 [cough] Right, you ready?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Alright, do you want me to unstick you?
M1098 Aye!
F1097 Er reverse.
M1098 Yes! Thanks Mum, [?]finished[/?] Ma, please. Thanks Mum.
F1097 Right, there you go. You're crashing in the trees again. [cough] Are you managing okay?
M1098 Aye. Oh no, oh no!
F1097 Do you want me to help you? Will I help you?
M1098 [?]First ma,[/?] please Oh your car finished. That's my car, please. Oh look at the state of your car!
F1097 vocallex desc="Oh" /> aye.
M1098 Mingin!
F1097 [laughs] Is is mingin?
M1098 Aye! Finish mine ain please.
F1097 Finish your ain.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Okay. Right, [inaudible]. Look at the smoke comin oot of your car.
M1098 Oh aye. So is yours.
F1097 Yeah.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 The faster you go, the more smoke comes oot!
M1098 Aye!
F1097 Right, you've got a burst radiator.
M1098 Aye! Burst radiator.
F1097 You had a good car, [inaudible] it keeps pulling it to the left or the right.
M1098 Aye. Oh, here my moon. Here my moon again.
F1097 Oh dearie me.
M1098 [inhale] Here, I'm on again. What day is it? Look, here my moon.
F1097 Oh your engine's cut oot.
M1098 Oh it's so annoyed. Cut oot.
F1097 [cough] [cough] You dinna seem to hae steam coming oot your engine this time.
M1098 That nae steam. Nae steam.
F1097 No. //Oh,//
M1098 //Yes.//
F1097 there it goes, look, steam's started already.
M1098 Started already. That's nae my Focus!
F1097 Aye.
M1098 I I ken. Same as yours. I ken. //I ken that.//
F1097 //Aye.// I bet your car's going to be all bashed and all thing by the time it gets to the finish.
M1098 Bashed.
F1097 Aye.
M1098 The engine, the the the heat.
F1097 No, your engine's cut oot again.
M1098 Cut oot again. Got to do my car. What you doing with my car? [child noises] [humming] Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
F1097 There you go, look. That's you finished.
M1098 Oh aye.
F1097 Shall we see the state of your car? [cough] Look at the steam coming out of it.
M1098 Oh aye, so it does.
F1097 Is it wrecked?
M1098 Nae tyre. Nae heat! Nae heat!
F1097 Will we restart? //[cough]//
M1098 //Want an-, want another car.//
F1097 You want another car?
M1098 Aye. [exhale]
F1097 Right. What kind of car you wantin this time?
M1098 A black ain.
F1097 A black ain? Wait till we see fitt we've got then.
M1098 A Corsa.
F1097 You want a Corsa?
M1098 Aye. I want that ain.
F1097 You wanting that ain?
M1098 That's your ain. I want that ain.
F1097 You wanting a Punto? Right, so Mam will hae that ain.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Right, okay.
M1098 I beat you!
F1097 You'll beat me, will you!
M1098 Aye, fast! Beat you fast!
F1097 Right, so you're wanting that ain?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 And fitt's your name?
M1098 I don't know.
F1097 You do so. What's your name? [CENSORED: forename]?
M1098 [CENSORED: forename]
F1097 Fitt's your name?
M1098 [CENSORED: forename] [inaudible]
F1097 Oh we're in Australia.
M1098 Where your car?
F1097 [cough]
M1098 Where your car?
F1097 Right, wait till I see what's happened here.
M1098 Oh, [?]tried[/?].
F1097 [cough] Right, there you go. You need to wait till your thing com-, your car comes up. Dinna press buttons yet. Got an itch.
M1098 Come on. Just leave it.
F1097 Okay. We'll need tae wait till it loads. Remember your car the last time. The state of it. //It had nae tyres or nothing, had it?//
M1098 //Uh-huh.//
F1097 It's mangled. Mmhm.
M1098 There mine, there's mine.
F1097 Right, I think this game, it's, you hae to wait. It's Mam first and then it's you. Okay?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 So you watch Mam racing and you'll see all the corners. So you'll ken farr the corners and that are when they come up. Okay?
M1098 [inhale] I got itchy leg. I got itchy leg.
F1097 Have you? Itch it then. Am I gaun fast?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Nae crashed yet though.
M1098 Aye, you did!
F1097 Nae. Nae yet, I've nae. I think this is the ain with all the, remember the bumps?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Woah! I nearly, nearly ran off the bridge.
M1098 Oh dearie me! [inhale] See your sparklers.
F1097 You can see my sparklers?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Am I scraping alongside the bridge? Making sparks.
M1098 See the corners. [inaudible]
F1097 Woah! Here's your bumps, look! [?]Tickly belly[/?] Woah!
M1098 You're jumping!
F1097 Oh me, I've crashed noo. Oh dear! What kind of state do you think my car's gaun tae be in?
M1098 Eh eh. Sorry, sorry, me sorry.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 06, recording 3: playing car racing games on Playstation


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2003
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 33
Size (mb) 126

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Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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Decade of birth 1970
Educational attainment GCSEs/O-Grades
Age left school 16
Occupation Homecarer
Place of birth Aberdeen
Region of birth Aberdeen
Birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Rathven
Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Lorry Driver
Father's place of birth Buckie
Father's region of birth Moray
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Secretary
Mother's place of birth Buckie
Mother's region of birth Moray
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Decade of birth 2000
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Place of birth Elgin
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Country of birth Scotland
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Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Steward offshore
Father's place of birth Buckie
Father's region of birth Moray
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Homecarer
Mother's place of birth Aberdeen
Mother's region of birth Aberdeen
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Mother's country of birth Scotland