Document 1591

Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 10, recording 2: reading nursery rhymes books and toy catalogues

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1089 Now listen. Then you can, we've gotta find nursery rhymes an, [CENSORED: forename] an mammy. //What are//
M1090 //But I dinna want// //[?]that[/?].//
F1089 //[CENSORED: forename] an mammy goin to do?// What's [CENSORED: forename] an mammy goin to do? //If we can find yer nursery rhymes book,//
M1090 //Uh. [inhale]//
F1089 what d- what nursery rhymes div ye know?
M1090 Ehm, mm mm mm. Mm. //[exhale]//
F1089 //You ken "Twinkle twinkle" so fit ither ane div ye ken?//
M1090 Mm hem. [laugh] I played with dolly
F1089 [laugh] That's nae a nursery //rhyme.//
M1090 //I played with// dollies last //time.//
F1089 //You played wi dollies aye but that's okay.//
M1090 Yeah. but they're for //girls!//
F1089 //But that's// [?]okay[/?], but dollies is nae jist for girls. You get you get boy dollies as well,
M1090 Boy dollies? //Are there bo- do-//
F1089 //yes.//
M1090 [scribbling noise] [rustling noise] Why have you got this? Why have you got this out for //cards?//
F1089 //Because I needed it for gettin this on there.// //Didn't I?//
M1090 //[exhale]// Yes you did.
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 This, is is that cl- [inhale] [snort] and [inaudible]. //[inhale]//
F1089 //Oh!// //Oh but dinna dae it ony more because then I'll have//
M1090 //[inhale]//
F1089 to wind it all the way up again.
M1090 [cough] //Isn't- [inhale]//
F1089 //You come and help.//
M1090 Okay!
F1089 Where are ye?
M1090 Here!
F1089 Far ye hidin at?
M1090 [scrabbling noise]
F1089 Right, see fitt we've got tae dae, we've got to wind it all the way roon here
M1090 [inhale] [exhale]
F1089 like that.
M1090 [inhale] [exhale]
F1089 That's it, you're very clever, aren't you?
M1090 [inhale] [exhale]
F1089 Are ye a clever loon? Hey? //Are ye a clever loonie?//
M1090 //Mmhm.//
F1089 Right, wait a minitie we've got to go this way now.
M1090 [inhale] [child noise]
F1089 Oh wait a minitie!
M1090 Mm. Turn it ower!
F1089 Turn it over, that's //it!//
M1090 //[laugh]// //Turn it! Yeah. [laugh]//
F1089 //Are you gonna catch it?//
M1090 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1089 //Oh no!// That's mine!
M1090 [laugh] //Mine!//
F1089 //That's mine.//
M1090 Mine! //No.//
F1089 //Mine.// //Thank you.//
M1090 //[laugh]// [laugh] //[giggle]//
F1089 //Right.// //Now we've done that,//
M1090 //[rustling noise]//
F1089 let's go and find the nursery rhymes book and ha- [inaudible]
M1090 I need to get ma ball.
F1089 You need to get fitt?
M1090 Ma ball. //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //Whit dae ye need that for?//
M1090 But I want it.
F1089 What do you say then?
M1090 Thank-, please. //[crunching noise]//
F1089 //That's it. On you go then.//
M1090 [crunching noise] //[laugh]//
F1089 //Alright, come come on with me and we'll find your nursery rhyme// //book or are you waitin there?//
M1090 //Yeah.// I want the nursery rhymes book.
F1089 Right, mummy'll go and find it.
M1090 [inhale] Okay, I'll come with ye. //Yeah.//
F1089 //You coming with me?//
M1090 [child noise] [crunching noise] //[inhale]//
F1089 //Do you think it's maybe up here?//
M1090 [inhale] And the li- [?]lid[/?]. [inhale] [crunching noise] [inhale] [exhale] [child noise]
F1089 Show me where are the nursery rhymes in it.
M1090 [inhale] My elephant! Who's [?]come for him[/?]? [child noise] [crunching noise] [inhale] [child noise] [paper crumpling] //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //[singing]//
M1090 [noise from toy] [paper crumpling] //No.//
F1089 //Is it in your room?//
M1090 Yes it is. It's in ma room. //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //Come on, we'll see if we can find it in your room then.// Here's it! //Look.//
M1090 //Where's ma ball?// Where's ma ball? //I jis-.//
F1089 //Mummy's found this one now, come on, we'll go downstairs and we'll do this one.//
M1090 Is it the nursery rhymes //book?//
F1089 //It's the nursery rhymes// book, aye, cause you like nursery rhymes don't ye?
M1090 Mm yes! Wait. [inhale] [exhale] //Oh.//
F1089 //Right, here we go.// Oh.
M1090 Look at all those pegs.
F1089 I know, well I'm gonna hae tae Mummy's gonnae hae tae buy some tinsel I think. //Right here ye go.//
M1090 //Mmhm.//
F1089 Come an tell Mummy which one o these //ehm.//
M1090 //Dumpty dumpty fall do-.//
F1089 Humpty Dumpty? Do you know Humpty Dumpty? //Where is he at then?//
M1090 //Yeah.// [pages turning] Eh. [pages turning]
F1089 I just don't know where he is, do you know where he is?
M1090 Can I see this one?
F1089 [tut] [inhale] Oh whit's that one? Hickory dickory do-? //Dock?//
M1090 //Dock.//
F1089 The mouse ran up the //clock.//
M1090 //Clock.//
F1089 The clock //struck//
M1090 //[?]It struck[/?]// //wa-//
F1089 //wan,// the clock struck one, the mouse ran down, //hickory, dickory, dock.//
M1090 //hickory, dock.//
F1089 What about this one, //Little Miss Muffet//
M1090 //Yeah.//
F1089 sat on //tuffet,//
M1090 //A tuffet.//
F1089 eating her c-? Curds and whey. //Mmhm.//
M1090 //Curds and whey?//
F1089 There came a big //spider,//
M1090 //Spider,//
F1089 who sat down beside her, and? Frightened Miss Muffet away! [pages turning] Right. Can't find Humpty Dumpty, you know this one. Ring a ring a //[inaudible]//
M1090 //Roses.// Pocket full of ros-
F1089 posies,
M1090 atishoo, //atishoo we all fall down!//
F1089 //atishoo we all fall down!//
M1090 I fall down, Mum! //[laugh] Down!//
F1089 //Fall down!//
M1090 Ready. You sta- you start that one again.
F1089 I'll start, right, [inaudible]. What about this one, Jack and Jill? //Went up the//
M1090 //Jill.// //Pi-.//
F1089 //hill.//
M1090 Hill.
F1089 To fetch a? You don't know that one?
M1090 [inhale]
F1089 A pail of water. //Jack//
M1090 //Pail o water.//
F1089 fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.
M1090 And he climbed on the bed.
F1089 [pages turning] //Who's that?//
M1090 //He.// //Humpty Dumpty.//
F1089 //Humpty Dumpty.// //Are you goin tae do Humpty Dumpty for Mummy then?//
M1090 //Yeah.// //Humpty Dumpty.//
F1089 //-mpty// sat on a?
M1090 Wall.
F1089 Humpty dumpty had a big fa-?
M1090 Fall.
F1089 Fall. All the kings'
M1090 All the kings'.
F1089 ho- horses,
M1090 Horses. //[?]Kings[/?]//
F1089 //and all the kings' men,// //couldn't put Humpty//
M1090 //Kings.//
F1089 together again.
M1090 Together again.
F1089 Mmhm. [pages turning]
M1090 [?]He died[/?] and slipped.
F1089 Oh who did that?
M1090 [CENSORED: forename]
F1089 No way!
M1090 Yes it was.
F1089 It was you, was it? //No, it's always [CENSORED: forename]//
M1090 //No it was [CENSORED: forename].// //[inhale]//
F1089 //It's ayeways [CENSORED: forename], isn't it?//
M1090 This is it too!
F1089 What can ye see in the pictures? //What can ye see?//
M1090 //Ri-// ripped.
F1089 Okay, that's ripped. [pages turning] Who did it?
M1090 Mm [CENSORED: forename] This is not ripped.
F1089 Tell me what ye can see in the pictures.
M1090 [aeroplane noise] //[laugh] Aeroplane!//
F1089 //What's that?// An aeroplane, it's aafa close, isn't it?
M1090 [?]Do it do it again![/?] [inaudible]
F1089 Dinna dae that again or I'll smack yer bum.
M1090 [inaudible]
F1089 Whit can ye see in this picture then? //Oh you rascal.//
M1090 //[laugh]// //Rascal!//
F1089 //Yeah, whit do you say?//
M1090 [laugh] Say pardon me! //You say it!//
F1089 //You say it!// //You rascal!//
M1090 //[laugh] You farted again!// //[laugh]//
F1089 //You did ya wee r-// //there's Wee Willie Winkie look?//
M1090 //[laugh]Oh,// okay, pardon me. Oh!
F1089 What's that they're sittin on?
M1090 [inaudible]
F1089 What are they sittin on? //What's this? A see-saw.//
M1090 //A see-saw!// //[inaudible]//
F1089 //[inaudible]// //What's that? What's that look?//
M1090 //[inaudible]// Birds.
F1089 No, that's nae a bird, is it?
M1090 Birds!
F1089 Whit kind of bird? What colour is it?
M1090 Mm. //Black!//
F1089 //A black// //bird aye. Who's that?//
M1090 //Blackbird!//
F1089 Who is that? //The king.//
M1090 //The king.// //The king!//
F1089 //The king.// //Yeah, and who's that?//
M1090 //King king k-// //the king,//
F1089 //[CENSORED: forename], who's that?//
M1090 the k- [inhale] //k-//
F1089 //Th-?// Is that the queen? //The//
M1090 //The queen! [laugh]//
F1089 queen and the king and the queen, careful. King and the queen.
M1090 Birds.
F1089 Eh?
M1090 Birds. event desc="ripping noise" />
F1089 I think that's it all done. What other ones have you got over there?
M1090 [child noise] Can I have that down? //Can I,//
F1089 //Can you have what down?//
M1090 Bob the Builder down?
F1089 No, nae just noo.
M1090 Why not?
F1089 Cause I really canna be bothered. //[?]Alright let me hae a look at[/?]//
M1090 //Please Mum.//
F1089 [banging noise] see what what games are in here. See if you can find fitt, fitt Santa's maybe gan tae bring you.
M1090 [?]What's that?[/?] //Toys! I want to see the//
F1089 //Hold on, hold on, hold on!//
M1090 [inhale] [exhale] Presents!
F1089 You see fitt ye can find in here.
M1090 M- maybe toys!
F1089 No, I dinna think, you will, maybe you will find toys in here.
M1090 [paper rustling] Yeah.
F1089 It's a TV and video, look.
M1090 Ah, I would like, you would like that for your birthday.
F1089 I would aye. //Would you like that for your birthday?//
M1090 //[inaudible]// No that's alright.
F1089 Come an see fitt you can see. [tearing noise] Can you find toys in here?
M1090 I want tae see the beds. //I want tae see the beds.//
F1089 //Right.// Right will you get downstairs to [inaudible] see if I //[inaudible]//
M1090 //[inaudible] Santa.// Hey! Hey! A clock Santa!
F1089 A clock Santa?
M1090 Yeah, look we- hey, look, a rollin ball. Santa's on a bike.
F1089 Santa's on a bike? //[paper rustling] Mm right.//
M1090 //Yeah.// //You would//
F1089 //Let me see right.// //See this is horrible//
M1090 //you wou-// //you would like that.//
F1089 //people, isn't it?// Would I, no I dinna like that kind of thing.
M1090 Maybe, maybe you would like that. //But//
F1089 //No, yuck.// //That's bonnie though, isn't it?//
M1090 //it's a boy.//
F1089 That's got snow babies.
M1090 D- would you like it?
F1089 [paper rustling] No.
M1090 Wi- would you like a treasure chest?
F1089 That's chess.
M1090 Do you want //want this?//
F1089 //I dinna ken how tae// I dinna ken how to play chess.
M1090 You put it like //mm yes.//
F1089 //[inaudible]//
M1090 Yes. //Um you want//
F1089 //[yawn]//
M1090 you want dragon for your birthday? You want dragon for your birthday? You want dragon for your birthday?
F1089 No I dinnae want a dragon. Do you want a dragon?
M1090 Mmhm yes!
F1089 Who's who's got a dragon? //Who had a dragon?//
M1090 //Um.//
F1089 In Harry Potter? [pages turning] Who had a dragon?
M1090 Ehm, [inhale] me.
F1089 No, Hagrid.
M1090 Hagrid ha-
F1089 Hagrid had got a dr- a dragon.
M1090 But wh- where is it?
F1089 Whit did he call it again? Called it? Norbert. //Aye! [laugh]//
M1090 //Norbert. [laugh]// [pages turning] [throat]
F1089 Right, I canna find the toys [CENSORED: forename], can you find the toys?
M1090 [exhale] [inhale] //[inhale]//
F1089 //Wait a minute.// [pages turning] There's the beds. [pages turning]
M1090 [inhale] [exhale] The toys! The toys! Beyblade! //Beyblade!//
F1089 //Beyblade.//
M1090 And //Hulk!//
F1089 //Who's that?//
M1090 Scooby Doo and Hulk. Scooby Doo and Hulk.
F1089 Mmhm. //And what, what does the Hulk say?//
M1090 //And look.// [inhale] //Incredible hand!//
F1089 //[inaudible]// Oh he's got incredible hands, aye! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
M1090 Ehm I would like Beyblade //bed. And I would like Hulk//
F1089 //Yeah.// //Aye, you would like aa that//
M1090 //bed.// An I would like [exhale] //[laugh]//
F1089 //Fitt's that?// stuck tae yer hand?
M1090 [exhale] and //I like this and that an that an that an that//
F1089 //Aye.// //What's that?//
M1090 //an that an that an that.// I like Action Man and //Spiderman//
F1089 //Mmhm.// //But this is for girls, isn't it?//
M1090 //And I would like Beyblade.// //And I would like//
F1089 //Who's this?//
M1090 mm Scooby Doo, I would like Hulk, I'd like Simpson. //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1089 //Mmhm.//
M1090 That's all. Well we found the toys!
F1089 [pages turning]
M1090 No, that way.
F1089 I think we're goin the wro- the wro-, I think, there we go, see! //Cause that's for girls, isn't it? It's dollies and//
M1090 //Beyblade mmhm.// //Yeah, I played with dollies!//
F1089 //mmhm.// //[pages turning]//
M1090 //[laugh]//
F1089 Right, what else can we see? [pages turning]
M1090 [?]For girls[/?]
F1089 Mmhm. //That's what, that's what [CENSORED: forename] likes, isn't it?//
M1090 //Girls.// //Yeah, it's//
F1089 //Bratz.//
M1090 it's an [CENSORED: forename] got [?]Bitten[/?] for [inaudible] //Yeah.//
F1089 //Did she? Yeah.//
M1090 She got it for her birth-. Hey! Hey, look, you just sit here. You just sit here. I'm gettin a McDonald's maker, aren't ma?
F1089 I don't know. Is that what you've asked Santa for?
M1090 Yeah. //Hey! Ninja Turtles!//
F1089 //Yeah.// Ninja Turtles. You dinna like them, div ye?
M1090 Yes I do.
F1089 Yeah, who's that?
M1090 Spiderman. //Hulk!//
F1089 //Spiderman// //spins a web, tries to cat-.//
M1090 //Hulk's got a// //Hulk's got [inaudible]//
F1089 //Has he?// That's a big hulk that, innit? [pages turning] [pages turning] //Whit else can ye find?//
M1090 //And then the hulk falls,// he falls in there. //Uh-huh.//
F1089 //Does he?// [paper crumpling]
M1090 Power Rangers!
F1089 Power Rangers! Tell Mum- tell Mummy //their names again.//
M1090 //The Princess// //Princess Shayla.//
F1089 //Yeah.// Who's that?
M1090 The Dia Sword.
F1089 What's that?
M1090 Dia Sword.
F1089 Something sword?
M1090 The Dia Sword.
F1089 Oh right. //What else div you know that//
M1090 //He-Man!// //[inaudible]//
F1089 //mmhm, what, who's this?//
M1090 an Danny.
F1089 Danny?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 And who's that?
M1090 And Max.
F1089 No it's nae. //Is it?//
M1090 //It is Max.// //Mmhm.//
F1089 //Who's that then?// //Cool, and where's the girls.//
M1090 //Cool.//
F1089 Who's missing Lisa and Teela, are missing is she?
M1090 Could that, can open? //Yeah.//
F1089 //Can it?// //Power Rangers.//
M1090 //[inhale]// [child noise] Princess Shayla. //And//
F1089 //Aye.// [pages turning] //Turn over till I see what else//
M1090 //and He-Man.//
F1089 we can find. [tearing noise]
M1090 Look you go round and round and round and round and round!
F1089 [cough]
M1090 [click] Cars.
F1089 Don't go too fast now cause you'll go too far. Wow.
M1090 Hot Wheels.
F1089 Hot Wheels?
M1090 Yeah. [rustling noise] That's that's a scary, you [inaudible] [rustling noise] Cool! I just turned another page. Hey! Hooray! A new ain, a new ain! [pages turning] No, yuck. [pages turning] Cool. Uh. [pages turning]
F1089 [yawn] That's games.
M1090 [pages turning] //What's that?//
F1089 //You're pointin but// you're nae tellin me fitt it is.
M1090 Rumble in the jungle.
F1089 Rumble in the jungle.
M1090 Pop Up Pirate. That's scary!
F1089 Is it?
M1090 Yeah. A skeleton comes out. You'll find it [pages turning] here. You press green, that's the [?]grass[/?]. Hey, that is it is [pages turning] [page turning] [CENSORED: forename] has that.
F1089 That's right, so he does. What's it called again?
M1090 Ehm a choo choo //train.//
F1089 //Choo// choo train that's //right.//
M1090 //Why you went outdoors?//
F1089 Mmhm.
M1090 Why will you go out, why you go outdoors? [paper rustling] Babies. [?]Covered[/?]. Yeah bu- yeah. [inaudible]
F1089 And who's that?
M1090 Thomas.
F1089 Mmhm that looks good, doesn't it?
M1090 Engie benjy!
F1089 Uh-huh. //[laugh]//
M1090 //[laugh]// You farted!
F1089 No.
M1090 [pages turning] Ooh.
F1089 Who's got that?
M1090 [CENSORED: forename].
F1089 Has he? Wait a minute. That's all the toys finished. You're goin too fast.
M1090 [pages turning] I'm not going too fast. Buzz Lightyear!
F1089 Oh you like him divn't ye?
M1090 Yeah.
F1089 Who's else? Who else goes wi Buzz?
M1090 Woody.
F1089 Woody, aye.
M1090 [pages turning] [inhale] Look! You go in the house. Can I buy that?
F1089 Well would you like that? //Mmhm.//
M1090 //Mmhm.// //No I wo-//
F1089 //I think you're a bit big// //for that now, are you not?//
M1090 //[inaudible]// //Yes I am.//
F1089 //Mmhm.//
M1090 [inhale] An I want that! An I want that!
F1089 What do you think that is?
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 It's a football table.
M1090 [inhale] And I and I want that and that and that an that an that an that. Please can I have that?
F1089 Have you been a good enough boy to get aw that?
M1090 Yeah. I want that too. //I want that//
F1089 //Yeah?//
M1090 too.
F1089 That too?
M1090 [pages turning] Yeah. [pages turning] Look! //I want that//
F1089 //Aye.//
M1090 and and that,
F1089 Yeah, I want disna get in this hoose.
M1090 And I want that and that, please. Please can I buy that?
F1089 Mm. See if we can find something [rustling noise] Wow! That's nice, would you like that?
M1090 No I'll fall off.
F1089 You winna fall off.
M1090 I will. //I//
F1089 //No you winna.//
M1090 I already have a bike. //I already have a bike.//
F1089 //Eh?// [rustling noise] Farr at?
M1090 In the shed.
F1089 Have you?
M1090 Yes. //[rustling noise] [inhale]//
F1089 //I didna ken that.//
M1090 Well that's aw done. We're finished. That's aw done, //finished.//
F1089 //Haud on a minute. Mummy was wantin to see that.//
M1090 Oh. [rustling noise]
F1089 Weh, woah!
M1090 Christmas tree? Christmas tree! I said Christmas tree! Mum, I said Christmas tree!
F1089 Aye.
M1090 [rustling noise] That's them all done. [rustling noise]
F1089 Is that all done?
M1090 Mmhm.
F1089 Fa's that way? Is that [CENSORED: companyname] or [CENSORED: companyname]?
M1090 I dinna want //I dinna want my//
F1089 //We're nearly finished, that's it.//
M1090 I dinna want my microphone.
F1089 This is it nearly finished now, darlin.
M1090 I want I dinna //want//
F1089 //Fitt's that on yer face?//
M1090 I dinna want //microphone.//
F1089 //Right come here an I'll sort ye.//
M1090 I'll get it.
F1089 Wait a minute. Far is it? Right, okay then. You can say bye bye.
M1090 Bye bye. I want it off. I want it off.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 10, recording 2: reading nursery rhymes books and toy catalogues


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

Audio footage information

Year of recording 2003
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 22
Size (mb) 86

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Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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Geographic location of speech Buckie

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Year of transcription 2007
Year material recorded 2003
Word count 2372

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General description Dialogue while going about daily life


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Participant id 1089
Gender Female
Decade of birth 1970
Educational attainment College
Age left school 15
Occupation Shop Assistant
Place of birth Buckie
Region of birth Moray
Birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Buckie
Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Fisherman
Father's place of birth Findochty
Father's region of birth Moray
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Cook
Mother's place of birth Wester Manbeen
Mother's region of birth Moray
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Mother's country of birth Scotland


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Participant id 1090
Gender Male
Decade of birth 2000
Occupation schoolchild
Place of birth Elgin
Region of birth Moray
Birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Buckie
Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Postman
Father's place of birth Aberdeen
Father's region of birth Aberdeen
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Shop assistant
Mother's place of birth Buckie
Mother's region of birth Moray
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Mother's country of birth Scotland