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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 13, recording 3: having a bath

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1105 [CENSORED: forename]'s away to have a bath. I'll hold, well, we'll hae to hold it because it winna go near the water. So that's your one. I'll put it back in its pouch so it doesna get all weet. It's electrics and, leave it on there like that. Okay, you're going to help Mam?
M1106 [inaudible] //Mum,//
F1105 //Eh, what's happening here?//
M1106 Mum [inaudible] Super things.
F1105 Woops.
M1106 Mum, you're [?]stupid[/?]. Mum, where's the spanner?
F1105 The spanner? Oh, here. A minutie till Mam gets on her ain. February the third, two thousand and four, [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename].
M1106 Mum, [inaudible].
F1105 [CENSORED: forename]'s awa to hae a bath.
M1106 [inaudible] is that the spanner?
F1105 Eh?
M1106 Mum, is that the spanner?
F1105 Is that the spanner? Aye, that's the spanner. There we go. What have we got there? Okay? Manage? Right, we'll take away the, this bittie first, so you dinna slide. [?]Run.[/?] Oh, up your feet. That's a lad. //I'm not doing this bittie for you. Come on, help!//
M1106 //[inaudible]//
F1105 Maybe it would be better if you turned it the other way. See. Okay? //Oopsadaisy.//
M1106 //Mum,// Mum, [inaudible].
F1105 Try that. Put that bittie in. Oh, okay. That way.
M1106 [running water]
F1105 [burp] Oh, pardon me. Did you enjoy your tea the night?
M1106 Yes.
F1105 Okay then. You start taking off your clothes for me. //I'll [inaudible]!//
M1106 //Mum.//
F1105 Okay, you start taking off your t-shirt and your jeans. [running water] No, start taking off your jeans for me please. //Come on.//
M1106 //Mum, I want to// [inaudible]
F1105 Hmm?
M1106 I want to play. Mum, I want to play!
F1105 The water's cauld. Are you wanting bubbles?
M1106 No. [inaudible] No, this feels cold.
F1105 Hmm?
M1106 Mum, change it!
F1105 Change fitt?
M1106 Cha-, change the, change the the water. [child noises]
F1105 No, wait a minute.
M1106 [sneeze]
F1105 Urgh! Yuck! Urgh! You sneezed all over Mum. [inaudible] Are you going to continue daein that?
M1106 No, I won't Mum.
F1105 Eh?
M1106 I won't Mum, [inaudible].
F1105 Where's that [inaudible] go?
M1106 That [inaudible]? //[inaudible]//
F1105 //Aye. [inaudible] yersel.// Eh? Stand up till Mummy [inaudible]. Need to pee? You can run to the toilet quick! Okay? Does that feel alright?
M1106 Yep.
F1105 Run now. Shut the door.
M1106 Er.
F1105 A wee bittie clarty. [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
M1106 //[inaudible]//
F1105 Bend down a wee bittie. Bend doon a wee bittie. Bend doon a wee bittie. [CENSORED: forename], bend a wee bittie, please.
M1106 [child noises]
F1105 Up up up!
M1106 Up up up, up up //up.//
F1105 //Do this one.// [inaudible]. Come on then. What toys are you going to take in with you? You wantin your frog? [CENSORED: forename]?
M1106 Just the water, no, just the water. [inaudible] no, nae o this in, nae o this in there! Nae this in there. Not this, not this, not this, no- not this! Not this in there! Just water! Mum, just water! No, just a mess! Not just a mess. Just there.
F1105 [?]Then.[/?] Okay, in you go then.
M1106 Yeah!
F1105 Climb in, we- well wait till I get your stool.
M1106 Mummy.
F1105 There you go. One, two, three!
M1106 Mum?
F1105 How does that water feel?
M1106 It's warm.
F1105 Does that feel fine? //[inaudible]//
M1106 //Mum?//
F1105 Ja? [inaudible]
M1106 [inaudible]
F1105 Eh?
M1106 [inaudible] bitties. I love you.
F1105 I love, oops. [inaudible] I love you. You love me and I love you. [inaudible]
M1106 No, no, I don't want my hair washed.
F1105 Why? Get your hair aa nicely washed.
M1106 No [sob]
F1105 Oh, well, wait and I'll make a mohican, look. Mam's gentle. Look how gentle we are. Heady back. That's a boy. Oh, what clever you are! Is that fine? Oh, it's like a waterfall.
M1106 [inaudible]
F1105 Eh? //Look at that now.//
M1106 //I'm tired.//
F1105 Ooh, that's fine. A wee drop o, you want to put on the shampoo? In your hands. And you can rub it in.
M1106 Mum?
F1105 Just a wee bittie water in your ears. Go like this. And it'll come out. Here you are, see. Mm. You rub it in your hair. No, in your hair. You'll mak bubbles in the bath if you-. In your hair. [inaudible]
M1106 Right, [inaudible].
F1105 I'm forever blowing bubbles. Pretty bubbles in the air. //[singing]//
M1106 //Stop it! You're making me softer!//
F1105 I'm making you soft? Hmm? //Ooh, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!//
M1106 //[laugh]//
F1105 Farr's frog gone? Mr Frog?
M1106 [laugh]
F1105 Mr Froggie? Oh, where's his mohican style? I'm so pretty, you're so pretty.
M1106 Mam!
F1105 Look at that! [laugh]
M1106 Mummy!
F1105 Oh, no, no, no, no, no! You're soaking the hale flair!
M1106 Mum, look! Look, there's my frog.
F1105 Oh, so it is. One little frog, sitting on [CENSORED: forename]'s bath, then all of a sudden he went plop! //Get in the bath!//
M1106 //No!// No, the speckled frog.
F1105 Oh, no, no, no, no, [CENSORED: forename]! You're makkin-. Look, there's a flood on the floor!
M1106 Mum?
F1105 Oh.
M1106 Mum, bubbles! It's bubbles.
F1105 Look! Fitt does that //[inaudible].//
M1106 //It's only a bubble.// Mum, it's only a bubble.
F1105 Wait till Mum wipes this floor. It's soaking. [exhale]
M1106 Two, one little speckled frog sat on a speckled log, eating some most delicious bugs, yum yum. One little do //do,//
F1105 //[exhale]// //Fitt was you singing at playgroup today?//
M1106 //[singing]// //[singing]//
F1105 //Eh?// Fitt was your songs at playgroup the day? //[inaudible]//
M1106 //[inaudible] No. I'll, I [inaudible].//
F1105 Sit down in the bath properly. Sit on your bum, //on your on your.//
M1106 //Mum, I want a hican.//
F1105 A fitt?
M1106 I want hicans.
F1105 Hicans? A mohican.
M1106 A hican.
F1105 Mohican.
M1106 Mohican.
F1105 That's right, that's clever.
M1106 I want
F1105 Sit down on your bottom properly, nae, because you'll slide if you're if you're no.
M1106 Mum, stop it!
F1105 I wasnae doing anything. //Stop. Right, you're goin to rinse off the shampoo.//
M1106 //[laugh]//
F1105 Look up to the ceiling. //Just, well//
M1106 //No.//
F1105 go and do your star, like what you do at swimming. Do your star.
M1106 Look.
F1105 You goin to make a star shape then?
M1106 Look. Star.
F1105 Are you going to make a star shape? Mm?
M1106 Star shape.
F1105 A star shape to take off all the shampoo. Go on then. On your back.
M1106 Wait, I'll just got something on my back. //Mum, stop it!//
F1105 //[runs water]// Just a wee bittie. Mum's gentle. //You'll be fine.//
M1106 //Ow! [sob]// [shouting] //[sob]//
F1105 //Is it too hot?// Right, sit doon then, I'll put in a wee droppie mair cauld. Try that. Is that better? //Tha-, ice cold that!//
M1106 //Ow!// Mum, mum, mum, mum!
F1105 Yes.
M1106 I want to go, ow! //[sob]//
F1105 //That's it, that's it, that's it, that's it. That's you all got bonny.// The smell will be lovely. What a nice smell. Okay, let's dry now, so you're nae soakin.
M1106 Stop it. [inaudible] //Mum?//
F1105 //Right.// //What songs was you singing today at playgroup then?//
M1106 //[inaudible]//
F1105 Mm.
M1106 [exhale] Mr Froggie!
F1105 Was you singing that? Mr Piggy, [inaudible]. Oh. //[exhale]//
M1106 //I was shoutin the [inaudible].// Mr Froggie.
F1105 Right, let's wash under your arms.
M1106 No, no, no, no, no, no.
F1105 No, no, no. I'll wash your back. Rub a dub dub. Three men in a tub.
M1106 Mum, [inaudible]
F1105 The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. Hmm?
M1106 Mum? //Mum, that's//
F1105 //Mmhm?//
M1106 my crooks and crannies.
F1105 Aa your nooks and crannies. That's, Mum likes to say that when you're getting dried. Let's dry all your nooks and crannies!
M1106 Mum, what's nooks and crannies?
F1105 All the bits. All the little bitties, look, like in there, all that folds.
M1106 That's //[inaudible] one.//
F1105 //Nooks, a nook can just be a little thingy.// A little nook. Or cranny. And crannies.
M1106 Mum, what's nooks and crannies?
F1105 There's the waterfall, oo!
M1106 Aw nice. //Ah!//
F1105 //Oo!// It's little bittie-, little crevices that things get stuck into. Like bits of fluff could be in your belly button. //Hmm?//
M1106 //Mum,// [inaudible]
F1105 Aa your nooks, aa your little bitties. All the little bitties that we need to dry. So there's no wet bitties left. Sometimes the towel doesnae get to it. What does [CENSORED: forename] [?]dae[/?]?
M1106 Erm, it eats wool.
F1105 What does he eat?
M1106 Wool.
F1105 Wool?
M1106 Uh-huh, in the playgroup.
F1105 He eats wool in playgroup?
M1106 Uh-huh. His mum gave him wool to eat.
F1105 His mum gave him wool?
M1106 Uh-huh.
F1105 Is it nae candy floss?
M1106 Erm, it's blue.
F1105 Blue?
M1106 Erm, he was eating it.
F1105 Hmm.
M1106 He he didna dae that. He just eat up.
F1105 Did he?
M1106 If you, if you pick some fruits, then [inaudible],
F1105 Hmm.
M1106 then dae that. Well, Mum, Mum, what's my nooks and crannies again? Well this bit.
F1105 Aa the little bitties that you canna get tae. //So you need to stand like a star.//
M1106 //Mum. Mum.// //Mum. Mum.//
F1105 //Under there and unde- the back o your legs.//
M1106 That will just pops up. That bit doesna work. //[child noises]//
F1105 //Oh.// //Mmhm mmhm.//
M1106 //That was there, that works.// It's like a speedboat.
F1105 It's like a fitt?
M1106 Speedboat.
F1105 A speedboat.
M1106 Mm. You put it like that, and it speeds. Mum, Mum, Mum?
F1105 Mmhm.
M1106 Speak. Testing one, two, three. //I'll do it quick.//
F1105 //[laugh]//
M1106 Mum, I don-.
F1105 What was you playing with at playgroup today?
M1106 A choo choo train. Mum?
F1105 Choo choo train. Aye?
M1106 Choo choo trains I got at playgroup.
F1105 Good. And there's still the chute?
M1106 Yeah. No. //No.//
F1105 //No.//
M1106 Run away.
F1105 Chutes away?
M1106 Uh-huh.
F1105 Ah, must have just been getting a shottie.
M1106 Eh?
F1105 For a wee while, it must have been getting a shottie. Borrowing it from someone.
M1106 No, the the playgroup's got it.
F1105 Oh the playgroup, is it there all the time?
M1106 Yeah. Th- the eh, now it's away, the brick, the erm mm, M- Mrs [CENSORED: surname] taked out the bricks. The colourful ones.
F1105 Oh, is she building something? //Today? Was she building with the bricks?//
M1106 //Yeah.// Yeah. And I was helping [CENSORED: forename] with with the bricks tied up the door.
F1105 Mmhm.
M1106 Up, up the hoose door, //no, the//
F1105 //Mmhm.//
M1106 and he mounted it so high!
F1105 Mmhm.
M1106 Like a roof.
F1105 Uh-huh?
M1106 [inaudible] crunch it up. //Crunch.//
F1105 //Mmhm.//
M1106 Then, then, you get it, and the speedboat. S- [splashing sounds] sits in the water. Look. It's on the water.
F1105 Mmhm.
M1106 Mum, why does my favourite boat gets wet?
F1105 Because it's in the water.
M1106 Mum, we have to put it in the box.
F1105 In the box. Well, take it out and put it back in the box.
M1106 Well, I can't get out cause you're there.
F1105 Aye, but you're having a bath at the moment.
M1106 Yeah.
F1105 Is it your feet nice and clean?
M1106 Yeah. //Bath smell.//
F1105 //It's fi-// mm, a fine smell now.
M1106 Mum, smell.
F1105 I smell them. Can I smell them? Oh lovely.
M1106 Is it lovely?
F1105 Mmhm, a lot better. //Nice and fresh.//
M1106 //Mum?// Uh-huh, they're nice and fresh.
F1105 Mmhm.
M1106 Mum?
F1105 Clean.
M1106 Clean. //Mum, will I get that?//
F1105 //Mmhm.// What?
M1106 That.
F1105 What is it?
M1106 A jug.
F1105 Yes.
M1106 Now, I'm going to put some more out too.
F1105 Make a waterfall. Nearly.
M1106 [laugh] Mum, this one.
F1105 I seen a couple of photos of you today at //the playgroup.//
M1106 //Yeah.//
F1105 I- were, they were good. You were on the aeroplane. With [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] I think it was.
M1106 And me.
F1105 Mmhm, it was good.
M1106 I was the pilot.
F1105 Well, you the pilot.
M1106 [inhale] And I drived the plane.
F1105 Aye.
M1106 And I sat down at the front.
F1105 You sat down at the front.
M1106 Then drived it. //There are//
F1105 //Mmhm.//
M1106 handles. //And then//
F1105 //Mmhm.//
M1106 you can rock. Mum, just a rocking thing.
F1105 Mmhm.
M1106 Just rocks.
F1105 It rocks does it? //Mmhm.//
M1106 //Yeah.//
F1105 And did you pretend you were flying high up in the clouds?
M1106 Yeah. Up. Up. Mum, did you nae see a digger? A water digger? It scoops up the water.
F1105 Aye, I have. I've seen a dredger.
M1106 Dredger?
F1105 Mmhm. The dredger's in Buckie harbour this week.
M1106 Is it?
F1105 Mmhm.
M1106 A dredger?
F1105 A boat that goes out and puts down its
M1106 Handle?
F1105 h-, aye, like buckets, //like a//
M1106 //Buckets.//
F1105 digger buckets and then it scoops up the sand, //lifts it up and puts it into a bucket in the boat.//
M1106 //Uh-huh.// Oh, no, no. //I'll-.//
F1105 //Because some harbours need to be dredged// so that water,
M1106 Mum, mum? //Mum, I I s- I seen a//
F1105 //so it's deep enough for boats to come in and out.//
M1106 Mam, I saw the water digger.
F1105 Did you?
M1106 Hmm.
F1105 Where did you see the water digger?
M1106 Up, up. Highlands supermarket.
F1105 Where?
M1106 A toy one.
F1105 A t-, oh a highland supermarket. Was it? Highland?
M1106 Highland supermarket.
F1105 And it was a toy one?
M1106 Yeah.
F1105 Hmm, and where did you see that?
M1106 I was [?]rowing[/?] all about and somebody left it and I buyed it. //[laugh]//
F1105 //[laugh]// Somebody left it and you buyed it? [laugh]
M1106 Yeah.
F1105 I dinna think so, are you telling fibs?
M1106 Yeah. //[laugh]//
F1105 //[laugh]// [inhale] Why you telling fibs? //Yo-, you do-.//
M1106 //I thi-, I think my scoop's getting full up.//
F1105 You think what?
M1106 My scoop getting full up.
F1105 [laugh] You dinna tell fibs. That's a big story.
M1106 [engine noises] //[laugh]//
F1105 //Woo! That's good!// You've got swimming on Thursday.
M1106 I can put, Mum, I can put my face in the water.
F1105 Aye, it's nothing to be scared of cause you come back up and you go, "[inhale]".
M1106 [laugh]
F1105 Mum swims under the water. //Mmhm.//
M1106 //Do you?// [inaudible] //I wasnae scared.//
F1105 //Mmhm.// //No.//
M1106 //I goes under water.//
F1105 There's nothing to be scared of.
M1106 Mum?
F1105 It's good fun.
M1106 Mum? //Mum?//
F1105 //And you can// swim under and come up like a dolphins.
M1106 I said "boo!" at dolphin. No, on the boat, I see it.
F1105 Lie back on the the bath and do a star.
M1106 Mum, you'll have my water scoop. That's a water sc-.
F1105 A water scoop.
M1106 Yes. It scoops up the water, then takes it down and then put onto the oil.
F1105 It scoops up the water and takes it down and puts it on where?
M1106 On the oil! Where the oil goes!
F1105 Oh, I know what you're thinking of. The oil over at the harbour. //The, no, the//
M1106 //Yeah.//
F1105 oil comes out of the boats.
M1106 No, the oil comes out
F1105 And because oil and water don't mix, it lies on top.
M1106 Well, well, some some of it lies on the top of the boat.
F1105 Let me see you doing your star.
M1106 Mum, th- there's a storm, the, the, the boats, and the wind blows the water. And the and the boats do that.
F1105 You've you've watched the the wind blow in the water. What happens when the wind blows the water, //over at the harbour?//
M1106 //I- [exhale]// The, no, out in the stormy sea, out of the stormy sea.
F1105 Yes, out in the stormy sea, //but what happens?//
M1106 //Uh-huh.//
F1105 We've sat and watched, haven't we? Fitt have we watched coming over a harbour wall?
M1106 I-, eh?
F1105 What have, what have we watched in the car? Remember we stopped one day and we were watching? What was coming over the harbour wall?
M1106 Some big waves!
F1105 That's right! And they were crashing. //Because it was a stormy day.//
M1106 //Mum, mum! Ken what? Mum, ken what?//
F1105 What?
M1106 [inhale] Some boats get warmer on the top of the of the reefs. Or, or on, or on the, or on the flat bit where the people stands.
F1105 Mmhm.
M1106 That that stop. Mum, show you, it's stormy, I'll blow the wind. //[blowing]//
F1105 //Okay, you be the wind.//
M1106 I blow the water.
F1105 Okay.
M1106 [blowing]
F1105 Well what are you making?
M1106 Mum, I'm making this wobble.
F1105 Aye, so that means that you're making waves. //Mm? If it's wobbling.//
M1106 //Mum, s-.//
F1105 If you blow and make waves.
M1106 Mum. It's going to ge-, it's going to get old if it's in the //water.//
F1105 //And did you like// sitting watching the waves crashing over the harbour wall?
M1106 Now it's old in there, in the water. I saw the old one, boat sink under the water under the Finding Nemo water.
F1105 Under Finding Nemo water? //Oh, the shipwrecks!//
M1106 //Yeah.// Yeah.
F1105 In Finding Nemo?
M1106 Yeah. //In the water.//
F1105 //Mmhm, that's right.//
M1106 At at the scary bit.
F1105 At the scary bit in the film? //Mmhm.//
M1106 //Yeah.// It goes [makes sound effects]. It's old now.
F1105 And what happened to Nemo?
M1106 Nemo is in the tank, in the dentist's tank.
F1105 That's right.
M1106 Oh he was happy to see his dad.
F1105 Aye, but he he went away, didn't he?
M1106 Yeah.
F1105 And he got, what happened? He got?
M1106 In the happy bit, the, erm his dad found him.
F1105 That's right.
M1106 And he said hurray!
F1105 Hurray!
M1106 No, he didna say hurray.
F1105 Did he nae say hurray?
M1106 Hm, I I just put my face in the water.
F1105 You blow bubbles in the water? //Mm.//
M1106 //[blows bubbles in water]// //[laugh]//
F1105 //[laugh]//
M1106 I was talking under water.
F1105 Talking under water?
M1106 [blows bubbles in water] [laugh]
F1105 Say aye aye, fitt like! //[laugh]//
M1106 //[laugh]// //[blows bubbles in water] [laugh]//
F1105 //[laugh]//
M1106 [inhale] [blows bubbles in water]
F1105 So who who was you playing with today in the playgroup then?
M1106 I don't know. [blows bubbles in water]
F1105 I see there's homemade soup going to be on one of the days for your snack.
M1106 [exhale]
F1105 You'll maybe make it at the playgroup.
M1106 Boo!
F1105 Leek and tattie soup.
M1106 [blows bubbles in water] Mum, can you talk underwater? Mum, can you talk underwater?
F1105 Sometimes.
M1106 Mum, say morning.
F1105 I can swim under water.
M1106 Mum, Mum, you can see more, more than the fish. [blows bubbles in water]
F1105 Spit it oot the water again. Dinna swallow it.
M1106 [spit]
F1105 Spit it oot.
M1106 I want to be a speedboat.
F1105 You going to be a speedboat?
M1106 [speedboat noises] //[laugh]//
F1105 //Oh, you're a fast speedboat!//
M1106 Mum, I'm [inaudible] Thunderbirds.
F1105 Pull the plug a wee bittie to let, let out some water out of the bath, cause y- the water came, came splashing over the s-, the top.
M1106 I'm gonna [inaudible] a speedboat. [speedboat noises] Mum? //Mum,//
F1105 //Mmhm?//
M1106 if I put my hand out, there was some water. See? //Mum, you want to//
F1105 //Mmhm.//
M1106 see this. Mum, //Mum.//
F1105 //Let me see you on your back, swimming on your back.//
M1106 Okay, I can dae that. I like daein that. Mum, after we do that, can we [inaudible]? Mum, nea- nearly put it over there to [inaudible].
F1105 Pardon me.
M1106 Mum, fitt you daein?
F1105 Oh! //I'll s- I'll sit on here I think.//
M1106 //Mum, do you want to?//
F1105 [?]Beat you[/?] better.
M1106 [child noises] I could drink some water.
F1105 [yawn] It's [CENSORED: forename]'s birthday par-. [yawn] Oh dear, Mum's yawning, it's [CENSORED: forename]'s birthday party on //Saturday.//
M1106 //Mum.//
F1105 And do you know where it's at? Spit oot the water! Dinna swallow it!
M1106 Mum, mum, do you want to see this? That's like a dolphin does.
F1105 Aye, that's right.
M1106 You squee-, you squeeze my back. Mum, it's magic, if you squeeze my back, the water will come out. Pumping out, like splashes!
F1105 Right, let me see if your pyjamas is on on the radiator. Let me check. Now, nae soaking the flair noo!
M1106 Sorry.
F1105 Okay.
M1106 Mum, fitt you done? [child noises] The [inaudible] there. [splashing] [?]The water[/?]. [splashing] I'm [inaudible].
F1105 Oh, [inaudible]. Urgh. [inaudible]
M1106 Mum, what you eatin?
F1105 I'm not eating nothing. I've had my tea.
M1106 Mum?
F1105 Uh-huh?
M1106 Mum, [?]did you just eat[/?]? I heard you sayin "urgh"!
F1105 You heard me sayin "urgh"?
M1106 Yeah.
F1105 Well, I winna repeat why. Now, that's the towel on the tumble.
M1106 Mum, Mum, will you watch me.
F1105 In the tumble. Wait a minutie I'll go and get pyjamas.
M1106 Mum, do you want to see my [inaudible], Mum.
F1105 Uh-huh.
M1106 [inaudible]
F1105 Aye, we'll do it, aye, come on you coward!
M1106 Mum, mum, where's the jug?
F1105 I want to see you lying on your back.
M1106 Mum, where's the jug?
F1105 No, I want to see you lying on your back.
M1106 Mum, let's see it. [CENSORED: background music] I'll let some water out. Mum, I let some water out.
F1105 That's good. A-, did you pull the plug?
M1106 Yes. Yeah, I said that the wa-, the water goes down there. //Mum, what a beautiful ca-, candle.//
F1105 //[yawn]//
M1106 That's beautiful, that. Mum, what's the name of the smell?
F1105 No.
M1106 That candle?
F1105 Now, get your jammies on and we'll dae your teeth. //So you're fine and cosy.//
M1106 //It's quite [inaudible].// Mum, [inaudible].
F1105 Aye.
M1106 [CENSORED: background music] [inaudible]
F1105 I'm looking for a vest. //I'm looking for a vest.//
M1106 //Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum.// There's a [inaudible] vest up the stair in my bedroom.
F1105 This is stuck, urgh.
M1106 They're in my they're in my drawers. //The vests.//
F1105 //I dinna want to go up to the drawers.//
M1106 Uh-huh. In my bedroom there's drawers, then there's clothes in the drawers, then then you can see my vest.
F1105 I've got ain. I've found ain.
M1106 That. That ain, that ain, that ain, that ain. See that! [child noises]
F1105 Why are you losing i-? I dinna want all my shells washed.
M1106 Oh.
F1105 You want some more shells then?
M1106 Mum, mum [inaudible].
F1105 Where's your other shell at? The big long one?
M1106 I don't know. It must have fallen in the bath. [splashing] Mum, I was peeing in the bath.
F1105 Urgh! Pull the plug out and come out now! And we'll get you on your jammies.
M1106 Mum [inaudible].
F1105 Let me hear you singing.
M1106 Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above [gargling]. It's not easy to sing in the water.
F1105 [cough]
M1106 Mum, it's not easy to sing in water.
F1105 What's your favourite song?
M1106 Twinkle, twinkle.
F1105 Is it?
M1106 [gargling] //[laugh]//
F1105 //Good.//
M1106 Can you dae it under water?
F1105 No, you're clever!
M1106 [gargling]
F1105 Did you pee in the water?
M1106 No.
F1105 [laugh] Right, you coming oot then? Pull the chain.
M1106 Twinkle twinkle. //Mum. I can put my hand out in the plug. My hands oot into the the plug.//
F1105 //[yawn] Oh Mum's tired.// Come on then, oot you come. I've got the
M1106 Mum, I'm in the water!
F1105 towel all nice and warm if you stand on the rug. Is that jam or something on the rug?
M1106 Eh?
F1105 There's jam on the rug. Now. //Look,//
M1106 //Mum, that's it!// //[inaudible] stand up the bath.//
F1105 //stand up and [inaudible].// Stand up then and [?]get oot[/?] the bath.
M1106 Mum, I'm still having a bath.
F1105 No, oot you come now. It's been long enough. //[yawn]//
M1106 //There's a jug!// I'll, I'll drink it now. //I got the pee out.//
F1105 //[yawn]// //No, no, no, no, look!//
M1106 //Mum [inaudible].//
F1105 [CENSORED: forename] put doon the water, you're spilling it all ower the place! One! Come on noo.
M1106 Mum, ca-, Mum.
F1105 No, you're coming oot, it's getting late. One! Two! Come on. [CENSORED: forename] please.
M1106 Mum! [splashing]
F1105 Oh t-t-t- no! You're splashing. Right. One, two, three, oot you come. The towel's nice and warm! //Before it cools down.//
M1106 //[child noises]// [child noises] Mum, where's the kitchen? [inaudible]
F1105 Stay here. It's nice and warm in here. The living room's cold. Cause the radiator isna up. Rub a dub dub. //Right,//
M1106 //Rub a dub.//
F1105 stand on the rug! [CENSORED: forename], stand on the rug. You're gonna fall into the bath. Now, over here!
M1106 Stop it!
F1105 No, you're going to fall into the bath if you dae that! Now, it's slippy because o-, [CENSORED: forename], now be careful! I can see you going to skite! Come on, now! [CENSORED: forename] fell into the bath and hurt his head. Stand on the rug.
M1106 Well, I'm going to jump on the rug.
F1105 Right, jump on the rug. One, two, three, //four.//
M1106 //[inaudible]//
F1105 Right, stand like a star and I'll dry you.
M1106 No, nae my crooks and crannies.
F1105 Aye, your nooks and crannies! Oh, dry them up, oh, //tickle, tickle, tickle!//
M1106 //I'm going to do a [inaudible]!//
F1105 Nice and dry, dry his legs. //Dry his feet. Oh, this little piggy went to market.//
M1106 //[child noises]// //[child noises]//
F1105 //This little piggy stayed at home!// Oh, have you heard this song? Erm, how does it go again?
M1106 No! //[laugh]//
F1105 //Erm.// //Something like, will you marry//
M1106 //Twinkle, twinkle.//
F1105 marry marry me? The song. Soldier. Will you marry marry me? //[humming] Right, come on then, dry your hair as well.//
M1106 //[humming]//
F1105 No sweet girl going to marry you for I have no clothes to put on. //So off she went, to her grandfather's chest,//
M1106 //Mum, where's my [inaudible]?//
F1105 brought out a coat of the very very best, and the soldier put it on! Soldier, soldier, won't you marry me, with your musket
M1106 Stop it Mummy!
F1105 Shh! [CENSORED: forename], come and get dry. You're going to slip and fall! And then it'll be a gr- greeting match because you've hurt yourself! On the rug!
M1106 [laugh]
F1105 On the rug. //Now, the the floor is slippy!//
M1106 //Mum, I was marching, Mum, Mum,// I was marching.
F1105 You were marching? Right, stand on the towel. Oh, what's this I have? What's this I have in my hand?
M1106 [inaudible] I'll dae it myself.
F1105 Right, on your feet. One, that's your, right, no, on your tummy! //Ah! [cough]//
M1106 //[laugh]// [cough] [child noises] I'm gonna run through it.
F1105 No!
M1106 [laugh] I was mar-, I was mar- marching. //Mum, I was marching.//
F1105 //Now, on your jamas please.// No, you gaun to march and slip. I can see it happening.
M1106 [inaudible] my eye. [laugh] Marching man!
F1105 Right, on your vests, they're nice and warm.
M1106 Mum, I was march.
F1105 Shh Right, vest on first. I'm nae chasing you roond the bathroom! Pop in [inaudible] aa the.
M1106 Mum, my helicopter's n-,
F1105 [?]Bolts and buckies in.[/?]
M1106 Mum, my helicopter's nae working.
F1105 Is it nae? This one, oh, it's fine and warm. //Pop in.//
M1106 //[child noises]// //[child noises]//
F1105 //[?]Jinny! Jinny![/?]// What's this? Pop in.
M1106 I want to pop in in my bedroom. //[?]Bolts and buckie.[/?]//
F1105 //[inaudible] Aa the//
M1106 I want my magic wand.
F1105 On your trousers then. [inaudible]
M1106 Zing!
F1105 Wrong leg. [CENSORED: forename], I wish you'd stay still till I get you dressed! Watch! //No, behind the door.//
M1106 //Watch this.// Watch what? //Mum, mum?//
F1105 //[laugh] [inaudible]// [CENSORED: forename], I'm nae blowing up things the noo till I get you dressed first.
M1106 [sob] Nae dressed. On my jammies.
F1105 On your jammies then.
M1106 Mum look, Mum look. That'll hold up if you hold one side then two side.
F1105 On your slippers. They're nice and warm as well.

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