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Emails to Christine

Author(s): Iris Sandison

Copyright holder(s): Iris Sandison


Sent: Monday, November 04, 2002 10:01 AM
Subject: Re: A request or maybe twa

> My Dear! Dat wis a peerie surprise on a dark November Monday moarnin..guid tae hear fae
> dee as ivver. A'm blyde you aa enjoyed da Lake District, even though dey wir hundirs o
> you dere. Nivver been dere mesell but I wid tink hit wid be a spectacular pairt o da country.
> He's been him a weekend o 'im, wadder-wise but mercifilly wir kinda sheltered, here under
> da lea o da Wast Banks hill. Mair aboot da wadder later!
> I laek da notion o pittin da emails in print even although da content is fairly
> lichtweight, sall I say! Why no? Hit wid seem tae me at encouragin email
> can onny be guid for da dialect - an better fur da language as dis textin.
Hit pits me
> tae windirin whit kind o spellin problems we'll maybe hae tae contend wi I
as time goes
> by I dunna hae een o yon mobiles but wis kinda amused whin I wis doon sooth, foo
> EVERYBODY sits/waaks wi een o dem clappit tae da lug. Laekely little sense
spokken edder.
> Hit baets me. (foo DID da wirld survive afore dey cam alang??)
> A'm lossin track o whit I wis spaekin aboot…. Da emails. A'm read dem
ower an I dunna
> tink onyeen wid be taen aff if dey fan demsells mentioned. Een or twa typin errors on my
> pairt…first een, I tink I missed oot a letter - sood be 'du says' an da
een aboot Black
> Nellie - sood be 'shoes' no 'choes'. Tink dat's aa. Go fur it!
> As fur da Peerie Grice… Tinks du? Hit's no raelly dat graet, tae be honest...but A'm
> no agenst hit bein included if du's sure hit's da kind o thing at dir
lookin fur. A'm no
> i dy league, Christine (wid at I could express mesell sae weel!) Is du
considered ony o
> Laureen Johnson's poems - I laaek her views on da wirld!
> (By da wye...fancy dee keepin aa dis emails wir been shuntin back an fore!
Jamsie is aye
> lamentin at I bung up da system wi aa at I hae stowed awa in her, so I hae
a redd up noo
> an again, an clear oot a lokk o hit. Fine tae hae dem though - you nivver
ken whin a
> thing'll come in haandy!)
> Weel, A'm blyde I wisna upo da Nort boat dis past helly! She laft Lerook
on Saturday
> night - an is still doadgin aroond, 36 hoors later! Guid kens why she left
ida teeth o a
> SE night o horror but she did - an shippit a lump somewye sooth o' Fair
Isle, caasin
> damage, so she aboot turned an is been lyin atween Fitful an Burra fae
syne. Dey'll be
> stories tae tell A'm tinkin...!
> I ken du'll be missin Daniel soetheen aafil - hit's da wye o da wirld -
bit tink o da
> guid time he'll nae doot be haein! An Christmas isna far awa - hit just
makks Christmas
> whin dey aa come hame...though hit looks laek hit'll just be me an Helen
fur Christmas
> dis year. Bjorn's first Christmas awa...he'll laekely feel it I wid tink.
We'll just hae
> ta makk up for it come Newerday! Dir aa hame dan...Mary tu, so hit'll be
lichtsome. So
> jewel, yon's aboot it fur da meantime.
> Hear fae dee shun? (New computer..still no funn da umlaut!!)
> Love Iris

Date sent: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 21:04:28 +0000 (GMT)

Weel, A'm funn dem! I see at da title is 'Da Tree Peerie Pigs'...Sacre
bleu! No sure foo I can change da title o a file. Dus du hae ony idea??

Hoop hit comes trow. Iris

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